30.04.2024 How I Won playing AVIATOR Game - This is MY SECRET

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Hi guys and welcome back to Telecom Asia. today we are going to be playing some. Aviator betting games and seeing how. much we can win I'll load around four. thousand dollars and hopefully look to. turn that into 5 000 or maybe even ten. thousand dollars so stick around and. watch me make some big winnings alright. come on. big luck today big big luck. 100 outs okay at least we covered our. recovered our stick. what the hell is this man this is really. terrible honestly we are due a big one. we are due a big one anytime soon now. come on look at that literally one time. that the court. Jesus. big one come on big one let's go. sporty bets listen to my prayers. this is a big one. I believe it in my heart this is a big. one. I think we'll make 300 of this at least. for this. yes it's going good it's going good it's. going good.

S probably. but we do not play for anything less. than big winnings cover your stick and. then hold out for Big Winners I think at. least. okay that was bad I I think at least. once in this run we should get some big. win in we should get at least a 500 or a. thousand. okay I think I'll hold out for the 20. here to turn this into a hundred. I was too late man too late come on come. on come on big winnings big winnings big. winnings let's go. wow. wow come on man this is horrible. oh Jesus Christ man. I can't get any worse than this can't. it's today is a bad day a bad day in the. office our own life. but. luck should turn in our favor very soon. cash out there come on 300 at least 300. here. at least 300 here let's get back in the. 4000 range. let's get back in the 4 000 range. and then we can start playing with the. big boys.

We do not settle for anything less than big minutes come on come on come on come on honestly today has been actually look at this run look at this run compared to this and compared to this let's do a quick one it's been a rough ride ladies and gentlemen a rough rough ride but we believe okay so at least the 50 cash out to 100 and then we see what we can make from the 20 I think this one will be good okay cool come on 20 to 600 I'll be absolutely buzzing with we have we are doing a big one right we do a big one right you're a massive one plane is going has flying high we like to see it 10 11 12.

Yes lad come on okay we are back to around three nine let's go that was a good run probably carried out a little too early but you know what's we deserved a little break um 36.9 is that was good that was good hopefully we are still in the pink or at least purple I would honestly take um just like a hundred a cool 100 um winning overall okay looks like the lock is turning now we cash out 100 here let's try and get to 200 here and at least we are back to the 4 000 range and then we can be a little more risky we just about missed it but hopefully we are still in the purpose we don't go back to any blues and because we know what we think about Blues right the blues are awful we hate Blues 100 okay fans are looking good boys things are looking good ladies and gentlemen 3981 just about to get to 4 000.

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