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That game blows. that. one oh totally. see again that sucks even more. this one. that milk in the mouth buddy. rings. i'll drop it. dump it. please come on look how many. chances. come on there's no way we're not in here. oh thank you there's actually no way it. was a full hey sass this one's. for you buddy. no. starting off at five that's great sign. let's go come on. okay okay okay okay okay okay okay. stop bowling. you know bud. little blue. trade at least. come on you old bastard seriously. yeah baby come on keep going keep going. need more need more come on. it's gonna help it's gonna help. brother. okay 15k beautiful. kind. nice let's go now let's see right back. in fellas. come on. let's see uh squirter. let me just throw you through it. was here and put him right through. it. he'd be like watch out watch out. his lives would be dead.

So he sat down his . come on fist it. a little bit of fisting. i gonna do anything here. seriously. it's looking at us. come on. there it is okay. dropping a good amount of mom to use. there. argo keep going come on. take it let's go we'll take it three to. go three great 12 okay there we. go 20k come on. yeah. oh where are the heads. are we last one. relax fellas you can't complain about. that. i agree. i ran out of spins and then i took the. executive decision to give it another 10. and i got in all right so i think you. should leave the room. what i don't know it seemed like you got. in. jth. okay. sorry guys let's start. what do you mean good start it's the. ending. maybe positive really. all right 50 more i'm outta here. right now. daniel yes. is. take it off shake it off. let's go. let's go. is it running into a brick wall boom.

Come on. like. everybody let's go bro holy it's. like running into a brick wall fellas. wow let's go rolly. holy buddy you're you're built like. a . brick. how did wifi get made yeah i mean that's. interesting as . how the hell. how the hell can you. wirelessly get signal like that. i guess i've been using satellites for. years but. i. yeah who made it nice. yeah i know for sure. what do you think about it we're all you. guys in here right now. come on. we're invented a sloth bro. how do i end up here spinning it. pragmatic okay you're starting to suck. you're starting to suffer back here. come on please brother we need a retreat. we haven't gotten one. yet gotta come through. come on. another one. come on baby now it's a great setup bro. come on we need to extend it a little. bit. come on. right over here. we get one in that fourth reel.

Dude ready that's a five there stand the. up. everybody stand up. come on. let's go. come on baby. come on extend this come on this is. massive fellas. this is massive come on. little mega little mega bang. 76 baby come on break some more. a star or some cowboys let's go. come on 94 g's. knights all the way those things all the. way that's massive let's go guys. let's go. let's go. bring in this this is not the. reality of gambling here we go. i am down billions. thanks willie thanks. goal bro bringing this [ __ ] back. fellas. thanks roy for covering that. yo kareem 50 bomb thank you so much. man i really appreciate that bro. thanks a lot buddy he does. you guys got some balls on them too bro. you've seen him betting in the discord. tonight guys let's go bro we're getting. some luck come on fellas you're getting.

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