30.04.2024 Holding on for a HUGE WIN on Aviator!

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I am back to push my luck with the. aviator game let's get that chat closed. uh just just join the session. it looks like it might not be a bad time. to join it doesn't look like there have. been too many pinkies which is something. that we're chasing. so if there aren't too many then i will. sit here and i'll chase them my aim he. has to take my 250 bucks and. turn it into about 500 bucks not sure. how long it's going to take we'll cash. out that first 185 round and that one. kind of broke even there. uh we've had a couple of these in a row. so i might only bet. let's put one box on this one. i don't have a great feeling about this. one i think it might be one of these but. we're looking for these pinks. i'll let this one run. look at these guys betting a thousand. bucks 500 rounds some brave boys over. here flew away.

Hmm. difficult difficult call difficult calls. to make. these are some difficult calls to make. stage timed out i did not get that bit. on in time i'm just going for pinkie. these guys are cashing out very very. quickly. and let's see when the last pink was a. 10x. i'll catch this one out if it gets to. like 10 and then that will be a nice one. if it gets there. now it gets to three but it's actually. paying very very well at the moment. look at some of these top bets of the. year look at that. someone cashed out a lot of money cashed. out wow look at that one. incredible so we've got a nice one. usually i'd cash these out but i'm. chasing pink. i'm not going to cash it out. there's got to be a nice pink one in. here for us somewhere. look at that five times very impressive. i would if i was playing conservatively. i would be making some good money right.

Now. i'm so tempted to i think i will set. this round out and if i sit and i regret. it then that's just too bad for me. but i feel there's some dead ones coming. up. although there were some really bad ones. over here. i called that one wrong i thought that. was going to be a bad one let's see. what's popping off in the chat. um i think. i think i might skip this next one as. well this game is paying incredibly well. at the moment for. for your normal panthers. but for the pink chasers like myself i'm. generally not a pink chaser but. for for when i'm playing by myself i. will. i cash out a lot earlier around around. two 1.9 around me. but when i'm chasing pinks for uploading. videos i'm not going to be cashing out. that early uh. i'm not sure if this is a great time. hmm. it is paying very very well but it's not. paying pinks could this be the pink one.

That we're gonna miss out on. no it's not okay. look at all of these purples look at all. of these purples. so we don't have that much balance left. so that's why i'm just waiting for what. i think might be the right time to. strike. look at that it's a great time to be. playing aviator. okay so we've had a. that wasn't terrible though these aren't. terrible rounds i i don't want to get. involved. quite yet i'll get involved with the. next one i think unless this one goes to. pink okay i'm glad i skipped that one. uh. could there be another bad one in there. i don't know we're gonna find out let's. take two bits. i've got a feeling this might be the. pink one. down to 36 round pretty much our last. bit as well so. i gotta let this one fly a little bit. take my hands off the mouse. there's a c. oh nice cash outs there we could make.

All of our money back if we cashed out. but we want to see this baby go to pink. sitting here hands away. okay my hand's going back to the mouse. now he's climbing up nicely. he looks like he could be the pink one. that we are after. i guess i'll cash out the one at 10. times let's cash out that one. and then i will cash out this one at 20. times if we can get there. oh nervous time there's cash it out. fantastic nice win there we managed to. turn our 250 bucks into 1. 300. rand so we made over a thousand round in. just a couple minutes. i knew that pink was coming i got my. timing right on that one so i'm super. stoked uh and that's where oh look at. that it just blew away so that's what. i'm gonna call it. made some good bucks on that one guys i. hope you enjoyed the video i hope you're. having some luck on the aviator and i'll.

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