30.04.2024 GEMS BONANZA WORLD RECORD BIGGEST WINS: Top 7 (xQc, Ayezee, Xposed)

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This is a massive gems bonansa big win. and look closely CU it's coming out of. nowhere either but like it's like scary. though CU you could just like get it oh. oh my God. J what. that was 1,000x and you're going to. see a lot bigger wins than that we're. moving on with the sixth biggest win. ever and as you saw we cut the game. after the big win cuz the rest of that. game wasn't really exciting and we want. to show you just the exciting Parts. we're eding out anything that's boring. focusing on the good parts so this video. has the seven biggest wins ever in gems. Bas so we starting with toaster we're. continuing on with just the biggest. streamers ever ending up with rosin xqc. and AC this is exposed and his biggest. win ever on gems. bonansa come on not you we don't need. much yeah baby that could be enough yes.

It is nice and what he's talking about. with enough is as you can see there on. the right hand side uh there is this. colors blue yellow whatever and in the. middle there's this jell thing growing. whenever you hit something there you got. a little bit that's what they refer to. when they say XP it needs to grow and. grow and grow and when it goes all the. way around you get another level and the. multiplier grows and you get new bonus. features so that's basically all this. game is about keep hitting and getting. that jellow part to grow oh that's. that's profet that is profit. come on hey we get to round three here. I'm going to squirt come on rounde. three is that going to be. enough is it going to be bam so that's. full yellow leveling up to level three. 6X multiplier so as it grows the more. yellow the more the bigger the.

Wins yeah with every level you get five. new features that keep on going so. that's basically the Spence in this. game come on big one big yeah oh my God. oh my God oh my God oh my God I I I I I. I oh my. God oh my. God oh my. God. boom we're moving on with Az and his. biggest win ever in James bonansa we're. actually second biggest cuz he's going. to come again later in the video but. this is his second biggest win in gems. bonansa and he looks really. Young Greens GRE I love this game Greens. Greens for sure greens oranges pinks if. this isn't good I was going to say nice. man already 88k back look at that XP. yeah you see the XP so once again XP is. the yellow part on the right right hand. side nice man let's go what is that. that's 1,200 x want to start the. stream holy . man and and we. in oh he's so likable I like his energy.

It feels like he's enjoying what he's. doing. that works. yeah I like you ay still going by the. way 5K 1, 1,400 X still. going and the best the best Clips are. still to come this is the fifth biggest. win we're moving onwards after this and. wins are going to get. massive the loing for more by the way oh. I don't care at this point we in we in. that's 100 50k and we're in no way man. this is my biggest win ever on gems and. I love this game so. much and it's BR cash by the. way I don't know 200k maybe yeah no keep. going keep going. what whenever this happens it's. the don't you just love him too look at. him he's just enjoying life so much he's. just so happy no way he feels like a. wonderful puppy or something. 156,000 156k we're moving on with the. fourth biggest win ever in jems Bonanza. and this is exposed again we're jumping.

Straight into level two I think. oh holy what. the oh my God. wow falling out of his chair holy. oh my God Gat let's go and we got. another round guys anyk. hey do. that come on and we know it's going to. continue a lot from here cuz it's. already it's only at 80k and it's going. to be at least. 156k cuz that was the number five one. this one is bigger oh my God see biger. let's. go H this is number four the number one. is going to be. Mass yeah. baby come on bring It level. three it's interesting to see the. differences in energy look at this guy. and then you have like AC and it's just. chill. happy there's trade R is just sitting. there. chilling come. on I love. them. 92k let's go oh my God this going be. level this going be level four for the. very first. time. God. 112k. and oh my. my. 150k he's just freaking. out oh come on keep going keep.

Going. oh my. god let's. go. 172k. 172,000 and we're moving on with a third. biggest win ever this is e whoa and he's. already in to the second level it's. going to get bigger and bigger from here. he promised me in court that and. something that's really important that. you know about gems punasa is that there. are two different versions of this game. one is bad and one is good and if you're. playing the bad version of the game. you're going to get a lot less XP you're. going to get less multipliers less bonus. features basically the casino is taking. away your biggest wins and I've. mentioned this in a lot of videos before. and I want to explain a little bit more. about this cuz it's so important and. there's a lot of comments about it but. no there there's no good and bad version. there is no this there's no that well.

There is not really a good and bad. version what the casino is doing is that. they're creating different games that. looks exactly the same they have. different levels of RTP return to player. it's basically a way for the casino to. have a game that looks the same but. where the casino wins more and in rette. there is 36 numbers and there's one zero. if you hit the zero the casino wins then. there's another version of roulette that. have two zeros then the casino will win. twice as much because if you hit the. zero the casino wins twice as much this. is basically the same thing so the. casino can have a slot version with more. zeros in it more blank draws that you're. not going to win as much and this is. true for almost all new games that are. being released they come with different. RTP levels they're often more than just.

Two I just call it a good and a bad. version to make it easier to understand. and this is all true you can learn about. RTP for casinos Google it read about it. anywhere it's really important. so at least if you want to know which. version is good and bad on G bonansa you. can Google GS bonan and you. can learn more about it there or you can. learn about it elsewhere but now let's. look at this win cuz it's getting even. bigger all right that's good money we're. going to reach a 200k win guys if this. is good squares or good colossal amazing. squares please be a good. colossal okay worst symbol but it's fine. just be insane lucky Wilds um 20 6,000. and we're moving on with the second. biggest win ever and this is. xqz oh nice hit he's definitely one of. my favorite. guys and we know this win is going to be.

At least 200k and I think it's going to. be a lot. bigger is it gen. you nice no it's not yeah it is oh my. God bro that was you know you know that. was exact number right that was by one. or something. yep I calculated in my head that . oh yellow yellow yellow yellow boom Oh. connects them but oh. God what a let down that. was he's feeling let down I'm pretty. sure he's going to get over it. soon what close it's un interesting to. see how their energy shifts when they're. winning. big FSE scen literally FSE scener oh my. God wait they win win. yes that that's what green does. sometimes just oh oh green or green. green green. Green full. scen do come on greens massive. redit massive. redit boom not bad 60k not bad what. maybe maybe get us to level three come. on get us there full screen full screen. it full screen. it oh I think.

Win next. level okay come on I love games that. just keeps on building they get more. exciting long here give some good colors. give some good fing colors come on this. going to be. massive Pi pink yellow blue Yow blue. come on big ni 356 wait wait wait wait. wait wait could this be it yeah yeah. this be. big nice nice come on not a lot of money. but it's got oh hold. up on no it has to. be. yes my okay come on level four. level four level four level four level. four baby come on this is when it gets. exciting this this is the second biggest. win after this comes the biggest win. ever. whatever full. on big redit big. redit one more hit. bro. oh full screen literally full screen an. actual full. screen wow. 494 th000 we're moving on with the. biggest win ever in gems bonansa this is. rosstein and this one is going to be.

Massive here we. go here we go here we go here we. go here we go here we go good maybe I. don't. know good come. on. oh oh oh hey hey hey hey that's a 400k. hit that's my gem that's my gem right. there good good 500k and we're in the. next level going to keep going from here. absolutely beautiful come on I am not. done with you here we. go. keeps. going okay good start wow good. start oh that's. okay big one now big one big one. hey I love the Colossal feature lots of. Wilds we have purple hey hey we got the. million yes we got the million oh my God. oh my. God oh my God I get the purple or pink. good good we got the purple there pink. would have been massive if it converted. those two on huh but that's still a good. start that's still a great goddamn start. man that's still hey that's a personal. best this is this is this is a personal.

Best big big big big oh. oh no big coming up now big that square. that was the Colossal here it big big. big big big big big big big big hey hey. yes okay I thought it was going to be. red but it wasn't okay and now lots of. wild lots of wild man lots of wild come. on keep going yes wait come on keep. going that's next level yes yes bam. level five God level five that's not. common level. five level five oh my God nice keep. going oh my bro what the is. happening what the is happening 1.4. million it just keeps. going what the no this is a Max Level so. it won't okay so it there's nothing oh. my. God I have never seen that I have never. seen that in my whole entire life. playing this game July 4th RTP so go. watch this video as well that's one of. the best videos that we have ever made. it's filled with massive big wins so.

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