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Oh. how's the guys hopefully this uh live. stream works out all right i'm just uh. tweaking some settings on my end. all right seems to be all good. hmm it's on a bit of a high. high pattern at the moment like sure. look at these. so if we look at the history here. that would have been about the time i. would have got on actually not a bad. time to get on now we should have uh. a decent one coming up but i think we. also do for a pretty bad one. i'll start off with uh i started with a. quick hundred. the next round just won't wait for guys. to join the chat. oh 1.02 wow okay so when that happens i. have to double up. i have to put on 200 if it's gonna do. that to me. oh man that's i don't know what's worse. that or like 1.00. i'll catch this one oh one oh this is. this is this is getting. this is getting nasty this is getting.

Nasty guys. 1.02 and then we jump to a 1.13. i am gonna put on a bit more i'm gonna. cash out i think for the beginning. couple of rounds like pretty early. how's it how's it joshua yeah definitely. off to a bit of a shocker here. but we've got some balance to play with. we'll see how we do i. forgot this dude over here who's betting. like two grand a pop. um good luck to that guy i'll probably. be playing. like two boxes later. but for now we'll see how we do i think. i'm going to cash this one out. yeah let's let's take it about now. oh just in time cash started 3.1 and. went to. 3.4 this is like crash. yeah i know this game could wish we have. it well not we. sorry i'm talking instead of bidding but. i've seen this game before i used to. work for. osu's betting company we had quite a few. games like this. and it used to go up and down and you.

Could bet sort of like training when it. goes up. you can bet it's gonna up you can. actually even bet when it goes down. um but but yeah this is the first house. of africa we've never had something like. this kind of like legal in south africa. i just wish i could clear this so i'm. going to this is going to be our. speculative bit on the right yeah. oh i don't want to put on 500 that's a. bit better for that. uh let's just have some some small bits. i'm not liking this pattern at the. moment but. yeah as i was saying it is a first for. south africa. in the legal sense. oh there we go there's the one point. zero zero i'm glad i didn't have that. five handy on that look at that oh i'm. feeling a big one coming up. oh there's got to be a big one coming up. here um i want to put one on auto at. some point actually. i haven't really played too much with.

The water. because i prefer just to cash my bets. out myself this one i'll let it run. until like i don't know 2.5 maybe. okay it's a good time to catch up should. we push three let's push three yeah. let's take that. this 10 bucks i mean oh gosh when do i. cash that out. no chance there. so how's everyone doing tonight uh. i still feel that big one coming on. stage timed arts oh come on i always. forgot the one on. you guys here's some funny noises i've. got my alcoholic beverage and just. cracking some ice. cashes out at about two i don't know i'm. still feeling that big one coming. up soon i think i'll take three on this. one again. oh i've gone past me okay i should uh. take that cash out there i'll take the. full. watches one fly on for days now i knew. there was a big one coming up okay good. okay good. um i'm still feeding a big one but i'm.

Worried about some of these smaller ones. so i'm going to bet 200 here and then. i'm going to bet 100 over here. and what i'll do is i'll let this one on. the right kind of run. on this one i'm going to cash out if i. can kind of double my bucks. i think that's going to be the plan for. now. oh i'm being a greedy boy i'll take the. three. let's uh let this one run on until five. yeah why not. that's been pretty good to us so far. another eight. yeah so the thing is yeah it's like it's. a fomo this game is all about fomo. if you don't you're gonna win um. i'm gonna put 50 bucks i'm dropping my. oh stage timed out. okay sorry um yeah but uh yeah. i definitely get a lot of foamer from. this game like if i see the plane going. on for days it kind of. annoys me that i didn't have a bet on. but i want to try something slightly.

Different. let's get those bits on the next game oh. i probably shouldn't have taken this bit. um i'm still feeling one of these look. at that. imagine you were betting that i'm still. feeling one of these coming up soon. i think i'm going to set the auto cash. out on this one over here. i'm going to set that at like. order cash out. okay i can't do it now but i'm gonna try. that in a bit have you tried the. martingale stretch yes i have tried the. modern gale strategy on this. um fortunately like i i do have a big. enough. kind of balance to be able to take the. martingale swings. but it can be it can be pretty dangerous. i'm not feeling this round to be honest. but. i'll let it run i'm gonna catch that one. up and then we'll let this one run. um so so basically what the modern gale. is is every time you lose you basically.

Double up. oh this one's actually not going bad. i'll catch that out at uh. at four. oh look at this one flying the ghost. part has gone past eight. nine ten eleven i think this is going to. be the big one this is gonna be the big. one that i was hoping for earlier oh no. just as i was uh okay well technically. it kind of was a big one. these sort of pinky ones um. i'm feeling a low one coming up though i. think i'm gonna i'm gonna sit and watch. for a round or two. we've already had uh uh i mean what. we've got one two three four. five six seven eight nine ten bets we've. won seven of them. all a pretty decent dodge so far. so i actually want to yeah so so what i. was saying with the order cash out i. think i'm gonna see if i can get that. set up now i'm gonna set that to cash. out at like. ooh 1.5 i would have i probably would.

Have lost in that one. i order cash out i'm going to set to 10. and this one i will play like let's play. 250 bucks this round it's probably a bad. idea i'm feeling some really short ones. coming up now. but let's just see how. how we do i want to i want to keep. playing. keep pushing our luck. if this next round is going to start. i mean should i leave that a bit on over. there or is this. has this game now like conked out it. seems to be here. it seems to be struggling can i cancel. these now. you're taking a bit too long. okay there we go i don't like it when it. takes so long let's see what other guys. are betting it's castle bidding uh a 2k. guy okay i've seen this dude before i've. seen him bets oak bits pretty big. and we've got 627 bets on that's. that's probably like 4 500 people. playing. okay i'm gonna cash this one out at.

Evens. there we go and i'm gonna let the one on. the right the one on the. right run until we can maybe hit a 10x. or i can't take it anymore. man this is i'm gonna have to catch this. one aren't you although. let's see what the auto cash art does. there we go all the cash out very nice. i'm glad i didn't click that button how. far is this one i'm going to go 15.. um you know you could try the fibonacci. sequence strategy. win with a 2x cash out. there's a lot of different strategies. you can you can try on this one. um i'm i i've tried a few of them. but there's a lot more that i would. actually like to try. i just the thing is with this game like. there we go do away. with this game i feel like when you make. some bucks you need to run. so if i had been playing on a normal. session i probably would have like. stopped the session around here where.

I'd when i'd made. four bets and i'd made um like basically. what like that 2k or something like that. one and a half care profit. anymore you guys will see some of these. uh let me just put on some. some bits so we can have something to. cheer i'm gonna put the. 1.67 okay i i like it when you get a lot. of low ones because i feel that you get. a lot of higher ones after that. um this is just feeling of course. statistics to back this up but. this is probably gonna be a really low. one um. but yeah i wanna i wanna run through. some of these biggest streaks that guys. have been on in a second. and for that i need to sit on the. autoplay because the rounds are just so. quick. over here once again i i really like to. cash out at about. double my money i mean if you've doubled. your money you really. you know what what more do you really.

Want this one we letting this one run here okay i can't take that one i'm gonna oh well i can't i can't handle it anymore i'm gonna cash that one out this one i think i might cash this out just as i say it's had the had the mouse over the the cash out button ah typical so typical uh i feel we're gonna get another short one here ah timed out okay we got the the bigger bets on at least yes the one night this goes up to 23 that's what i wanted to talk about let me just catch this at 150. there we go so this is where i generally like to catch a 1.5 because you're making so much from that already and so quickly but yes it i did see a screenshot of it going to 23 000.

Uh let me see if i can find that quickly look at this dude he cashed out and it was a oneround bit so this guy cashed out at 20 000 and he had a oneround bet he literally bet one round and he made 20k from that one round and that's just for the month what what's the biggest okay i don't want to see the that's the that's huge wins biggest wins 10 rand oh wow okay this dude won a heck of a lot okay uh we're in a bit of a phase at the moment so i'm i'm probably gonna wait for a bit of a dip this one's this one should go pretty pretty far uh coefficients this is what i'm looking for here we go this is the 23 000 that carabao's talking about 23 000.

That. was was that today yeah it was this. morning. three three minutes off to midnight 23. 000 i mean it's great that it gets there. but i mean how many dudes actually got. that one let's have a look. top bits where am i going. this what was this code wow this. month yeah yeah this dude had a had a. bit on it. i'm assuming that's the same oh that one. went to 31 and i'm yo here i am busy. talking. about other dudes winning. and i'm not paying attention sorry guys. i'm just going through some messages on. my phone oh flew away 1.06. not the ones i like at all okay let's go. back to. uh yeah let's get a bid on why not. two thousand two thousand look at these. eggs competing this brian is uh. he's got a amg symbol there. this game is all about managing your. greed to be honest let me change my. my avatar what do i want.

The eagle looks pretty cool the jets to. the moon wait there were better jets. there. this one's going quite nicely uh. we've got we've got a spitfire there i. think that's. f18 looks like a klm jet there. that looks like a bf there's the there's. a nice merc. which one do i want. i'm gonna go with a spitfire and i'm. gonna get that bit on quickly oh. probably not a great bet to have did i. get on yeah. is the minimum bit one rand yes the. minimum bit is one round. oh flew away one point there we go. that's. your i changed my avatar on the plane. crashes. uh yes i'll show you minimum bit let me. put this auto player off. over here it's just so difficult in. between the rounds i really wish that. that did you edit it while you're. playing. but let's put the one round on there and. we'll bet that on the next round we'll.

Have one round on the next round this. one i just want to make that money back. from that last round so i'll cash this. one out. around about now so that just covers my. bid for the last round that that 250. that i lost. look at these guys also cashing out. early check all the top guys that do. generally tend to to cash out pretty. early. once they've made their money there's. some big bits going on here though. okay wow this one's going for days. 13. so the thing is like if. if our one of my rounds were just here. to go to 20 000 i can i can guarantee. you. i don't trust this next round i'm not. gonna i'm not going to bet a decent bit. i'm going to keep the one round on the. next round. but i can guarantee you i would have. cashed out. long before oh there we go i'm glad i. did that. wow i don't think i've seen uh okay now.

I should probably. let's take a 350 bid on that one put. that one red bit on again. i'm glad i'm i'm glad i dodged that. bullet. let's pop on 350. we'll cash this one. out again at about 1.5. what is going on wow okay. um not cool. ah now i've messed up my bidding ah. timed out come on okay. uh all right so here's my bets we were. having a nice run up until these uh. these things came and of course this. one's probably gonna go to the moon. uh but as i said i i generally cash out. around here. okay okay i'm feeling a whoo. what am i feeling what am i feeling we. need to get some decent purple ones up. let's put a 400 on um. there's been lots of these recently so. i'm not confident with those. at all i think we're probably gonna get. like a three or four in the next one. but yeah it's been been a while since. since our last uh live stream.

Hopefully load shooting doesn't affect. this one and uh yeah i i don't like. waiting between the rounds like this. um usually it's a lot quicker it is a. little bit. nervewracking when you've got a bet on. and you're waiting and. you know you can't cancel it but. sometimes you get that timed out. you're not sure if your internet's. kicked out. everyone's dropped their bets quite a. bit not a lot of confidence from the. punters in this round. is it going to be warranted is it going. to be warranted we'll see. i will take the cash out i'm pushing my. luck i will take. it oh damn i pressed the bet button and. the cat shot oh wow. literally i'm not sure if anyone caught. that. but i pressed the uh the button for the. cash out and it changed a bit you'll see. the change it just as it flew away. so i really just missed that one that.

Was uh that was me being greedy. stage time darts i'm feeling a couple. short ones coming up though. so now we gotta pull back some of that. some of that money we gave to them. i'll take that. so jay says man you beast can't wait to. try this boo go check it out like. there's also a free. site uh on the on the aviate to the guys. sprite i think that's how you pronounce. the. the guys who made the game they've got a. demo version on the site. and you guys can go and check it out i. think like. it's on another side of that i don't. want to i don't want to say it out on. the stream but. you can actually go and check the demo. out you can play it. literally as i'm playing it now but for. fun for play money. which is really cool just to get that. get like a hang of the game i think what. i want to do here is maybe try my luck.

Because we haven't had any. really really big ones here so i'm going. to put this also cash out let's just put. this order cash out on 20. and i'm going to put the order bit on so. this one on the right now is just going. to run all the time it's going to cost. me 20 bucks to go. and it's going to cash out if oh 20 is a. bit low actually maybe i should put my. let's put up 225. i can't make it 25.. what. okay that's a bit annoying that is. rather annoying. okay so they don't take uh look at this. one going for days now come on man. oh that was a big one that i was hoping. for but uh yep. 43 very nice very nice i think we're. gonna be in for a bunch of low ones. uh but let me get this autoplay on i'm. gonna drop this down. i'm not quick enough i'm not quick. enough. but i want to drop that down to 200 for. now. that's what looks to be going all right.

Ah i mustn't touch that button we've got. the water cash up. oh wow what happened there connection. okay never had that happen before but at. least loaded back into the game. hopefully that's a my bets are gone. did they automatically lose it. automatically cashed it out. what. what okay i'm not sure if anyone caught. that. i'm not gonna i'm not gonna take a bit. for a round or two here but but i had so. i had a bit on here. and i set it on auto cash out. i need to go back and look at that uh. that footage because it was definitely. on auto cash out. and it for some reason there was a. connection issue. my connection reset and it cashed my bed. out. instead of uh running. look i would have lost but i'm not too. happy about that. look i'm happy the bet didn't lose but. i'd prefer to. to have the bit loose on my terms all.

Right so i think. i'm still waiting for these low rounds. man this game is playing too much at the. moment. it makes me worried to to get a bet on. but hey that's what i'm streaming. uh i thought you could edit your stay. command yes you can two to. two degree um. 250 yeah 25 there we go nice one thank. you thank you for ever. but i wonder why i can't put a t let's. put a 200 in here. uh i'm not confident about this one but. why why can't i stage time down. why can't i put a what can i use the the. plus and minus buttons to. to kind of uh um. accept my bets amounts so i'm going to. be playing quite conservatively for a. while. uh let's just take that mean what do we. start with i think we started. sure it's been a pretty good session so. far. so who's playing this what's what's the. biggest multiplier you guys have hit on.

This. uh me personally it hasn't been that big. because i don't. i don't wait too long uh i think mine's. probably like. 15 maybe i actually need to go back and. check but it's. it's nothing too high on on my own. manual cash look at this one going for. days. wow but i must say i tell you tell you a. funny story i was playing. on palace bit yesterday and i was just. messing around with my. my accounts i think i had like 500 bucks. in there. 63.8 wow incredible okay. i need to put an auto play on this one. to be honest. i'm talking too much instead of. playing uh let's put that 200 on and. then i'll do it in the next round. and then i'll get back to my palace bet. story you need to be you need to be. really quick here. i'm not feeling this one. um yes sir oh. glad i got that one so auto play. auto cash out yes i want auto cash out.

Can you please give me auto cash out. see i'm worried there's going to be some. really low rounds because we had look at. all these high rounds we've just had. uh order cash out hello do i need to. click that first. how do i get more to cash out anyway so. yeah so going back to. to me on palace bed i had like five oh. there wait it's actually running. okay um wanna catch up it's not working. i'm not just going to take that cash out. see what i don't understand i clicked it. at 2.59 and it flew away 2.69. come on you got to give me a chance here. okay so you got to click the auto catch. up button first and then click the order. bit button. cool okay i'm going to do the same on. this side but i'm not going to do it. with. too honey i'm going to do it with maybe. like 50 bucks or something. um might be over five now.

I'm just reading the chat yeah so let's set this one to like 50 bucks for what what what was that oh oops anyway uh order cash out let's set that to like three and let's put the auto bits on and then i want to change this order cash out because that's a terrible number let's make it uh what do we make this like 15. should we try that what do you guys think what should i what should i make the one on the right what what what should the order cash out number be there we go so that's all set in that's locked in you can still manually cash out when you are using water cash up i'm just going for a couple of bigger wins at the moment uh smaller stakes bigger wins that'll cash out now and this one needs 15.

So yes so going back to my my story i. was over on palace bit and i had. sure what was it 500 bucks my accounts. and. i had a couple alcoholic beverages. and i i thought i would just have a. quick look at some of the uh. mega ball first person some of them from. this firstperson game so one of the. guys in the group was saying i should. check them out. i should really put the stake up a bit. but man we are such a good run at the. moment like look i'm not winning a lot. but. looking at these i'm just really worried. there's going to be some some low ones. coming in. but but getting back to the palace bed. story so. first first time i well not the first. time i've played mega ball but i jump. onto mega ball first person. i click the uh 100 bucks i was playing. 100 rand. and first spin. i win 5k from 100 bucks so obviously i.

Decide okay cool that's enough. does that not cash out now yes it did. okay. um oh guys i feel we're gonna be in for. such a tired time. like this game's paying if i don't know. if anyone's following or betting with me. at the moment. i hope you are because you're probably. getting paid absolute bombs if you're. cashing out at anything around like 1.7. one point is. ah here we go okay so what i'm going to. do is i'm going to drop these off. quickly. because i feel like the game's going to. go through a bit of a bad streak. but let me let me finish this part of. this bed story while we while we're here. so i went on 5k or 400 bucks on mega. ball. then i was like okay well it's not going. to get better than that from 100 round. let me jump over to. to some lightning roulette and i was. yeah and i was just messing around so i.

Threw a couple of chips on the board i. think was around 100 round again and i. got a 350 times there we go. call this i got a 350 times multiplier. and i wanted a one another three and a. half years so i went like. 8k in i think the space of like. less than a minute unfortunately i. didn't have to go through some wagering. because it was wagering on the bonus. but hey but that's that's some of the. quickest money i've made. uh other than other than obviously. placing big bits i'm not getting. involved right now i think we're in a. bit of a. a dip i don't trust these ones at all. i think we are gonna be due a bigger one. pretty. soon although the game has been generous. if you kind of look at the patterns this. is going through well this one will. probably be the big one but yeah. have you guys been playing any spinner.

Zonkey it's uh. yeah i mean as much as i love my spinner. zonkey. i i'm kind of getting over it in the. sense of. like i'm not the biggest slots fan but. like it's just yeah. they i i much prefer this kind of game i. can i have a lot more control. uh let's put on some bigger bits let's. put on 250 bucks for the entertainment. value. sure didn't get anything on that side. oh those things oh gosh are we in are we. in for another one of those okay. let me try that martingale one that oh. no. see so so i can add a hundred hundred i. wanted to. play 500 on this one um. man okay let's see what would have. happened. i would have cashed out about even money. on that 500 yeah i would have i would. have been alright. i'm going to need to refresh with my. beverage oh man look at this one go i'm. going to need to refresh on my beverage.

Soon. the fan favorite hot hot fruit has been. particularly stingy with. the future triggered like. as much as i love hot hot fruit i like. it because it's such a simple game. oh god look at this thing go man. ah and that annoys me because yeah. anyway. 35. uh do i want to get involved let me. get that 500 on that i wanted to do. um and then i'll get into my hot i'm. going to cash this one out about 1.8 if. it gets there. but so and then and then i'll get back. to my hot hot fruit my. by complaining about the the feature. that carob has mentioned in the chat. i also don't like that feature very much. what annoys me about the feature. is it it's quite kind of difficult to. tell when the features actually trigger. let's cash this one out. uh it's kind of difficult that was close. that was close. that was a proper close one uh yeah it's.

Difficult to tell when um. when so close like the other base you. just want to drop my bet but yeah let's. put 100 on. uh let's put this 20 on over here let's. let the one in the right run for days. um so so the hot hot fruit feature it's. difficult to tell. because what happens is the the slots. like light up on the side. and it doesn't seem to pay particularly. well to be honest the spinner zonker. games don't pay particularly well. i've made more money in this in like. in the videos honestly the videos that. i've made that i've made on spinner song. every spinal zonker video i make. uh honestly i lose money on it. i don't i don't uh i don't i don't make. much profit. that's i mean that's i probably should. be making those videos on like a demo. site. but yeah it's not the same if you're. playing on a demo. real real real money is the way you got.

To do it well you know. for youtube and all. what i have been enjoying is wild wild. trucks i feel that's uh that's been. pretty cool recently. flew away flew away so we in a bit of a. bit of a low peak at the moment. i feel this game is going to be perfect. for these like forex traders. and crypto traders and oaks like that. sort of thing. but look at these these have been. terrible we've got to be drew a really. big one soon. look at that okay oh. no what am i saying lucky i'm not. betting big. um but we have to be. actually i'm gonna yeah let's play 500.. um you see so like you can put 500 bucks. down on this as i've just done. but when do you cash out. that's the question like if i double up. my money i'm usually pretty happy if i. triple it i'm very happy if i quadruple. it i'm even. even happier but at that point i'm.

Usually cashed out. unless it's a game like crazy time or. something where you. you need insane odds to actually hit the. bonus and whatnot. what's nice about this it gives you like. some semblance of control. so we made some nice profit of our last. 500 this one i'll cash it about 1.8 i. think. if it gets there no of course it doesn't. 1.15 and let's make this 100 over there. so what are your your guys favorite. games over on spinazanki i mean mine's. mine's hot fruits. um i think it just has to be only hot. out fruit really. the other guy i like magic oak i like. checking out the new games. um but i'm not like in love with too. many of the other games. there's games that i like these games. that i enjoy but. but hot hot fruit has to be the game. that i like the most i think i'm gonna. let this run. run until about three.

Cash out let's do it four. can we get five yes can we get six ah. there we go let's cash out that six and. then i'll cash out this one at a grand. that's how you make 3k from 500 bucks. and this one i'll let it run for. bits uh i feel like i should catch this. one up pretty soon. 20 times. oh no just as i clicked it. hey but we got 3k from that. so what i'm gonna do is when i make nice. big wins like that i will drop my bed. down i don't want to give it all back. straight away. and that one honestly i really clicked. that at the same time. so like i noticed these patterns you get. these terrible. this one you get these terrible vibes. going you get these. really low ones and they come in like. batches i mean look at that imagine if i. was. actually betting there i would be i'd. cry. that time bummed out i was gonna cash.

Out about 20 times and make 2k off that. but. uh yeah i mean this is the game. i do need a top up of my beverage so. after this round i'll pop it on autoplay. while i go. top up unfortunately i don't have too. much curl in my house so. it's gonna have to be a lot more brandy. and cook. where do i where do i leave this one to. go i don't think it's going to go too. far i think like maybe three so i'll. cash it out around there. i'll catch the one out at three let's. cash it out. oh just in time just in time okay we. made some money we did. we made 89 rand on that one so what i'm. going to do now. i'm going to quickly pop that autoplay. on. i'm just not sure what i let's put this. bit on. a bit what ah stage timed out come on. man. i just i just want to uh i still feel. we're going to get some sick pay streaks. here. to be honest um oh yeah so i want to go.

Top of my beverage i want to put the. auto cash out on but i feel like means. like we are going to go into a phase. where there's going to be some nice. payouts. um auto cash out i'm going to put these. on like 10.. leave this one on let's leave this one. on like. well i mean i'm not gonna be gone that. long so there we go. uh i am quickly gonna pop away for a. beverage hopefully we can pick up some. winners. when i'm gone i'll be back in a second. guys. oh. oh. all right i have returned with my. barrage and i see we've had no luck. that four that four would have been nice. there. all right uh let's leave this around for. a bit. oh that's a bit strong. boom. so we in the the annoying phase what i'd. like to do is like drop like a grand or. something. i think that would be cool drop like a. grand on a bit. and see how far we can go we've actually.

Actually up a heck of a lot. uh this evening to be honest. it doesn't look like it from our recent. bets but our big this. is uh information i don't want to show. but our big bets have been uh. have been paying out pretty well. oh look at this we know okay this is. good for us because there's got to be. some big ones coming up i'm actually. gonna. i i want to pop this up and i want to. play this longer. now let me let me let me go back to what. we were doing before. let's put on 450 bucks and do i want. more than 459 okay let's leave this one. to run for like a decent amount this one. i'll cash out around. evens. or not okay. i am just trying to. pop the stream link to some of our. facebook groups. this has got to be a there's got to be a. decent one. i dig the music in this game it's so. boring but it's so chilled. and i'm going to take that cash out.

Glad i got that one in time i'm getting. quite lucky with my timing here. uh right if you guys don't mind. i'm just going to put that autoplay on. again. just while i pops. some links in your facebook groups. oh this is looking good. oh that is looking fantastic uh. i mean i don't i don't know if it's. going to get to 15 but we all do a kind. of big one. no no never mind 6.6.76. i'm gonna keep that all play on for a. couple rounds. and then i will get back to our kind of. usual. usual betting. and then i'll check the chat i'm sorry. guys i'm just popping these through on. some of my. my facebook groups. another low one well i mean is is 2.01. really low like if you've cashed out. before that you still pretty well. okay there we go so that's all my my. length sharing done. ah you see i'm not going to get my bits. on this it's so quick.

It is just so quick right here we go. is is that brandy's taking a grand brew. yo. i i i will 1.0 see if i save the ground. and i got that then i would be upset. if i staked a grand and it was flying. and i lost it because i didn't cash out. then i would be okay with that but i. might if i'd stake the grand. and. i can't i can't bet high on this we. sorry but yeah if i'd stake the grand. and it flies away right in the beginning. then i'm going to be upset. simply because it's me being greedy oh. i'm not me being greedy it's the game. like being greedy. whereas if it flies away and i've got a. big bet on that's me. being greedy and i'm gonna be greedy now. because i feel this game. is gonna oxy look at that that it's. annoying. it's gonna pay reasonably well in the. next couple of rounds. 500 bucks. here we go. such chilled music.

Yeah man i'm so bummed about this brandy. i went i went to uh pick and pay. and they had a brandy special brand is. not usually my drink of choice this one. i'll cash out at about even. i don't know where to press this button. let's press it now uh but. yeah so with with the brand new special. they had to pick and pay it's like 166. bucks for. a clip drift premium this thing on the. right is just costing me money every. single round. god damn uh but yeah so it's 166 ran. for a brandy and coke. oh i didn't get my bed on but uh for for. for a clip of premium brandy. and you get a oneyear coke for free so. i'm like yo. lacquer so i go down and grab me a. bottle of the. clippies and oh they don't have any. one liter cokes. so i'm like i'll just grab a twoliter. i'll tune them at the tool hey. listen here you guys don't have any one.

Liters in the store. just charge me for the for the for the. brandy 166. and you don't need to worry about giving. me the coke i'll pay normal price for. the two. to cook but no no these oaks. at the tool they're like no no we can't. do that for you sir so i'm sorry. you have to pay you have to pay the full. price i think this one's going to auto. cash out that's very nice finally we get. to order cash out on the one on the. right. and i thought there was a one coming for. days and that was it. so we are now up oh we're up quite a bit. guys. um uh no. i don't generally i don't like rubber. like. i don't bet if if i'm drinking i don't. bet that big to be honest. uh betting does influence your. or drinking rather does influence your. your decisions. oh see. i feel like we're gonna get some like. 1.5 1.6 as soon. i just wish more bookmakers would have.

This there's a few and there's also a. few features that. i would really really like to see and i. was chatting to about a mates. today i went for lunch with him and. i mean i really need to cash this one. out i feel like i'm wasting so much. money by not clicking the cash out. button. and there again i waste some money but. yeah i was speaking about this game and. we. we both agreed that you know what would. be sick is like a rebit button what's. this. connection uh. and it drops down to one rand great okay. now to set. everything again gosh why hollywood bets. yo you must fix your system aubry. um like oh this is not a good one to. have a bets on to be honest. but for example i'll show you what i. mean about a rebate so. i'm going to cash this out about even. money so i cash out now. i'd love to have a rebed button that.

Bets me in at what it is at the moment. so if it's like three i'd love to be. able to get in on that three and let it. run. i think that would be a really good and. look it's going to cost punters a lot of. money no doubt. but i think it'd be a really sick. feature to have. um i'm not feeling this round to be. honest so i'm gonna i'm gonna ah i. didn't get a bet on. this guy's betting 600 bucks he's got a. spitfire as well no come on my brother. why do you have a spitfire where's this. chat where's this chat. where's my chat uh oh gosh i'm not sure. where the chat is on this now. uh where are you chat i have kind of. minimalized the screen. and moved things around but that one. points. 1 0 actually pretty good i feel like we. might be going through another. like bad stage soon. oh this one's probably going to prove me.

Wrong i jumped on the special quick. because i love brandy. brew you're lucky you you're lucky you. had one liter cokes in your pick and pay. i mean you know how disappointed i was. when i had to pay for both the brandy. and cur for. for both the brandy and the kirk i'd pay. 220 bucks. for for the brandy and the coke which is. fine because it's normally about 200. bucks for a for a bottles clip for a. bottle of clippies. um which which i'm happy with you know. like a special special cool i'm going to. take advantage of it. otherwise now it's chilled but it just. annoyed me that the. 1.1 tea or your aviator. it just annoyed me that like they. couldn't they they could not. like make a spit like an exemption or. exception for. for for me and it's not because i'm. special i was like cool i will take the. brandy i don't want your 1d to cook i.

Bought a two liter let me pay full price. for the chili to cook. but uh you oaks can you can keep your. one liter but just give me the brandy. special price nah that didn't happen. but you're brainy and coke bro hell so. since lockdown started that's what uh. that's kind of been my drink of choice. and it's kind of showing i'm getting one. of those uh one of those books. there's there's there's branhaven burki. boops. i want to know who this bra is and i. want to change my avatar because we've. got another dude who was using the. spitfire. yo guys is that 10k we've made already. i think we started at about 100 yeah 130. grand. uh let's put on 100 100 that one to ten. i think i let this run run for a bit. yeah shaolin challenge i hope i'm. pronouncing that i am right. it is frustrating um especially you know. look like the cashier did say.

She said to me yeah but sir this is. brandy special and i'm like yeah i know. and i tuned her the story. and she got the manager and all of that. but but you i've had i've had runnings. with pick and pay in the past there. there's those oaks don't like me. um like when lockdown started the local. pick and pay. down the road for me was selling hand. sanitizer for. yes it was like it was. i think 700 bucks for like a 5 liter. i tune them like how can you always be. selling your sanitizer. i click the cash out there come on um. i i actually how can you actually be. sending your hand sanitizer for so much. like this is right in the beginning of. the pandemic whenever no one knew what. was going on and all that. and uh and they got in a fight with me. like the manager phoned me. and the oaks were going crazy like but i.

I told them hey i can see the sanitizer. on your supplier side cost like. oh 1.01 okay. okay i need to up my bed now uh let's. put a five handy on and put 200 on over. there. um and yeah it was i had a big fight. with the manager on the phone and i was. like yo bri you're running a retail. business like how can you treat your. customers like this. i can see the prices on the supplier. side but yeah i'm not gonna bore you. guys with stories about retail. oh throw away come on of course. jamison with schweppes ginger ale my. brew i don't want to mix jameson with. anything. i feel like it's a bit of a crime to be. uh mixing jameson with anything. jefferson by itself is lekker although. that schweppes ginger ale is pretty. lacking like i'll clap. avodys with that some vodka and script. yo this game is killing me now. um.

I'll have a a vodka with a schweppes. ginger ale that is like. actually i feel like upping my steak um. look at all these low ones look at that. look at that. we've got to be in for some these dish. ones. like give me 2.5 i'm happy. a lot of oaks playing yeah a lot of. dudes playing. yeah flying away for days actually no. now i am going to up my stick. okay can i make that like 750. there we go. so the 750 i'll catch up fairly early. if it has the legs and then i'll drop. down to a low stack i'm just angry at. aviator now. look at all of those look at that look. at that that is just terrible. let's let this baby run a little bit. okay i'll take it a 2k yeah i'll take. that. and this one i'll let it run a little. longer. uh what do you guys say five six oh i'm. not gonna answer in time i will take. that now. so this is there's a couple nice wins.

I'll be getting our name on the. leaderboard. oh got that one in on time. i think we did fairly well there so i. mean someone. you wanted to see a grand bet i gave you. 950 bucks. i think that's close enough oh i didn't. get my bets on. oh and i'm glad i did not get my bit on. because wow. aviator not cool. uh all right. we have may no man i don't want to see. you oh this thing is annoying but yeah. i i think we're going to hit a really. nice paying phase soon so i'm going to. be uh. see how this one goes i hope this one. ends low to be honest oh gosh no. so much for that. but unfortunately i'm all out of coke. and i ain't gonna be drinking brandy. straights. i do have some whiskey i've got some uh. glimmering this one's paying quite. nicely. yo this is probably going to be a one. that goes oh okay let's just start. talking it goes nowhere.

Uh let's drop you to zero and i want you. one zero as well. 20 give me something 201 rand i'm just. not quick enough. two eighths there's got to be some some. middle ground. somewhere surely like 1.84.9 i'm. thinking. got shots. close enough see there seems to be quite. a delay between the cash out. i'm still feeling some decent and. let's do a 120 and 300 on that side i'm. still feeling some decent uh. some decent vibes here how often does a. multiplayer play over five times. uh i can't tell you uh shiraz you're. gonna have to go and check out the. the the history i will jump into that. after this round. i want this one to go i think this one's. gonna clap at three. ah no it's not. okay uh i feel like we're still in a. decent paying phase so i'm going to put. those bets on again. and then i'll run through some of the.

Questions on the chat it's quite. difficult to uh. jump over to chat they lied when they. said the game is 97 percent fair sharing. says. yeah like it's complicated eh. um so there's something called return to. player which. is an algorithm that basically over x. amount of rounds. if you spend x amount of money your. return is going to be y. so for example if you let's cash out one. out. sorry i'll get back to my thing now oh. no just missed it. um but if you okay let me just drop this. down. while i wanna talk uh yeah so. dr cnn wow finally man i got you live. how's the doctors here. are you a doctor what you're a doctor of. my bro you doctor of gambling. hopefully you can give me some tips um. yes sir so. you 97 fair now. i actually believe them and. you're probably inclined not to believe. me when i say that but. they measured over a certain amount of.

Rounds it's the same as all your. gambling machines and casinos. they also have a certain percentage. return to play and i believe those are. even worse i think those are. i think they're about it's it's south. africa at least i think they. are and i stand to be correct i think. they're about. 80 something to 95 so. theoretically if you were to spend 100. bucks. over the course of the algorithm rather. than the course of you know of your. betting session. then you would only lose three rand and. you get a 97. round return but on this game it's very. difficult. it's it's it's very yeah it's. it's a lot of statistics a lot of math. you need like. a degree and this and that to to work. all those algorithms out and whatnot but. um i i honestly do believe then because. i started this stream. like this is not a great example but i.

Mean i saw the stream with about 130k. and. i think this is all profit now so it's. about 9k i'm up. flew away 1.09 we've got to be in for a. really big one. soon guys i think i'm going to play this. one. on the right and i'm going to keep this. one. until i hit 10 times but yeah but even. 10 times 100 bucks one half grand it's. not like. the thing is i would love to hit a. really big multiplier on this game but i. am greedy my brew i like like this greed. i mean like now i've made 500 bucks for. my 150 do i cash out. do i oh i'm letting it run because i'm. talking but i'm gonna cash it out now. five there we go. um but i can't let it run because i'm. worried i lose like i hate losing. and it's gambling so you're gonna lose a. lot you always you know it's it's. inevitable that you're gonna lose. but yeah i just yeah.

I just hate losing anyway let's just see what else is going on in the chat i will cash you out go and i'll let you run a little bit we've got to be in for that big one but like when do you cash out that big one that's my question i mean this was at five i've already made okay well i had made like 600 bucks on that so this has got it this has got to be in for a big one i think i'm gonna try and hit a really really big one um maybe like sure i don't know what is big though 20 30 20 yeah 20 is pretty big maybe i should set this one to like 100 but even then i'm winning two grand i'm going to cash this one out of 500.

There you go. i mean here my bets it's it's it's been. going pretty pretty pretty reasonably. well likes all. the small ones we've lost a couple but i. think all the big ones you picked up. but yeah so this one didn't get 20.. yeah i see it wouldn't have got to 20 so. this guy's betting a thousand you've got. a nice. bit bits. but yeah it's lucky to do a live stream. again it's been been a while. um i've been trying to figure out the. the obs software which is like a proper. live streaming software. trying to figure that out but i have. dogs in my house. and i live right next to a like a a road. so there's a lot of cars and kids and. noise and stuff like that so it's pretty. hard to to stream. uh but all of my gameplay videos that i. do record on best sports betting all of. that is live like there's no. there's no voiceover over any of that.

That's all like live stuff that i've. recorded while i'm playing. and i haven't selected it like if i say. if i say welcome to this sports betting. that is literally me saying welcome to. best what's betting so. um and yes there are videos where i say. welcome to best sports betting and i got. an absolute losing streak and i lose so. much money you'd probably cry. and i'll tell you a story about i'll. tell you guys the story about that now. i'm gonna set the auto play on this one. i'm gonna order cash out. at 20 and i missed it. uh it would be cool if you do a horse. racing segment on your channel i know. and i bet on horses. uh wait uh well mister why don't you try. use. auto cash out i don't like the auto cash. up that much to be honest. sir um. but let me try it for a bit let me try. it for a bit auto cash outs.

So let's let's let's try to be clever. about this let's be clever about this so. let's. let's make sure one of our bits is gonna. cover. the other bits and this one. is going to take me a couple of rounds. to get this right. but hopefully this bit. will cover oh we're in a losing phase i. think we're going into a losing face i'm. going to cancel that and i'm going to. sit and watch. so five um but yes so why don't you. okay because we got a horse race sorry. go back to horse racing let me just put. something on what i'm talking. um i like horse racing. it's a great sport but oh man i'm. terrible at tipping horses. i'm terrible at everything to do with. horse racing. i would love to have walls racing one of. one of the guys that i work with he. really wants to start doing horse racing. um he's one of the big one of the big.

Horse racing trainers in south africa. and we want to get him on board with. doing tips and stuff like that but. i i really don't like doing tips for. horses and sports and stuff like that. because. i mean i do it in the podcast that we. that we release every week. but that's just one or two bits and. we're going through a really nice low. phase at the moment this is actually. i know i'm losing money but this is good. for us um. but yeah horse racing but i don't yeah. it's. like i'll took one or two horses or. something like that and. those horses will lose but then the. other like five bets that are taken on. the day. they will have won so it's it's it's. very difficult we will be doing. something for the durban july. that like that i can guarantee i'm. speaking to a couple of people. here we go okay i've got a feeling about.

This one is it going to be a goodie. i'll catch this one at about three. or should we say four ah i should have. just said the three that yeah anyway. so let me go and look for the. the chat yeah. there is a chat in here somewhere. you guys must tell me if you do not like. this view. so i can zoom in i'm just looking i. can't remember how i get the. the chat to pop up again. i'm just zooming in it's easier to play. zoomed in. where is the chat. you can play this game without animation. i'm not sure i want to do that. i'm not not yet done there but anyway. let's get that bit on we actually in a. really nice low phase. so i'm going to put a bit more on the. bet on the right. and these ones are cached about even. money. such chilled music oh it's got oh oh. gosh really it's got auto cash out oh no. i'm gonna cash this one out manually.

I forgot that was all the cash out. okay uh all right that's not cool. look at this baby fly to the moon baby. all right let's put this. on i'm gonna put some water what a cash. uh. i see you have to set the order cash out. first let's make this like three. yeah i don't know like i want to make. this like 50 or something but it's more. fun to. 22 it's more fun to manually cash these. out i still feel like we're gonna be. in let's do 450. uh it's 250 over here. i still feel like we're in a good phase. at the moment these ones i want to cash. it about even money. it's like better than innovative music. this okay. and i'll catch this baby out and then. this one i'll let ride until three. there we go very nice. oh i just managed to catch that baby. nice all right 100 there. and you guys will notice that i'm. changing my stake a lot like.

That's just what i do i usually play. aviator between 20 or 11 o'clock and one. o'clock that i find that when it pays. more. um i don't i don't think there's a good. time to play a va to carrabba. i think any like any time to be honest. um. like now's a pretty good time i'm up for. four. days like let me yeah i i can't. i can't tell you what i think we started. on about 130k we bought it we have 242. guests we made about 12 grand i think. or 10 grand ah anyway um i'd actually. need to go back and check. but honestly there's no real good time. because this is all based on algorithms. um yeah and but. but hey i mean if you're going to be up. at 11 o'clock and you want to you want. to have a camera absolutely go for it. brief it's if it's. if it's paying bombs i say press brie. but it's been paying pretty well tonight.

And i think we are in another one of. those low phases. you see like these these low things they. never come by themselves check. it like okay there's one by itself. and there's another by itself but the. others there's another but the others. are mostly with like patterns of. of of kind of uh. patterns of uh poor paying or or low. odds. i think if you were really sharp you'd. set this to pay out like you put your. order play on. you'd cash out at like 1.2 1.3 every. single time i'm gonna cash that one out. and i think you'd make a decent profit. um. i just i just like this game because. it's fun to be honest it's a lot of fun. to play. it's something very different. oh this one's flying for days i did not. expect that one to get there. if the chat wants to tell me what i. should bet in the right box. what i should put the autocash out to i.

Will be more than happy to oblige you. guys. just let me know if anyone wants to have. a little bet on the right. you know maybe a 50 buck bit that we can. set at uh. i don't know what 1.03 dodge that bullet. if we can set that at a at a really high. odds or something like that. i have got cats climbing all over me. uh do i want to bet on this one actually. no i probably. do let's put 300 on that. if you guys hear any crazy sounds. there's probably not cats i'm gonna have. to put them out. but this bri thousand bucks i mean i can. he's got another spitfire i can do a. thousand bucks it's not. but on this i don't know 300 i'm gonna. catch this uh. i think this one's gonna go to like yeah. let's catch this baby out of the. thousand. there we go. it's the same as spin of zonker guys are. asking when's the best time to play.

Spanish. it's difficult to say when it's the best. time whenever you're free whenever. you've got time to play. like i've had some really big bets on. spinners on. this one's going for quite a while i. think this. is this the biggest one we see what's. the biggest one we've seen so far at 23. 24. and i wish i could pull this history. down wow this is definitely the biggest. one. wow look if i kept that 300 on i would. have been making like 15 grand. uh there's uh i've just i've now made. like 30 grand. you know look at this one go for days. and see if i could see the history here. i would be able to kind of. guess on how often these ones come. around. uh what usually proceeds is like a a. short one or a big one. i think this is probably gonna be a. short one i'm gonna cash this out at. about 1.5 1.6 oh. 1.5 to 1.8 i think that's a good start.

To catch this next one oh no. was never going to cash that one out. ever that was never going to make me. anything. uh i still feel like we're in a bit of a. low phase. let's put 500 on the next one. i'll catch this one on fairly early. oh okay well i mean um i should have. cashed it out at 1.5. but i feel like these things come in. threes these bad luck uh. low odds come in threes. threes and fours by the looks of it. we'll see what happens is 500.. hopefully we can pick up like a win. there. oh we up here there's this that's us. that's us over there with a 500 buck bit. second from the top with the mr dollar. bra. uh one point eight our cash yeah. i didn't even get this so let's try that. yeah let's i'm not gonna try martin g. i'm just gonna. i mean i did say it comes in threes and. fours. i really should take my own advice at.

Times. i feel like betting both boxes but. so this one i mean it should get to. about three. maybe oh wow look at that now it's gonna. cash out automatically. come on seriously did you cash me out. or what yes you did okay i'm really. lucky there to be honest because. that's one of the few times where i'm. glad it cashed me out. uh oh it's one round again oh no. i feel like this is gonna be a goodie. oh gosh i will let that run run forever. i feel like this is going to be a goodie. oh wow okay. well i'm glad i was wrong um. have you made such a huge amount with. the deposit of 500.. uh on palace bets no no i didn't deposit. 500 the 500 was over on palace bets i. deposited a thousand rand they have a. 100 match up to a thousand rand. uh let's pop this up up to 500 again and. i uh you get a thousand rand bonus. and i did alright with the bonus but i.

Used it on a lot of their specials like. their champions league and europa league. specials which i thought. um maine united were going to in the. europa league i bet on that. and i bet on city and a double they had. a really sick. sick promotion like it was really. worthwhile i'm going to catch that on a. thousand. and um yeah so that's what that's. that was on pally's bed that's story. familiar with that was from a 500 rand. but i actually deposited a thousand in. like right in the beginning. have you made such a huge amount of. deposit of 500. um sure bro like. if you're betting so if you're betting. 500 bucks. or you're depositing 500 bucks then you. need to. set your expectations realistically if. i'm completely honest like. if you deposited 500 rand. i'm actually gonna see if i can increase. the stream's quality.

If you don't mind settings can i change. that no. because i see it's a little bit rough on. my side but. if i'm depositing 500 rand and i make. like a 500 round from that 500 deposit. that's enough you've made your money so. you know take the money and run it you. need to set yourself a target. if i deposit like 20 000 and wow. that that's really not cool game 1.02. um if i've deposited a thousand and a. double that up. take the money and run just take the. money and run that's that's. definitely the way to go uh. yeah i'm not i'm not i'm feeling kind of. sore after that. that one oh timed out okay it's probably. a good thing. what's not a good thing is the lack of. cocacola in my house. i'm going to have to be drinking on some. whiskey next. who is my whiskey guy shaylen shaylen. yo i wish i had some of that ginger ale.

I might have one of those uh. those ginger ldops of course this one's. going for days. do i want to change that oh bits let's. see what the other bras are betting on. this oak is nuts i'd love to know who. this guy is this guy's got balls of. steel brutus. the snow wolf eight star star star ate. this oak is a legend oh. he's getting no sorry excuse my. language. um but wow. uh are we in a low phase i. am not sure but i will take a risk. i will so this one i will cash out early. this i need to drop down in case i. accidentally because i accidentally uh. placed a bit. so this one i want to cash it about 1.8. and let's take that cash out there we go. see what i don't understand i click the. cash out at 1.84. i got the cash out but the plane flew. away at 1.95. literally nanoseconds. after i clicked the cash out button.

Okay so so charlotte says yeah bro you. won't go wrong i don't have. any uh any ginger ale in the house. though. what i do have i've got some nice bodies. actually i know i've got terrible vodka. in the house and i'm a vodka man um. cash that one out i don't have any mix. in the house that's the problem i'm. gonna have to drink it straight. i think i think even the fridges is. running low on ice i think we do a. a big one over here somewhere. been a while since the big one i'm gonna. leave this 50 bucks. oh no no ah what did i get 50 bucks on. for a long one. okay don't please please please crash. plane. i wanted to put 50 bucks on how long. okay there we go i'm alright with that. that doesn't make me feel so bad. so i'm gonna put 50 bucks on here and i. want to leave this to like. what do you guys say like 20 make a.

Grand out of that 50 bucks if it ever. happens. i think this will be our okay auto oh. gosh i have to go through all of this. 20 is that is it it's probably not on is. it. it's nice to have an alternative when. throwing some back yep. i mean i've got some brewskis. uh are we gonna we actually in a really. bad. i'm gonna beds we're not in a great. space at the moment. for for paying bombs i'm going to put. 500 down on that side and then i'll. leave this one on 50 paying out at a. thousand round. this one will cash out at about. generally around uh. yeah we'll see we'll see 1.8 to to even. money. but yeah it's good to have alternatives. but i don't have any good brewskis at. home. oh 1.05 come on aviator. of course of course you are in a very. low paying phase at the moment and i'm. gonna keep pressing my luck. i'm still waiting for chat chat you must.

Tell me what i'ma set my auto cash out. on and don't be ridiculous don't say. something like 50.. give me a realistic number and i will. happily set that to the one on the right. oh wow we've oh this one's going to be. playing bombs soon i'm telling you. got a really good feeling about i don't. know i wouldn't say it's a really good. feeling but. i don't know if carraba's still around. with this game only target ninety. percent of your money and thereby. targets like. 30 per bit yes um. i think you're completely right there. brother like you need to take the money. and. run like as soon as you get a decent. payout and i think. we've got to be in wow okay i think. you guys wanted to see a grand bet. you're going to see a grand bet now. i think this is a really good time to. hit that ground base um. i mean if we lose it we lose it but.

You're right you need to take the money. around okay. auto cash out at seven all right i'll. set that at seven i just want to cash. this one. out myself and then we'll get there oh. 1.8. okay so let's set this let's bet that. again. um i will set that once i've cashed this. thousand buck bit out so someone asked. for a thousand bit there we've had a. thousand. it flew away at one point zero eight. that's terrible. one point zero four one point zero eight. come on game you have to give us. something decent. oh wow talk about being on a really bad. streak. um. what do i do here i'll drop down to 500. again um. really i just want to set that order. cash out at seven i don't want this. thing to fly away so quickly. come on but this is not paying while at. the moment. it was paying so well earlier we were. crazy. uh auto cash out seven.

There we go uh there we go. awesome sorted so we're gonna make 350. bucks for that one. but look at that that's terrible this. isn't a really really low. it's got to be paying out decently at. some point. look at that i think i let this run and. run until like. three if i can get there. can we get there guys can we get there. oh i've gone way over three i've gone to. like four. gone to five we've gone to six i've got. to cash it out now. yeah sorry i had to i had to cash it out. that's seven. but thank you while called corrabo. well called brother we made it up to the. leaderboard as well we made it onto the. leaderboard there. made up for those two terrible losses. over there. there we go i feel like this one. come on wow. what you doing what you doing look at. this i have never seen something so. cocky in my life. it's going to pay yes shaolin i know.

It's going to pay bombs soon. i know i've got that same feeling but. you're. my brandy and coke's looking empty here. but the problem is i know it's gonna pay. bombs but but you need to. you need to have the bulkies to cash out. when it's to pay those bombs. and i am seriously lacking those at the. moment because i mean look at that. another 1.39. but we did make some some lacquer bucks. we like we made up our. 500 and a couple of grand that we lost. with that one over there. i hope the quality is alright on your. guy's side i'm. doing the stream at 720p which is not. the greatest. because my girlfriend is watching some. netflix. so i'm not sure. if it's if it's kind of reasonably. decent for you guys to watch. but no it has there's got to be a big. one look at that look at how long. okay so i need to set this one sorry.

Caramel. i'm gonna have to change this one to. like 20 again or even more. oh one point zero two okay this changes. while we're here let's make it twenty. let's make it thirty let's make this one. thirty and we'll put. 60 bucks on that 30 and there we go. so we went through a really nice pastry. earlier but now we are losing bucks like. now business. and i need to top up my drink. oh that's great yeah still not paint. bombs we're still just. losing packets at the moment absolute. packets. i think you see i think it's because my. branding glass is empty. but this one i'll cash out if i can get. there and then i'm going to go for. myself another ring but look at that. man i want to set the auto player really. long auto play uh auto bet. actually just pop that on. uh cash out of three. four five maybe what do you guys think i.

Asked. oh. okay i have to click that catcher. greedy greedy that's what happens when. you get greedy. i tried to click it at seven and it just. didn't make it there. probably going between 600 to 800 oh i. wish my. i wish that would be the dream eh. see i'm not i'm not cashing out these. smaller bits whereas i should be i think. i'm down quite a bit now. not down but yeah i'm down three four. from what i was up. because i'm pushing my luck i should be. taking those uh. 1.5 one yeah but you're right it has to. pay bombs and this one. so let me try claw back some cash at. least um. this one i think i'll put it like 40 now. let's do that i thought it's probably. not enough but yeah. but easy come easy go as you guys can. see we were up. absolute bombs and look at this terrible. trash it's been dealing us. i need to start uh start start grinding.

Some bucks back. and i'm not going to be doing it on 1.2. because you literally have to click. click click. oh this guy's betting 13 his confidence. mr thumbs up bro okay got some. sheep and a goat over there what is that. a giraffe. too many guys copying my spitfire man. why are you copying my spitfire. i need to change that avatar. i don't know it's been lucky for us so. far. oh one thousand three hundred bucks so. he's he's going bigger. oh one point zero one. dude it's gonna have to pay absolute. bombs soon. i know that 50 is not making for the 500. i'm losing a pop. see this is what happens i pop my steak. up. consistently pop it up and i just go all. the way to doom city. line number one. do not pass go straight to doom city. and it's continuing yeah. how these oaks cashing out though oh. this guy's going for 2k.

Let's see i don't feel so bad if if i'm. losing 500 bucks in that price losing 2k. okay now i feel really bad because that. was 1.09 i think. this has got the app you all this game. is is is. not paying at the moment um see if i'd. been doing the martingale system. i would have done absolute. nuts because i would have doubled up. each time and that it would be five. hundred. thousand two thousand um. sorry my mess is sorry five hundred two. thousand. sorry let me cash out here at about 2k. oh i was just too greedy there too. greedy. should have taken the 2k that i was. talking about um. but yeah so so martingale 500 you lose. then you bet a thousand. and you lose and you bit two thousand. you lose you bet four you bet four. thousand you lose i would have done. absolute nuts at this point absolute. nuts. so we need it we need a win just.

Something to to boost the morale let's. just take the the. even money over there. is that going to get to 50 i don't think. we've seen anything close to that for a. while huh. i'll catch up with yeah i was going to. catch a guy out of 10.. let me sure i'm not sure if i should be. pressing my luck here. let me drop that down to 200. stage time out which one went through. that's all it's a little bit. uh so my cash out is always between 20. to 30 percent of money two bets i'm done. two losses i'm done. that's the way to go my dude honestly. that really is the way to go. i'll catch this one out at about a grand. nope i'm not going to get there uh let. me just put this water bit on let me uh. there we go thank you very much. got those bits on yeah so so seriously. like. if i was playing this and i wasn't. streaming it i'd be betting.

And as soon as i make bucks i'm out of. there. you got to be out of there like profit. is profit. what i'm gonna do next is i am going to. set my. auto play on for a little bit while i go. refresh my barrage. hopefully we can get a decent one out of. all right we're not gonna get this one. out of that. autoplay autobit uh no cancel need to. wanna cash out let's do this one at like. let's do this one at like two and yeah. and i'm quickly going to refresh my. barrage i will be back shortly gentlemen. and that is if there are any. wow. okay i have replenished my barrage. i've got some glamarangi in a. in another classy beer beer mug. no ice no water. little strong. so we have lost in absolute packets he. usually when i would be up that much i. would have i would have cashed out i. would have. taken the bucks and run away why is this.

Not cashing out automatically. okay it did cash out i was wondering. what was going on there. dude this dude i need to meet this guy i. need to change my avatar while i'm here. are we in a decent spot oh there's still. got to be a big one coming up i'm still. feeling it guys i'm still feeling one of. these big boys. look at this it's been so long since. we've had a big one um. avatar change avatar all right let's ask. the chat chat what avatar should i. choose. surely you catch me out there yes. you guys must tell me what avatar i. should be going for. that i will try. personally i um. let's have a looksee that's like the no. it's not. it's a fighter pilot i know it looks. like. something from the 1960s. let's see i can't i can't cash that out. that's pretty that's pretty whack. to be honest that is pretty whack that i.

Can't cash it out. even though they don't do it. automatically what i bet. um am i feeling a big one coming on. no i feel like i'm gonna get shafted. pretty soon with some of these low ones. we still have had not had that big boy. come in. it has been a while we've got fifth. we've got 60 bucks. he's gonna stop at 50 times honestly i. think i'll. i don't know if i can stop him okay can. i stop him if he gets. like 20 times i don't know. but i'm not really liking. i'm not liking this uh let's get up at. the moment. i think i'm just going to do a little. bit of grinding. this has not been going too well for us. there's this there's the best that i've. taken. okay shut up good thing i did. so i spin a zombie yes like. i i played 300 rand spin. on hot hot street and. i think i managed five or six spins i. burned through. 2k in a couple of seconds.

Oh come on okay i'm not going to bet. that one. and yeah that's why i am not betting big. on spinner zonket because you are i got. child. i was so bummed about that like. i started making a video i'm not cool. i'm going to make a video about some big. bits and spin the zonke. and i did and i started it and i. literally got to five spins and i got. shot. it was pretty disappointing okay oh. i clicked the cash out there anyway. i should not get my best time did i get. my bed on. yes i did okay wow. i'm hoping this boy and i can uh pick up. some like a win oh a lacquerware not. some ace. look at all of these purple ones hey a. single lacquer went for us. at some point i'm not i'm just not. feeling it at the moment we've. we've gone through our lucky phase we. picked up all those lack of wins. and then i click the cash up button and.

I'm just too slow again so i. i'm tempted to push my stake up i. honestly am. pop it up to 500 i'll cash this one out. fairly early if it gets there. i'll take that one. uh and there's the refresh and that's. going to be the water cash out on my. second bed come on. i want to fly away pretty quickly did. that payouts. see it paid after my like. there's got to be a big one coming up. and i'm sure it's going to be this one. now that the system resets i can't get. my bet on. oh or not talk about being completely. wrong. wow so there's wrong and then it's. flying away at one point zero zero. gosh i hate that one point zero zero uh. let's put that fifty bucks i'm not quick. enough. am i am i quick enough am i quick enough. oh man i'm i'm really annoyed. what two okay wow this game isn't. your like uh. order bits i actually want to change it.

All the cash out to like 30.. you can let me do that. this one's probably gonna go on this is. gonna be the one that i wanted from. earlier. but the system flipping refreshed um. okay good thank god it's not let's try. 300.. our chat is pretty quiet we've got 12. dues here. oh it's almost quiet now. um look at that though wow one point. zero one and one point one next to each. other imagine you've been dropping like. this bruh. dropping bombs 2k a pop actually playing. 4k airport. and you get two of those in right yo i. would hell i'd cry i'd be like gotta. catch that one up. i'm still not like actually i am feeling. a nice one coming up. look at that we haven't had a big one in. donkey's years. and i've been saying that for the last. 30 minutes i know. um can i adjust this one up. i wish i made it a little bit easier.

Oh he's only dropping 2k now that guy oh. i know. uh. i feel this might be a time for a really. big bit. oh he's dropped his down from 2k to 900. bucks you know this oak's getting hurt. as much as i am. eh. but he's probably been greedy. look i can't really blame him though. this has got to hit like oh yo okay wait. hold on hold on. let me try and be greedy with a 500. bucks. there we go so this one i'll cash out. about even 1.8. fly away boom gone. and i'm being greedy again be greedy for. days. catch up take it. just in time again sure. okay i'm just gonna drop my steak down. and hopefully we can we can we can catch. one of these really really long runners. oh this is got a pair of big ones. in there. so let's let's try that let's get this. let's let's stick with this. so we were up we were up to like 4k. 5k i think i mean yeah.

And now we still up about 3k oh not. fantastic not terrible. as this thing on the right yeah that's. costing us 60 bucks. every single round but i mean. when like i feel like i should pop this. up even higher now. because we have not seen one of those in. a while. what am i doing whoops i'm trying to get. rid of that. partners thing from hollywood bits there. it's not paying badly but i feel like. it's just playing very averagely at the. moment like it's just. oh it's good bad good bad. whereas with these numbers i'm not. confident of placing any decent bets to. be honest. at all. um. is this the big one is this the one. we're gonna see that's gonna fly to the. moon. diamond hands baby there's we're the. only brides that haven't cashed out. a couple of oh another spitfire oh. that's us. okay let's cash it out um. 20 bucks come on i'm rooting for this.

Bro oh he cashed out come on we still got this come on baby come on get to 30 get to 30. you can do it can i change it can i change it it's going to get to 50. yay here we go 34.03 wow okay i'm super stoked that we managed to to get that big boy uh thank you carraba my boy yo crush that one uh i want to put my bed up there i'm glad we finally got that all to play one to clap a lacquer one in there like yeah i would have cashed out a long time ago if i was playing a by myself solo 500 bucks give us 500 or 500 you can do it 500 bucks there we go i'll take that one and we'll let the other baby run for as long as we can so what if i hit this cash on attempted to just check it out i don't think this is going to go to 30.

Um i need to hit it without yeah i'll. take it i'm sorry. i cashed it out if it gets to 38 guess. the 30 i'll lose that on a cash or. whatever. with a cash out of it oh this one's. going for days. 68 oh. man i cannot complain we are now. uh very well up. although i am not feeling this next. round to be honest. i'm going to cash this 100 1.5 actually. 1.6 let me make up the bucks on this one. okay there we go so i've cashed out so. this one's a free ride. and whatever i cash out and this baby's. gonna be profit i'm gonna catch someone. like maybe four. yeah let's take the four oh no no. actually. yeah i should have taken the four i. should have taken the e4. but i think we're gonna be in for some. really car grounds coming up soon. if i'm completely honest i'll put 200. bucks in this nick ah what. stage time dad come on um.

But i think we are going to be in for. some really cut ground soon. yeah there was well let me go then. i didn't warn you. ah yeah let's put the 200 round on the. round i don't know it's coming up. why not why not. i will cash you out at 400 runs. so yeah hey. wow look at that 2.07 flew away 2.08. that was pretty lucky gotta say. um i mean is this gonna stop paying. bombs because it's been paying zakat now. i just don't think it's going to be. paying too well but we are up like six. grand. from where we started the session. where do i cash you out 2.5. say 2.5 there we go i'll take the 2.5. i've got such a bad feeling i'm going to. put a 50 buck on the next one i'm just. going to let it run for a while. but i just have such a bad feeling about. the next couple of rounds. yeah i'm glad i'm glad i'm glad let's. keep that on i still think we're gonna.

Get a good like two to three. shitty rounds and i will let these. rounds run. until like five or six if i can. we are up six thousand six hundred bucks. from our. initial kind of our initial start of the. stream. uh you should you should be catching up. now yeah and that's why. hey i see my computer stats have been uh. posted in the stream. yo i'd love to upgrade my computer but. then prices at the moment you're pretty. crazy. yeah we end up we're in one of those. phases i'm glad i'm only bidding. 100 bucks a pop. because otherwise i'll be crying yo huh. so let me let me ask chat a question. like which bookmakers are you guys oh. 1.00 that is. the worst nightmare we're going to be i. think we're going to be seeing some. lackarounds. i think there's going to be another one. and then we're going to see some. absolute bombs.

But what bookmakers do you guys bet with. like. in south africa everyone loves hollywood. bits. between maybe a little bit of bed. exchange sporting bed world sports. betting. like some of those other sites like. splashed in between. but who are you expecting with i'd love. to hear. and let's. yeah i'm not i'm not feeling these uh. these rounds at the moment i just think. that but a bit too unpredictable in the. sense of like there's no patterns i like. betting on patterns. i must say your instinct it's powerful. no bru. no no no if my instincts were powerful. i wouldn't be streaming on youtube i'd. be sitting on a beach somewhere i'd be. sipping cocktails. i'd be i'd be eating some delicious. sushi i don't know. you know if i was uh a profitable panty. every week that's. that's what i'll be doing i'd quit. betting. but uh yeah unfortunately my instincts.

My instincts. are not that powerful. i do have some bras though who those. oaks those they just can't. lose a bed honestly like the and they. aren't panthers they. they're guys who they understand betting. they like betting but they don't bet. but every single time they bit they just. crashes. they will just crash it. and i'm not one of those guys i go up. and down as you can see through the. session all decisions we. oh this session we are we are up quite a. lot rather than. than being down but i do feel we've got. uh. we should have a decent one coming in i. might up my stake. i'm not sure if carrabbo or the or the. or the dude who was asking for the k. bet is still around but i'm glad i. didn't have it on that one. doctor cn bru you still haven't told me. what you're a doctor of. like what is what does dr cn mean.

Are you a doctor of cna the. retail store i i hope not. because i don't yeah they're not doing. too well. this one i want to run for a while i. feel like this could be a goodie. let's run this one to 500 bucks i'll. take that 500.. just in time just in time. and just in time. no i mean when it says cash out you do. it most this time not the other way. around. yeah like i like to i like to cash out. but like. oh except there um money's money. like if if there's money on offer i'mma. take it. look at this dude this is another. brother this is captain thumbs up over. here mr133. i really wish i could get the chat going. yeah um. unfortunately i don't want to give away. all my account details and all of that. which yeah which i would reveal i mean. believe it or not i've had dudes. messaging me on. whatsapp i'm gonna catch this out of 500.

About my betting account and they ask. they ask questions like hey bro can you. give me some tips can you do this this. one i want to cash out pretty soon it. just gets the 500 as well. or do we let this ride let's let this. one ride. ah as i say that. crashes. a job in we wanted to do a. giveaway on best sports betting we tried. to do one a couple. months back when we hit i think it was. like 3 000 subscribers or something i. think it was 3000 subscribers. and i think we tried to give away like. 3k. or something like that and unfortunately. no one won that i want to do that again. for. for 5 000 subscribers we're almost there. we're so close to 5 000 subs. um as soon as we get that we will do. another giveaway for like i think 5k or. something hopefully someone wins it. um the last the last competition we did. was for 2k.

Subscribers and some random dude won it. of course she's not someone that i. recognize from the channel. uh but hey you know like if the dude. wins it he wants you want it fair and. square. so i you know even if he's not like a. regular viewer or something like that i. still have to give it to him he. completed all the requirements. we're losing about a bucks again going. through a bit of a down phase at the. moment. let me uh i don't want to let me oh. i wanted to put it up to 250 and then i. wanted a cash out of like even money are. we gonna get there. if it gets there i will be unhappy. and it's probably gonna get there okay. we've got this one on the right there's. close enough i guess. i will cash you out what will i made. there i'll cash you out like 500 if you. get there. but we still do one of those monsters to.

Be honest. that's 68 that's what i'm after. so here we go here we go do i cash it. out. i've got to cash this out guys. i have to cash it out ah i didn't cash. it out. it would have been a nice pay i would. have paid nicely. uh that's that's the indecision. i think we're gonna get some really cut. grounds now so i'm gonna cash this one. this one out pretty early. hmm if it hit 1.8 i would have cashed it. all right come on. this this bra is betting a thousand. bucks mr thumbs up they're still. clapping away with these thousand bucks. as well. i don't think this one's going to go too. far i'll cash you out at even moneyish. i'm being ready let me let me cash you. out at about 3.5. i'll take you now and you'll let run. i'm glad we managed to hit one of those. auto bits. i'm super stoked we managed to hit one. of those it paid absolute bombs as well.

Uh are we in a decent paying phase. i am not sure i'm glad that one time. that i'm not sure at the moment. i'll cash this one out i don't know will. i cash out of five handy i don't think. we're gonna get too far. i'll cash out of 500 if it gets to it. ah no i wait i'll leave it. i'll cash it out of the grand. yeah let's take the grand i mean if it. goes to. 30 yeah it goes to 30 you would have. cash out automatically anyway which. would have been 1800 ransom mr 800 bucks. but look at this one going 43. yeah look at that so what i'm going to. do. here is i am going to. i want to slap my also play on that one. i do need to go to the. little boys room and i do need to top up. my beverage. i don't know why i have 50 rounds i'd. have to manually cash out on this but. let's take it at 100 because that's. profit there we go thank you very much.

Look at this baby guy i will cash you. out at 500 bucks. are you gonna get there no you're not. gonna get there auto. auto cash uh i'm not quick so i need to. set this while the game's playing but. it's difficult to win this. uh let's set this bit a little higher. let's make this like 200 ah not quick. enough. that's disappointing so i'm gonna see if. i can set this while the game's playing. uh let's set you at 50 bucks i'm gonna. put you on auto i'm gonna set you to pay. out. at like five no five's gonna. be too low three auto bits. yeah i don't think we have too much long. left on the on the stream. uh is this gonna at least be bits no. okay. uh auto cash out 50 bucks i'm not too. happy with that amounts i'd rather. run higher i will put a bigger amount on. actually to be honest. um. what are we looking at it's not it's.

Actually. this game's paying absolute bombs at the. moment. so what i will do. is i will leave the one on the right to. run i need to run to the. little boys room oh yeah dr c and i'm an. i.t technician so people. will often call me doctor and cn is my. initials. that's where the nickname comes from how. much is your balance. so shiraz asks how much your balance. increase since decision started. uh i started with 130 000 so i'm up. about six and a half thousand. uh you'll need to check you can rewind. the. oh i'm going to put a 550 back i didn't. get on in time uh you're going to have. to rewind the stream to get. to get the exact amounts uh let me go. check for you actually. actually no no like the stream on my. side is just not looking good. god damn it and i i want to be five but. i'm gonna cash out by now. that's a little bit annoying so i'm.

Gonna have to catch this one out early. um so let me set the cash out on here. i'm gonna set this. up on two and i'll bet. 250 bucks no it doesn't seem right. i don't know i'm not quick enough i'm. not gonna have too much brandy too much. whiskey. not quick enough so. yeah so my balance increased by about. six and a half grand i think. but like i i don't want people to think. that everyone can go and do this at home. because you have to be pretty lucky you. guys can go watch the whole stream i've. been unlucky i've been lucky. ups and downs but dr cnn says he's an. idiot. i t technician but i actually studied it. i did. it engineering back in 2002. i studied arch engineering i wanted to. to go into the world of i.t. um but yeah it was a. never ended up going into it in the. sense of i.t. what kind of i.t work do you do.

Doctorsian. because i know there's i mean there's. boss like i've worked in i.t for a while. like i've worked in. i worked in um technical support. i've worked in networking i've worked in. dev i've worked in. qa i work in architecture i worked in a. couple of different it departments. and i still kind of work in i.t my. fulltime job is. still somewhat it related i. oh this one's going nicely and let's. just say that okay i. am yeah let's leave your 100. but yeah like oh gosh man like it works. really cool. um man the people are so awesome. i love i love i love it people so chill. oh what happened there uh and here we go. they're gonna cash out at like 1.05. did they my bets yes they did it. thank god they did because it must have. flown away like really. early 1.06 on both of them but i have to. set my flipping water play again.

Or to cash out what do you say 30 what's. a bit no water. 200 bet can i get that in nope oh that's. very disappointing so the cash out just. charles everything i. want to get one round great. just cash out 122. let me set that. for the next one 50 auto. at let's call it 30 auto bet. even though i've got this on the wrong. side it's. completely playing with my ocd. but i will leave this one to run have we. had anything close to that. this one cancel that one it's one round. um i'm going to leave this to run while. i go to the. little boy's room and while i top up my. beverage. hopefully you guys can be celebrating a. nice fat. a nice fat win here. on that one i'll be back shortly. oh. oh. all right i'm back it doesn't look like. we managed to hit any of those big ones. this one looks like it's going for days. is this going to be the big one that i.

Was kind of hoping for earlier. all right so we up about 6k for the. session. i have unfortunately run out of. whiskey my girlfriend had the last bit. of whiskey joshua i'm back as well how's. it joshua how's it going brother. i hope you did not bet on that 1.28. because i mean how are you supposed to. click that quickly. joshua chandler chandler from friends i. actually watched the uh. well i started watching the. the friends reunion uh. the other day i downloaded it and. i kind of got bored to be honest i. enjoyed it. i'm gonna cash this one out oh i was. gonna cash it at one point. but yeah go back to the friends reunion. show and like i was enjoying it but. i don't know there's oak squats are all. that i mean i'm pretty old myself but. like it's kind of depressing to see them. in in in that stage i mean jennifer.

Anderson yours used to be so hot. courtney cox i mean like matt leblanc. joey they're like yo i don't know what. that has been doing for the last couple. he's been trying burgers like i know he. was on um. what was it uh except the. show i'm thinking of now i just can't. put it's uh. top gear he was on top again for a very. short while actually. pop this up 300 he was in top gear for a. while. and i'm not sure what happened there i. think the show got cancelled or. something like that. but so that'll get himself going. properly so that's why i'm thinking. joshua chandler i'm thinking of. chandler bing from uh from france i'm. gonna catch this other 1.5 on the right. i'm going to push my luck a little. further yeah why not. why not let's push it up to a grand. let's do it. oh we didn't get there did not get there. oh and i'm drinking now unfortunately as.

I said the whiskey's finished i've got. some 100 reserve brandy which i'd. usually chuck some coke in with but uh. as i said i've got a coke left. uh we we've got to be due for a big one. so this one on the left is looking. pretty decent. one of the rights i want to cash. i want to cash him out at about a k if i. can get there all right let's take that. cash up. and we'll let the spiky run. you gotta hit 30 my dude you need to hit. 30. no you're only getting to 9.08. i'm not feeling i'm not feeling it here. so i'm not going to have a bet. on the one on the right i'm just not. feeling it i'm feeling a long one's. coming up but i'm feeling this. i feel like at the moment we're getting. lots of like small ones. then okay ones so. that's okay like that's great that's. okay good. good [ __ ] great. all okay um . good good okay okay.

Yeah yeah you get the idea um. like three that's pretty good i'm. feeling there's gonna be some really. really short ones. but we all drew that really big one and. i'm just worried that i have that all. the cash out center set the 30. that yeah oh we'll see. not gonna be playing too oh there we go. one point four here we go into a shitty. phase again. hatred reserve i don't i don't recommend. drinking this straight guys. uh let me just put on some like. pinterest bits over here so i have. something to click while i'm. here talking . so what i recommend guys do is like boom. cash up. if you're playing with 100 bucks then. you've cashed out you've made 56 bucks. you're happy as larry. this plan is going on if it gets 200. cash it out take. the money and run i know it's like a. watching me play. to like go for these big wins but.

Seriously guys if you. if you're seeing big numbers just cash. it out. honestly it's the way to go. i am still waiting for that big one and. i'm actually gonna. no no no no no oh gosh here we go. i hope this one up really really. early. um yes thank god okay. i want to put your auto cash out on like. a hundred i'll put you on like. 120 bucks what a bit i. i feel there's a big one coming up at. some point man. the last one we had was 43 we haven't. had 100 in a while. i hope the guys from like track cena or. one of those apps can pull this data. from from scribes right there we go. that's the guys who created the game. hmm. there's nothing like playing manually i. don't like the water play is fun and. oh it's interesting and all i wouldn't. say it's fun. uh let's go to all bets this just. where's my chat oh 1.062k. gone for that bruh i feel for you.

Brother i really do but i feel like we. should have a. nice round coming up ah. i want to get 500 bucks down on that one. well let's see what would have happened. i'm not gonna i'm not the type that's. oh yeah we'll see what happened i would. have cashed out. on my 500 let's say about. now okay 50 50 whether i would have won. or lost that one. i still want to get that 500 bucks on. let's do it. there we go. i want to push this bit up a bit so this. i want to cash out at about like even. moneyish. well i'm an individual who identifies. troubleshoots and resolves computer. laptop problems it's my dayto-day. job so tell me bro like what kind of. like are you working at a shop are you. working for yourself do you work for a. company do you have to like drive around. um like like as i said. i used to work in it. it's usually like silly stuff that the.

Oaks have wrong with their pcs. from what i remember like. i don't know if you if you know i don't. know doctor dr c and if you know. the uh the show i t crowd or it crowd. i love that show great show one of one. of the one of the better ones available. and i feel like that's really what it's. like working in an i.t department. this one i want to cash out even money. if it gets there. that didn't even get there so yeah. there's me just chilling into profit. it's been on a really low streak though. so i have to i have to keep pressing. even if i give all the money back yeah. look at that look at that look at all. these these these light blue ones. that's all terrible. they need to be at least purple. oh 1.07. wow. very very nasty. this is this thumbs up bro still going. boss there he's still going crazy with. his uh 2k.

Bits this oak has balls of steel. absolute balls of steel. he's still dropping 2k and there's my my. spitfire avatar which i wanted to change. a while ago. great playing that great player he'll. spit fire. um. this is why this is why the martingale's. going to really struggle on this game. because you're just going to get chowed. so badly i've just charged 2k in like. four rounds. check it out boom boom boom boom go oh. five rounds actually. and i'm now down to two and a half k. profit not. not fantastic. even less now um one point zero eight. what do we have that set it to a hundred. okay that's a bit optimistic but yeah. 2k again this guy must be doing absolute. nuts over here. selfemployed i own my own company nice. dude that's the way to go that's the way. to go especially in south africa like. things could be so unstable things can.

Be so difficult it's best to own your. own company man. i missed the cash out there i clicked it. but it didn't go through. yeah let me keep that one one more and. then i'll drop my stake down because. we're getting child now. i'd like to at least end the session. with a little bit of profit. it's only looking like one and a half. grand profit at the moment we were up. like 6k i think at one point. 5k. i'll take that one. so this this guy's cashing out at like. 1.52. i don't know i i want to go for some uh. i miss i want to go for some big ones. is this going to be the one that takes. us to the moon. yeah of course it is. this is sit on a hundred yeah. he's flying he's flying he's got a long. way to go to a hundred. i'm gonna take him if he gets to a grand. i'll probably cash it out. no i didn't get there okay. what usually follows those a decent dish.

One yeah. let's get 500. now cash this one out. really early if possible. like super super early 2. 500 that i'm expecting now. uh nah okay absolutely shot absolutely. shot. house but finally the live streams are. back would be nice if you could do one. for spin a zombie. yeah i did like i would love to do. some live streams spinners okay but the. spinners on kick. like jackpot race ends so early my dude. like it ends super super early let me. catch this out. um literally like. when i started doing it i think it would. go on for a while. like it's between seven and nine o'clock. every saturday night let me just drop. the steak down. but i'm talking cook. um vinolon yeah bruh i've got you on. twitter. uh yeah so so this bit of zonker races. are literally over like 20 minutes in. from when they start it's absolutely oh.

I'm glad i didn't bid 500 bucks on that. one. so my talking actually saved me. some bucks there um. but yeah it's actually over within like. 30 minutes and i'm not sure what they. base all the. all the kind of like things on. like how long the race lasts etc is it. based on how many. this game is just just destroying us now. but is it based on. like how many guys are playing how many. how much payouts happened et cetera et. cetera because the first. spin of zonker jackpot race was quite a. long race. uh i think it was only like resulted at. like eight o'clock or something. whereas the the ones that are happening. now. are seriously aviator you're okay. i'm super tempted to put it on a big bed. now. ah let's try 300 rounds that seems. reasonable um. but they do end super super quickly. these spinners on. jackpot races we're on a lot of stuff.

Okay. wow i'll put that up to 500 again not. not not aviator's just making me angry. look at that one point one three one. point zero zero one two four one yeah. don't just fly away now if you just fly. away now ill uh. surely you got to get to a decent amount. now. he's flying can i get to 2k. can we get to 2k. 3k are we going to get 3k. are we going to get 4k we got 4k. are we gonna get 5k cash out of 5k boom. i'll take it i will take a 5k cash out. and i will thank you mr vinolan sorry. i'm probably butchering your name. terribly and i'll interact with you all. the time on twitter. but pop here dm and i'll send you a. voucher. because i was thinking of some other. well while that round was going on so. seriously pop me a game on twitter i'll. send you a voucher. um but yeah i feel it's based on how. fast. yes i'll be so so vanilla says i feel.

It's based on how fast holly make the. 250k and i completely agree with you. um and brew trust me i think they'll. make it cut quickly yeah. like i know lotto saw i have the same. games and lots of saw have a bigger. jackpot race their jackpot i'm gonna. catch the start of 500 by the way. uh lotto star had theirs at like 650k or. something ridiculous. like they have their their. um jackpot race set super super high. like my problem is a lot of style like i. just don't yeah. let me just not not say it on stream i. think that's uh. yeah look at that 29. 28 guys that is fantastic after all that. they were dealing us. we at least made up a nice nice one. there with that. 500 we made 5k from that 500 bucks. this yeah. and my god yeah seriously if you guys. can double your money up on this game. cash out bruh take the money run.

You know go go do whatever you want with. the money. it's all profit ah. we still haven't seen that one hit 50.. but i've heard a little birdie that. tweeted me. that wsb world sports betting are coming. out with their. their own their. own like slot game i don't want to. reveal too much but it looks pretty cool. um the oaks at wsb are very cool guys. like except for the fact that. a lot of punters get their accounts. limited and whatnot. uh but that's that's more to do with. sports betting than casino i know i know. there was an issue there. it's not just wbsb but like some guy won. a lot of money playing one of the casino. games. and yeah he struggled to get his bucks. up but hey. i know the guys at rbsp they're good. oaks. and i'm looking forward to see what they. bring out with the. with the new kind of slots games.

Because as far as i understand having a. habanero who. run the or create the uh. spinozanke games that's the software. provider they. are somewhat owned but apparently i. don't know how true this is apparently. they're owned. partially by lotto stock. which is pretty interesting. i'm playing 100 bucks i really should be. cashing out. yes you get limited very quickly my. account that wsb is limited. yeah it was limit it's limited for days. but i have to give them credit like to. be honest they. they give me a betting voucher every. single. month like like clockwork on the first i. get an email. you've been awarded and it's not a big. voucher but. it's still nice to get even though i. don't really deposit and play there that. often it's it's really lacking to get. that voucher. um and look 90 of the time that that. voucher loses i don't make anything on.

It. it's gone like like if you would. if if i were to tell you what i bet on. with advantage with that voucher and you. bet the opposite you'd probably like. make buckets of money. but uh 150 bucks let's do it. oh no no actually this oh i wanted to. say let's not. butcher reno randy warren proper decent. oaks like. i don't know if you guys have heard the. news but betfred oh bedfried has bought. uh betting world so all the betting. world stores i'm not sure if they're. going to be rebranded as betfred. but we're going to have bedford in south. africa very very soon. i don't know if it's going to make much. difference um. i'm looking forward to see what they do. we had in the past we had. your i can't i can't remember this is. like 10 years ago or something i think. we had. was it vic victor victor victor. um hey i clicked there i clicked.

There come on you heard the click before. it flew away um. oh what is it victor now i i yeah it's. really escaped my mind. but there was a big company and they. were available in south africa and they. didn't last very long. um i can't quite ruin the company's name. though. what was it what was it i'm gonna drop. my bets down here but. while i'm trying to figure out what this. company name was. ladbrokes that's what it was it was. ladbrokes we had lab books here and i. i used to work with some guys that. worked at ladbrokes and i'm surprised. they actually left south africa it's. pretty sad that they left oh and there. comes my uh. the annual refresh i have to set. everything again. i seriously want to talk to this primer. chat. oh hey cash out one ran great let's just. let this one run forever. we should get some decent ones coming.

Soon but this is the decent one though. man. off topic do you think one day we could. get exchange betting south africa i see. twitter all these guys overseas trade to. make good money on sports. i don't think uh i don't think we ever. gonna see the exchange in south africa. to be honest. uh i think the gaming board will not. allow that. uh it's it's complicated. but exchanges are basically punters. betting against other punters. so i don't think we're gonna see that. anytime soon i. i know there's been a lot of talk about. guys who want to bring in exchanges. i've spoken to some of them personally. and. i just i just don't see it happening to. be honest. it would be it would be awesome though. it really would be awesome the closest. thing we have to in exchange. at the moment i think it's like. something like interbed.

What cashed out um okay. i cashed out at one point yeah i'm gonna. catch this one up because i'm kind of. angry about that cash out. why did that order cash out. i didn't set you at water cash out. you're not sitting or to cash out so why. are you water cashing out. anyway but you are an exchange would be. flipping amazing. yeah i'd love that huh. but look to be honest like in south. africa we. we have so many different bookmakers. and they are all like like when you. compare them to the uk. they are actually pretty decent and. there's a lot more bookmakers coming in. at the moment as well i just i just. think it's a bit. i'm glad i put 50 bucks on that one. because wow. 1.03 1.04 we got to be in for a big one. pretty soon i'm going to keep betting. and then i'm going to impress. um there's just too many bookmakers in.

South africa at the moment i feel. like it sounds crazy but. but guys will email me ask me to cover. their products. offer me like ridiculous amounts of. money and. i turn it why are you cashing out. you're not set on cash out and. i will turn them down because i'm gonna. catch this out at five. oh no i'm not let's let this baby run. let's see where this one goes um. and i turned them down i should have. cashed out 500. you're not on autoplay why are you auto. cashing out sorry guys we need to sort. this out for a second. cash let's put the 50 bucks on there. it's it seems to be an error on my side. but yeah they offer me a ridiculous. amount of money to cover their products. and whatnot and i'm always like no dude. not interested okay well auto auto. this'll this one over here seems to be a. little bit broken. let's set you on twenty a bit ah i.

Missed a bit there um and yeah like i turned it down because i don't i don't like recommending things that are not licensed in south africa i set you on 20 and let's put you i'm going to put you on 50 bucks that's not really much let's put you 100 bucks put your autobit and there you're gonna probably gonna go to like a million um i'm not feeling this now i'll put 200 here but yeah i have to turn on a lot of those offers like often there's just honestly are like a lot of bookmakers of africa and like this like i can recommend the best bookmakers on on like one hand like south african punters are different too to like european fantasy and what they're after what they're looking for i'm still going to cash out like 500.

Let's cash it up if it goes on for days. that's my problem. here it looks like it is going on for. days i want to put. i don't think we're in a good phase of. the game at the moment. tell me uh villain very seriously if i'm. if i'm like. if i'm if i'm butchering your name just. tell me. so yeah bookies are not bad there's. there is too many. but one good thing is each one offers. something different for example holly. and their horse racing market some bet. and their large implant markers. um you're right you are completely right. there. like south african that's why i. recommend punters have accounts that. like. lots of different bookmakers so that. they can make the. the maximum sort of profit or. or get the best of everything out of all. the different bookmakers. um i like the only the only place i bet. horses. is hollywood bets uh look they are a.

Couple like i've played around a little. bit on palace bit bit. coza sporting bit but they don't have. the same markets. um it's not quite the same as hollow. bears hollow bets are seriously one of. one of the best bookmakers in south. africa if you don't have a hollywood. bets account like. you know you really should have a. hollywood bets account. i'm glad i catch that one just catch. that one out just in time. so we now up almost 9k from when we. started the stream. if we can get 10k i'd probably stop the. stream but i don't think it's gonna. happen. um i'm happy with that eight seven. i see so so back in the day i used to. have a problem. on on best sports betting where okay i'm. gonna drop my bit down a little bit. where guys i would i was very critical. on bookma. about bookmakers and i would talk about. uh. places like turf sport etc who who wrote.

Like this cookie. these cookie cutter products and. basically what that means is like. anyone can go and buy a bookmaker. like if you have like 100 or 200k you. can buy a bookmaker. or you can you can start your own. bookmaker sure you don't have the surety. you don't have the money to back up when. you if anyone wins or anything like that. but you can get a license you can get a. site you can get all of that and there. were so many bookmakers that had this. that looked exactly the same they. functioned exactly the same. i don't like that i like bookmakers to. offer something different. um and there's just too many now like. and there's so many that i don't. understand how these guys are even still. open like that they have the exact same. thing that everyone else has and. i sit there and i wonder like how how. are you guys even still in business.

But hollywood bets what's great about. them is like for example they have this. aviator again they have spinozanke um. gonzo's treasure hunt which is a. recently launched live game they have. that. like most other bookmakers don't have. that. like if there was one if there were one. 1.00 you're you're you're uh. if there was if there were a couple of. bookmakers i correct if i could. recommend to panties it's like. bedway hollywood bits. sporting bets uh no probably between. hollywood bets. and wow. so we get a 1.0 and then we get a 1.01. uh i could push it up to 500 i wish. um and what's important for. for for panthers is to get your your. cash in quickly. and to get your cash out quickly and. there's only a handful of bookmakers who. actually offer quick withdrawals and. that's what i'm gonna catch that one out. so i will just maybe run on the right.

Over here to maybe like. a thousand should we let's run to a. thousand no i'm gonna run to 800. i'll take 800 bucks on that one. on almost there ah didn't get there we. got 720.. um there's only a handful of bookmakers. that actually offer like quick. withdrawals quick deposits. all of that stuff. and those are the guys i like to bed. with. like that baby out very shortly. i don't know are we going to get to that. number. because she out of the k yeah let's get. she got it okay. okay so we're making money on the one. side we're not up. 9 000 bucks we're edging close to that. 10k mark guys. vin okay vin marbury all right i'll call. you win from now on. i think from a punter's viewpoint the. deposit bonuses internal requirements. draws into new bookmakers. yeah and i was telling a story earlier. where i claimed the. the palace bet deposit bonus and.

I was playing casino again damn i forgot. like how annoying it is to wager through. a deposit. bonus uh they've got a pretty decent. deposit bonus. energy sports betting have a really nice. deposit bonus at the moment. but yeah the bottom bonuses are. definitely the way to go like. if i had like say a thousand ran for. betting. i would just run through like 10. different bookmakers and just grab all. the different deposit bonuses from them. just make the most of it because that's. honestly how you get your. your value. i don't know if there's any bad weapons. but. i remember when batman first launched. they had a. oh gosh it was terrible and i i hope. there's no one from between listening. but it was like a 100 no no sorry it. wasn't 125. match they had a 20 percent deposit. match. up to like a thousand rounds and they.

Went between africa first launched and i. was like. what are your oaks doing why are you. offering like such a cut bonus. and uh yeah it didn't last too long. fortunately they moved it up to like 125. percent. and then i think they candid completely. and they moved over to. a um 25 round free bet. like i don't give a about a 25 run. three bit like i don't. i don't understand why why they offer it. but uh i guess it's. it's for for guys to go check out the. site and see what it's about etc. man i wish i could get this chat going i. could uh. talk some to some of some of these. bras i still want to change my avatar. that's me over there mr spitfire. oh come on come on okay i think we're. going for a bit of a bad phase so let's. drop those bits down i'll put the water. bed on over there. uh holly quick withdrawal is a big.

Advantage they have you can make a. a betting weekend very liquid especially. if you need to access. funds and try have more money to find. the best odds that's from. from vin but 100 right like i can. withdraw from hollywood bets on the. weekend and they'll pay that out. super quick that's why i like hollywood. bets like that they pay out. so quickly between azel they also pay. out pretty quickly. um like a lot of bookmakers don't. understand that punters just want their. money. like if i've won 500 ran from like a 50. round bet or something like that i just. want my cash that's all i want dude. it's all at once but these oaks ah. well don't worry about flooding the chat. there but bro you i think you're the. only bride in the chat uh. talking at the moment so don't stress. between share my bet feature is another.

Game. changing is a market if you go on. twitter on the weekends they order the. timeline. yeah dude let's share my bets it's a. super like a feature i see there are. a few other bookmakers that are offering. it um. g bits g bits have something called. share my bet so you can literally take a. bet. and you can share it with your mates. okay let me pop this up. uh and you can share your bets with your. mates. so you can send them a bet for like a. hundred rand and they don't spend any. money on it. but you know i like between where the. first with that share my bets. what one point oh wow. i'm sorry i'm dropping that straight. back down to 100 off that . joke joke him around uh that was pretty. insulting there from. from aba so look at all that cuck that. they've been dealing out and then they. deal out. another big fan another.

Another big shitty um but yeah. like that shimmer bit is super cool and. we actually have a bidding section on. on best what's betting like when we. share our codes that we take but we only. take codes for like a rant. i i i don't want to bet anything bigger. than that. um but. yeah no it's uh it's such a lack of. feature. but i had a i actually met up with the. the guys from. from hollywood bets a couple weeks ago. and they told me about this game. and they're true no no we've got it's. like a game at the office it's like a. plane that flies. and you need to choose when you when you. need a cash out and i'm like yeah bro i. like i've checked this game out before i. played it when i was working with the. overseas bookmakers. and then i spoke to simon from the. baseball spending podcast like yeah yeah. bru i know this game as well.

And i was like okay well it's going to be nothing special and then they launched aviator and you're you're you're i could spend all day playing this game here um okay although i am like charring a lot of bucks now we were up like 9k we down we're down now to six nine seven k damn i wanted to hit 10k then what is the stream we haven't we haven't seen any really big ones though like look at this the last one was that 33 times or that 43 times to be honest and that's the one i'm leaving over here and i should actually move that up to like 30 i reckon in the next one i'm going to pop that up to 30.

And i'm being very greedy with my bets. like uh like i hope. the guys that are watching this aren't. betting the same way i'm betting at the. moment. um i'm talking more with chat than i am. uh. actually concentrating on the game now. but they'll be up enough for me not to. not to be too bothered. one thing that is missing and hopefully. something that spotted me i can. introduce since the introduced edit my. bet is partial cash out. and i cash out this controversial in the. better market they they have. a auto cash out there have you not. looked at the. the auto cash option you've got a uh. pretty let's put 500 bucks to see what. happens they've got a pretty lacquer. auto cash out feature i don't know if. you've checked that out before. um but it it cashes out the bed for you. kind of like what i've got going on. on the right hand side over here um the.

Partial cash out would be cut lacquer. i have to admit this i'm going to cash. out. a grand yeah let's take this cash out. over here. and we'll let this baby run on the right. oh it didn't run very far. i still feel we've got a big one coming. up i still feel we've got a big one. coming up. now sporting beats the lack of side my. only issue with sporting bit is. their support is pretty and their. withdrawals. are slow like super slow. well actually not not super slow i'm. exaggerating there. run this cache just goes just one on the. ah. i see mr 2k bras like disappeared now. and i still haven't changed my avatar. but i'm still waiting for this. damn big thing to go over 20. it's been. a while. auto auto cash out is nice i have used. it before partial cash out would be nice. as well. and sponsors yes as fantastic we want it.

All unfortunately we do want it all we. do want it all. um i think g bets has auto cash out. i think they popped me a mail about it a. couple weeks back and they do have. have something partial cash out. yeah go go go check it out like i like. gbs they're all right. um they're actually really nice dudes. like i know most banters don't give a. about the guys behind the business. but like i've been dealing with them for. a number of years and they're actually. really really lucky the same as player. bits like i don't bet that much in. player bits. but i know the owner of player bits he's. such a kid folk. they've got a new product out at the. moment i i don't necessarily like the. product. i think it's i think it's really strange. but uh. they're really really nice okay and they. and they're really open to like panther.

Suggestions and stuff like that so if. you suggest something. uh don't be surprised if they actually. implement it. same as wsb wsb are always awesome to. deal with those guys so lacquer. the doctor says i agree with you then. order cash out is nice but. we are greedy yeah bruh. i'm sure you guys have been watching a. session about my greed usually i'd cash. out about 1.8 but the only reason i'm. not is because i'm on stream. kind of hunting down some of these. bigger wins ah and then they do that. like yo zero zero. so i'll take this one down to about five. k and then i'll probably. i think that's gonna where we'll we will. call the stream round about there. because these uh these hundred bucks on. the right oversight just being burnt. every time. we've got to be in for a really good one. soon though. let's do it let's do it it's 500 bucks.

Let's do it i'll cash out it even if you. get there. and then we'll be on the mark. boom fly's away let's see. ah just missed it i just missed it i. just missed it. i have another guy i have another guy. ah now you're killing me now mummy. you're like absolutely. killing me now we're going through one. of those one of those stages where. they're just destroying us here we go. all the cash out is good but we are. unable to track our bets if we are busy. the auto cash out is great in that sense. like. but i mean to be honest i don't bet on. stuff that i can't. follow that much um if i can't follow it. i'm probably. not gonna be betting on it. let's let this baby run to three. or do you guys want to say four should. we go to four. five i'll take the five two and a half. grand from my 500. and then we still have 100 bucks on the.

Right over here let that baby. run come on hit that 20. hit that 20. i. know you can do it. i just want to see you hit a 20. come on. come on baby. come on ah 18 so close. but at least we managed to pick up a. lack of win on the uh the five. the the big bet on the side uh let's put. 100 on that. two and a half k yeah not bad. i think this one might run a while and. ah there's me saying this one might run. a while and. that doesn't even get off the runway. thanks to the stream unfortunately our. beloved s com is about to strike soon. bro don't don't get me started on. escombre you're are those alexa. take care soon we'll chat on twitter. have a good one have a good night brew i. hope. uh load shootings are right for you. i hope you got some candles prepared. over there good luck with your best. brother and i. will and don't forget to pop me at bruh.

I owe you some bucks. uh for for your lacquer your lacquer tip. over there i will pop you like a. i like about you there so pop me a dm or. actually maybe i'll pop you a dm. and i will send you the voucher code uh. you might it's probably going to be. tomorrow sometime but have a good. evening then cheers brother. uh dr cnn i wish we had cash with cash. back in. i mean like whatever the amount. deposited. i'm not really sure what you mean there. it cashes one up quickly uh. i wish if we had cash back in sa i mean. like. whoever the amount you deposited. throughout so. you're gonna have to explain that one uh. i missed that one. let's explain the one a bit more detail. to me. what do you mean like. cash back like uh. like like a rewards program. yo the guy's bits have dropped there we. had those two grand bets going on now to.

Me is sitting with my. my unlucky spitfire avatar. i'm still waiting for that big one there. we haven't hit anything above 20 for a. while. that was the last one. okay she had a now i'm not gonna. cash you out at all you're just gonna. lose. so i'm gonna take this down to about 500. that i'm gonna in the stream i've had. quite. a bit of alcoholic beverages. so i don't want that to affect my uh. my gambling too much because yeah. okay i will drop you right down. and i will manually pop you on as well. i'll let these ones run for a while i'm. going to put this on. uh what's a bad bit i'm going to set. this on. auto in the next one. oh well there's my connection uh giving. issues. i don't want to bet one round but yeah. guys i think i'm gonna call the stream. there we had a pretty decent stream we. made like what. five and a half grand from our stream we.

Had some ups we had some downs but. mostly ups. i'm pretty happy with how how the. session went. i mean aviator is not an easy game to. win but i think we we clap some real. nice bits and i'm gonna end the stream. there. guys thanks for tuning in if you guys. enjoy this we will be trying to. i'll be trying to do some more streams. in the future but it's really difficult. to find. like games to stream that are as. entertaining as this. uh with quick rounds etc etc but uh you. know i'll be having a look and. and maybe we can find something like her. but yeah guys thanks for tuning in. and if you aren't subscribed click that. subscribe button. pop the like and i will catch you next. time. have a good evening oaks it's almost the. weekend have a good one guys. cheers well before i say cheers let's. see if this one's gonna hit 20.

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