30.04.2024 HUGE BETS ON CRAZY TIME BONUSES! (500Casino)

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Yo what's up everyone my name is thomas. tv drives and today once again we are. playing 500 casinos we do have 1000. dollars in advance and yeah as always. we're gonna hop in on the live games. right here in the section gonna pick. something so i think for today we could. easily go with some crease time as well. you know chris time is always good but. always toxic at the same time it's. really annoying like okay it's really. annoying because most time it doesn't. pay but it gives you kind of just like. fun moments now because that's how it. works it's really fun to watch you enjoy. it a lot it looks cool but it never pays. good that's how oh please okay that's. like the hardest thing in all this what. kind of balance how what about what. about the history all right the history. doesn't look that good. never mind if reflect didn't help anyone.

Here so in my latest video my editor. told me that i'm playing really dumb on. the crease side so yeah you know boys we. are always spending on pretty much all. the bonuses because we take all the risk. right here if i would bet only on the. normal you know like two five and a one. they're not gonna pay back and we're not. looking here to make 25 dollars or. something like that in profit by doing. three houses our goal here is five to. ten rounds and make big money instantly. of course it's dumb mommy doesn't worry. that but that's what we're kind of. arming for could he all the way keep. going for the pachinko and can our first. spin be a pachinko oh man that's so. close i had today a session on the on. the cruise time on my live stream and in. the same station was a casual and for. the first time ever the magnus and.

Christine woke it out on my side and. dropped casual and i got with a 25 or. 50x casual nepalese so it was really. good yo guys i truly hate to interrupt. you in the middle of this beautiful. video but 500 casinos offering a 100. deposit bonus this is nonsticky which. means you don't need to use it if you. don't want it and they're gonna give you. 50 free spins one of them is going to be. in the dollhouse on the sweet bananas on. the free party jumps bananas and on the. right called the looks so yeah boys you. just need to hop in on the 500 casino. click on the rewards redeem my referral. code video apps yeah boys that's it. enjoy the one ups and the boys ones. let's get back to the video but. otherwise if you don't know i do live. streams as well on slash we. drafts every single day boys and. normally at 5 p.m at this moment you.

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