30.04.2024 Gen 1 Guy EVOLVES his FIRST Pokémon - Legends: Arceus (FIRST TIME)

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What's the crack lads and ladies around. the world my name is stevie geek. this is me as a pokemon trainer. apparently wouldn't be caught there. wearing this outfit but we are back. with pokemon the legend of arrakis. or legends arceus. one or the other and it's time to. continue our pokemon journey because we. want to be the very best and we want to. catch him up. are you are you saying what i think. you're saying there love. did i did i read that correctly. he lady lady i want to learn about the. crooked hot. the the creek. the cricket what now. are you talking about the ukus. you must be curious about them all as. well right i mean how do you how do they. make those sounds of. theirs it's a musical mystery like no. other. like me and you're dead if you could. complete cricket page in your pokedex. and show it to me so i uh i mean we can.

Uncover the truth. the timber of the fields. yeah. show timber show you the completed. pokedex entry for cricket i don't even. know what a cricket is look. icon evie. i was so happy when i caught evie the. eevee was in the tall grass i was like. what. and i can't evie so i was very happy. that i found an eevee so i want eevee on. my team now so but i have this pokemon. too it's a beauty fly and i have these. weird pokemon called drift loons i don't. know what they're i think i'm gonna add. beautifly to my team. i think beautiful is a really cool. pokemon i'm gonna swap out this starly. i don't know what evolving pokemon is. like in this game or what goes into it. or what's involved i'm assuming i just. need to go into the menu. everyone's like yes evolve the pokemon. okay. all right we'll evolve starly first then. will we.

It's the music. whoa. holy crap. whoa. that evolution that was a crazy. animation. what's on your head that's so cute and. shinks. can evolve. oh no we're gonna miss how he looks he's. so cute. oh. oh it's look cute just angrier. that's so cool lucas is not ready to. evolve yet though. so he's not um. look he's got a little goatee now. evie's a boy oh if evie's a boy we're. doing another little call back here lads. i'mma call my evie. george. george. we have george and lucas now we have. george and lucas i see you've caused. allergy for all pokemon okay to report. your findings yes yes please. look at all of the pokemons i can't oh. seven thousand poke dollars. wow a rich professor. whoa splendir what splendiferous results. professor did you just make up a word on. the spot i dare say you've earned. yourself a promotion to the next rank.

Best report to captain celine hey i'd. get rid of i get right on that if i were. you. so what would you like to do now. um. return to the village i suppose hey. how's your how's your how's your. beauticia. how's petition doing these days she's. doing great so she is it's good to know. beer guard. that's a bite away. people are getting triggered in the. comment section that i call him beer. guard. i call him beer guy because i want to. call him beer guard okay i know his name. is bura god or whatever but it's peer. guard to me. if you have progress to report i would. judge it worth it i will judge its. worthiness show me your pokedex. ask me out to dinner first won't you hmm. you have made progress it seems you have. earned yourself a star. i'm a twostar trainer now. you can now use feather balls. feather feather what now.

Pokemon up to level 30 will also obey. your orders reliably in battle. the rewards you earn for your survey. reports will be more generous now too. have these as well they are future or. further recipes you'll need for crafting. why thank you right so we're going to do. our main quest. we're going to be doing some main quests. today so. off camera lads and ladies i um. decided to continue playing this game as. you can see and i actually went ahead. and i ended up having to do a little bit. of training. and i seen that the other trainer had a. um. pikachu and they showed me the different. styles that you can fight it and all. that stuff so i know all of that already. so we're going to be continuing their. the pokemon journey uh in this episode. and hopefully we can uh make some waves. in the story so we have pokeballs so we.

Have 41 which is probably shag all to. all of you professional pokemon masters. out there but for me it's a lot and i. don't care there are many strong pokemon. that make their home on the other side. of this bridge. i can let you pass unless you're first. you're a first oh at your rank you. should be fine go on then. yeah. yeah. yeah i got two stars right. over here. who's this. my. this is. i actually forgot. our name is bob. for some reason i was not expecting bob. whoa that was funny uh why am i a new. face in the village. not that it matters to me if you're new. if you're here i assume you're prepared. to be of help i am the one of the. wardens of the diamond clan you call me. mei. i suppose you might not even know what a. warden is if you're new to. hethui. but such talk can wait right now i'd. rather we get straight to the point i.

Have a problem that i need help solving. so the more important question is. do you feel confident that you can lead. your pokemon in battle. yeah. not really. i'm gonna say not really. no. not really. oh. on uninspiring. prepare yourself better then. rejoin us. oh. i mean i'm ready. god damn it couldn't they just give the. pokemon actual. voices and stuff. like actual sounds not like the. oldschool sounds. oh we're gonna battle go lucas. you know what to do lucas strong style. yeah take that munchlax. critical hit. whoa. okay blue let's take it from this angle. okay blue maybe this angle right. strong style again. do. oh that's it that's my boy blue what you. gonna do oh geez whatcha. take that munchlax. now. strong style roll out. take that much lacks. no fear you use two pokemon hey you. never said i couldn't. you really aren't one of those usual.

Galaxy buffoons if you could defeat my. partner. well fought munchlax. i'll take care of the pokemon that. battle for us. whoa how'd you do that and i'll let you. have these you people make all kinds of. things with your crafting don't you they. should prove to be useful materials. five vivid chalks. you and your pokemon fought well. together you practically acted as one. with them. rather like the legendary hero of old. legendary here if there's going to be. any more nods. to the legend of zelda they don't even. bother haydn anymore we tell stories to. our children yeah yeah yeah they wear. green and all that yeah i've heard the. stories i think you're indeed the one. for the job all i'm waiting for now is a. link outfit that you can buy in this. game you see i need someone to deal with. announce the pokemon causing trouble.

Upon dear track heights. it is the large fearsome foe like an alf. any alpha but you'll come you'll come. won't you. do your track heights. oh don't mind me i'm just taking out my. super technologically advanced iphone 27. it's got a message coming through. that thing you have it's showing you. where. you've got to go isn't it. you where to go. yeah look my my that is some curious. sort of map. yep it's. it's alien technology. is that one of those galaxy team. inventions i keep hearing nope this is. exclusive to me. certainly does seem to show the way to. the deer track heights up ahead of us. i'll leave this in your hands you'll do. great out there i know it. all right okay lucas i i think blue kiss. is good lucas is grand and ready to roll. all right. okay so we're we're on a quest now we're. going on a mission lads and ladies that.

A boy blue. what is that. what is that i want to be a master. pokemon. go pokemon. all right get back here you little . what are you. catch it catch him. catch him terry. no. where'd he go . yes bingo. yes. it's the cricket hot it's the cricket. thought that the lady was talking about. you know i also discovered in this game. i think it's the coolest ever you. can actually summon every. every one of your pokemon. look at them all. oh he's so cute. questionable haircut there but. so cute hey evie. that's not evie oh there mind helping a. guy out i'm i'm after some cherry. berries you know. the shiny red ones. they grow on some sort of trees around. here but i don't have any pokemon that. can reach them for me. that's where you come in friend. well you do realize it's very pokemon. are about i don't know one tenth. decision you i mean if you can't reach i.

Mean. i don't think they can reach well. somebody pokemon have wings so. where's your jail dude. go pokemon. get it. yes. i caught a geo dude. oh could you give me three of those. cherry berries you have there. sure here you go you handed over three. cherry berries you can throw a berry. near a wild pokemon to grab their. attention. why not give it a try. yeah sure. go lucas. all right all right blue here's the game. plan right we're gonna tackle him head. on we're gonna use strong style and it's. going to work totally he looks tough but. he's just he's just a boulder at the end. of the day you ready. okay. strong style tackle. headbutt up. okay i got okay change the tactic. oh no. stop leave my blood. okay change tactic when you have to use. a different a different technique we're. going to use water and we can use strong.

Style this should definitely knock him. out. because he's a rock type pokemon and. hopefully that still comes into play yes. water prevails against rock it's called. erosion i am here i am ready for my. adventure and my quest. oh. so you even so even your professor. decided to join. what. professor were you there the whole time. oh thank goodness i got here in time. as a pokemon researcher i could hardly. miss out on a chance to observe an alpha. now could i. i suppose that is your business fine as. long as you stay out of the way. this is dear track heights this is where. i've long come to pay tribute to a. special pokemon a pokemon descended from. one of those. ancient blessed by almighty sinnoh. oh. that's that's not it what is. that's a creepy looking pokemon that's. only a troublemaker here to destroy the. piece what with its racket.

Oh no. i tell you what that is that's an uku. and that's what you're here for bob to. drive that in interloper from this place. i'll ensure your pokemon are ready for. battle upon my word what a large. specimen. little wonderful pokemon or fear across. the land if they're all as oversized as. this one. exactly. exactly they're not only big though. they are strong and make no moves that. others of their kind do not. they're not to be trifled with let me. tell you nevertheless. i believe you are stronger still than. this alpha so go show it. show it that beyond. any mistake all right so this is our. first time fighting alpha pokemon i'm. kind of scared i'm not gonna lie. goldman. i was gonna say a master ball geez that. ball is quite heavy isn't it you don't. don't call them heavy balls or nothing. do they we have to be very.

Very. very very. bollocks. all right i choose you. evie. george. george. george i'm so sorry but josh you're not. gonna be up for this. lucas i choose you. all right blue this is the game plan. right. interrupting me okay here we go strong. style. got a boy. i didn't want to have to do this. would you force my hand. luxio. i choose you. get him with your goatee looks you. thunderous thundershock. extra strong. yeah. did you feel that. luxio you okay go heavy ball. i know that's some horse right. there. luxia find it badoof i choose you. all right this is what we're gonna do. we're gonna roll out okay. we're not we're actually just going to. give him a quick bite. um don't kill him yes good work badoof. this is mine i'm capturing this. you really are an impressive one aren't. you. seeing someone best an alpha like that. truly reminds me of a legendary hero of.

Old. what the hell is that. what in the world. it's the great we're dear. oh sorry it's my talking it's a great. weird deer. it's coming this way should it be coming. this way does anybody have an apple. oh my god. he looks upon you with kindness bob. i don't trust him. reminds me of someone. i'd say the great weird deer has taken a. liking to you that is fortunate i don't. know i kind of gave me some dirty looks. like we have a bit of history or. something remarkable troll truly. outstanding stuff a pokemon letting. someone write on it why it's just like. the right pokemon. lola. i believe. professor laventon. bob. captain celine sent me. she said that once bob carried out his. request we'd be able to set up base camp. ah about that i know this was a joint. decision by adaman and the commander but. still it is truly fine for us to set up.

More base camps like this. the history region is the land created. by almighty sinnoh for the sake of this. pokemon as long as your goal is to. coexist and thrive together with the. pokemon then i imagine you should also. be allowed to use this land. the great weird year has taken a liking. to bob as well. this is a good sign. you have my thanks for what you did. today our clan leader will hear of you. of how you aided us. i come to show my appreciation with a. proper reward as soon as i can. right may. so what you doing later. you want to grab some lunch after this. or. oh i'm not an alien i swear here we have. it our new base camp upon deer track. heights i'll call it the heights camp. from now on when you set from the. village you can ask to be escorted to. this base camp. to start your excursions directly from. here having another base cam to start.

From will be a great help on our surface. nice work today everyone what say we all. head back to the wallflower. very old chum usual potato mochi please. and make it for three today as well. isn't it for three every day here's your. potato moochie. have you all heard the green noose that. frenzy cleavor from the rumors it ended. up mauling some of our galaxy folks who. went out to investigate it this morning. the medical corps had had a hard time. getting all the injured back on his feet. ah this is cleaver that was reportedly. struck by powerful lightning yes i did. hear he's been behaving most erratically. since then. still in further investigation it is in. order the survey course will of course. step up to the task a certain amount of. danger is inevitable when researching. unfamiliar pokemon but i'm sure bob here.

Can handle things just fine. professor. why you gotta keep doing this. now now you forget that the strengths of. pokemon are key items of information. that we of the survey call a duty bound. to research and since the prayerless. work of our cause for the for clear head. and fighting fit physique i do believe a. good night's sleep is in order after. this fine meal. good morning bob. sick. i'm trying to slave six in the morning. what you want to carry. you should hurry up to the commander's. office before he decides to use you for. super practice. all right okay sorry for shouting that. god damn look who's been punctual. finally realize you're wasting almighty. sinners precious time by bowing to a. sham. wait who's talking here. what's this about. who are these two. there you go again insisting on your. false image of almighty sinner as a.

Ruler of time. my people follow the true almighty. sinnoh the font of all creation and rule. of space. ha. you could have all the space there is. and still not know what to do with it. excuse me are you really suggesting that. you make better use of your time than we. make of vast history space. better than some it's a miracle you. showed up on time a mighty leader of the. pearl clan. i would you'd get lost in the pointless. vast space you're so fond of and never. show up. me get lost in almighty sinnoh's great. gift to the pearl clan and a world's. very basis my voice. and voice actors please perfect. game freak i am exhausted i wish that i. hadn't let my circuit dragged into. arguing with you almighty sinnoh forgive. me what a waste of time. i'm off to commander commando's office. commando commodore's office. i believe it was you who started i.

Believe it was you who started this. i am so done with these. voices man. i can't i'm actually sweating from. trying to do voices. you haven't met them yet have you the. woman with the reference for space is. irida leader of the pearl clan. the man who is going on and and on about. time adamant leads the diamond clan. diamond clan and the pearl clan. grudgingly coexist at the moment. apparently. things used to be less peaceful. but the boss i mean the commander is. waiting. we should save this conversation for. after we report to him. what do you intend to do about the. cleaver commander commando come on amado. i can't get this right kamado he may be. descent descended from a warrior of. almighty sinnoh but look at the mess. he's causing we can't sit back and let. him rage on you do get right to the. point i don't.

Mind wasted is lost. well tell me what would you have to do. what what would you have us do cleavor. is a precious lord of the pearl clan. is he not that's the point my clan can't. intervene directly where a lord of the. pearl clans concerned. if my people were to do something or two. clans might end up back at each other's. throats. just like we used to be. who then would the diamond clan have the. pearl clan bring down one of its own. honor nobles. i don't believe i said that. thought it maybe. you might as well have said it you fool. look we don't even know what drove lord. clever into such a violent frenzy. i can't do anymore. i'd like to know that myself this is the. first as far as my clan knows to i see. you've arrived i've been here for the. last 10 minutes this is bob the. newest member of our survey call good to.

Finally meet you stranger from the rift. i am adamant leader of the diamond clan. if you want to be formal but that's a. mouthful just call me adamant he's gonna. call you adam. all right adam how are you if you came. from beyond a spacetime rift could you. be from. from space. could you be don't say it and the alien. i said don't say it i am irida leader of. the pearl clan caution and foresight are. my watch words. which is why i have terrible believing. such a tale could you really pass. through that rift i have a proposition. why not send this one study clever. before deciding what must be done. you'd send this stranger who supposedly. fell from space to study clever this. alien. with zero experience. says the leader with almost no. experience. being a good leader isn't a matter of. time it's a matter of embracing jesus.

Fastest without fear. well then. there you have it if how new you are. doesn't matter then let's give the kid a. chance. i'm sold commander let's try this your. way. this is this should be fun i'll get to. see how good the galaxy folk really are. with all our weird with all your weird. ways putting pokemon in those strange. balls and. what have you. that old practice bothers me. almighty sinnoh made history vast so. pokemon could live freely throughout. we're meant to stand along side pokemon. not count ourselves above them we do not. use pokeballs from a desire to control. our pokemon only so that we can live. together this is your mission now bob. i order you to study clevor and help us. find the truth of this situation. uh i accept the lord of the woods. cleaver is descended from a pokemon that. was blessed with almighty sinnoh's own.

Power. no other pokemon you've encountered. compared to its strength be warned. jesus celine didn't see you there join. me downstairs bob we'll cover the. details on this new mission. all right celine so what's the issue. here then. bob. we need to speak with you. all right adam what was that pause about. listen that rift in space time seems. like connects the world to a whole other. world. that world might be where almighty. sinnoh itself recites the true almighty. sinnoh that is the one that ruins over. time. why do you walk like you just done chest. in the gym. so if you fell through spacetime rift. that might mean you travel through time. by almighty sinner's own power. think of it you must have been just. swimming in this divine might. well i've got a favor to ask of you oh. amazing time traveler. call me a time traveler now one of you.

Think i'm an alien you don't think i'm a. time traveler. maybe i'm bored oh you must be the. galaxy team scholar i've heard about. good to meet you mr professor. heard about good to me. i've read that sentence already share. some of that knowledge with me sometime. now let me elaborate a little no god. no god please no no. no. no. pokemon dear to us off in the mountains. has flown into some type of frenzy as. clever. now there's certainly bad blood between. us and the pearl clan but still we've. all got to share his ue and that means. we ought to tackle our problems together. but there aren't many capable of. standing up to such powerful pokemon. you're the best. oh we've got. oh. oh i thought you were saying i was the. best you'll find cleaver at gran t arena. that's in the very heart of heartwood. his warden is the boy named lion lien is.

A brilliant child but also a bit well. sometimes brilliance can be. blinding you know. what. what are you saying my anyway i'm sure. you'll be up for the challenge so we'll. be counting on you see you later. what have you got. who would like more space in their. satchel. you can carry around even more in that. satchel of yours if you learn the trick. to packing things in i can teach you if. you like what you say. teach me some excuse me now hang on a. minute there now you called me over i. wasn't expecting to give here fine deal. take it yes please. perfect and let me your ear a moment. you made space to keep one more kind of. item in your satchel. and that's all there is to it you see. how much more can fit in by packing. things rightly. if you want to be able to carry more. things there's more i could teach you. what do you say.

Teach me i like your initiative my. teaching fee isn't need to. you like bagging all the cash don't you. don't you you you how did your price. double all of a sudden eh. deal perfect let me your ear a moment. yes. and that's all there is to it you see. if you want to learn more. all right so if i say teach me it better. not be four hundred. three hundred. no i'm gonna save my money. you ramen okay going this way this way. this way. should i change my clothes. i have money. let's see what we can buy oh yeah white. cap flat cap black cap black hat flat. cap lots and lots of flat caps can i can. i have no hat can you choose no hat a. thousand all right we'll get a black. commodore. yay. will you be changing right away yes. please. thank you for your purchase don't look. at me 2800. jesus. i kind of want to go i'm gonna go with.

This one i know it's 2800 but we can. make the money back it's fine after. effects sake you never told me had full. outfits now i can actually be the karate. kid have you any nikes. you have any dc's any vans. any converse. are they all sandals. these raw sandals. i can get glasses. this is more accurate i will take a pair. of glasses please. do you come visit my humble shop again. there's hairdressers wait where's. hairdressers this is hairdressers oh. it's a barber shop oh jesus you have a. proper establishment here edith. go on have yourself a seat i'll put your. things aside for you. wow now then my dear what sort of look. would you like to go for. uh. i like. what have you got exactly. oh. okay that's a lot of hair. oh he's a clean shaven. bit of a curl. and some braids braids. that's a cool hairstyle and all but.

It doesn't really go with. with you know okay i'll go a messy. ponytail. ponytail ponytail okay. oh you can pick different colors. chestnuts roasting on an open fire gold. you mean blonde. white hair. we go black. me eyebrows. gold eyebrows. chest not eyebrows. no we're gonna keep it all uniform yeah. whoa edith. you're amazing these extensions are. beautiful they're all done now why you. look simply wonderful. look at my wavy locks. and me oshawott pants. i'm. i'm wearing blue and black or blavey as. you like to say. how are things my good friend. oh it's you. i certainly hope you're putting that. secret back strike technique i thought. you in good use. either way i have some super potions. here just for you. oh think nothing of it having to survey. core out about studying pokemon is great. for business you know. supporting you now is actually an.

Investment in my own fortunes. here you are. i obtained three super potions and now i. must depart there are ruins that are. just calling to me all right volo be. careful out there do you like my outfit. professor. looks like a girl you look like a girl. you look like a lady. well. yeah maybe. something wrong with that. what is that. we're loose. everybody quiet. everybody be quiet there's new pokemon. about. are they the same that one over there is. huge. oops. what the hell is that. yes we got a standard a level 14 sandler. oh i feel sick. i feel nauseous what's going on but you. for lucas can evolve. what does badoof evolve into. up a barrel. cool bigger oof. big doof. big oof. call him big oof. big oof. i'm climbing. this is how we climb in this game we. oh god is that an alpha. is that. oh come on gabe. will you climb the mountain.

It's a simple thing dude it's a simple. thing that they could have just added. into this game was claiming. shame on you game freak. shame on you. i can't climb. a simple hill. in this game. me strength what are you looking at. oh my god. what the heck. now i am going to scale up this hill and. i'm going to catch this pokemon. whether you like it or not finally. get them mangos finally. go pokemon. oh no okay. big oof. i choose you. come on big oof you just evolved right. i'll distract them. quick strong style rollout go. nice. oh no. all right luxio. it's your time to shine. thunderbolt his ass. do it. do it. oh no thunder fine. yeah. you feel that stunt lurk. for the love of jesus. beauty fly. it's it's all you beauty fly. it's all you. use. stunsport. yeah you've been paralyzed you can't. move. now. strong style taco. well that was in the face actually.

All right. okay we got this. i got this. right you ready. yeah. okay. i'm gonna draw this heavy ball and see. what happens. go heavy ball. oh no. strong ghosts. that's it. no it's cured. all right didn't want to take my fists. out for this but i win. catch em. that's not working no. you see no. oh i'm down the hill again no. professor. i've been bullied into a corner my. pokemon's all rested now and i'm ready. to continue my quest i feel like i've. taken forever to actually go on a quest. here today but you know. it is what it is george is back and. ready to rock and roll. i don't know how i'm going to get all. the way over there wait who saw me did. the pirate sex see me how did it see me. oh no. do you do will you piss off will you i'm. not in the mood for you i don't. jesus. who's making all that noise what's me. sir no how did you see me.

No no that's not coming over here too is. it no no no fake off. oh no. joey go george go. sleep down that path strong style tackle. go. yes. paparazz now when try catch this person. um he's online. you saw absolutely nothin. no. no who looks yellow. thunder shark. oh yeah. okay it's paralyzed great great work. okay. no. quick attack. okay. we got this we got this. oh my god these pokemon are so strong. it's okay lucas it's all you. let's go blue. head pop in the eyeball. nice oh my god. my beautiful eye this is yours you got. this. stun spore. well . silver wins. all right big oof. we're gonna let you go. all right big oof time to roll out. nice. yes. critical. oh no. are you serious. no. no. no. all right okay we're still oh no we. used to lose. air slash. nice. go pokeball. that's horse. come on. george it's your time to shine little. dude i'm gonna try another pokemon.

Don't hurt my little george. don't you dare. come on. i'll protect you george at all costs if. you want to get to george you have to go. through me. well parasite took that quite literally. then. go. do this. ketchup. we still in there still in there. this isn't good. oh . this is not the last of me. i will return well that whole situation. was a big oof if you ask me. aid come on. be mine. yes. i got a psyduck. sigh say that say. super interesting now. we're in a new territory that i've never. been to before. which means lots and lots of new pokemon. oh it's another one of them thingamajigs. go . no. oh no. oh it's got spikes all right still cool. let's take. all right blue. nice. oh your defense is not going to work. against. my pokeball. no pokemon. yeah we won. we won blue well done there's two. slithers. go pokemon. oh . oh. god it's like there's fast.

Oh god. really. run away from this either. the one with the bush. no. we said alpha scyther. there's office eithers. oh you what. you wanna go. let's go. what level are you anyway oh shite. let us use thundershock strong style and. paralyzing. yes. critical. and he's paralyzed. now's our. chance i thought you said you couldn't. move. what. we're gonna have to. sunsporum or what what's the name of the. move. stunsport that's it stunts forum. without a fight. no survive blue survive. oh damn it. i'm gonna run away. you gotta run away. we've lost this fight but we will be. oh god. no you're right there. okay. i'm gonna need my pokemon back oh god. stop it i need to go restore my. pokemon's health. i made it all the way over here as well. perfect sick two hours later. i'm lean of pearl clan the warden to. cleaver lord of the woods and you i've.

Already deduced that you've come here to. meet clefor i'm right aren't i of course. i am i can see it so clearly. after all the powerful awesome clever. has become even more awesomely powerful. perhaps that strange lightning the other. day was almighty sinnoh's divine power. but whatever it was it struck my lord. and left him imbued with awesome might. so i must turn you away even if it pains. me it's too dangerous for you to meet. clever right now. and that's that then. i'll do anything. oh. such earnest desire to meet mighty. clever i have to admit i'm struck by her. passion. but well i'm afraid your passion is not. the real issue here. i've been told in no uncertain terms by. irida that i am to let no one near. clever i will fight you off myself if. you insist you wish to avoid battle. withdrawn now while you still can or.

Face the wrath of my gummy. i'll take you on. you don't even realize i'm turning you. away for your own safety how sad you are. go goomy and see if you can ooze some. good sense over the foolish troublemaker. oh. the heck is that thing. all right. let's do this luxio you know what to do. tender shot. woof. nice not gonna work. two attacks. what in the hell all right. quick attack. oh. nice. oh. luxio. no. george you know what to do. finish this. quick attack now. there you go there goes your goomy. oh he looks all sad. oh how can this be. i may have been defeated but my point. still stands it's too dangerous to meet. clever now the only welcome you'll get. if you approach him is a flurry of. devastating blows. normally i'd simply try making him an. offering. a nice heaped helping of his two. favorite foods served up with respect by.

His loyal warden that's me of course is. usually enough to please him and soothe. the prickle list of moods. but even i cleaver's loyal warden can't. get close enough to give any offerings. now not with the way clever is rampaging. and running amok there's nothing an. outsider like you can do. ancestors of cleveland were dear and. their cohort drew an almighty sinnoh's. own power to protect pokemon and people. alike so it's sad it's by their grace. that our clan and any of us still live. in vast history today. here is that what are you doing here. as you say clifford's grown even. stronger but i'm afraid this strength. because this is a problem for us if he. has indeed struck by lightning could the. balls have been sent by the false sinnoh. that a diamond clan bows to. fever means so much to our clan. i'd hoped we could bring this situation.

Under control ourselves not throw our. hands up and ask some outsider for help. but we must save clever from this frenzy. every moment it continues to danger. grows. if more people in pokemon are attacked. it will lead to conflict with both the. diamond clan and the galaxy team. you stranger from beyond the sky tell me. could you galaxy people actually fix all. this could an outsider actually find a. way to qui quell our lord frenzy. i'll figure something out a bit wicked. from here. oh. i have a message. a mysterious power now enables you to. return to base camps in an instant. i've already done that though. good to see you bob. and how is your research into cleaver. going swimmingly i expect. oh is that so now that's quite the. tidbit. so a serving of his favorite foods will. normally make cleaver quite agreeable is.

That it. i need to mull this over back at the. laboratory you should come along too. dear boy. so according to the information you were. able to learn from iridar and leon of. the pearl clan. were this normal course of events that. frenzy cleaver would be calmed by a nice. serving of his two favorite foods. i do wonder. is it possible that aromas or some. other components of these foods might. combine in a way that could not only. calm clevor but draw him back from his. frenzy. but by your own report even clevos. warden who looks after clever and knows. him well cannot approach him. in his current state. it would be a fool's gambit to get close. enough to offer him food. give me a moment if you would if you. would i need some time to ponder on this. there rather be something in my research. notes that can help us. eureka oh my god how do i know he was.

Gonna say that. we'll simply have to throw the food. you've quite the arm for throwing things. haven't you bob. well i guess so. like to throw an old tent from now and. again why not suggest you take cleaver's. favorite foods and throw them at the. pokemon. i mean. makes sense. yes it's all coming together we can use. our skill in pokemon crafting to shape. clevers beloved food into balls then. throw them to achieve the same calmly. effect but from of all. a brilliant idea if i say so myself as. what to call these yummy projectiles. well how about tea time balls. what's one mind the nice relaxing. afternoon tea does it. i don't know of tea time balls. sounds very appetizing but. but if you say so. why wouldn't you simply call them. lavinton. i'm so done with this game. lavenden boss. are you having a laugh game freak. they're not even trying anymore you're.

Not even trying anymore. there's nothing subtle in this game. oh my god. oh my ah. with that name it sounds like i'm. i'm the one being launched. this entire game is a meme. oh my god. they knew what they were doing they knew. what they were doing they 100 knew what. they were doing in this game dude in any. case. we can rely on the pearl clan to gather. necessary food stuffs correct. they should get back to the grantee. arena and let the pearl clan know of our. plan if you're off the grand tea arena. best sell out from the heights camp eh. why am i the galaxy hall is one fine. building even from the outside. the galaxy team certainly got themselves. a grand headquarters i'll give them that. oh yes i i came because i had some news. i thought you might be interested in. better you actually see what's going on. though let's head to what did you end up.

Calling it. the heights camp. oh she's bringing us there sweet. it's the weird deer i spoke to weird. here about what's been going on i told. him how you've been trekking all over. the field and seeking a way to quell. clevor's frenzy. all this from someone who's not even. part of our clan or the pearl clan. just some wanderer who fell through a. rift into this world. and hearing that well you can see how. he's responded. i trust you appreciate it. weirders found you worthy you see which. means you'll need a flute like. like we have. mind demonstrating for him i. this is very important so listen well. that's a celestia flute. and that may just play it. it's a precious tool that can be used to. call down weirder so you can ride upon. it. but. it said the celestica flutes were gifts. from the almighty sinnoh himself. and now this one's yours.

Here take it through your flute. i've got a celestica flute. call special pokemon that are willing to. bear you around the region it's not a. grand dish gesture really i can't play. the flute for the life of me. see if you can play that melody. well you know i seem to be gifted with. the old first timer stuff so let's give. it a whirl. didn't even have to try. naughty. oh come on game freak you couldn't have. done a little bit of an ocarina of time. thing there you know we press a few keys. to make the talk no okay fine. we're there opened his heart and learned. well sound of your playing. now use a celestica flute wisely and. gallop across the land with a great. weird ear you've got a frenzied pokemon. to queel quell i keep getting that that. word wrong and grantee arena haven't you. with weirder you can gallop across the.

Field lands in no time. okay. you can now call weird air and gallop. across the land. oh so you just appear like that dude. so. whoa so so what's your name then oh yes. i was getting to that so. you see they call me. weird here and i don't particularly like. that name you see. my name is billy. your name is what. billy. i'm no longer summoning you. we cannot be friends. all right billy. let's see what you can do then can you. jump oh you can't sprint. whoa. that's cool. no i dropped some items. no. it's a sad day because now it's fake and. raining. whoa. look at me go oh. that is cool. and you control pokeballs as well. can we. no. no we can't wait. oh no he can't. i must have this pikachu i must have. this pikachu. don't. kill it do not kill it. actually i might switch pokemon. someone that's not as strong george. no offense george but you're not the.

Strongest pokemon i have on my team. right now. okay george. okay george okay. okay. just just tackle him george tackle him. tackle him don't get up. george you weren't supposed to take that. personally. you can't pikachu. oh no. no. me cause you. i really wanna pick you. this game is so fun though like honestly. billy what the. billy fekov. no but like honestly i actually really. enjoy this game a lot i think it's. really funny there's a lot of funny. stuff in it and the dialogue is kind of. hilarious as well i guarantee you it was. like a lot of that stuff was was done on. purpose i feel like a lot of stuff in. this game was done on purpose uh but. it's a really fun game now obviously. there is problems with it and. um. and all that like visually like it could. be a lot better especially in this day. and age um traversing the world could be.

Done a little bit better animations. definitely could be that better um. there's so many things that he can. improve on but it's just really really. fun i like it and i think it's going to. be. a really good thing for the pokemon. games in the future i really hope they. they capitalize on this dude so you say. that you galaxy people came up with a. method to try quill the lord cleavers. frenzy yep sure did. what you'll mash up cleaver's favorite. foods into polls so he can throw the. offerings at him. well that's quite an unorthodox approach. you galaxy people your inventiveness. just blows me away i mean now you can. make offerings to lord cleaver from a. safe distance. i'll lend you my aid if it means we. might provide cleaver what he's offering. let's begin at once hold on leon don't. you get ahead of yourself.

Whatever your plan is you'll need. cleaver's favorite plump beans i've. brought them as promised. yeah that's right my apologies. i've forgotten all about it. i admit as we haven't been able to solve. this ourselves we seem to have a little. choice but. uh to turn to the galaxy team. but even i still have my doubts about. whether we should entrust such a thing. to an outsider these galaxy team people. don't share our customs or our values. so prove. prove to me you're worthy to stand in. the presence of our noble folk oh you. wanna fight. if you can defeat. glacion. and me i will entrust you with cleaver's. fate will you battle us. yes i will then allow glacion's true. strength to chill. you to your deaths where's glacier. where's glacier. i've got an eevee too. go luxio that's not an eevee but anyway. thundershock. take that.

Quick attack oh quick zack is strong. and shift hey come on let's just cheat. right you know what to do. strong style. yeah you like that. oh no. luxia. all right. george. show them the superior eevee. nice one george. george you can do this george. taco. that's it. i see now pokeballs are simply your. tools of choice not products of. disregard for pokemon you still. understand the pokemon that you've. caught and treat them as partners i feel. better putting my trust in you now i. think let me see to your pokemon's. wounds oh cheers appreciate that. now explain the galaxy team's plan what. do you mean to do with these foods. so because you have to keep your. distance you'll mash cleaver's favorite. foods together. ball them up and try to quell its frenzy. throwing them at him interesting so you. develop soothing bombs of sorts to calm.

Our lord. very well if it will be helped soothe. cleaver's frenzy let's make these ball. we could say balls bams with our very. hearts. there a bright a variety a veritable. mountain of bombs. this should please clever if anything. can. now then ready yourself and i will. summer summon our mighty cleave or lord. of the woods i'm ready. as am i. a soothing boss. almighty cleaver lord of the woods. though it isn't yet this time of. ceremony we've prepared an offering of. your favorite things. benevolent lord who works his might. between the heavens and earth we offer. our gratitude and beseech you reveal. yourself to our eyes listen well bob. keep your focus on clever dodging will. be vital try to avoid his moves as. you're throwing the bombs. you got it. deku tree was that you. oh that. oh no no no. no that i'm out here are you doing.

That. cutting trees and . we're dead. what you got. lavinton ball. whoa. nope. oh. knockout. oh god. did we get them. they black out. no i did my gum yes. in your face lovington balls. i was supposed to fight when i. i just threw balls at him until i won. well what happened. some kind of light erupted from. cleaver's body. as lord cleaver's frenzied mind truly. been put on ease. does this confirm that. strange lighting lightnings to blame for. cleavers and natural power. i mean i suppose. well that is what i think after all. we've seen. we know strange lightning come came from. out of the spacetime rift the other. night. those balls must have struck clifford. and driven him into a frenzy after all. i'm glad we should we could settle. without further strife with the diamond. clan or the galaxy team. if you come across other pokemon in the.

Grip of this painful frenzy please help. them. i got some citrus berries. let me take care of the pokemon as well. in appreciation for fighting on our. behalf well the pokemon didn't do jack. in that fight but okay all right so. so we did it. we are the very best. it's like no one ever was. billy let's go billy. oh. it's a boy pikachu. is that a boy big juicer okay pikachu. still. pikachu. pikachu. i got a bigger job. yes. okay so pikachu. thinks you must. respond there then. oh man thank god for that. i know that. i know the pikachu i say. thank you. okay. then the tall grass. okay. use thundershot it won't be very. effective. there we go. oh gosh. use another thunderstock. there we go. all right. yes. that's two pikachus. that's two pikachus we got two pikachus. now oh man we went from no pikachu's. to dead pikachu. to two pikachus.

Yes okay run oh god it's gonna swallow. me. no. no i must have. redemption. let's go round. let's do this. come on. stay in the pokemon. excuse me. redemption. bittersweet revenge. oh man. really fake off thank you so much every. single one of you mad lads and ladies. out there for supporting the streams as. always it really means a lot to me it. really really does but thank you so so. much and everybody if you guys enjoyed. this video please leave a like i greatly. appreciate it subscribe to the youtube. channel if you're brand new and of. course. if you want to see more pokemon from me. please let me know in the comment. section below and if you're watching. live on twitch if this is a continuous. live stream experience that you want to. see then please let me know and support. the streams as much as you can so it can.

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