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All right so we just bought a $40 Buy on. sweet bonan and we start with $300 in. the balance and we're just going to be. trying to spend this get a Max one try. to maybe get some big wins finally at. Super nza last time we got teased for. 300X multi one of them hit. though but we're trying to get this to. actually juice up because we're getting. no profit from the slot maybe a little. bit this is a good. board if we can get a retrigger or more. multis this would be good Blues apples. and apples greens maybe holy guys. this is up to Great star one more multi. and a retrigger look at that . board and retrigger on a 40 bu it. already paid double basically quickly. before we get back to the video I'm. giving away 25 Stak cash to every single. person that click s the description and. use my code to sign up on stake it's.

Very easy it's a very good deal all I. have to do is Click register using the. link to description and down here you're. going to click code after filling your. information out you're going to type in. code. runal and you're going to continue and. register in the next 20 4 to 48 hours. you're going to get an email with a code. and you're just going to apply that on. stake and you're get a free 25 Stak cash. so please do that it supports me it gets. you a good deal and let's get back to. the video keep going look at these these. are very good boards okay it died there. but look at this holy Guys these. are the best boards I've seen that. actually connect could have want more. that's a $350 hble on a $4 buy that's. another $49 this is a great start. already a. 300X holy guys it's alive today. that's all I'm going to say.

It's nice last time we did a sweet banan. video like I said we only made like $50. profit which is good is better than. losing but we got baited for 300 Eggs. three times 100x come on this a good Bo. apples okay that's still like a decent. hit and six more spins left maybe we can. get a maybe we can get to 200 here that. would really help okay another another. good board it's a really good board guys. if we can get greens now greens oh my. god holy [ __ ] another good hit. will this put us up 200 basically 200. from a $40. buy another good board uh oh okay I died. that could have went really far actually. re trigger and a good board okay too. good of a board two more. symbols okay I'll take that. $450 from that we start at 300 so $150. profit we're going to do a $60 buy now. it's probably stupid but I'll put us at.

400 and then we might spin a little bit. but that's a really good start we just. hit a 500x let's get a back to back. 500x. okay it likes to go dead after a good. buy but sometimes it just juices up like. this screen right here maybe blues and. peaches no it goes dead could have kept. going not a bad hit though. $70 okay. Blues. no that could have want $3 I mean we'll. take. it I want a premium symbol hit like. hearts or pinks again dude that'll be. crazy nothing okay that's dead buy we. still made $20 or we we lost 40. there I I'm just going to Time Lapse. this and spin this for $1 spins we'll. get an $80 buy if we do spin in so I'll. see you guys in a. second holy we just got in I didn't. know that I didn't we were oneof Hearts. there too but this an $80 buy let's get. into it we lost like 20 oh my God four. reings again that's a $19 tumble holy.

Okay I don't know what's going on. but $80 buy it's looking good I didn't. think we're going to spin in that fast. we lost like probably like $20 there $30. spinning it so if we get at least like. 60 I'm happy this is a good. setup pink and is done ah and a oneof. greens too that could have been good. okay we're at $52. already. okay uh I don't know I can hit yeah. I mean we'll take it good multis on a 30. Cent. $7 pinks one off. pinks okay it's going. dead. bananas one up. bananas okay come on when need a better. hit one more hit please okay that's fine. I mean we spun into it. 450 all right so here's my plan I'm. going to do a $40 buy here because I. think it's going to go completely. complely dead and after that we're going. to do like a $100 buy something crazy so. we're going to get the bad Omen out the. way here cuz we're due for a really bad.

Hit come. on I I'd still like to win here but I. really doubt. it I'm just fast spinning it doing. nothing's. hitting. okay get give us a multi a 4X. nice okay I mean I knew this was going. to happen Okay this is a good board. though it oh it doesn't. die 20x I mean 30X not. bad I mean we're getting basically. getting money back that's not what I. want I either wanted a good win or just. lose everything. completely a really good board no multis. though. 12x we'll take it I mean that's profit. we should have done the big by here it. would have been pretty. good it's fine though it's fine all. right so I just switched slots to Sweet. bananas ex cuz I feel like we just got. Juiced on the regular one so we're going. to see if this is going to carry on that. luck here we're going to spin it for a. little bit and then we're going to buy.

It all right so I just spun it for 100. times and we didn't get any bonus we did. only lose a little bit of money because. we got some good hits like hards and. pinks but we're just going to buy it for. six and then if this pays good we might. go for 100 hopefully the eximus seed is. a little bit better and if it is better. that would be really good cuz the. regular one's really good too come on. $60 B here paid B I'm. happy feel like this one hits less often. bro but when it does it's it's pretty. big okay decent board yeah it dies I. think it's a dead. B. so make a dead bye. guys okay come on retrigger right here. hor no. okay damage control here at least no all. right that was. bad all right I think the smartest thing. to do here is just do $100 bet that's. not the smartest thing to do off the. smartest thing to do is probably leave.

With profit but the video if we lose. this we're and we lose everything we're. back at break even so that's not bad uh. but if we do double up we're good money. so come. on let us double up with least bro and. I'll be happy I'll. leave no that could have been a good. board it's looking this one's looking. really dead the biggest buy the videoos. the dead is okay hold. up come on keep going no not even a. single multi on. that wow completely. dead greens at least you have to hit. greens there if you're going to give me. such a dead buy that's a decent hit $25. it's a $100 buy then we need. more yeah that was bad I'm going to. rerun it guys it's a really bad decision. don't do this I'm rerunning it I said. I'm going to. leave but I just can't give us a double. up I'm leaving don't. Weir okay pinks please okay no how's.

That not pinks one off. pinks H that really. hurts peaches. somehow one not peaches one not. Blackberry I think we're losing. everything. here. may we should have stayed at the regular. one okay retrig that saved us a little. bit except rets are usually all dead. spins anyway so there's no point Y look. at all these why give me a. retri like why you even give me a reck. for what5 extra dollars. 10 that doesn't. help yeah I can't I'm going to have to. do another. it's paying 25 X's I. can't I'm I'm going down it to 80 maybe. we need to get off of the $100. seed I said it's the last one but look. at this it's St it wasn't come. on come. on keep hitting bro please just give me. one double up and I'm. happy that's disgusting. bro peaches and then re triger 25x. please something else hit apples apples. or greens bro it's. over it's a decent hit it's not even.

Like half a bu of 100 so it's not even. good and we're not even get profit on. this B it's not even. profit I'm going back to. 100 why are you hitting like this when I. it's hitting base game look at this look. at this guys holy [ __ ] bro $12 base. game. hit it's a it's a good win it's like. that's crazy it just took all my Hits. For This. by give us that humble in the game bro. and it's. insane it's going to go dead. now give us good. multis give us better multi. dude $20 CH though not. bad goes dead bananas need to hit there. then. greens okay it keeps filling the board. up with two um re Su either yeah give it. to us at least multi. now okay that's. fine five spins 10 spins left with $50. win already not. bad and then it goes dry every time it. gives you a retrigger it's a dead bu. just know. that I can't it's a dead.

Buy $80 buy we're down to $100 we're up. 400 this video 450 or something and we. go to xmus and it just dies completely. it's a long video probably to I need. this to pay. double give us one profitable don't go. completely. try re trigger at least thank you but. now it's it's dead right every time it. get re trigger it's dead like every time. it gives me re dies. bro okay 20x please multi not multi I'm. tumble bro obviously s going to Tumble. with the 20x why am I even asking that. apples another loss. bro all right you guys I'm going. all in. 120 it w it start the video started so. so well and then it just died. bro maybe I should have stayed on the. regular one cuz that was hitting hey. uh come on pay a 2X or not a 2X pay 200x. and I'm. happy please pay money back okay good. board $8 tumble how do you die that's a.

$10 tumble with such a good board it's. $124 just like that but that tumbled. guys that's an insane potential. oh my God that was mad peaches bro. apples that was a really good board. too 100x oh my. God 100x on that um on that first screen. would have been what like. $1,000 all right I'm just going to end. it here that was an insane t. uh we got a huge win at the beginning. and it was going so good and it finally. paid but then we blew it that's my fault. we should have probably stayed there. thank you guys for watching let me know. in the comments what you guys want to. see next any SLO recommendations cuz. I'll play them I don't know what to play. uh and thank you guys for watching join. the Discord in the description I'll see. you guys in a minute I'm giving away 25. steak cash to every single person that. clicks like the description and use a.

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