30.04.2024 How to use WeMe/Alxum USB 3.0 to SATA/IDE Adapter with One-Touch Backup Function

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Hi everybody so today I'm going to show. you this when we use b3 2 Zeta /id. adapter with OneTouch backup function. I'll put the link and 20% discount code. down below in the description. this adapter allows you to connect any. SATA or ID drive to USB port and. transfer data up to five gigabits per. second this means you can easily clone. disks create backups and to recover data. from crashed operating systems or. corrupted hard disks ok it comes with. micro USB 3.0 cable AC adapter this. device requires external power supply. whether you use 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives. this is power connector for 3.5 inch ID. drives simple user manual and CD which. contains user manuals in PDF and data. backup application this adapter has one. SATA and 280 connectors for 2.5 and 3.5. inch drives data backup button on/off. switch DC power jack micro USB 3.0 port.

And power connector for 3.5 inch ID. drives so let's plug this in and see how. it works. what employee device so there is no need. to install any additional drivers so. let's go ahead and plug this adapter. into the SSD and flip the switch here's. a new Drive and as you can see I have. full access to its file system so you. can easily recover data from a crashed. operating system or access your files on. some all drives from a broken laptop or. desktop ok let's check in the data. transfer speed I'm going to copy this 4. gig file to the SSD and as you can see. it's pretty fast when you're done using. your drive click the safe remove. Hardware icon and eject your drive. before powering the device off now I'm. going to repeat the same test with one. two and three simultaneously connected. hard drives let's start with the SATA.

Hard drive well it's night and day. difference between SSDs and hard drives. so let's connect base 2.5 inch ID drive. and copy the same file to both drives so. as you can see the whole bandwidth is. equally split between two ports when a. little it's gonna get their drive under. the same test for all the drives in. order to connect. the 3.5 inch ID drive we have to use. this power connector plug it into the. adapter and then into your drive so. basically we got nicely divided. bandwidth between all drives when you. connect to IDE drives whether it's an. optical drive or hard disk you have to. set one of them as a slave otherwise. this adapter won't detect any drives. okay so according to this diagram. there's no jumper on these pins this joy. was set to master so next to must set. your second drive as a slave if you look.

At the general open settings as you can. see this jumper set to master to set. this particular model into the safe mode. we just need to remove this jumper the. jumper settings may vary between brands. and models sold sugar drives jumper. diagram the same connection and. disconnection procedure for an optical. disc drive basically can connect any. type of optical drive like CD DVD or. bluray with complete reading Android. and functionality all right so now let's. install this application and see how one. touch backup function works check this. option if you need a desktop shortcut so. first connect a hard drive where you. want to store your backups it's. absolutely empty and as you can see this. app has just recognized the drive and. USB type before it can get started you. need to configure your things click. config tab and check this box it will.

Assign your PC at the original backup. source to the connected hard drive click. Save to detail TB path and select which. files folders or drives you want to. backup for example I want to backup my. documents. desktop and the database on C Drive. finally click the option tab and make. sure that these check boxes are selected. so I'm gonna go ahead and press this. button and click OK to start backup. operation once completed you can open. the drive and check your data. okay so if you lost our files you can. easily store our data from the previous. backup click the restore tab and here. you have two options you can restore. your data to a specific custom location. or to the original place it's up to you. quicker store and as you can see I've. got all my files back so it's pretty. handy function especially if you only.

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