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What's up guys this month we're planning. to wager $6 million throughout all of. our videos and this might seem like an. absurd amount of money to gamble but. it's honestly not that much more than we. already do gamble the reason I'm. bringing it up is cuz we want to wager. that 6 million but we also want to track. our profit or loss from the slots and. see where we end up we've never set. ourselves a limit or goal I guess for. our wager for the month so it'll just be. cool to see and if you do the math it. means we're going to be wagering around. $200,000 for every video this month not. not bringing but wagering so it's a. little bit different if you look at the. average RTP of the slots we play most of. them are like 96.5 96.8 96.3 so we're. just going to call it even 96 and that. means if we successfully wager this $6.

Million we should only lose around 240k. this month obviously that's a ton. of money but we do get paid to do this. so if we end up around there we'll be. all right I'm not looking at this as a. groundbreaking idea by any means I. actually kind of got this idea from. fencer GG some of you might know him. he's another slot YouTuber so shout out. to you fencer it was kind of cool to see. you did this like two months ago and. track all your profits for the month. it's kind of where I got the inspiration. for this but yeah I just thought it'd be. fascinating to set ourselves a number to. hit for the month and then show you guys. how much we were expected to lose and. how much we actually ended up with the. thing is though RTP is calculated over. millions and sometimes even billions of. spins and buys we're probably going to.

Do less than a thousand total Bonus Buys. for this entire month and that's really. going to increase our volatility. hopefully in our favor our content isn't. going to change we're still going to. have sessions bonus openings the usual. everything's going to be normal around. here we're just going to be tracking. things a bit more you know than we. usually do so we're going to have a. followup video showing you guys how. much we lost from the at the end of the. month how much we claimed in rake back. as well as weekly bonuses and I'd. encourage you right now to leave a. comment on this video with your guesses. of how much we're going to be up or down. for this month it'd be cool to see. someone absolutely nail it and guess the. exact amount I doubt it's going to. happen but maybe you'll prove me wrong. who knows one more shout out to fencer.

GG his video is going to be linked below. where you can see how much he gambled. for the entire month but that's going to. be it for us now let's get to this first. video of the month hope you guys are. excited for this month's wager thing. that we just announced but let's get. into this video now we have $80,000 in. the balance starting with a 14k we're on. Gates of a th000 oh my God little bit of. a stutter but we're in it now yep it's. just a part of life stuttering yeah. first video of the day serving it up. skipping toor's way yes here we are. ready to make some profit on 1 thousand. like we always do always yeah every time. we're here. yeah red red action red into yellow yeah. one red right here oh didn't drop in. okay I wish I didn't have to have you at. 200 bro your mic sounds like right. now really am I quiet greens not not uh.

Quiet but since I have you at 200 when. you yell it's like distorted. like old speakers dang yeah this is. pretty good though little start yeah. four I don't know why Discord does that. cuz like your Mike it cuts you out and. then me like you can't you know it's all. quiet and whatever I know if only there. was just a better sort of communication. platform for truly so okay hold on this. is another like four or 5K tumble right. now oh yeah it is six. 6K very very helpful maybe like 6.4 6.6. wow okay 2K off yeah we're looking. really good on this bonus but anyone. watching down below if you want to. recreate a better Discord [ __ ]. dude we'd be the first people on it send. it our way yeah. seriously well there used to be Skype. and then there was what else was. there I think Skype was the big one. before Discord.

Yeah I think Google had a version of. something like that too really oh this. is a really good tumble too we got on. here and a for oh we were one off Crown. he this this could be like 10 bands. right here 11 26 all right good start. very good start yeah crowns there would. have been so crazy though I don't see. purples hitting but it'd be cool wow. what the yellows and Rings rings. too oh come on drop them all drop do. this waa no way he did oh my God we're. how bro what is this how is he alive I. don't know 41 from a 14 okay first buy. yeah purple W what a surprise what a. pleasant surprise. green would have been cool I don't think. this going keep going no no W when we. were when we were loading this game up I. did not expect it to be like this no me. neither okay um these are in and then. yellows are in M oh and mul's in oh my.

God bull pit everything's happening. perfectly yeah it is what is this going. to be 15K 15K probably right nice yeah. it is it is it is 14 56 for. 14 what a way to start the day oh my God. it doesn't stop Blues to chalice somehow. wow wow $700 though 24 how was that oh. CU it was 12 of them Jay this is from a. 14k buy right now yeah we're at 147 we. almost doubled up the balance in one. bonus buy just end the video now just we. don't have to but it would be cool if we. vaulted everything but this 8K and then. just played with this like this is all. of our profit that sounds good to me. let's Vault it should we do a 14 I'm. down that's perfect all right if you. guys couldn't tell we uh just vaulted. all of our or what we deposited. initially for the video so now. everything that we're playing with is. profit just just usually doesn't happen.

So here we. are oh Rings H yeah. ah maybe a crown but I don't want to say. it yeah yellows maybe no wow yellows. should have yeah they should have I. ordered a uh new monitor yesterday did a. bunch of research and then finally. finally picked one out. so uh new monitor or monitors uh just. one for now this is a really good tumble. hang on I'll tell you after this if we. could see Rings or blues or something no. close what is this going to be is this. it's not profit right no this is 5K I. like that though yeah so I just got one. to see if I like it first and then I'll. probably order the other one or two. later on yeah yeah yeah yeah cuz I. remember in that conversation we had you. said you wanted three screens and I was. like oh well why would you just buy one. mon. yep so I'll have the one but then if I. really like it you know I can get more.

But it's going it's the uh I don't know. if this is going to mean anything to you. but it's the Asus 27in OLED so it's like. different than a regular monitor right. on I'll have to peep it yeah rrig. this no we got a multi though I'll take. that I haven't heard of that monitor so. it's an OLED which means it's basically. like newer technology I guess it's the. best way to put it the OLED screen is. the same thing on my switch no. um the quality from like your Mac or I'm. sorry Josh's Mac to your computer like. how you guys were talking about nice 5K. again we just can't stop profiting the. you know what I'm talking about when we. bought my switch and you guys convinced. me to buy the more expensive one because. I think so right we could just do. another 14 if you want we've had two. profit Buys so far and they're yeah goad.

Just keep it going yeah it's all profit. still. yeah free. spins what does this guy know his voice. actually isn't like bothering me today. usually I get kind of annoyed. yeah but I think it's cuz he's paying it. doesn't really it's not bother me yeah. that and then probably just the more you. pay attention to it the more you start. to think oh man how much I hate this guy. and then blah blah blah and yep you know. yep you don't think about it you don't. know exactly maybe yellow or green oh. how is that not yellows 1 2 3 4 5 six. yeah. seven some sand clocks there's yellows. Blues too. purples I don't think we're going to see. purples no dude I was about to say I. don't think we're going to see profit. this buy doesn't feel anything like the. last yeah I don't think we're going to. see profit either only on a Sixx six.

Spins yeah it's weird cuz I can't touch. this slot but I feel that it's not going. to pay like you know what I'm saying you. just know the script you already know. how it's going to go yeah like the. feeling I have is just like oh yeah I. know I just I just can't see profit. right now yep y I get that feeling. sometimes too. mhm I mean we're on 12x though if we see. crowns in a multi I think we're good. yeah bro that's so much to ask. for it is 12 12 yeah yeah or or. or ear broken. broken I just I don't know why like you. started to say it but I was already in. the motion of clicking it like it was. probably a good second and a half before. I clicked the box when you started. saying that I know I know it I had time. my reaction time was just so. slow like you weren't listening but you. were hearing it. yeah. I was going to say a nine because we had.

Uh 59k it was just going to be like a. click little clean up and we could jump. into the 12 afterwards. yeah you know what I like H I like this. little voice in my headphones Now voice. in your headphones oh you you turn that. on I did it like two session two. sessiones ago nice R trick too by the. way maybe I'll turn mine on too I have. it off this session now I can hear. myself there we. go this retri probably isn't going to do. anything for. us well you never know we're like a. brand new like it's oh 20x no no baited. you so good yeah I know would have been. hot yeah especially with the retri 2 12. more spins. yeah. well how do you feel about this one cuz. I actually don't know if we're going to. be profit or. not I don't feel any sort of way right. now I don't know yeah this one I really. can't tell it has to marinate a little.

Bit. yeah cuz the rrig really threw it off. like that could have done anything yeah. this is going to hit now yeah yal Blues. into yellows for. sure multi it or no that'd be great yeah. yeah it would be very nice right. now unfortunate I don't know what were. you saying I said it was unfortunate. that we didn't get a mul. there I don't know if it's going to pay. because we have that 10x sitting over. there yeah I feel like he's like you. know. I don't know yeah not to keep bringing. it up but Discord is still messing up am. I messing up on your end no you sound. fine besides the fact that I have to. have you up all the way like volume wise. like I feel like we'd be better off. using like the two tin cans and a string. to talk right now it's that bad it's. pretty bad oh my God but in the video it. should sound fine because you're just.

We're going to use your audio obviously. you know so everyone watching this is. not going to notice but I just in case. like uh I can't conversate that yeah. just wanted to let you. know I mean you're doing fine right now. that's why I was like shocked that the. mic was broken again yeah it's another. profit yeah you want to do like a 16 or. 20 or an 18 or were you thinking. something lower well what are we at. right now um1 profit to loss well yes. correct but just finishing here I'll go. on oh sorry sorry we have had one profit. buy one negative buy and then another. profit buy is that the Train the train. right now I think so so maybe this one. will be a negative right is that the so. are we supposed to go low I I think you. want to do a 10 yeah all right let's. lock it in there we go okay if you guys. haven't already dropped a like on the.

Video make sure you do that now let's. try and get 2,000 likes for this massive. profit Gates of Olympus th000 session. and if you haven't sign take me do make. sure you use code. Fork multi off the start but they. missed wow I think you might have. accurately read that he's speed running. it right now he is yeah okay I didn't. think we were going to get rings there. really didn't think that was going to. happen wow nice we got a multi now yeah. a lot of. multis maybe that's just what happens. when you play a thousand maybe. maybe that's originally what we thought. right we thought you get more multis. here but the tumbles weren't worth as. much. yeah like it almost felt like a sweet. xmus yes y I don't know if that's. confirmed either if sweet xmus actually. gives you more multis or not like I. don't know if it's actually a thing it.

Might be it might not be I don't know. I've never looked crowns multi no no. crowns crowns would have been hot would. have would have been crazy all right we. can easily get 5K more with this setup. yeah yeah just takes a hit or. two easily could happen just one ches to. purple nice uh yellow's blue chal is all. look good okay oh come on yellow and the. multi please multi come. on nope why no multi you are special. Gates you are special my friend that. would been a 5k which would have put us. in profit so would have been wrong about. the. um I guess the pattern. chalice to multi. please raise it oh my god dude this is. frustrating right. now okay but like what else is going to. hit oh wow okay I didn't think all that. was going to hit this could be a profit. tumble now it could. be I think we're profit no we are we're.

Profit for the the buy 12 Time. 4 11.7 from 10K profit. yes read it wrong it was close yeah does. that mean that another profit is going. to happen if we do like a bigger one. yeah yeah cuz that's two wins right. there back to back so you know you know. the law 20 20 all right here we go at at. that point I'd throw in 100K really just. take from the take the initial deposit. back and do. 100 I don't know I would have been in. for that no I probably wouldn't have. either no this one's looking so dead. compared to all the other ones oh come. on it's been two spins it's been five we. don't have anything yeah I know but in. dog years in dog years. yeah give us another multi I would like. 1.6k tumble okay there we go there we go. this is 9 gr 9k 9k 9k 11 11 why' you. think it was nine uh cuz I did five. times I don't know I did.

Something oh you did something something. happened there was a comment on I think. it was like a couple days ago on the. video it said you said 14 * 3 was 52 and. I said oh yeah you're right sweet but. it's actually not yeah yeah what are you. going to do man I don't know wow wow a. lot of the times I talk too fast and. then I up and I notice. it this could save it this could save by. yeah just few more easily tumbles into a. multi okay there was our one of our. first not profits do we do one more or. do we like what do we do I was going to. do one AK by and then we can jump up to. a high guy again but if you don't want. to do that oh you're down yep I'm. in cuz like you see you see 20 12 8K. difference we're taking that difference. right now putting it in the slot see. what happens and if it pays we just go. in all in you know all in you.

Want to All In come on come on no I. think we should save some profits first. video of the day we got to start off. right I wasn't too serious but if you. said yeah I would have that would have. been crazy was one of those. yeah I can't wait to tell everyone. watching how my snowboarding trip went. yesterday or not yesterday but tell them. tomorrow and tomorrow's make sure you. guys tune in tomorrow's video'll be uh. you won't want to miss it keeping you on. a leash there was one time where you I'm. bringing up old videos left and right. what do you got remember you said you. going to tell them the thing in the next. video and then you never said it never. did yeah yep and at this point it's. probably been like two or three weeks. and I don't even know what that thing. was I don't remember either so lovely oh. nice wow he didn't even Z that one in.

Just kind of dropped in. yeah no profit here I think we do have. to go to the big buy again yeah I would. do an 18 and then I would call it all. right down for that take 30k profit from. the video or if this pays huge maybe. even like 100k profit we'll see yeah if. this pays huge there's no reason not to. do another one that's. true very true okay I like this board. yellows no how did it get so. quick don't. know 2x isn't enough no yellow chal. blue come on Jay we need this thing to. wake up I. know come on rings rings two rings above. the other Rings maybe nice multi yeah. but yeah M there. by pretty dead. mhm. yeah I don't think this one's going to. be. great ett dead around. here maybe some blues and. purples no not. today what. else mtis at the end I think this is a. sign to leave yeah I'm pretty happy with. the 30k profit I like that yeah 33k 34k.

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