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Yo what is good boys welcome back to a. brand new video today is an exciting day. because we're on sweet Bonanza and. whenever we play Sweet Bonanza it's. always fun let's get straight into. boys bonus always looking forward to a. sweet bananza session of course bro of. course let's get it man come on bro. Positive Vibes big wins big wins only. please come on big wins only positive. vibes. only hopefully big multis only as well. today what we yes. sir we need to see can we do it we'll. find out in this. episode in this episode of the biggest. win of the. Year bro please can we get the biggest. win of the year in this video that would. be great like right at the end of the. year it' be pretty hard on sweet you. know we'd have to spell some big buys. today yeah I know I know um who knows. maybe we just go a massive profit streak.

And just start in 10k buys at the end of. this video hey that would be nice that. would be nice let's try try it come on. sweet sweet first furnace is dead yeah. the thing is I feel like um whenever we. up we go for crazy buers oh nice yeah we. do we're pretty good for it we feel like. a lot of time we don't really play that. safe and that smart we do push content a. lot yeah we we play for the content and. play for the the fun of it cuz let's be. real it is fun doing big bonus gam it is. a gambling Channel after all it is it. would be stupid if we didn't gamble. on a gamble. Channel come. on right we missed on a 50 and a 25x. what is this yeah not the greatest of. starts uh wow okay H can we do maybe not. yet maybe maybe a 1K by let's do a 1K by. yeah I saw you start increasing maybe. not yet yeah not yet not not feeling it.

Too much come on now we hop on a winning. streak first one is a loss fine one more. you know no now we now we get. something better there's a there we go. there's something beautiful that's the. best thing we've had so. far yeah I can't believe we already. missed a 50x well that is what sweet. Bonanza does missing this is that's I. know I mean had 10 spins this bonus. already oh my I thought we might get. yeah we got purple was there that would. have unlocked a lot of. goodness but we didn't. so come. on no bro we've had seven purples in. this bonus about 10 times yeah doing it. he's. baiting mic. please melons melon yep come on keep. going no. sir I want to get point. today oh my God okay let's just do. another onek by I don't really want to. increase the bet just yet because we. aren't doing too well understandable we.

Are losing we are losing losing is not. fun come on give us some wins give us. another. re we need to get one more win before. the end of the year man come on finish. off 2023 with a bang yeah I'm a big win. bro I just want to see a 100x. multiconnect on a big tumble bro it's. been so long. I've seen 100 exactly that look very. nice feel like every time oh that's nice. oh oh W good bro that was so satisfying. Max bananas at the top I know that was. sick okay and we got a retrigger money. back oh yeah H I forgot that back up to. 10 spins and I already got more money. back so if this doesn't profit I don't. know what those honestly I mean $70 can. we make $70 and seven. spins come on. we Le have 10 spins please oh my. God okay we go there we go I was going. to say oh keep going oh oh my God oh my. God I thought we got purples and I.

Thought we got greens and we didn't get. any so close to all the good. stuff yeah I mean it is better it is. better that's good slowly getting better. one more. hit please. no last spon is a dead one but it's a. much better bone than what we' have seen. so far now we can increase the profit. right let's do a 12200 1200 that's go. and now let's connect the 100x bomb. Libra it's just been so long since we've. seen the 100x and actually go crazy 50 F. now and then and then 100 later yeah cuz. bro the thing is once when you get 100x. it's always just with like one. connection it's like bananas PL X and. bananas is so bad it is you just wish. you didn't get it I'd rather. lose this just painful bro oh what is. this man we got a little profit and now. we're back into the losses and it's a. big loss well that is a bad loss all.

Right one more run it back even out the. BS but we actually do need to win cuz. we're down to 2K yeah this is kind of. not been a great start but it's fine cuz. whenever we start videos badly you guys. know this we always end up winning. really really big yeah to be fair that. has been happening but please. man go going the one keep going keep. going grapes greens we need the. greens mate give us. greens. oh are. so greens that would be juice all right. 800 come on we need to keep. going still not uh into the profits not. yet BR that's what so many so many Chan. is to connect. there really I don't like this I don't. like this at all why why is it not doing. good stuff for us bro don't know maybe. we go back to the 1K and 1200s aren't. paying let's try it before we get into. the next part of the video if you want. to gamble yourself you should sign up.

Here on 500 Casino click down here on. the rewards section and use the code. hype crew that will give you rateb on. every bet that you place and a 100%. deposit bonus on your first deposit on. 500 Casino you will also be able to. compete in our monthly wager leaderboard. and win huge prizes for wagering under. code hyp crew for more information on. 500 Casino join our Discord server and. we can help you with any questions you. may have now let's get back to the video. I don't know hopefully this pays because. so far not so good I'm not trying to rip. a balance in 10 minutes on sweet. bonander would be very sad yeah it. wouldn't be too good if that was a title. of the video you rip the balance in 10. minutes on sweet. bandza. hope you enjoyed guys please no please. no come on oh please bomb. bom. again you either get 100 bananas or.

Purples with a 5x yeah. literally one of the two. scripts oh come on man please stop being. dead wake up for us sweet. sweet wake up wake. up wow okay every single buy is is. losing his money what is this 14 maybe. try something new yeah sure 1,400 I. don't know I mean like no money left but. one of these has to pay right it's sweet. bananza we're playing it's it's not like. No Limit yeah it's not it's not going to. be a volatile slot but right now it's. looking like a hacka it's looking like. wanted get one. winless Blues yes thank you melons. melons yes thank you bananas yes yes. thank you there we go okay that's nice. that's really good though that's a 46 x. that's really good that's like yeah 2.6k. a lot of bombs iing know. beautiful bro when you said finally got. a when when you said that's pushing. it yeah true just asking for everything.

Purple Pur would be nice though be nice. but we'll take a 200 x regardless very. nice. yep all right now keep on going keep. doing that I'm glad you suggested to. raise the bat cuz it worked it worked it. worked needed it needed. something I this okay well last time we. won we lost in the bonus after which has. me worried that that's going to happen. again but maybe maybe this is this time. is back to back and now we got 1,800 and. go crazy okay you think let's do it bro. cuz we're either going to win big here. or we're going to lose big here cuz I. feel like that's what sweet banza does. after a win you can lose really bad oh. just going to get a B to back juicer so. let's just hope it's a b to back ju. let's just hope it's a b back jua. Maga please yes please grapes yes. bananas yes going just keep going. Mel oh my God BL oh my br oh my that's.

Like that's like. 6K nice bro that tumble was sick that. was so good bro the melons at the top so. sick man I know bro was that Max Max. melons yeah Max melons and and then we. got the purples and we got the oh we. just got everything on a good multi as. well 20x yeah we got everything man. let's go there we. go there we go back to back bro the back. to back work it was do you were right. and I'm very happy you AR right because. oh my God we needed that we needed that. badly again. going hey we got a read hey we got a. read it's not over yet it's not over. till it's over 7,000 7K win that is sick. hey get us to 10K $1,000 more maybe get. to 10 if we keep going another re. another bro we just reset the. bonus back up to 10 hello yep come on. let's do it. again give us another big hit oh. my please don't use dead spin going to.

Be 10 dead spins I think it might be. though after all those wins is not B to. pay in anymore yeah probably not no way. 10 dead spins wow okay well that was a. great re who cares we're up to 9k it's. nice we are up to 9k that is very very. good okay it's only right if we run it. back you know like I'll do 2K now we. have to show respect to this bonus buy. for how good it was thr it's time for. the profit streak this is it this is. what we were talking about profit streak. we need this is it come on the biggest. win of the year on the sweet Bonanza. session right. here think win the year like two days. before the year finishes yeah it would. be nice good timing finish off with a. boom. mhm oh come. on well the winning streak has come to. an end wait. bananas. really. this two as. well okay um well I guess the fun had to.

End at some point still though do one. more it would even out the b that's I'm. going to say and we will do one more. your wish is my. command come on please just just do what. that other bonus did bro we cannect f. everything that was. nice that. back hello oh please don't just go. completely dead now that we do that. again oh my yeah there we go again seen. that. before please. sweet man bro it's the exact same payout. again come on this time you connect yes. G plums plums no why are the I mean. that's like money back bro it's l exact. save oh where are the plums when you. need. them oh well you need him but at least. it saves at least it saves it would have. been a loss SA is good save is needed. I'm going to suggest something you can. say no if you want but 2.4k buy right. now is looking do even out the balance.

Nice let's send it let's send it come. on come on this is where we need it to. start going crazy this is what I was. talking about when we un profit we go. crazy yeah and hopefully the look. continues cuz then we'll just finish off. with a crazy. balance yeah I mean this is we. gos yeah this the moment we need to you. know carry on winning yeah sometimes. it's hard but please oh my God got to. make the most of it the opportunity to. win. big blue. blue Bananas. going grapes okay bro oh my God I mean. we don't have a bomb we don't have a. bomb yes. nice nice yes there. we what a call RA the. B bro we was waiting for a bomb and boom. 25x bro I was so worried we would not. get a bomb because it happen a lot I. thought I thought we weren going to get. a bomb either but 25x literally perfect. yeah that is it's good enough for us.

Nice man nice for us lit going to be. like a 10K we got 10 spins left man yeah. I. know. going back to back well two 7K wins so. far today very. good come on let's make this one even. bigger even better loser in. oh I keep going. oh okay another 10 another 10 like. another grand yep yeah nice you take. that keep. going keep hitting sweet. sweet. please um wait bananas bananas oh please. oh keep going melon. oh okay i500 yeah $500 just for that. it's crazy. nice one okay okay 8.8 nice the B's. looking juicy it is looking very juicy. now the question is where do we go next. bro because I was going to say right we. do 18 or 28 we do a 28 we can all right. we can that's I don't want to decrease. the BET size right now bro I'm not going. to lie increasing it is back to back. again come on this is this is what. happened last time.

Please come. on we bananza can you do some for us 20. oh my. come. onas melons we need something here. three yeah okay that's not the best five. spins come on yeah slow start but it's. fine most wins on sweet bonan are come. towards the end of the bonus I. feel okay now please plums please give. us plums what you need plums we got a. plum not plums a singular Plum that is. disgusting maybe some big spins what are. you thinking big I'm sure let's do it. how big do you want to do Max bet cuz. yeah oh sh maybe these are expensive you. know what screw it down to 10 imagine we. get in let's try let's do 10. spins no no no not over please not over. oh my God that's what I mean 50 SP it's. too quick bro okay come on we we do need. base game hits for purples nice okay. there we go that's like a. thousand come on keep. hitting we can do more spins or all.

Right well it's just not hitting what. okay. good hey come on man sweet b a base game. is usually better than. this yeah okay as soon as the big spins. just doesn't connect maybe. now oh more good look an extra. one. app like two grand. bro yeah I don't I mean I wasn't. expecting it to be that bad this game. yeah the spins are just horrible the. hell really. bad okay all right um I don't even know. what do we do we just got to stick to. bonus bus today bro I'm not going to lie. 2.4k byy yeah send it again it's our. lucky. amount we got to wiend this video off in. profit but feel like we need one more. one more. juicer definitely going to win in profit. but yeah we kind of want to just back up. to 10 back up to 10K would be. nice those spins did kill. us but then again if we spawn in we. spawn in we could have. literally anything.

Anything whatever number you. like. yep. come on right now this is the board. apples no 6X man oh so annoying so. bad ah what is that this is a weird bad. I have a bad proposal to make what's. your bad proposal we got 36 but it's. it's risky but it's big 36 listen this. just needs to pay and then we and then. we've done what do the symbols pay on. this bro they pay big holy they pay a. lot ban Banana's paid $99 on its own. like let's just do. it please man this this pay profit and. then and then we're chilling we would be. big chilling come. on I want to be. chilling oh my. God no. no how do you not connect more man how I. thought we were going to get plums I. thought we were going to get plums on. melons yeah. anything one connection on 100 EG it's. likee. please no man it's like the most perfect. timing for a 100 x bomb literally on the.

Biggest bonus of the video 100 x drops. in again again again again again oh my. God what are these BS ones I don't know. they're just not doing it they're not. going Apples. please Blues bananas bananas we need a b. we need bom we need a bomb we need a. bomb please big bomb big bomb big. bom okay that's fine that's fine that's. good that's good that's good be c yeah. there we go nice one okay we're up to 10. it worked kind of yeah all right that. was a good shot now we can do some more. spins maybe spinning oh more more. massive. spins oh only three I guess three. spins on one day we'll do it 20K. bonus. SC is as as close as we got all right. well I think it's a good time to end we. went up we went down and 10K is good. yeah I was worried we weren't going to. profit today after how good this session. was I mean we got up to 12K then we went.

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