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50 yo why are we F to play ranked again. yeah we have a for want all right Slide. the V bro trying to hit Champion you. feel I'm trying to hit a champion you. feel. me I'm trying to hit. Champion I know one of them a Zimmer the. Iowa kid a. CH wait where they going full team. zimmers oh they're doing this Frost. Strat they're doing this Frost Strat. what is that what's the frost. Strat I love when my ping goes to 118. oh my. god well then that's even better Sopris. going to keep placing that there. yo well like we know you're going to. place it there buddy does matter if you. shoot the. Dr don't know if I shoot the. Dr. at yeah right here right here do not do. not nice nice nice get the get the. camera right here get the camera right. here don't let me die bro yeah don't let. him die I'm wait for Jake to go wait for.

Jak us just wait for Jak putting somewh. down block the door block the door oh. block it block it block it block the. door okay I'm go ready yeah hurry. up C4 C4 oh my god oh. hold. up that was a nasty rushing in rushing. in rushing in rushing in bro what are. you doing watch out behind watch out. behind I I got claymor I got Claymores I. got Claymores go play Go Play Jake. Adrian what's the. round on the door nice oh so Adrian. what's oh. Adrian yeah what round is it what. happened what round is it it's 22 it's. two. two yeah the CL I'm dropping like a fly. right now oh we know a you're dog . move out of Jake's house I need to move. out of Jake's house right now yeah why. AJ why you in Jake spot Jake supposed to. be over there I don't. know uh should we go to a different wall. should we go to that one uh. no that's too easy for this the wall.

We're getting right now is like probably. the easiest but what about now let's go. to the other one the other side the. other side that we could just walk up. the stairs too let's go to that one cuz. no one ever plays there for some reason. wait the garage the garage wall not the. garage W yeah oh I know what you're. talking about yeah yeah we should do. that one here bro everyone then everyone. spawn generator spawn generator that's. the fastest still going up. there. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. these try hards had nothing all right. time to carry y'all ass [ __ ] oh. my god dude that guy everyone committ. that D Val everyone give him. Valor what the glaze what the. glaze oh I actually left I thought I was. leader cuz. like okay I carry that. round I got a double head shot on the. first play and then me and M got double.

Nitro good. [ __ ]. all right all right brother. usam usam been. L really like that ass. wait all right come on y'all hey we got. to win five games five games y'all hear. that five. games five games I'm in Champion five. games I'm in Champion five games I'm in. the. champion five games say you're not going. to. win all right do like don't you want to. hit like. Emerald D like for how bro how are you. not. Emerald I don't know it's a. give how are you not. Emerald all right come on yo come. on. Adrian yeah you're a [ __ ] all. right uh. skycraper where's the gold chain. at where. the BL hey we got jok now we got joke. now. okay I got my cous. what we just all. right hey do uh do the the blitz what's. it called Shield blitzo BL whatever the. it's. called. Dallas what what's it called The Blitz. Blitz what's the triple Shield.

Called. uh St Battalion with the triple Shield. rush I thought it was called something. else no cuz it's a fuse Blitz and a. Monty so it's the um f for fuse B for. Blitz and then M for Monty so it's the. fbm Battalion brush Battalion brush fbm. Battalion Rush all. right I thought it was Blitz Battalion. or whatever. no it's it's fbn Battalion Rush Blitz. Monty wait so are we going to run that. right now we're running that right now. that I think we're running that. for and C oh we're locked no we're. locked and I'm I'm just going to hop on. RAM. lmg what the sigma all right someone get. on uh Shields everyone get on. Shields right the lmg what the. hell. yeah oh yeah Adrian I think Rashid rice. is. good Oho Jake. throwing sorry. I need to use your drone to loc a. bomb all right yo we need a u uh fuse. Shield someone hop on fuse.

Shield I am not hopping on Shield bro. Adrian you Adrian you do it adri drone. has located a bomb spawn Stables on me. the fastest at. Stables all right bro chill all right or. should I play like should I play a three. speed Spa Stables Jake spawn Stables no. cuz you guys AR Stables Adrian spawn. Stables finish 10 seconds before. insertion Jake's fat ass probably taking. a hit of blinker stable 5 Seconds ins. Jake found a bomb location well we can't. well we can't take diffuser take. diffuser bro the diffuser is no longer. in your possession the mon get the Mon. oh my God where Monty Theus is AFK. bro that big ass who. do all right I'm following up hold on. hold on hey yo follow up follow. up they're all of me all right run. around run around run around oh my God. Theus. hased here come on Jake hurry up hurry. up.

My there there's a there's two on me. where are you guys we're not even in yet. bro what are you. doing you drop the diffuser the diffuser. has been. secured we move. carefully should I'm push over with. should I push over with Jake then or. no. upstairs oh I almost just sold that. where's he where's he where's he at. you're good here here doc Dock dock yeah. nice . dude where is he no am I. dead here go plant plant right here just. plant right here oh be behind. behind dud oh my God he just prefired. me and not playing fuse again I'm not. playing fuse again mat you play fuse. Shield I'm not playing fuse Shield. bro y don't have you know a dream. in here I played like trash why would I. play fuse Shield bro bro if we run these. five obst in the round we need. AA and a fuse. Monty uh. Blitz oh looks like it goes to.

Jake. what oh my God. bro are you sure this plan's going to. work D Dingle no cuz you guys AR going. to operators all if Nico and Jak . uh Monty and bro I'm you know what that. was I will. actually play. fuse just play as lmg we need to loc a. bomb no it's good bro you just got to. hit you can't hit your shots with a. pistol bro all right hop on fuse Shield. his shield doesn't protect why why. can't why do I need to use Shield though. sus just use double shield double. Shield's the way to go triple is kind of. o no it's fine just use double do use. double shield where they going Matthew. go let me play lion all. right just swap just swap. yes okay I'm playing. twitch 5 Seconds we all got smokes. bomb must be located and. diffused. loading all right come on here let's. let's push him with d push him with d. push him with.

Y I'll clear I'll clear stairs I clear. stairs I'm holding. angle y there's gy stairs right here top. stairs top stairs don't walk up he'll. kill you don't walk. up he ran away he ran away you guys can. walk up yeah I'll drone it I'll drone it. you guys walk up you guys Walk Up Walk. Up Walk Up watch out for Legion mine. watch out for Legion. mine wait who the just shot that. I'm p on PING on me he's coming. downst. oh my God bro n what are you doing I'm. on drone what the [ __ ] you mean. I'm right next to you dude and what what. what do you want me to do what the . stairs he's obviously. upstairs nice. nice yo I I need help I can't pull. this theuser is no. POS oh my God. left I saw two guys. behind there's two. go. push all right bro all right bro get out. my ear . right right here right here where where. where where right here right here here.

Inside inside he's right here yeah he. right here ping. one can I move what I think he's gone I. don't know if he's still there I'm dead. one friendly operator remaining. bro right here right. here. beac behind coun the diffuser is now. secured right. here right here. yeah you. drone I do but have 20 seconds 18. seconds. yeah back D behind bomb behind the. bomb op right there right now right now. right now you have time you have time 5. seconds. left op four eliminated so. dumb that so so hard what holy that. was some good. hearing dude I heard him prone too. but I didn't know. where those guys sold. heavy Perhaps. Perhaps weit. or like I walk up the stairs and there's. like two no someone got on fa bro fa is. so good. Jake don't R Don't Run f Shield. it's yeah cuz like I don't know this. map bro Shields are good on coine no no.

I I feel like Shields would be only good. for um uh kitchen site that's. it they're go they're probably going to. go kitchen right now if they go kitchen. just rush in yeah yeah just if if they. go kitchen bro we'll just rush in from. like one door and we'll just get get. bomb. down we'll try to get like main wall if. you guys want and. then yeah right next to like the fridge. right there yeah we can walk in through. there yeah yeah yeah drone located a. bomb what uh what what do you want to do. what do you want to. do no no no I feel like that's better. and then we'll just get bombed on get. bomb. down they got Sol. us we don't we don't have to have y we. have like where we going to go. from uh let me use flashes FR Frost M. I'm going use. flashes seconds I'm. just you've located a bomb make your way. to it location how the hell are we going.

To shoot a frost on. face no like I'm saying oh . yo lo wait why you get. off. J yes everyone go backside everyone go. backside everyone go backside everyone. go. backside oh we don't even have a hard. breach we're not going hard breach we're. just going through the door we're going. through front door. this way this way this way this way. everyone come this way Li would help. lion will help line hold on hold on. don't don't do it right now everyone. come this way everyone come this way. that pop this open yeah hold on hold on. wait wait just right here Mir Mir miror. Mir miror Mir miror right here okay okay. shoot this default. camera watch this Fountain. area okay let me check over here let me. check over here yeah go that way. I'm joining this. way I'm reloading all right we can push. in we can push. in oh right. here a.

Hole here do we have smokes do we have. smokes here come on come on pull through. pull through come. on. here all right go in go smoke it smoke. it smoke it. oh I'm planning okay we got you must. the don't got me they threw a . C4 right over there J oh no on the. stairs they're fling you they're. flanking you on stairs they're flanking. you on stairs flanking you on stairs to. your right J to your right right there. over there straight forward that's where. I died I down. stairs they're going to flank you. through stairs low key I'm cooked I have. no. drones I'm. cooked we need a pop mirror and I can't. dude. here ooh free. pick good. he's behind the shield on bomb Oh. what's behind in sight. got. him go. to. has Jake you need help's going he's. going 15 seconds remaining why can I not. plant I can't. plant more. there push up push.

Up good Jake neutralized successful. oh my. goodness I thought I was dead to soless. I should have died. soless. got Sol is. me good I went from God one game to like. loser the next. game yeah for you you're never a. god what going God though uh. aing huh get your ass off with. mine I don't uh recall you ever. doing good. M damn oh oh. [ __ ] I'm one three because uh I. been playing. Monty all right that's why Tire man. don't don't don't get ahead of yourself. mat don't get ahead of yourself know. your place you're rank man I'm not even. talking. anymore. T you big fat. ass like that a point8 talking to a 1.0. like that oh my God bro shut up just as. big as you bro like shut up you're so. stink get your armor get your armor. going yeah who's Cava yo gang who's. coming worst operator selection of. 2024. located out and that's exactly what's.

Going to. happen you get. SC okay. HTI whoa dude I'm. lagging adding over. what SI One. D wait who who didn't get Rook. armor oh my. god oh. Lord oh. Lord. thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank. you. this oh my God I'm. lagging. oh he. got this is so wide bro like I'm going. die I got on. too like the head level is crazy bro oh. my God right. here I'm what the. hell. niggaas are planning on your. right the bomb diffuser has been. successfully deployed. I got behind Adrian friend standing he. has the. failed all. friendlies can't do. sh how did. every dude like Jake why are you going. C hey tap in tap in tap in Jake why the. you going why you going with. bro Jake 10. sets is that on hood for 10 seconds. maybe that's what maybe that's that's. the stat oh 18 I mean 30 seconds then. that's the stat that's. the but you make a.

Though the. bombs come on Mad lock in bro what you. doing located aom done hey reinforce. this. wall. what oh yeah you got my keys how many. keys you got. Adrian Adrian how many keys you. got oh. F like a solid two I was going to. take three but Jake a. little has located a bomb you know I I. like to uh Mass. produce Mass prod yeah I'm the pl. a massing my. oh great Dallas we. protected. oh we love Dallas Dallas is so oh my God. Dallas is so good bro he's so good let's. go Dallas let's go Dallas how are. you how are you lower than. me whoa. whoa I was just shooting this open my. fault. ke. partner where they at comrade oh . I'm. lagging good . comrade it's another one I hear another. one. oh got. decimated got. decimated Adrian got one keep watching. the door I'm kind of Trapped Matthew. Matthew on your left Matthew I know I.

Know I know rock door there's one. guy right here hold up guy right here. Jake's got it Jake's got that door yes. this one the one that's. open still there here shoot the zombie. shoot the or whatever the. you hear right here you hear right. here. bro think of the mag as your lucky. chance perimeter defense. online. deading. again op four last oper. standing on your oh friend Victorious. hostiles. eliminated yeah can't see you down there. Dallas can't see you down there can I. ah. damn yeah I'm I'm dog shut up [ __ ]. Dallas you're an anchor stiny ass . yeah stay down there yo go kitchen go. kitchen really Dallas are you an anchor. Dallas you might be the anchor some go. Bandit we get all walls get all walls go. Bandit if you if you go band it we'll. win that's all I'm saying you go B it. will win go B it will. win oh re the that's ass she's not.

Ass bro don't disrespect bra we're. cooked bra one Bravo J away from we're. being. cooked. what all right bro y'all [ __ ]. yall sell my. elos oh that's oh that's great. today or should we say Jake save. Jake's lungs. op located a bomb. protected reinforcement complete man. beat off these walls over here I'm going. get the hatch where I put where I put. the other mirror at I'll show you or. Adrian M off the uh oh you want me to. put it right. here. put guys get the oh I'm lagging I got. hatch I got. hatch. put right what do we was. refor. reinforcing n cuz what did we reinforce. one two 3 4 5 6. 7 n oh yeah the though not going to lie. is it though a big got to. eat. whoa. whoa CER. initi a big got to. eat get by mute you get by. mute they're right here. Dallas magnet going out oh my God one. down the hallway perimeter defense.

Active. yeah they are down my hallway I hear. them he's. one oh yep they. here they don't know PE poy. bear you watching this Matthew yeah I'm. watching it okay I'm trusting you. here. they're on me they're on me on me on me. on me on. me Nitro don't worry about bir they. can't they can't drop. hat there's still a guy on there Adrian. CH. Lo there's two guys on. there he's flashing watch out watch. out I'm blind got I got it I got it he's. low he's low he's slow he's knocked I. think he's knocked he is yes he's. knocked he's. kn4. oh the other guys here. too your left left last op standing oh. another one yeah right here right here. last one over there all right has. it. yeah you do it Jake or else you can't. hit a blinker. chill chill chill chill don't do it it's. not worth it it's not worth it it's not. worth it it's not worth.

It isn't worth it to. you dog he does not have the freedom and. rights to your . friend elimin yeah who the B leader. board yep mat we we stay out kill you we. stay out kill you we stay out kill you. we stay we stay out. ah I would never I would never drop less. kills than mad I would never do in my. life if I did who's B leader board yeah. for in my life you're ass Jake. Jake you a9k all right. BR shut the . up oh he mad he mad he mad he. stinks. with that. shma let's see n would have to win like. four more games to get the Champ. yeah I don't think that ni's going to do. that though I really don't think he's. going to I don't think he has a spear. or a Riz can't to do. that b Sky B Sky. Guys. skyper no we know how to play I'm. me oh. okay got skyscraper I actually would. have killed. myself. why you laughing wasn't a.

Joke oh then I should laugh harder oh. hell no what the. it's a cult. Sunday God bro. Co inant arrest. Mark. blood oh you. dolls your. dos you. dos. no. ah Dallas took my operator let's go. guys secure the area keep the bombs. protected. this . J W is. secure. Dallas. reload D put a frost mat right. here put a frost M right here D no. Adrian no no. 10 seconds. left why do we put head holes here. you're supposed to put foot holes 5. seconds left so we can see. them has yet to loc a. bomb where do you want me to put cross. under the. hatch bro they're going to see that no. they won't trust I guarantee you bro I'm. going cast you guys off so what why are. you going to play the. yes I'll cast you up I put on right here. yeah castle that right there boom good. yep I like that did you put it. under the. hatch okay yeah just play this right.

Here oh they got hatch right here. right. here some up the stairs it's Blitz it's. blitz dude he's coming up the. stairs coming up the stairs right here. right here be advised op has located a. bomb Oh my God. Dr. reloading Buck is. half hey peek over here peek over here. he's on stairs he's on stairs watch this. watch this aan as soon as they sing. I'm blowing their [ __ ]. whole body of. shambles you're going to flank stairs. fat ass come on come on come on push me. push me push me push me push me push me. please push me push me. he's. coming A shut up Jake shut. up God bro can't hear oh. oh the stairs down hall. down one friendly operator oh my god. dude just play there play there smokeing. s other. side he's behind you he behind you he's. behind you oh my God wait I'm still in. the head neutral wait wait he has me on.

Drone wait he has me on drone Jake like. I could have killed Blackbeard but Jake. like is such a . loser you kept on I said Jake are you. going to hey run that back run that back. and then I stop talking I talk for 5. seconds. I said it let me talk let me talk I said. it one time I said go flank stairs I. shut up 5 seconds later he gets on. by Ayan and says why are you talking in. my ear and a Yap for next 10 seconds. while black is creeping down hallway. shut the up Jake you're a. loser oh loser check oh. oh my God all right. what a sigma twins know how to. Yap SEC the area keep the bombs. protected damn bro we should have won. that . Bro dude agent that was the best. flank of all time bro that just dropped. on. load bro that was so good bro damn. heyy same side set up over here AJ same. side set. up. loading down to 10.

Seconds 5 seconds. left protect your bomb being diffused by. op I have is. secure we're not going to D. enough oh. this Wall's completely. unreinforced over here. Jake yeah ping one where they playing. yep. oh hatch hatch hatch hatch. hatch they got a Maverick holes right. here. uhoh they I got I got I got hatch I got. hatch. youy Maverick peeking this Maverick. peeking this. oh my. God. he I need help I need help I need help I. need help I'm coming I'm coming got him. oh you got that you drop pass drop. Dr Dr Dr drop it's Ash it's Ash Ash Ash. behind counter behind. counter. one shield. shield. oh Behind. You. magazine yeah I'm going push ass I'm. going push ass distract Adrian. distract tra Adrian I told you to. distract her I couldn't I'm getting. pushed from both. sides black be's over here no I need. help I need. help oh good good.

I still the little you're good. you're good. aent good to your right Blackbeard. Blackbeard Blackbeard. op four located a bomb protect. it I don't like my angle at. all okay hit right on the shield huh no. Blackbeard Blackbeard's on uh St. Adrian just just let him play bro just. let him. play no no no go to Adrian go to. Adrian . miss oh you're dead yeah where where. where where where where hallway right. there right there but you missed the. first them that's your fault right oh. he's right. there going down. the you're dead Adrian he oh he Frost M. Frost M shoot the frost. M no dude I was panicking. I damn bro I was going for the frost too. let's go C bro oh my God bro no bro cuz. we like you're such a bad dog bro if you. just St when I told you do fine no bro. if Jake just missed he missed that's why. he missed yeah but he would have.

Actually got him right there but he. missed so he tried to go again he just. hops in and he just shits on. him that was not our fault Jake. completely missed that [ __ ]. suck how the you miss a stem bro. like he's literally prone bro you just. had bro Jake is so ass bro sold that. round Jake might be sming right now. might be the worst player of all time. might and he's Bandit oh. yeah what you missed the first. St look look you what yeah exactly. exactly. exactly he's prone dance PR laying down. still not even. moving I never said go for it again. though hey that's on me. though be advised op has a. bomb yeah because Maverick heard you you. know Lo thank you for agreen no you. should have that was a good smart idea. imagine if you hit him boom you took out. your gun again boom you would have shed. on Maverick but you miss because you're.

Actually. delusional. do yeah low key you could just do that. too you're a good do you know this heal. was. op has located a bomb be ready for. hostile action we. five I need to get out the I'm pre C4. right here just in. case hey watch out bro. this hella risky risky ass C4 this will. protect us I don't know where the hell I. need to. Plate I don't know where the hell I need. to bro what are you doing. hey they getting wall they're getting. wall yeah I'll play this house I'll play. this right here right. here all right Jak shut. up sounds like typical. JY. position do not blow that. I know dude I. knowu yo I need to come back Insight. bro window window. window I'm watching. stairs oh my God I got I got someone on. me I got someone on me. yeah I. know dude you're so ass Dallas I have to. get close to cuz he has a AR. gate on.

It why bro kill hungry straight up kill. hungry walked in walked in ah she's low. she walked in she dead M blow uh blow C4. low key. blow up wait wait wait. wait reloading I'll tell you when to. blow. it outside they're cor y they're going. oh he dropped me. fck I I still got stairs I. stairs Lo the4 splits it's splits it's. splits it's splits. let SHO last op. standing not oh my goodness I missed. mission. successful good . M yeah I know you can't three three. three fat. F fer fer what. happened nope nope yeah. oh my CL it real quick let me see. it no no I'm going just go on the uh the. view whatever and I'm going I'm. going clip it uh myself why you getting. breach with. me or maybe it's just your ass terrible. positioning. Fu. yeah go do that on three no. help actually brushing my teeth I know. you don't do that same from the hood you.

Know but um oh. yeah where they. going I. don't you guys trying to the wall. no hold on hold. on drone. located oh got. anyone seconds who's R too shut. up You' located a bomb make your way to. it location. my fault my fault my. fault Theus is no in your. possession you're a b ass bro I. swear to God Theus. isk I already picked it up. you not going to tell me there's a hole. right I already told you guys since you. didn't pick up diffuser that's all on. you right now uh there's a hole right. here on your right you can keep going. here Matt Matt give it to me Matt give. it to me Matt give it to me Matt give it. to. me just drop right there just drop right. there yeah yeah oh drop it drop it drop. it drop it drop it drop it you picked it. up again I'm with you I'm with you. picked it up again you picked V's. behind right here right here stairs.

Stairs stairs St stairs St hey hey jum. it J jump it drop it jump it J thank you. thank you thank you actually I'll push. it you I'll push it. you R it's rug it's rug he ran he ran he. ran he ran go plant go plant go plant go. plant need go plant I'm I'm SM it off. I'm SM it off he Vis he's in there he's. in. there fire. v v might be downstairs I think he's the. one that ran away no that was RI my. fa online. and where do I go you're good you're. good. you're think he's. upstairs. reload Jake Jake Jake Jake Jak Jake. retire Jake retire Jake retire Jake Jake. Jake Jake Jake. Jake Jake. eliminated yeah D stop stroking my . little yeah start stroking it real. good. d. oh for this one got. that yeah yeah well Jake wouldn't really. do he lowkey wouldn't perform on. uh at least he's not white Dusty he's 0. four yeah but Jake could also be like.

You know me Matt. Adrian. n yeah I don't know man I don't know. what Dr. like you feel me you know. like we need to loc a. bomb no that's just high. sense I took one off my. movement your drone has found a bomb. five and. two it's five and two I'm five and two. smokes they. bro I'm five and two either way she only. has impacts yeah. but sh y I'm I'm going to go claim her. real quick you found a bomb make your. way to. location we need a I'm CH she gives off. like 10. why don't you play think oh my God Jake. almost blew my oh my God Jake almost. blew my head off right now holy. yeah we. always yo uh you didn't put Claymore. down so we're going to get ran out of on. die put I think they got a cade hold up. yo go put aore. down put a down if you. want. yeah what the is that smoke. w w w smoke I will not lie who has the. smokes.

Smokes D go go go go not any I'm not. going in. bro I'm going to get killed I guarantee. okay not left kid's on your left. alang. out you must recover the you guys are. watching. me he he shot me he he shot me through. the Smoke Two on garage one on top one. on bottom two are in. garage Matthew when you go up someone on. your right no look. garage yes he's going to be on the right. he's on bottom he's on the bottom thank. you One's On Top m. K's on your left uh Jak I'm. I'm what the hell is he. doing he's dead he's dead he's dead he's. dead thank you op neutralized Mission. successful how was that his. kill because. R how was that. my bro that makes no sense bro. yeah I'm I'm Ram that is. support Ram is not support Ram is. support Ram is 100% you're living in I. don't know what world you're living. in I don't know. dude nah definitely not it says anti.

Gadget I don't know yeah see like I'm. just like I'm just support you know. me too who who who's going to be the one. who gets the top floor who's going to be. the one that's playing vert. me who's the one that's going to be. three and4. Jake it's actually kitchen that I'll. throw my in there and actually get. the if they go Church guys if they. go church we do that Monti plant the. corner I'll be the one what's up with. you in your Monty plants still up here. still up. here there they're still in cash still. in cash that's a that's a good . plant. or they have toow that's a good . plant though you can't lie okay well why. don't you go plant somewhere else yeah. con go through con go through con con go. through. con there's no Ying buddy. yeah there's no Ying seconds. insertion the all right just just. plant big window again and and I'll just.

Come from behind. what the such a young boy your. mission is to loc and diffuse a. bomb she has so much recoil holy . insan oh the pistol I. know oh. wait wait what is there any need or. no I got noads I got noads. though what where did you die from Spawn. Peak uh master I nice you located a bomb. push him push him push him the other. window the other window D yeah go go go. go. going going to that one Doc it's Doc. it's doc yep he kill me in there you see. him yep you see him push him push push. push oh oh back up back up back up back. up no no don't peek don't peek don't. peek don't peek don't peek do don't peek. bro this why we need a f i get I. know coming out coming out flash. him. yeah he doesn't flash this is exactly. why we need a blame your teammates blame. your teammates blame your teammates. you're ass you should you should.

Have ran up on him you should have ran. up on. him. yes same. bro no no no no don't door door door I. gared oh. just let him play oh my God how is he. alive no way he. that what okay okay I like these. shots yeah you're not like that. Mazi garage monzi garage monzi garage oh. like wait wait wait you have no. headphones no headphones no headphones. no headphones no headphones that's. garage door garage door that's what I. thought there gar right. there. so wait if I'm screaming garage like you. should definitely turn to garage. like exactly literally says oh did you. that's because that's because the entire. floor above you was. open wait wait wait wait wait wait Jake. you're below. me thank you thank you thank. you m I don't know if you really do. though hey did you clutch that round. though did you clutch that round though.

I didn't think so I don't think. so yep yep hey if you can't a just say. that. bro you need to loc a bomb hey tap in if. you can't. a I just didn't feel like it you know. what I'm saying I didn't feel like it I. just didn't feel like. it I just didn't feel. dude why do we need a. FAO look Dallas we have a FAA go shield. now where they going I'm fa still. not supposed to play her I'll play FAA. give me FL give me fa give me fa I will. play. FAA someone else take. moms. they your drone has found. in 5 seconds you're pushing through. garage actually I'm going. push. your way my bad Follow Me Wait a spawn. PE spawn peek yeah I heard it right here. right here right here yeah he's spawn PE. yeah yeah get him get him get. him how do I get. shot aent let me know let me know let me. know let me know no do not push that. Dallas.

GA yeah I need I'm not going to I'll get. your refrag I'll get your refrag I'll. get your refrag he dipped he dipped yeah. hey come on let's go yo keep on popping. F boost whoever's fa don't. die he's right. here show that other camera. quick just running. oh he me wow I just witnessed. that come get hatch come get hatch come. get hatch you're a get hatch over here. Jake. get hat me get hatch with me Jake Jake. get hatch with me. [ __ ]. Jake oh my God Jake Jake is has no oh my. God downstairs downstairs. downstairs th th th I didn't think of. bro oh my. godge what do you mean I got a kill and. he revived me why I was. sted that's what s's. for no one plays fer like. me bro everyone's trying to get insight. while you two guys are outside of. sight sucking your [ __ ] dicks. good [ __ ] good [ __ ] stop yapping. bro hey I think two uh the the gay dude.

The gay dude's on stairs the DMR. dude sh Jake run running you got to. go bro you got to get bomb. down oh no no no he dropped he dropped. he literally dropped stairs he dropped. stairs we have. eliminated no way this dude dropped. bro dude I didn't know the hatch was. broken. dude no bro dude M could have held you. but he dropped I was soon as I was he. dropped I was going to tell you to hop. off I I know I know I know I. know I was going to he I was going to. tell him uh how about go cash we can win. cash. easily yeah go cash we cash we play good. at Cash go. cash cash all right then I suppose I can. go cash if that's someone play Bandit. bro I did good smoke bro I'm not. switching good you know what you know. Dallas is a team player I ain't going to. lie he is a team player good Dallas. we love to see you Dallas we love.

You I if I I don't run as band I trick. the wall no Dallas is kill hungry. though not really. gang I do I don't roam I don't roam like. Jake with do doc with Doc dude. oh my God yeah he with dog all the. time roaming roaming with Doc is. insane all right come on we got to lock. in lock in lock in lock. in we just don't stand in front of a. barricade or from a. distance. got yeah I'm putting uh barar on. stairs. yo y'all got to watch this window for me. bro hey put our Renegade on the store. put it in a renegade ready for. hostile you mean a. catwalk yeah good good [ __ ]. Jake reloading oh I got. stairs yeah they're on the window you. got to hold that you made these holes. like way too big. bro I can't hold it do I'm dead bro I. he's he's in he's in he's in garage he's. in garage. out oh they're coming on me I think.

They're coming on me I can hear. him I think we. lost. oh my. God in. position guy on right stairs guy on. right. stairs when he comes. up uh W in in garage walk in the Raptors. someone take care of it someone take. care of it cuz I. here two our garage two our. garage yeah holy I'm C dude Jake. hold Jake what are you doing. bro friend last operator standing. oh my God what can I do bro like all. friendlies were. eliminated. so. uh I'm trying to get to that plat but. um just keep. selling this you're put one all right. start one. no coach us Jose Jose coach. us why can't y'all play Just you. two they're glazing. me [ __ ] Jose. coaches yeah coach the whole team coach. the whole team G. your ass what the [ __ ] you need. think for what do you need. think all right let's play a. clubhouse let's play clubhous guys no. Outback Outback's good bank is ass no.

Bank I kid you not so ass all right bro. thank. god oh no. a. I. know bro lowkey I'm going just play. shoty I'mma just play shoty that. I'm going just sit in these tight ass. corners I'm just [ __ ] blow. their head. up. Jason. how. no I just sent in the wrong group chat. oh. I was trying to put it in the other. group CH your shield and I I put in the. other. one sorry Jak expose you like. that his best friend let's see uh no. what are you doing cap bro what. you all right enough selling enough. selling the the castle Dallas old old. Dallas is coming back all right you all. hear. me. hello wait Dallas play mirror Play. Mirror play castle old Dallas is coming. back all right the one or the. shittier one the just the one just. just a . one he's coming back who's all right. but like. do I know we'll see. vigil. that BOS bosy bosy bosy bosy.

Bosy man I'm going need you uh I'm lock. you out of sight though like if you're. going run uh just just get just get just. get the the one window uh Corner place. and the and window type like no no. this this window out here. I'm reloading to get this one this one. yes yes cuz I don't I want to be sitting. corner or. elbow. uh help we force over here real. quick door. secure 10 seconds. remaining I need to reinforce these two. quick yo Matt we're going to hold these. Mir if they throw if they throw an ace. if they throw. a. shoot. diffuser. loing. reload all right whatever. Jake this my no he's going to stay. outside. roing Beed located a bomb yo there's a. twitch. drone God. bro oh I'm I'm [ __ ] I'm [ __ ]. I'm I'm [ __ ] I'm [ __ ] I'm. I'm [ __ ] I'm so [ __ ] I'm so. here come come over here come. over here I'm I'm going to take it down.

Hurry up. quick watch out for actually hold on. hold on chill chill chill chill chill. chill. yeah oh I'm dead you right behind you. right behind you yeah I. know yeah I'm sandwich yeah I'm. sandwiched yeah n oh my. God right here right they're not here. they're just they're they're outside. right here. do not hop out do not hop out oh my god. dude why I take that castle out. bro yeah yeah ceded I who that Jammer. like they have. switch this guy is so. ass. of course it was Jake up to. me n that wasn't Jake's F cuz he he he. twitched on he jumped through the head. holes I made on mirror that's the only. reason he got. it yo we lowy need more we need more. rors we need rors because we're all just. stuck in sight we don't we don't need. rors bro. trust we need it's just I opened it for. Nico cuz I thought Nico was going to.

Come inside but he was like no no no and. then we just lost was he like 99. yeah he was like 99 so like lost . well I didn't know he was directly. behind me I would have killed . whoever swung me but I was too worried. about what was behind. me I would have B to that to the. Moon I swear I would. have why you Thea keep the bombs. protected and and these twoo bro. like don't reinforce this bro. reloading already rotate wall over here. where the. 10 seconds. left ready 5 Seconds. yeah you must protect your bombs from. being diffused by roing right securing. the. door oh my God you saw that holy. hold out the way I'm going put a. are you going to stay over there J cuz. I'm going cast the . off. the just shot my. don't. really is. this I got hallway. d. oh right here gritty gritty hallway. gritty hallway gritty yeah right here.

Right here P three go to the hallway you. can kill her I don't know man that's. kind of risky I'll just sit in this. corner you can looky kill her bro I. ain't going to. lie. no they knew they knew it's gr loock on. Main. stairs can y'all shut your traps. game I'm watching wall I'm watching wall. no no no no D stay stay here stay here. no. no be advised op has located a bomb. position all right. move there's down they're down that Hall. they're down that Hall do. this hole right here uh yeah gr's down. there I'm pretty sure all right well. head I up oh down that hle down that hle. down the H that was gritty that was. gritty oh okay someone was down the hle. peeking. it let's see what I can. aick balcony he's talking about gridlock. yeah I know but that's who was talking. about my. bad I got to peek on this down 15. seconds this guy is lagging.

Eliminated hitting shots I was that dud. lagged. in where. lag are we going trophy or. kitchen wa. come obviously it's Jake who else would. it. be all right which one I B protect the. bombs. I will watch over us there one right. here that's. why in position device. seconds Lo. magazine make make that right. here keep an eye out for op to diffuse. your. bombs right here right. here. loading what the is. thisy. oh they're all. spawning so in front of me they all. they're all over right here too right. here. three they. got. Tang going. way yo I need help. bro hey O's on on balcony right here. located a. bomb bom. bro. yes reload bro no one's watching. that . no watch out this window right here. watch out this window right here this. window right here still peing yo . come back yeah I. am Jak is there another one over here. this bed over here where bring them he's.

Offel I think yeah he's. off no I smacked her Shield. on me on me on me ping three ping three. ping three on. maget Wow. Jake oh my God. bro oh she's dead she died she died she. died there's another one over there bomb. bom check bomb. I. got yeah you here yeah I have a c Dallas. I'll tell you she comes through here. I'll tell. you I got this one or I got your door I. got your door yeah watch that watch that. watch my door watch this you guys both. watch it I watch you right here right. here Dallas he's peing you all seconds. Dallas your left oh my God Ace is in Ace. is in um um yeah door door door door. door door door door just run away whole. time whole time whole time 5 Seconds to. go good time limit. expired I got slammed by Ace I didn't. even know where at dude I was holding. Ace bro but I thought thinker was going.

To come. solar. ah no oh no no. no don't you think I'm doing absolutely. decent you're pring on my down phone. crazy yeah D is 3 one right. now what sorry Daddy what. oh Jake's on Monty again oh that's cuz. he's one and three. though don't be sh in the bed Jake. Jake's ass dude he's one and. three how the did he even have. pause need to use your drone to locate a. bomb. right now at your front door you. got r at your front. door weren't you playing with rri on a. seege. match we're using same. Strat losers why do you get off. Monty God you're so. weird well I'm think thought I was going. go think for you. good Monty good. insert um should I play drone. has you heard it Jake get off Monty oh. too. late you found a bomb make your way to. location Jake gosh that's a bad . student yeah there was two. was yeah there's. two yeah.

They don't have mirror here what the. hell yeah they're gone now they got a. frost yeah Jay get out of there bro what. are you. doing hey Pop That Door Pop That Door. Man Pop That that. door oh my God watch out for the. frost I just got on from where what. the left side left side left side man. left side left. side behind you. behind we can push forward Oh No frost. dead Frost is dead Frost is. dead here D come inside come inside. hold up there might be a guy stairs. right here could be the worst MTI player. I've ever seen could be possibly the. worst he one he's one he's L one oh my. God. bro from behind from behind oh my God. bro why can't you just hold your SP I. was he's L one t bro I killed. leg from below from below agent From. Below bro mat could just held a spot. when p p p. p he's hard left he's hard left he's.

Hard. left the diffuser has been. SEC you see him dor Dory. Dory he wants left left you're. left. he's on the left side no he's on the. left. side oh yeah I heard him too so now you. guys have head M couldn't hold the. stairs I knew I should have. jumped in I think Jake should. have been killed Frost dude she should. have been dead bro you're a Monty and. she's right up on you bro like no Jak. this doesn't know how to play Monty bro. he gets one HP in the first 10 seconds. of the round bro like how's that. happen. you still got shot you still got shot. bro Mon's good why youing on Mon's. downfall me and n Only I play Shields. Jake doesn't that's. why what in the glaz. maybe it's cuz I'm a champ player bro. I'm very versatile wased Emerald. carry cuz I'm dude cuz I'm. versatile. bro dude it's cuz I'm versatile bro like.

You guys I how to play. two you didn't even spawn yourse either. like what no no Jake anytime Frost he. just kept shielding unshielding. shielding unshielding shielding. unshielding shielding ass I swear. dude she's right in front of you. unshield smack her killed her right. there. boom okay she still killed you oh no you. got blow up by a. C4 you're one HP dude Jake you didn't do. anything after that anyways you ran the. stairs and got blown as smithin it's not. like you. 5 Seconds to. go oh I'm going show you I'm going show. you how to play bom make your way to it. location maybe it's cuz you're . one and four. Jake one and four Jake one and four Jake. one and four Jake one and four. Jake but he still has that9. KD delicious. oh right there. nope wait so. DS oh break through what the heck you. could do that. Dr oh my God who's throwing FRS right.

Here n right. here no there's the double it's the. double double Frost he he dead right. here right here right here move I'm. going to play God hold hold up hold up. that. hopping out hopping. in one my on me one my on me hey is. there is there a mute is there is there. is there. no no there's not get inside ni get. inside he Flash oh no he's. about solar he's solar he's solar plant. plant plant plant plant plant I'm. holding I'm holding I'm holding oh he's. right here he's right here's right here. he's right here let him come. him look you see that's how you play. Monty Jake that's how you play Monty. that's how you play Monty that's how you. play. Monty god dude you just bait you just. bait that's all you do I just baited for. my teammates oh Sho don't chield don't. chield no no no no no and I dropped the. kill too and I dropped the kill too oh.

Oh Jake the frost was in front of. you. okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay. okay but no no no no no no Jake Jake. Jake Jake Jake who was around you you. went cross country who you went no one. was around you Jake you realize I killed. Jake I killed mute cuz Nico was. distracting that you didn't get his head. blown off like you did bro exactly . and it's not even like frost we. the. shotty she was using her suppressed ele. I don't even know what that is she she. just she just she just spray. she's spraying your shield and you can't. even Jake's so ass Jake's so ass two and. five two and five two and five we need. to loc aom two and five two and five two. and five two and five two and. five I'm three and three I'm three and. three going kitchen yo we play hard for. run fuse fuse Shield Jake hop on fuse. Shield no bro he's terrible he's.

Terrible no he's. terrible here I here I I'll go for your. Shield wait where are we going where we. pushing through where we pushing through. we're going kitchen we're going to play. vert we're going to play vert I'm not. planning I'm not planning I know but. we're going to play vert bro ver sh. on trust me I do good with SH bro I'm. different with. you bro I'm too good with Monty. you found a bomb your way to loc here. someone get bomb someone get bomb. someone take bomb hey Ace Ace or or Jake. take bomb take bomb Jake. Theus oh. God yo watch out they might have valks. above hold up here Jake you're going. through here all Hey Jake here Jake Jake. Jake pushing me pushing me pushing me. Jake pushing me no John it John it John. it John it joh it John it no I don't see. no vs and no you go in hold up hold up. let man you can go.

In hold hold up I'm joining bathroom. here do you want to clear up top or do. you want to just go straight to site do. you want to just go straight to site. here just come with me come me here come. to me well come me come me right here. right here you're good it's clear it's. clear Bo out Bo shreding oh right here. right here down here down here down here. down here down here yo or this right. here dude he's right in front of. you he's right in front of you good. down here down here here hold on. hold on I'm going chase him I'm chasing. him I'm chase him I'm chase him oh ORS. or ORS ORS. ORS where where's ORS down here down. here right here right here right here. right here right here right here good. right here right here right here in. here in here in here in here in here let. me push don't shoot don't shoot don't.

Shoot no one's inside. bro plant plant Jake. plant oh my God. or jakeer jakeer. jakeer and he has the fuser too oh my. God we're CED sh why are you pushing. with theuser on Adrian on Adrian on. Adrian that go push help him out I'm. dead I'm dead help me D you. that. Dallas in just go in just go in. it Dallas walk walk in it Dallas walk in. it. walk yeah don't push or hurry up hurry. up don't push him hurry up he's. downstairs what are you doing down fuse. it fuse a hatch fuse a hatch no hell no. get it get it get it get it get it. Dallas get . has oh watch out watch out I think he's. up topy let me go in let me go in it's. or it's or bro. jump him there you go finally dude. neutral. successful god. dude gosh dude Dallas you're so you're. such a Dallas you're actually such. a he's like I'm going to get 10 HP. off bro I want to get 10 shut up right.

Here God watch me die and wouldn't get. the ball I killed Valkyrie I hey. Turtle wins the race Turtle wins the. race Turtle wins the. race god. dude saw A's brains get blasted bro. did nothing I should have died I. should have died at or ear I got game he. literally ran all the way bottom with. the fuser Jake you're the definition of. a . t. bounce on it yo start the game you get. nothing on. there none your ass. buddy depends how you go it depends. how Sigma you go this. round yo uh Dallas got me killed you. didn't join that correctly your ass. that . bro I did but right after I got drone. that went up Hey Jake Jake Jake. Jake Jake Jake am I telling you d That's. how you use mon that's how you use Monty. simple as that that's how you use. honestly keep playing mon keep playing. Mon Mon actually crazy. good I don't know.

Dude I don't I don't know I don't. know wor here I here I'll just I'll play. I'll play I'll. play. but he is always like he's a want though. he's okay. want wait they're GNA we Bang Gang. TR no no no go Emerald wa Emerald get. emerald it doesn't matter we playing. see like why don't you guys. listen to me bro I get it we got. complaining for what complaining for. what complaining for what complaining. for what complaining for what. complaining for what predict I don't. care I don't care I don't care I don't. care. you're lucky hey you're no dude I was. spared that orc spared. me. huh yeah you always go solo you always. go solo no that or spared me you guys. are oh my. God yeah exactly oh my God what do you. mean every time you ask for a bandit or. a cade or a thermite I'm there I'm on. that shut your comp. all right lock in we're going against.

Xbox shaders bro we got to dude that. that [ __ ] was crazy bro or Orcs I. should have died I should have died yo. ban or ban ORS we're we're crutching. Shield b or No Cap can cap can's. literally more of a threat than orex is. no but or are like bid you over and . you on a shi bro no lie he you know orex. when Jake died uh orss was in the corner. he stuck me in the wall but he missed. all his shots. so no dude ORS is on me like I L you. died and then he was in the corner he. was in the corner so I go in and he. throws me against the wall he misses all. shots so I just run around. and we have M we have mute I'm back I'm. back I'm back oh Auto pick class my. bad. game fu yeah so no. mirror no Clash is not that bad on the. side low. key what a. sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sig should I. make a how should I make rotate like.

Jump over it or just like uh all right. I'll show you the best frosts you want. one on the attic drop down do you want. one on this master bedroom behind his. bed gets some so much time in big what. are you doing bro what are you doing. loading be advised can I show you a FR. no no no no. no Pi that up pick that [ __ ] up. here follow me follow me I'll show you. one I'll show you one follow. me put it right here put it right here. bro they always watch these head holes. and they walk through this put it. right there. seconds all right help me reinforce. attic help me reinforce attic help me. reinfor seconds. put one in here bomb located by op but. they have to look down so like. here. yeah d i just. oh it was useless. anyway sh shield shield it's shield. shield God I can't hear bro. oh so much yo they're dring M right now.

I can't hear bro it's good just like. that over. here yo pushing Master right now pushing. master up here on. Tower one droning one droning. uh yeah they're all. half have. shotgun on barricade right here ping. one right here they broke P. one yo on me uh on Armory window I know. I know I just ped it I'm low I'm low I'm. low I'm low dude right here on barricade. right here on barricade don't peek. it Dallas watch out behind you Dallas. watch out behind you window window. window window Dallas window attic an. attic an attic I know I got at I got. attic I'm holding they're pushing up. though three in attic all three I'm. holding Peak I'm holding peek I'm. holding. Peak yo shoot that air JB shoot shoot. that air oh he's shooting air yeah hit a. f man. nice hold I'm trying to see through. the. hold loading new. magazine again another one in attic.

Another one in. attic right here too flashing flashing. me flashing me flashing Flash in oh no. no no no in in I got him I got him I'm. ping right here I'm ping no May bedroom. Dallas Dallas bedroom bedroom yeah but I. can't I have to watch this Dallas I got. it I got it I got it. reloading there's a chick behind you. Dallas. right they expecting to be behind push. it up at push it up antic scared of my. shield 15 second ping four directly on. PING four pushing up pushing up time. expires in 10 seconds on on last op. standing 5 seconds remaining probably. white the guy on stairs nope he's over. here say that KY. bro that was that was call. outs I didn't even shoot my gun. at. anyone. always low Clash is good no Clash is. good bro Clash is good keep on playing. Clash bro yeah play Clash please I'm. just going to hold bunker off if not.

I'll yeah hold bunker hold bunker and. I'm no hold bunker from left side and. then once they s Deployable I I don't I. don't have deploy no one has Deployable. no one has. Deployable oh that's good. too oh my God are we the Dream Team gang. or what. yeah I only gain. 19 adan's cleaning his golden chain. while riny out the wife Fe he trying to. he's trying to look down as for. tomorrow down like that protect the. bombs like hell. bro oh you got I'm not even going to go. to scho F that no don't reinforce it. don't reinforce it don't reinfor bro. you're supposed to put your mirror on. laundry. no cuz I'm going to make head holes. right here I'm not going to put it. there yeah you know just yeah yeah miror. launch is better no but you're you're. still not you're still not supposed to. reinforce that wall anyway you're.

Supposed to put head h holdes no matter. what I is yeah so Dallas is. wrong well I don't know I like that . 10 seconds cuz then it just gives your. miror. bunker seconds I got it chck I I got it. Jake I got. it oh that's aaable now that was way too. big reinforce that reinforce it. we're they a shot through stairs. bro this is. insane I'm I'm I'm very kiding off. kitchen bro I'm not trying to deal with. this . yeah what you. doing. running an at me I'm me hey hold on hold. on I have to back up cuz they might try. to run. sm all right. more there's a drone right here if you. want to shoot it I got it I got it up. top up top up top up top up top going to. go stairs they're going to go stairs. stair stair all stairs all on stairs all. on stairs two on. stairs don't could be in. thermite. no no no if they EMP if they EMP you do.

Not move if they EMP you do not move. they're getting hatch right now they're. getting hatch they're getting hatch. they're getting hat be. R hey a oh make sure no one comes. blue aent make sure no one comes. blue Matt make sure make sure they don't. drop patch so Jake make sure they don't. drop patch has located a bomb down here. right here one one ran. away. he he's going back down the bunker he. ran out someone check. R over here right. here drop drop. drop yeah one's One Tap she's one tap. she's in uh uh what's it called . what's that little room called freezer. freezer freezer she's literally one one. tap uh with the CL sh. no no no Jake Jake I I'm holding this. I'm holding this good hey freezer. freezer freezer one freezer one freezer. here I'm going to freezer Jake can you. can you come just start shooting start.

Shooting Jake I need to run sh. Jak you can knock. her here I'm going play with do I'm. playing with do I'm playing with do she. run away she run. away she's going to go to laundry. yeah she's running up here she's running. up here hold up where she. at hat hat hat hat she dropped. hatch last I one I one I one she dropped. hatch she dropped hatch I already killed. her oh my. fault time expires in 10. seconds where's this at bro she's. so low 5 Seconds To Go. yeah time limit expired dude she's L one. t that's insane bro no I didn't kill. her she she L ran away once she saw me. she ran up the [ __ ]. stairs she one. one all kitchen oh which one are we. going um should we always get at. kitchen bro uh meeting hall or kitchen. dining hall we're going because we can. play vert some can play yeah but. we need a Kade we need a Kade to get the.

Hatch and we need a bandit. too we need a k for sure uh somebody. needs to get. hatch not. me that's Castle Castle's get on the. site. too I'm playing mute shoty. bro I'm going stupid with um on top I'm. I'm going just play with dalls too low. key I'm going just play Dallas yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah or El start. then it's 11:23 holy. the bombs do you want me to pop. this hatch do you want me to pop this. hatch no do not pop it do not pop it do. not pop. it uhuh no no cuz that's head holes into. s. yeah. yo we reinforce these single walls. over yo hit the double wall by uh add. all right say the last two for. hatches down to 10 seconds who's getting. hatches who's getting. hatches Jak you have to get the ATT. hatch and the. kitchen no D don't D don't reinforce. that yo we have to we don't we don't. have we don't have. it's fine it's fine it's fine we don't.

Need it anymore just play. attic J Jake just play. attic did I get uh I don't know where to. watch we should have watched here I just. be with n they're probably going to push. this wayway yeah yeah play play me play. me play me um hold let me get which one. should I get oh this one right. here they're rushing from. somewhere is active. let me check camera quick you must feel. safe behind that Shield huh yeah I mean. this is you know kind of my home and I. here hey they're coming from over here y. over here over here on pink for NT NT. I'm getting oh my God they brought a. thater because of. me I'm holding. holding d d stay right here stay right. here stay right here stay right here D I. I'll shotgun him I'll shotgun him I. liter shotgun I blow their head up it's. Ash it's Ash it's assh it's as bro watch. out no no no no don't St don't don't.

Don't go too close I don't want to shoot. you yeah no watch out don't turn around. don't turn around no a Adrian's gu. you're behind Adrian's gu you're behind. yeah yeah Matt watch that over there. watch that over. there they're over here oh behind behind. two on behind two all right push push up. that way push up that way knock is low. knock is low you can kill knock with. your thing right here another one right. here you kill kill you can kill her with. your Clash push her oh oh I didn't know. she's low you can just push. her someone over here pushing you can. kill her you can kill her keep pushing. her do keep pushing. her she so. low on me on me on me Ash on me Ash on. me. broide hold up I'm about to kill this. I inside inside. you yo Church entry hall Church entry. hall op last op standing yo what hold up. hold up there over there don't throw I.

Can cover the bomb while you. guys yeah I over there over there Dallas. yo hurry up you guys got no time for. this. diffuse diffuse trust diffuse it. diffuse it diffuse it diffuse it you. have to have his back you have to have. his back real quick Dallas go over there. have his back. you disabled the. bomb Oh my God dude these are. crazy bro this class hates me. this team Hates Me holy [ __ ]. yeah there's nothing they literally. can't do bro I guarantee you. they're going to run class cuz they're. so mad bro we can just bro I'm. going go Monty I'm going. Monty yo yo I'm hoing on Blitz N Low. Key yeah we just get plant bro hop in. big window OG strap bro I'll keep you. health yeah yeah no let let me uh. y. yeah yeah Capal and just. yeah someone run flashes low. key dude flashes are better bro flashes. are good flash cuz we only need two.

Smokes we only need two smokes we got so. much flashes holy I'm L just I'm we. got to make sure we got to make sure. that uh there's no pulse if there's a. pulse I'm lowy screwed. dude they they're for sure they're going. to run a class you planning though are. you planning on the I'm planting big. window like in the corner and then you. could. literally talking about hopefully. hopefully they don't make I know what. you're talking I know what you're. talking about I'm just going to put no. no I'm hop on Gridlock if you're doing. that I'm hop on Gridlock I'm not. planning in the corner and the beds I'm. literally I'm L planning on the window. I'm planning on window I know you're. talking about you're playing in that. corner right next to kids going to be. playing on the kids wall like in that. corner but there's but there's like a.

Slab of concrete so you should be fine. if you Turtle yeah I'm planning. literally in this corner thisk everyone. spawn junkyard that's the fastest. through the big window um I'm going go. g we're not are we going to that big. window yeah we're going big window. though yeah did they have a. clash look I'm spawning this this I'm. going I'm jumping in planning right here. and you guys just sit up sit up on top. on top just sit up literally on top of. that that small. Tower you have CL or no oh I have we. good you guys got to yes I'm lit paning. front big window put the clor on the. jump out put the CL on the jump out. there there's no no one has I three of. them don't have Nitros all don't. Nitros how do you know. that well it's my Jager and vigil so we. already know three D. nit oh my God they reinforced both of. these walls are here oh my.

God get in there get in there yo who St. that. bomb has located F fa fa FAA I'm. dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead oh. you're good you're good you're good no. no I was about to get smoked up I need. dude I literally was about to die I was. going to die I was going to die I was. like going to die. Jake where did the FAA dude I thought we. had a FAA I would whatever whatever. whatever whatever should I just try to. push it again or no oh I just got. there's one right here there's one. holding one holding bomb right. here no we they had a smoke they threw. the. smoke we're going to. smoke yeah they L smoked me out if they. didn't have smoke we would have won that. why you knifing me over here go here go. here this right here right oh right here. no just go top yeah. right let me join it let me join it I. don't want I let me Jo dude Theos by the.

Way the VIS there. there here here swing it swing it swing. it swing it swing it swing. it m he's right here he's L right here. Matt he's L right there. yo M why you preing just hold it just. hold it bro good I mean good. bro you guys to play. cautious bro two on bottom two are. roaming two are. roaming that's the only guy right there. that's the only guy dead where is he. where is he I'm dead. got oh this is risky plant plant. plant plant. plant in that corner you oh my god dude. com. online master and master right here. right here right here no no no right. here right here I need hold. hold oh my God D I had a legion I had a. Legion on me. bro okay like. what Jake you're so [ __ ]. Bro. God why aren't you with the what is. these guys. doing the diffuser has been disabled. mission is a failure yo I see we go for. a laundry.

Plant dude if they have a smoke we would. have won that round no lie no dude if. they have smoke I can't we can't do a. Monty plant it's literally physically. impossible to do a Monty plant with. smoke here they're going down so I'm. going to get the. hatches I'll play ace we need a think up. bro we need. think pick up the oh bro why do we have. to go for a plant why can't I just go in. and one of you guys just sits right. behind me and just swing on. everything I mean we. could push push bunker push bunker push. bunker and stairs and bro we literally. will win it and then you guys can like. two you guys can just drop hatch should. just plant no no Matt Jake should just. pop the hatch so they can't play the. miror and we just push bunker and if if. they have elbow open we'll just P or. I'll just go I'll L just go in and I.

Smack mirror and then we just surround. them they L can't do jack they literally. can't do they actually can't do. everyone uh spawn construction side. someone someone actually yeah someone go. up top and uh get the I need to find out. if there's smoke. bro that's one Dr soless there's a. soless and those. two where are these hatches. bro they an. Ella. Jagger's the last one. smoke all right so I'm going give give. me give me bomb give me bomb luy down 5. Seconds pick it. up where do you want to push to M bomb M. wait wait. wait drop bomb drop bomb wait where do. you guys want to go oh my God mat has. bomb though he's all the way over there. all. right here I'll push I'll push I'll push. I'll push stand on top of there you get. a you get a tight angle on there move. carefully you. dropped he's. got hold on wait wait wait wait wait.

Wait wait wait wait wait do not do not. do not shoot do not. shoot oh I'm here I'm here I'm. here oh I'm dead I'm dead I'm. dead oh my God bro he swung. elbow's hey J get hatched get hatched. you got to get. hatched hey pop pop meor pop meor pop. meor pop meor. on the other. side oh m m down here M down here me. down here pull pull pull. pull here aent I'm pushing I'm pushing. in I'm pushing. in everybody here everyone. here swing that Adrian yeah swing. it swing it swing it good good [ __ ]. watch this watch this watch. this how the diffuser is now secured. left left left left left hard left hard. left yeah M's right there he's weak and. she's weak on your left good one. remaining there here push together push. together he's laundry rotate lachry. rotate lachry. rotate good op neutralized Mission. successful. oh that got off Jose you want to.

Join we have a. spot SP. join yeah all four of us a Adrian are. you still going to play is everyone else. playing yes everyone else is. playing probably bro they left without. saying nothing soon as it ended he. jumped. off stupid brother no he's going to say. this no he's going to exact he's like ah. all right the goat's back all. right all right invite me invite. me ah the hard cares. back. that's. exactly what was there you. on N. alert big. big. S one. homie own buy airpod Pros but instead. just buy regular airpods a lot of people. may not even know this but Apple. released airpods and then more recently. airpod Pro and the difference between. the two is that the airpod pros are. newer have a longer lasting battery and. additional Fe Fe like noise cancellation. and spatial audio but I think the. regular airpods are actually just the.

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To let you know when you're slouching. even when you're using another app or. your phone is lock by this one simple. reminder you can drastically improve. your posture and reduce back neck back. and shoulder pain what are the. best just eat it. upstairs Al so agent sent me 30. videos crash out this means causing. maximum damage intentionally. without. crash out this means causing maximum. damage intentionally without thinking. about how bad the outcome could be for. you or for someone else you see a normal. person who got his shoes stepped on. might just say hey what's wrong with you. but a crash out after getting his shoes. Steed on might just smack the lights out. of you piss on you and move on like. nothing ever happened no didy this is a. phrase used to spread awareness about. not wanting anything to do with any.

Homosexual Act of any kind these two. powerful phrases could also be used to. differentiate a homosexual thought or. sentence from a normal one just by. adding them at the end of every. potential doubtful sentence no this. helps clear confusion in the midst of. individuals of the same sex group not. wanting to see each other naked Phantom. tax this is the process of forcefully. deriving any unowned property from its. rightful owner through any means. possible various items such as food or. drinks can be Phantom taxed but specific. properties should be off liit the sigma. this phrase signifies doubt or surprise. in the mind of a person due to. information received from another person. some people also use this term to. signify shock from. Anu you want Doss to start. it whatever we don't need. you. not trust me what the.

I'm. get why oh my God this forever I'm going. to be 12 bro just started just started. just started just started start started. just. started I'm the leader all right. start it start it start it. start don't leave don't leave don't. leave don't leave you start it then. start. it next quarterback to win a Super Bowl. that has a I like Josh Allen a lot I. think he. I I pick Josh I like Josh a lot as a guy. as a leader uh but you know he's got to. get past the Chiefs and that's hard. Patrick's incredible in the way he that. team next quarterback to win a Super. Bowl. good morning Mr Ohio you ready to me. I've been meu and look maxing all. morning to skidy toilet. what the I just want to watch one. last Duke Dennis. stream so long bers good afternoon my. name is Russell and I am a SK Sigma with. W kaon at rid and I'm here to find and.

Tax your old wrinkly level zero gas what. the. sigma see these these are my K phom tax. badges you may notice one is missing. this is my Phantom taxing the elderly B. baby queso is there someone that will. Edge. you excuse. me where's the king of Ohio he's busy. mewing to see dude J how many a. traumatic event happened in your life. when I was 12 I got hit by a car and I. almost. died yeah right I were to give you $100. right now what would you do um I would. use it to buy a sound bar for my TV okay. and how would that make you feel uh. would make me feel great because the one. that I have right now is pretty crappy. so well unfortunately for you I don't. have $100 tell me that for no reason I. broke his s but I appreciate you telling. me that and you have a nice day. appreciate you wasting your time have a. great no problem you got one you got two.

Minutes to go pick out anything three. two one go okay that's one two okay. that's it we have two minutes to pick. out anything you want you only want. these. two uh. B so agent sent me his entire for you. page what is this. be what is this. be. bro the be makes. Temptations to use your drone to loc a. bomb do that be. locate so who I'm with today. will oh my god dude always have to carry. and never have to get. the yo someone P SL in me someone SL. me. ad. second man it's just alcohol man it's. just alcohol man you doing to much man. it's just alcohol man what you doing. man it's just alcohol man what you doing. bro what trust me bro I'm a sigma when. it come if there's a FR on this I don't. care I'm not going to drin it see look. I'm a sigma see right straight ahead. right here I'm don't jump in he's. holding. it man this is alcohol man way atting.

Like little key. man. a Sigma bro never [ __ ] touch. me bro come on bro you going to flank. you flank watching flank I'm watching. flank I'm a Sig bro oh [ __ ]. shitty aim shitty. aim watch go the stairs go the stairs go. the stairs the stairs on the stairs on. the stairs yeah I. know whoopsy. Daisy I'm I'm going under I'm going. under. okay oh uh uh garage stairs garage. stairs. know oh good [ __ ] good. up hold up stay alive stay. alive don't you don't use your thing. till you get into site I know stay. close just protect me oh behind the. table behind the table behind the table. get close get close knife it knife it. knife. it stay close to me ping on PING on PING. go go. go plant plant. I'm going to plant. I'm just keep. pling bomb diffusion initiated protect. the diffus he uh in here in here it's. one my bathroom bathroom door bathroom.

Door in the corner oh he's in already I. didn't know I'm. pthew. not OP. standing stay alive was I stay alive. just hide Jose Le just. hide friendly last operator standing. Dallas just playing the. corner just Dallas why would you un he. KN through my shield he he knifed. through my shield why can't you stay in. the corner that can't kill you he. KN through my. shield it's cuz you went out of your. Shield just stay okay if I sit on the. corner yeah you could just wait it. out he literally can't do anything to. you. he KN through my shield I swear bro. that that he bro that was the most lucky. St don't go myty bro I bro Monty was. actually good bro I'm telling you bro. this just got like stab down not down. here not down here I got a kill give it. to me give them to me give them to me. give them to me give them to me give.

Them to me give him to me give him to me. give him to me bro dude you're ass bro. you're ass with Monty Dallas you're not. good with Monty bro I I you're two kill. hungry you're too kill hungry with Monty. you're too kill hungry with Monty no I'm. not all I do when I'm in that spot I. just unchilled and chill back up to bait. him off the plant but he L knifed my. I thought he was going to wait I. was I thought he going two no because. you pushed towards him you wanted to hit. him. dude just give me Monty do just give me. Monty you literally could go somebody. else let's get wall can we get a that. can we get a. that they got a k and no let's let's. let's go uh the other wall Tren Tren. wall let's go get trench. wall got my here I need a thater then. cuz Kate's GNA C that . off Adrian ad get off Ace Adrian get off.

Ace and hop on. thater inser in 10 seconds J get that. get that bro in seconds get thater oh my. God you found a bomb make your way to it. location and how does like you picking. it offer. D this ass. rushing why would you T that you should. make vtables. right here right here right here right. here right. here here come in plant come in. plant plant. PL okay bro that plant plant plant. plant watch the other other side watch. the other side. diffuser is active protected at all I'm. lagging. drone oh my God. bro don't die he go do not die Jose go. in I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead. I'm dead I'm dead I'm. dead what is your teammate doing I don't. know oh my God I thought. one friendly. operator bro oh my god dude I can't. believe this dude my God why are. you playing. zrus was disabled bro you can't blame. that on me I got bombed down bro no.

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