30.04.2024 HOW I TURNED $5 INTO $10,000 ON CRAZY TIME (INSANE)

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Foreign. video I'm just playing a video I've ever. recorded and made put together so yeah. let's get right into it. big surprise in the middle all right. cheers enjoy the video. oh 2X. and the two bucks on it oh well. it's gonna be it. oh let's go let's go this would. be good this could be a 200x. it's a bit crazy actually it should be. pretty good. all right. into it. 2x chord. looking good. looking like a normal board should be. better. you ready. oh yes. dude I'm going this just to hit right. here. OG spot I go this spot every single cash. on. scrambles yeah they're most likely not. in the same place. this is the spot. right acrossey. no I'm down so yeah let's go straight. into it. and use those final seconds. oh my God. it's good oh my God. yeah nice one nice message there should. be challenged the guys. let's go. hopefully.

Find out that are you ready did you get. that pack yet. okay okay. there as well let's hope for the best. profit so best like everyone's on the. way. I'm down. and come on baby come on. yes let's go. let's guy dude. holy it's full screen speech. it's gonna be nasty. oh my God. in this. thing we're going OJ's we're going OJ. spot I don't care what anyone says. come on please 500 eggs. right under that Target please dude. locked in on. come on please please please I'm so. close to my monitor right now. please. this is good if I hit anything here I'm. cashing out. let's go dude. let's go. oh my God. crazy time like okay. really oh that's gonna hit a coin where. was it no bro back to back baby. uh not 24. seconds. oh my god let's go let's go. holy . oh my God what a lady let's go. oh dude. come on give us something good dude.

What. 28 I've never seen this. wait is that coming around no no way too. slow. oh my God God please please oh my God oh. my God oh my God oh my God yes. wiggled. mix. holy . this is like having 100 on it. holy . is Bored gonna be what's this board. gonna be. oh my God. the whole second gets 100. I just like. 100 100 Volkswagen is 100.. oh my God. holy you know we're going OG spot we can. we can only go OG spot. please dude. please just give us a 200 250X or. something just something big. just something fat. please please I'm so close to normal I'm. so close to my mom. oh my God. tally just won 10 grand what. what can't what can't what. what the what what. holy . what the oh my [ __ ] [ __ ] oh God. oh yeah there's your car tally no way. you just want 10 Grand [ __ ] dude. I can't catch up oh my God what the . what the what is going on why God.

Wait. come on where does it say you got time. what the . 1500 I've got 15 on it. holy he could literally win more. you could win like another 1500 right. now come on I could oh definitely could. dude. holy OJ spot OJ spot. dude that's 10 000 American as well. that's not Australian that's 15 . Grand oh my God. they're on the call with me they see. this right now the. button yeah yeah Tully that's Tully. dude dude come on. come on come on dude give me this tell. me that's not even 10 grand that's 15.. that's 15 grand. what the dude what the [ __ ] what. the man what the [ __ ]. all right boys so that's been the video. it's pretty bonkers. until I've got 15K for Australian. it's a bit of fun you know how it was. cheers for watching the video boys make. sure to use code txlly on rubat and then. just code tally on everywhere else.

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