30.04.2024 Guide to Plinko at Stake US | Free to play Social Casino

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Hey what's up guys we got another video. coming to you now for steak and I'm so. excited today but first before we get. started I just want to say we got a. special code or special promotion for. you gbh social put that code in gbh. Social you begin free coins you're gonna. be getting that right back bonus we're. talking about five percent rate back. bonus a hundred million free gold when. you put that code in so if you want some. free play put that code in gbh Social. thank you. all right guys so what we're doing today. we're playing one of my favorites the. Plinko it's a steak original here. um this one's a lot of fun a lot of fun. it doesn't have a lot of Animation bells. and whistles and music to it but you. could be playing this one for hours and. you can make some good coinage off of. this so uh well let's just go off the.

Bat I'll bet 500 on the gold rose you. can adjust these rows they can be. smaller if you want if you wanted less. rows but the thing is if you play with. more rows here you got more possibility. more possibility look at this. 110 times. look at that 41 times so. let's play let's see where we end up. here so there's my ball it's dropping. depending where it drops on the bottom. here is gonna dictate my times it gets. uh right in the middle is not a good one. you don't in this case I didn't want it. to drop right in the middle just point. three times not so good let's go again. we're trying to get on those outer. portions if we can that's where the real. money gets made where you see the 41. times at 10 times that's where you get. the good coinage at. so let's see oh this one's looking a. little better okay okay we got one times.

Okay we'll see again let's play again. okay we got a one times there. this is a good one let's see three times. this is doing good. and you can do multiple at a time so I'm. just dropping multiple now so there's a. little bit more fun you get to see kind. of accumulation is here three times. that's a good one point five and one. point five. uh so we're doing we're doing good we're. doing good we're making some money we're. making some coinage here point three all. right so let's go a little bit of a. higher risk here so look at this on the. edge these are going up like crazy uh. but the middle is getting a little bit. crazier worse so. you know 0.2 is not as good but let's. play a couple let's throw some in there. see what we get. so I just tossed a whole bunch in there. let's see uh but we got times four times. four times four a bunch of times two and.

At times nine a times. right look at my wallet oh my gosh my. wallet went up big on that all right. let's do it again. let's see what we got here. they're all staying towards the middle. we need them to Branch out we need to go. out four or two. um a lot of Point twos on that one not. as good this time. all right I say we get risky here let's. up this to a thousand and let's get. going here so I'm smashing that play. button. all right. let's see what we get here hopefully we. get something nice got a couple going on. the outer edge here a four a two and a. two a couple Point twos there okay but. we're up 40K whoa 40K all right let's do. it again it's running again. got a couple of these coming out here. let's see what we got okay we got a lot. coming on the left side times four not. so good times two times four okay we're.

Still up though look we're going up all. right let's do some more here. punch them down the hatch let's see. where we're at see what we're doing. a lot of times oh sometimes twos a lot. of Point twos a lot of Point twos. all right let's go to go again. coming down here coming down down some. are looking on the far left let's see oh. and a times nine comes right in and. that's what we needed so overall this is. fun I could keep playing this over and. over and over again it's really fun to. play really fun to do I like this one. because it's kind of feels like a lot of. chance right you got all these options. and customizable what you want to do so. this is really cool in my opinion I. would check this one out and as you can. see we're walking away with more than we. came in with so this is a good situation. if you want some free coins to play GPH.

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