30.04.2024 I bought two $5000 bonuses on GATES OF OLYMPUS.. (STAKE)

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Yo what's going on guys welcome back to. steak today we have ten thousand. five hundred dollars but we're gonna be. doing two five thousand dollar bonus. buys on gates of olympus. check out my link in the pin comment. below get yourselves a free promo claim. yourself some free money yeah with that. said. let's get into the video. i'm gonna be doing two 5k buys and no. matter what they pay after that that's. what i'm cashing out. i'm not going to do any sort of trigger. bonuses frost is going to be here in a. second. he's muted though i think that should be. good level wise. i'm sure foss will join the co any. second now let's do a 5 000. bonus without the double chance on. preferably. here we go 5k in a single click come on. serve me well gates of olympus please. i've seen what you can do i've seen the. clips. do it for me come on juicy boy.

Okay nice it's a good hit we need his. arm to raise if you want to get any sort. of maltese this is huge if you drop some. multi though only if you drop some multi. that's a wasted spin no hit so don't. count. pain oh no come on. okay we gotta hit that's fine we're on. at least the two eggs it's perfect. could be a lot worse. i'm nervous though we've only got 10. spins kind of need a retrigger oh the. 10x but no hit. kind of toxic kind of toxic on that one. zeus come on bro. six spins i got 300 to my name okay. that's gotta be purples right oh chop it. drop multi drop multi drop multi. drop a multi zeus come on zeus don't let. me down. surely he doesn't drop a multi there. but you're dropping multi there okay. dude i mean greens. oh okay wait hold on it's not over yet. that's it though i got five spins dude i. am not confident ah.

I need a top symbol here or something or. a re trigger. no hits last spin. that's so bad nine hundred dollars back. from five thousand hello hello foss you. missed the first one. but trust me you didn't miss much i did. a 5k buy and it paid less than a. thousand dollars. wait your first buy was 5k yeah dude i. did a 5k buy and it. can pay not even a thousand dollars dude. i'm pissed. i'm going straight in for another one. here we go come on zeus. don't let me down again whatever this. pays i'm ending the video even if both. of them throw. okay oh at least the multi hit. okay the first bonus fight we did quite. a few spins until the first actual multi. landed. okay. no hits though a little toxic gates of. olympus. come on come on dude. okay we at least got it here i don't. think that's gonna be another one though. okay on an 8x with seven spins again.

This is not great. i literally need the best symbol oh my. god. no shot right. what am i looking at right now. what am i looking at right now. i can't comprehend what just happened so. i just spent. ten thousand dollars and i got back 1300. from two 5k buys i i don't understand. i don't get it i gotta do it dude for my. own sani. i just spent 10k and got back thirteen. hundred dollars. i have to do one on the in the vague. hopes that it at least covers. some of my losses because so far this is. awful. i i i actually don't know what to say. i'm just speechless. yeah um for like the last. god knows like week or two oh everyone. maybe drop a scatter at least then. a 2x yeah bro the last couple of weeks. the casinos have just been in collect. mode. nonstop. but am i gonna get three backto-back. bonus buys that are. just awful i think i am you know.

This isn't even close to. laughable this is just no this is. robbery man it is. it is literally robbery that's it that's. all she wrote. all right i maybe i. never do gates of olympus again it's not. just gates of olympus bro it's just. slots in general are just genuinely. dog right now yeah i literally said. to myself i was gonna do two 5k buys and. whatever it pays i cash out right to be. safe so i at least get. some percentage of my money back but i. never expected two 5k buys to pay back. 1300 in total that is. hideous again it is gambling but you'd. expect a little bit better than. 1300 that is so bad gates of olympus i. to be honest bro i really like this slot. but if it keeps doing that i'm not. playing it ever again that is. so bad listen i appreciate you guys. supporting the videos whether it's a. loss or a like obviously i appreciate it.

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