30.04.2024 HOW I LOST OVER $1,000,000 IN 20 MINUTES... (HUGE RAGE)

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Yeah i hear you what's up. oh you've been muted this whole time. hello oh my god really. you hear it talk now. why do you mute me. i don't mean to you i switch screens. let's go buddy. come on what what's the cat me and you. only. are you alone there today. okay many times running you know what to. do. i wish i was. alone with you big guy. let's start it off simple here come on. harry. come on nobody's good luck. okay for the yeah but what's bothering. fifteen hit one five six. oh soft sounding flush side of. winning this ain't gonna. oh. another car here. no it's too many of these games or. so that's all the best phone master. three two eight come on. eighteen oh please buddy let me. win this hand i'll leave. one. seven. nothing. no. no way man no way dude oh my goodness. what is happening why did i come here. dude. oh my god.

Good luck to you come on man there's no way i'm going to lose this brother come on oh my goodness bro this is crazy it's good again too many wow i mean look at the hands here dude this is crazy one more cup eighteen stand this in 17. push this time you can't cry about it we got to try this next we got to try to not cry about it we can't change what's happened put her head up and just march four one no bro stop this are you kidding me here man what is this guy doing to me today no that's good oh my goodness brother he has not given me one good hand yet what the man there's no way dude 20. dude oh my god what is happening man no but good who cares man who gives a rat's ass holy dude what is happening here and 111.

It won't let me double this right. i can't it would let me anyways even if. i had money i believe. so i'll just hit. it hit. 40.. unbelievable bro oh my goodness i'm. standing again for this guy dude. this is crazy oh come on man. lost yeah yes. thank you bro holy successful split here. i want to see five goodness dude this. guy is killing me we've gotta . turn this around here. come on baby come on. okay. we can work with this bust again bro. come on bust again big guy. 5 15 25 please. away bro. there's no way what is going on dude. good luck i think we need more magic. here. hey. that's what i'm talking about split them. up harry come on show me tonight every. day. massive hand here fellas massive hand. the pair don't mean nothing unless harry. gives us something good here come on. okay we can work with that hey two ace.

Ten two base ten two a's ten two ace ten two a's ten two ace ten beautiful okay standing there i'm gonna need a four three two eight come on seven two four three two eight i don't want a ten i don't care about a ten i don't care about a seventeen sixteen that sucks okay come on three thirteen you've got 23. no here harry come on do your job come on buddy no bud no [ __ ] yeah let's go let's go come on that's a start come on let's build this back up here fellas come on let's go come on don't suck the life out of us bro do not suck the life out of us doubling that down it's a risky double against a 10 but i believe harry's got a 10 under there show me a 10 buddy me me no it's 11.

Stop the bleeding a bit buddy please. give me a 10.. oh my goodness brother. come off of this . good luck. what a mistake this was holy dude i. don't know what i'm doing yep i deserve. to lose. two three. nice 10. come on. give me a 10.. hit it again. 12.. come on buddy i mean i've been relying. on you to bust every single hand harry. this is crazy this is crazy. oh my god. every hand. please i mean dude. oh my goodness man. yo the bomb 450 underscore buddy it. doesn't matter what we are at buddy. right now we're dealing with . harry here okay and we're at 300 . gay we can't leave stop saying leave we. can't leave here. i'm an addicted piece of . anytime. no that's all the best you called my sir. eight for the dilla foreign. hit. 876 come on one more cut. perfect one thank you bro. eighteen make it easy thank you. oh we're bringing this back guys i.

Believe come on. let's go. knock on wood. i have never lost with harry potter it's. not going to be today we're running this. come on. okay four five six come on. seven six. one more card. too many. thirteen heroes. too many these games are where are my. tens guys where are my where are my. hands where i can just sit back and. relax all right. is there any is there any wiggle room. here. please. thank you. i still don't be able i still i'm still. not able to relax though. i gotta rely on a bust. what is him six. seventeen thank you oh dude no no. thank you bro. no thank you. some reason i thought i had a 17 there. no. come on. big double come on show me at 10 9 8 10. 9 8 please 10 98 come on harry please. buddy this is massive. oh my goodness dude. i mean come on. is that a kid oh. unbelievable. 18 wow. that's crazy. betting time.

Too many rounds or hey well i lose my whole vault so one's gonna sting dude gotta turn good luck kingdom dilsey and 20 and 10 mixed code per side and winning you just had a hit that's 20. please don't have it man please we got two oh my god dude i just can't get a break holy no that's all the best two for the dealer i haven't got any i i just haven't got any good hands out of winning holy please boss bro oh my god dude i'm on this is crazy man good luck in one lose one or lose two standard 15 as well in this story all night losing 12. the best victorious congratulations anytime please no but good luck the carrying car here last game before the shoe change of course you have another 10.

Five and less. hits 12.. one more card. 30. here again. perfect 21.. 70 in steam. okay. now blackjack for the alert this game is. over. i'll proceed to change through now but. in terms of running. patience bad skills good luck. brother come on man. for real calm the on. too many dude this is unbelievable. 16. what is happening. okay again. 21 okay. it's at 20. pushing around. new bending time. no that's. good. other six water dealer soft 16. double down. with only one card 18 stand on 12.. brother come on. come on. there is no way. dude. no that's good luck. this is unbelievable dude there is no. way you're gonna pull 21 here. man seriously. what is going on this is not . legit. i'm telling you brother i am two. seconds away from chucking this. chair right into this monitor. bro i'm telling you right now. no bets. this is unfucking believable.

Seven four to do. twenty color per sided winning stand on. the 15th. hit. 16.. stand and let's see the killing. 16.. no that's. good. based on there's an intruder inside. already brother you know you got it. holy okay. i don't know how but they rigged the. out of this one that's for sure. 15 hit. 20 believable dude. stand. 24 to the left games or. many times. no bets good luck. that's a 10 footer. no i don't see it three hit. 10 20.. just go ahead and flip your tent up. already buddy it's a tie we know what it. is. 16 for the last card in the west. column congratulations. how many get a party going no. that's. good. magic seat four seven forty delay soft. 80. stand. 11 for a dealer. 21. winning the round because of black you. can switch this is comedy this. is coming. guys this guy is comedy seriously. brother what is going on no that's good.

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