30.04.2024 How To WIN Online Casino Slots: My Top 4 Secrets REVEALED 🎰🤯

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I wanted to make this quick video. sharing a few tips on how to win slot. games when you're playing online casinos. now i'm going to go through different. tips just a short list of what i you. know but i really think can help you i. know it's definitely helped me win some. money in slots and what i did was guys i. chose the three best online casinos for. playing slots at least in my opinion and. i linked them down below in the video. description i'll specifically name why i. chose those three casinos but either way. if while you're watching this you want. to try one of those casinos out you can. click on the link that i put down below. it'll bring you to their signup page. with the sign up bonus uh already. activated and just so you know i chose. uni bet and bet 365 to link down there. and i recommend those two for all of my.

Nonus players and for any of you who. are based in the us you want to get your. slots on you got to do it at ben mgm the. only reason i say that is because first. of all it's available in a lot of states. here in the us and dude their signup. bonus is incredible you get 100 match uh. deposit match up to a thousand dollars. and 25 no deposit bonus so automatically. you have 25 free dollars to gamble with. on slots or anything else so those are. the three i chose those are the reasons. now let's get into it so the first thing. you should know about playing slots when. you're playing slots in an online casino. is there's an algorithm built into this. bad boy it's a random number generator. so literally the chances of you you know. there are billions of different outcomes. every single time you spin there's. billions of different outcomes that can.

Happen right so that's just something. you should know right away however you. might be thinking oh this is some random. number generator so you know what's the. point in picking up on any pattern. there's not going to be any patterns or. there's no real way to to be a better. slot player that's not that's not. exactly correct there are practical tips. you can apply to your slot playing that. will definitely help your chances and. number one is run run run the away. if you're on a cold streak if you are on. a losing streak in any slot game don't. think that okay if just a few more spins. i'm gonna get it no just leave the. algorithm is cold for whatever reason. and just just leave there right now so. tip number one if you're on a cold. streak leave tip number two understand. the game you're playing know the rules.

There are tons of different slot games. and even variations of games and there. are even sometimes sequels to previous. games like cleopatra for example clear. patch is a very popular slot game and. there's like cleopatra plus there's two. other clear patches right each one is. going to have a slightly different uh. gameplay ruleswise and a slightly. different variance as well so a slight. so each each game is going to have its. own variance or volatility so what does. variance or volatility mean very. important to know if you want to be good. at slots okay so. it's basically as simple as this there's. high medium and low when you're playing. a game that is a low volatility game. what that means is you're going to i'm. speaking particular slots here it means. a low volatility slot game is going to. give you a lot of wins pretty often but.

They're going to be very very small. sometimes so small that it won't even. like really make a difference so that's. low volatility medium volatility is. you're going to have wins every so often. like not quite as often as a low. volatility game but you'll have once in. a while you're not going to be going you. know 15 spins in a row with you know. dead silence you're going to have wins. but they're going to be moderate they're. not going to be as low as a low. volatility utility slot game but they're. not going to be huge or rather what i. should say is they can be huge here and. there but mostly they're just going to. be like you know substantial or decent. now then you have high volatility slot. games a high volatility slot game is. also known as a high roller slot game. and the reason simply is because when.

You're playing a high volatility slot. game you're not going to get wind for a. long time and then out of. nowhere you're going to get a huge win. like sometimes several several hundred. dollars um depending on how much you're. betting it's really really time. consuming and usually games that are. high volatility um usually have some. sort of uh level up feature so people. are they know they're in for a long um. slot session and they're working their. way up different levels so they can. achieve higher bonuses and whatnot rule. number three if there is a demo version. available. definitely play the demo version first. before you're playing a slot game for. the first time not every casino has uh. actually has a demo feature but a lot of. them do and sometimes you don't even. have to sign up for the casino you can.

Just go to the casino site go ahead and. just click on any game and you'll be. able to demo it so you can see what the. game is like and sometimes even within. the demo feature there's play money that. you can you know kind of play with and. you can just see sometimes the play. money is as high as 5 000 sometimes the. play money is as high as 500 but either. way it's usually a pretty substantial. amount and you can kind of get an idea. of two things one you can get an idea of. what the gameplay is like and two you. can kind of get an idea about how. aggressively you can bet. you know any given five hundred dollars. or any given five thousand dollars the. algorithm isn't different from when. you're playing live versus when you're. playing a demo it's a legitimate. replication of real live play so the. odds are going to be similar you can.

Kind of get an idea you know an. anecdotal first person experiential idea. of what that slot game is like both in. chances of winning and in game play and. my final tip my friends is arguably the. most important take advantage of any and. all sign up bonuses and ongoing. promotions so here's the deal when you. first sign up for a casino um you're. going to get some most casinos offer you. something it could be a deposit match it. could be a no deposit bonus sort of like. bet mgm does they give you 25 no deposit. bonus but they also give you a depo. match a deposit match of up to a. thousand dollars so they kind of give. you both but either way utilize and take. advantage of those sign up bonuses. because it's basically giving you free. money you can look at it two different. ways you can either look at it as free.

Money to like 25 in the case of bet mgm. you get 25 free dollars and you can use. that for 25 of free slot play or some. sign up bonuses actually come with free. spins so that's something you also want. to take advantage of but besides the. signup bonus that you initially get. offered when you first sign up for any. given casino there are also constantly. ongoing promotions that most of these. casinos roll out and offer and sometimes. there's a time stamp on them sometimes. they'll roll out something saying some. up you'll get an email that you might. miss sometimes because you know go to. spam or whatever but the promotion will. basically be deposit 50 into your. account any time in the next five days. and we'll give you a match deposit and. 23 spins on some random specific game. this can happen like in the middle of.

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