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What's going on let's see nuggets this. is big daddy and we're back we got two. thousand dollars in the balance we're. back in crazy time if you haven't. realized by the time the title. and the video itself uh if you guys want. a portrait boy make sure to like and. subscribe we're trying to hit 30 000. subscribers and you can also go to. if you want to play it for. yourself and enter the code fly 69 just. like that. and uh yeah that's that let's. get into it okay we're starting off 250. dollar bed super super super. stupid don't play like this this is a. bad way to play uh we're just. first bet. gotta do something crazy for the first. bet obviously i feel like the i'm trying. to. fix the. camera angles bro i don't know. is this wait. this is probably good right this this is. good this is good this is good.

No way 65 grace time first bet. oh my god. holy yo high five. hey. oh kidney stones that's a lot of. kidney stones right there let's see if. anyone's anyone seen here. obviously yellow gang nothing else uh. double oh my bro imagine oh my . god bro this is this could be . insane this could be literally insane i. really feel a double please be double. actually just please be double. please no it's not that. oh let's go how much is that. that's four point something k right. oh okay 3k that fee is good though that. is good wrapped in five thousand. dollars bro oh my god shot a crazy time. bro what the holy [ __ ] let's go to. tournament then i guess i up on. this one. wow i cannot believe that i'm so up with. these 60. first bet oh my god okay video. disappeared that could be a catch on no. it's going to stop it breaks on them i'm.

Going to switch that way right. so five. not one. holy bro okay we're already up. three thousand dollars first bet. first bet 3 000 this is where i. want to end the video thank you so much. i'm just kidding not imagine i wish i. could end the video now honestly oh my. god i cannot believe that i. cannot believe that 10 with a 4x please. don't be 10. i'm sorry guys if you're. betting on 10. this round but please don't be 10.. i'm rooting against you. because i'm not on it okay that could be. a question for sure. no it's not going to be not in class but. i don't need i don't know what i'm. thinking honestly five years ago we did. like six dollar bets or videos like the. entire video was like with six dollars i. don't know i don't think i have those. videos left on youtube maybe one. coin flip but with the 2x oh my god.

Potential uh we used to do an entire. video six dollars. that's still decent though. the 25 dollar bed 18 would be . banger that's a red i know it's a red if. it's blue it's gonna be a respin i know. it i know i feel it i feel it. it's a respite respite look at that nah. okay no respect whatever it's 200. bucks we'll take it we'll take it yeah. guys it's insane the fact that we're. doing 160 dollar bets we literally used. to do. six dollar videos not bets videos the. entire video balance was six dollars how. crazy is that you know what [ __ ]. it we're gonna do a 320 bed stop please. actually don't be a one man that's. a one. guys here's how we're gonna end it we're. gonna do. these 12 hits and spins and try to spin. into a bonus on clover bonanza this is. the best slot out there if you haven't. played this you're missing the out.

We're all already down 200 bucks but i. feel it though i feel it it's a thousand. dollar bonus if we did it it's a. thousand dollar bonus we should probably. go for the 500 bonus actually. let's probably put on quick spins as. well i was wondering why it was so. slow so it is pretty difficult. to hit but it's not like super nancy or. any of those slots it is. it's doable for sure you can definitely. hit it but stay tuned for the next video. if you want to see a thousand bonus on. here. uh we'll do it it we're just gonna. end it and then start off right where we. left off. imagine a bonus on this one oh. not that spin oh my god it was a . almost full screen. yeah this was dead. it i'm not complaining we made a. lot of money today four thousand dollars. as we're running off i love you i'll see. you next video peace the out and.

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