30.04.2024 HUGE WIN On Big Bass Splash In This BONUS HUNT

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This is being expensive. we just need one of them to pop off. we might be all right. time will tell hopefully better. oh dear this might not even be as much. as the last one. since you said you ship over again. absolutely. two to go. wow. wow that was a bit of a shocker. a bit of a shocker thank you for. clicking on the video by the way make. sure you hit that like button please. don't forget to subscribe we are on the. road to 50k it'd be lovely you could. join us also if you want to check out. what we're playing today we're playing. the slot jerry there's an as well come. off for you on spot jerry link's down. below just help us out a lot if you. click that link and make a deposit but. if you do do that. good. well okay you want to match them you. want them to be wild and stacked and. that's when it can go mental. yeah but it's not the one we want.

Because if we'd have got that one. stacked yeah there's locally is going to. come out because it started would have. got that wild and stacked every time it. came out it would have been wired. but all those would have turned to. wireless that's when it comes. oh. yeah if you get that mate it can just go. crazy i've only had it once and i've got. one off for full screen. oh yeah. only takes one bonus to pop off though. so a long way back to 5 15.. we can get there though big best splash. just annoying last time we played it. remember we got all four of the things. we've got four out of five didn't we. yeah and it was pam oh yes it was. i better miss his first time you ready. okay. random. huh. oh. okay. wow. that is fabulous. surely that's 100 yeah. just one. ah he was there again. still not single. hooks. just one. okay 12 extra free spins now this is.

Where we went dead last time yep if we. could just get a minute we'll get 200x. up here. yep two more from eleven. oh wow. i mean just one from the last four spins. and we're in a great spot here just one. one. just. one yes. i was not expecting this no no in the. slightest me either now we need three to. be in dreamland. i mean is it possible we got 12 spins. yes. i don't know what's happening here. i've never seen this before we broke it. well i'm just gonna it's gonna pay as. well. time's free. i'm going to be very upset. once. disappointed it's a fantastic bonus yeah. it is fantastic that's not i cannot. believe. we had swat seven spins yeah the last. dude eight spins we've got extra books. as well to try and bring it down. oh. uh. uh. lovely. i mean if we're to get money back here. total money back then we need to hit.

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