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Yo what up guys and welcome back to. another crazy time session so as you can. see guys we on stake and we on car time. right now and guys I decid to give. another chance to this broken game as. you can see guys I have a. 1,500 bucks on balance right now I'm. thinking off to start with the my basic. strategy of betting on 10 and for each. bonus round but the thing that I'm going. to do in today's video is actually. interesting guys because I just want to. B for two and five because all the. previous sessions on crazy time went. absolutely Shameless guys and a five. would bet on five I would win so I would. let just like have money back so we. already down $125 and why did I not do. the first bet with actually strategy all. right so we need to bet for oh wait 75. for two wait I'm calculating right now N. I going to get 225 from two but I going.

To get like okay we safe right now but. it's not that much for the bonus rounds. actually guys because $25 I mean minimum. we need to get is 10x and this is one I. mean what a great start of today's video. guys what I can say all right guys wait. let me do quick calculation so that's a. $300 right I need to bit more here this. is 10 bucks profit on 10 this is $300 on. wait this is not $100 oh my God guys if. you're going to hit that is actually no. bro it's breaking like as hell hard bro. it's five please nice all right this is. oh my God guys we down 20 bucks right oh. my my calculations are so bad guys I. need to change something here 60 okay. something here a little bit here oh my. God bro okay guys wait this is has to be. great right I only see two yeah only two. is actually bad right now here okay and. I need to bet $40 for 10 because there.

Is no reason to BU 50 okay guys so I. decided to give another chance for the C. time but I think this is the mistake. because you can see all the previous. sessions on crazy Di and they went no my. God bro and we hit coin flip guys this. is the game that I actually not want to. hit with this strategy because we are. betting $400 and here if we're not going. to get a 10 without money so it's even. hard to get a 10 on coin flip guys so. 15x okay this is going to be a little. bit of profit so red please if it's blue. guys we just freaking wreck okay nice. that's not bad we might back right yeah. we actually back to the B guys almost we. down 200 right now a little bit of night. gambling right now guys what I can say. and wait I need to this doesn't matter. bro I'm going to do like that about. crazy time in every session I'm telling.

You guys that this game got broken and. it's straight facts because another. confli right oh yeah it is or it's two. okay so two weight is how much is. actually oh for weight how much I am. betting. 435 I got here but I'm betting okay nice. 10 bucks profit we I guess shot bet for. no 70 okay I should bet for conf flip. for sure because conf flip is actually. so ass game okay little bit of drink. here sparkling water Cheers Cheers. everyone for the Pinko am I right break. no okay this is this strategy I freaking. love it guys because look we now never. going to miss I'm going to be hitting it. back to back to back so this session has. to be long guys thing if I would bet. only for bonuses I don't know why I was. not betting like in this way in the. previous sessions because it was. horrible guys it was many many sessions.

Like it was I guess five sessions or. even more I did record them but there is. no bonuses and I just lose money so I. did not upload this videos it's so. boring hit a 10 right now that will be. so great wish for a little bit oh my god. dude you cannot even hit a 10 that will. be. $1,000 there is $1,000 in one freaking. sector here all right before we get into. the best part of the video I want to. show you the welcome offer and bonus. system on stake where you can earn. rewards to be eligible for VIP system. and $14 bonus you must have an account. under code sketchy on stake if you. already register an account and last 24. hours you can click on the guy in top. right corner go to settings and then. offers enter the code sketchy in the. welcome offer box and click submit after. you successfully registered your account.

Don't stake and the code sketchy you can. join for my Discord server and find. topic with the14 welcome bonus on stake. and follow all the instructions here. thank you guys enjoy your do 14 welcome. bonus and let's go to the video I. actually like how we go right now I mean. with the numbers but look at the session. once we're going to get a streak of ones. we're just going to die guys we just. have only three bats to go okay for X. penko that will be lovely guys I already. see this is not possible because this. wheel is breaking so hard do you please. break break now it's one bro oh my God. why am I playing this game dude why am I. playing this game all right I guess not. I just going to do in this R so just a. little bit for bonuses hopefully we're. going to get a bonus oh my God crazy. time please I give you another chance.

Guys if we're going to lose today I. don't know how soon I'm going to back. for this game no it's too fast for the. crazy time bro can you break so hard. right now it's breaking but bro oh my. imagine seven X crazy time so okay 35 oh. wait I lose money because I've been. betting on oh my freaking God bro just. lose money on two because I was baiting. for bonuses here all right guys. hopefully you're doing well guys and um. 7x no it's not possible bro it's. breaking so hard there is no chance to. hit that and that has to be. penko hit a cash please cash cash cash. cash push it for a cash no break break. break break bro freaking hell I can't. play this game dude oh my God that was a. pachenko okay so we shoot bet for 41 for. sure for five right now yeah yeah it's. too low for the five actually it's 60. per five I mean yeah it's really low for.

Five you don't hit five just going to. down guys two okay if we're going to hit. two that will be actually crazy guys. we're going to back if we're going to. hit two it's here the is here now it's. too fast oh no it's one this game. bro I never going to back to this game. oh my God this soing stupid game dude. how can I even play this bro. like yeah as I said if we're going to. get like three once we're just going to. die bro it is like this game is freaking. ass and what I can say oh my God no. bonuses are all like oh my God Evolution. gaming are you kidding me bro so. if that will be the bonus right now bro. I just going to like got a freak out bro. no there is no bonus so all right guys I. decided to give a c time another chance. I got a huge mistake right now but. mightbe no all right bro it's one I just.

Bet only for bonus rounds I just have no. time to bet for other things but bro all. right just one try guys just one more. try here and uh all right wait how much. did I need to bet here so I guess it's. brother I have no time bro oh my God bro. bro my calculation are so bad here is. yeah it's bad calculation on the numbers. all right it's one right it's two. hopefully nice all right guys I don't. know why but bro I just get out from. shower right now I don't know why I. decide to go with this game once again. but I decided to give it another chance. and all right I need to do like that and. I need to do like that and I need to do. like that bro I'm betting so huge so. huge all right 170 onent. Tre 7x crazy no way we're going to hit. that bro this is no act way because it's. too stop no it's no bro I how can I play.

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