30.04.2024 How To Play Aviator Game On SportyBet

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Good day guys and welcome to this video. and in today's video I'll be showing you. how to play aor on sporty bet okay so. guys po I if you like this video. subscribe to this channel leave a. comment in the comment section share. this video and also contact us for ask. and collaborations at the description of. this video so let's proceed so now head. to your browser then search for or just sporty whichever one you prefer. now head over to your spoty. bet so right now what you need to do now. let's wait for this to. load so now tap on. games now Select A View. to. so let's. switch so now to bet now put the amount. which you like to bet over. here. okay so to bet. 200. okay so now I want to typ on B so now on. the next one now you enter at this one. point I think 10 okay so let's wait and. see so now you can cash out any time.

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