30.04.2024 How To WIN 100K Playing Games Mr Beast

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All right pete here with the small. business resource center i'm going to. show you. a game that you can win a hundred. thousand dollars on. march 20th um if you're new to this i. would say check it out anyways because. if it's after march 20th they're. probably going to do this again this is. the second time it's called finger. on the app 2. you got to download this. app. it's from mr beast and i'm going to show. you how to play so it's. not that simple you're going to watch. want to watch the instructions real. quick so you don't make a mistake. next you can practice you can actually. buy extra lives. buying extra lives you can get three per. person. but if you do mess up you can buy back. in. so this game's going to start uh at. about 5 p.m it said. so i'm not sure if that's eastern time. but i'm assuming it is three days eight.

Hours 30 minutes. from the recording of this video but. download finger. on the app 2 um. and then of course you can hit battle. now when you hit battle now. i'm going to show you all the ways to. play this game so you don't mess up. one you'll notice. before the timer runs out you have to. put your finger down and you can see. this. i'm assuming this is your opponent but. i'm not sure. while you're playing this the practice. is five minutes the real game is going. to last much longer. if you do not when you touch that. section you continue. if you mess up and you do not touch the. section. the game will end so i'm going to show. you how that works. very shortly. and there you go the game ended so this. game seems simple but. that was only you know 10 or 15 seconds. if you're doing this for an hour it's. going to be different.

Also the one thing you have to keep in. mind is you have to decide which finger. you want to use. if you try to switch fingers the game. recognizes that. and you'll notice i lost so. that's why it's not so easy even though. it's a hundred thousand dollar prize. you can easily screw that up the other. thing that i have done that has screwed. this. up on accident um i was checking the. game out laying down. and boop notice what happened. because you use a pointer finger this. finger. touch the screen it recognizes two. fingers you lost. so you don't want to do that cannot. switch fingers. watch anything else that touches the. other thing that i've done is i was. holding this with my hand. playing and then of course i coughed. and then my other finger touch the side. of the screen. if you do that you're gonna lose only.

One finger can touch. at any given time you cannot switch. fingers. and this thing has to move so. it seems pretty simple but. this game is gonna last many hours last. time i think they split the hundred. thousand dollar prize to four people. um this time who knows what's gonna. happen. but it's going to last for a little. while. anything that pops up on the screen. you're going to want to touch. to keep the game going so i would say be. prepared you might want to have a drink. handy. of course you can go to the bathroom and. do stuff you just have to bring the. phone with you. just want to follow the rules maybe with. your second hand if you're. holding it maybe you want to consider a. glove or something like that that's not. going to be. too warm but. or maybe you want a case or something a. bigger case than what i have so if you.

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