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All right yeah guys how's the quality. good all right let's do this come. on we have uh 20K here. 2250 we bought in 35,000 in this session. two hands 5K a piece the same one. set to the slide like Sams too know that. good big. one still a win but it's let's go. it's all good it's okay bu come on come. on bake hand 20,000 here we go. come on yep s. 10 no 10 all right easy work bu come on. bust it let's go five no every time. what is this R hold. on what are youing are you playing this. now no. yeah thanks brother come on let's go for. this honest work come. on that's where it starts come. on 10 no way man it's cuz I'm on it bro. what the f all right where's the bag at. no. stack do you want do you want to just. give me chips for cash or save the time. what do you got what is. that5 whatever you. want 50 don't open it cake how much is.

That all right 50 here we. go oh man here we. go another 50. guys come on start off right start off. right it's all good no don't haveit are. youing kidding me bro no dude my luck. telling you I don't know what it is it's. crazy what good after that right so. maybe all right I'll be back this is. ridiculous all right I haven't won a. hand yet it's crazy bro it's just 10 two. 10 yeah 10 10 thanks nice. time thing he come on let's go 20K let's. go back come on 10 eight three it's all. good no. 10 come on just Bust It bust it five no. one lose one it's fine it could have. worse yeah it could have. been come. on N nice six come on dude huge okay. $20,000 double. here. uh soft for. I know no s. 14 versus. three it sure is I'm. little come on please. bust let's. go of a on the 11 knew you'd be loud she. covered her ears $80,000 go come on kind.

Of let's fing go yes we are but it still. scares me that Sound eh I love that one. oh my god let's go come on come on I. slapped you pretty hard it's all right. slap me power slap slap me yeah. we don't need another two. three come on just bust no 10 big one. bust bust bang let's go we're running. we're running we're running we're. running we're running we're running lit. think I'm so cool look at this you. taught me how to do that. wa hey what he you could teach he's good. so cool you see that dude he's good eh I. can be a magician exactly you got to me. crazy dude yeah good come on let's go. we're on a little ride here you got to. learn that trick next make can come back. no 10 that's true 76 I got to make one. here got to make one here you got it. three four five. six that's that's perect that's. perfect come on let's go.

S. Ace 010 dang down and dirty standing. here okay $20,000 double down what do. you. got dude back to back s man that's tough. that's tough go ahead just one y. yep big. good take that that's. fine so scary right 15K H let's go I'm. going to get a double down right here. eight. seven always a 10 huh big bang 17. 10. bang let's go. let it ride let it ride let it ride come. on let's go come on don't do it come on. Ah that's. tough Wow Come. on. 9 let's see you get the. eight I know. never it's all right let a good sh let. good sh ready you get over there buddy. jum it's good here cut this one I want. to blame you if I lose cut. it all right come on you're good to me. last you're good. me you. good he touched it last yep so we got to. blame him half come on let's go two. hands of. $10,000 at Red Rock here we go nine. there 11.

Ooh please please down four three please. nothing got to have a 10 there it's. going to be a. four motherucker. man got. you. good no why do I smell. something why do I smell something good. ho good made that back it was just you. it's fine. yeah. nice no way on no way dude. TR one no way it on. 20 dude got a 10 it should be oh my. God for the first time in your Lu oh my. god dude that's fing crazy you got to be. kidding me like come. on paint this one of course not bro. she's getting this8. I deserve. something. seven 17 wow don't we are Ed. one that's. good Bost bang that's huge huge. massive show you 40 okay swing $40,000. let's go come. on massive please come on 220s make it. easy one of them at least got come. on do TW are so scary 10 10 come on. picture let's go let's go bang $880,000. let's go $80,000 swing baby let's go.

Let's go you sted me let's go all right. calm down take it off yep yep take it. down way to press baby let's go y it's. all about knowing when to press knowing. when to raise that's how you do that. come. on let's go that's massive let's go yeah. I did let's go R you're the man bro yeah. you he touch last that's true let's fing. go dude that's incredible that's. incredible massive just give me a second. so that could have been a. 21 came in. with what did I do 5050 what did I. deposit uh 50 from R and then your. original one was. 30 so. 85 and I want to make I want to make. 100K so we need to get to 185 what we. got here we got 100. 25 30 35 40 okay we're 4 40K away from. where we want to be at. 40K where we want to be at let's go come. on come on three. small she. might I'm going wave them both I need to. take a hit on one of them actually I got.

To take a hit on one come. on I'm waving that one I think it's a. nine under that's all right that's fine. that's fine that's fine. better not be a it's going to be a 10. you know it's going to be a. 10 oh off that's slap. dude no many I know every fuing hand's a. 10 dude that's me. nice come on. dude it's all right good shoe though. yeah that was that was a great shoe if. you hit that last one it would be good. do side bets here guys I don't really. like them side don't really like them R. you want another. one yeah cut it back's the gem SC was a. gem it was a. gem make sure bed touches it lasts mhm. y yo Keem start timing out that comment. bro all right I got it okay good SAS. yeah be on. it show with. that come on eight. no 10 no 10 5. six three. oh bust nothing. no have that um can we just get some. Waters um oh no they have some I'll get.

One I'll take one I'll take one. too. good get the glass. one the glass one I would leave you why'. you do that why' you pull back oh I. think come on 20K hand y one hand let's. go come on 8. three nice hit go let's. go go baby you. got go every I would not leave you. hanging. brother you major 40 you major 40 yeah I. think you did no I didn't no I lo I just. lost three ends in a row missed that. part I did yeah. that was you got bang let's go let's. go what are you doing over there come on. we've been through it all this we you. got back. chill 55 55 definitely be smart. smart 4 three good okay what you got. easy work easy work easy work easy work. oh my. leg why did I know that. that Jake 10 times. better nothing Jake is pretty. good nice perfect it's over man come on. dude I thought it busted cuz he like oh. perfect nice oh man nothing oh this is.

No way right no oh my God come on come. on $30,000 double this would I think put. us. there I think it' put us there I don't. know for sure come on face down six. nothing come on. big go let go go. go let's go only had a seven there oh. let's go let's go. dude let's go I body check assass did. you get that what do you want what you. want now that's right there that's what. you want let me see let me see I'm at. there that's what we last time Grand 70. I'm 10 grand away you don't chase 10. grand last time our food and drinks. about toet out oh my God sickness is. real psych we tricked you. boom okay 26 26 26 don't even think. about it new 10 light it's too light. let's go right play to we lose we got to. play till we lose on fire it your cuts. even even play till we lose we got to. play till we lose you're going to lose.

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