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Welcome in to another video we're. starting with $10,000 today and I could. only stay away for so long I love this. game so much and you guys seem to really. love it too from the last video I posted. it actually performed really well you. guys showed a lot of support a lot of. likes a lot of comments and a lot of. views on the video so I do really. appreciate that because luckily this is. a game I really enjoy I did a lot of. spins last time and honestly I feel like. that could have been my mistake. oo. I feel like maybe I should have done. more buys because the one of the buys. that I did on the last video actually. did really well I I don't know if this. is more of a buy type slot by the way if. I sound a little more quiet today it's. because I'm recording this late at night. and I do have neighbors I don't want to.

I don't want to wake them up you know I. don't want to make them pissed off I'm. not in the house yet but eventually. eventually we'll be there let me um I'm. going to do this let's do an. 1840 just horrible numbers so my plan. here was to try to go for high numbers. on these 17 that's really good I I want. to get one more High. number I'm taking that okay um we. have probably about $4,000 invested into. this. bonus actually no probably closer to. 5,000 I think it's about $5,000 invested. into this bonus this should be a good. bonus though I mean we have 46 balls. right now well I think we're going to. have 56 cuz it's going to level up. right is that how it works oh not yet by. the way so my goal in this video is to. get one of these Golden Balls uh so I. found out what they. do but what I don't understand is how I.

Didn't get one on the last video because. I actually had a couple of really close. hits on it so the way the Golden Ball. works is these open up right and then. when these open up if you have a ball. that goes in one of these holes then you. get a golden ball where like the whole. board turns crazy like minimum win is. 100x maximum win is like. 10,000x um I somehow didn't get that I I. don't know how I didn't get that when I. did mine because I really feel like I. had a couple of the balls go right over. where the Golden Ball is at wow this. actually isn't as good as I thought I. mean we're already on level four here. like this is where we're at we're. definitely getting to eight but I don't. know if we're going to be able to get 16. realistically I don't think we're. getting. 16 I mean as long as I get a couple of.

100 X's I won't be upset there's one Wow. first. 100x so this is already like pretty good. money back for us. definitely not profit though it it all. depends on this next one also why are. these not opening. up here here's level eight for us I. really don't oh okay we got springboards. that's good springboards but no uh none. of these which is. bad I'm going to spam a couple of here. somebody had commented like dude you. should you should spam it and not wait. because then the balls are going to. bounce off of each other that's not how. it works dude that's not how it works I. wish it worked way but unfortunately you. cannot rig the game against them I. really wish you could I we actually. might get to level 16 because these. springboards here double 10. X's holy what a bonus we're. absolutely getting to level. 16 there it.

Is all these springboarded balls too we. we potentially have a shot to get a 32. if we get springboards on on uh 16 we're. definitely getting to. 32 other than that though I I don't. think we would get there look at this. 5,800 right. now I can't believe we got that uh what. was it 54 there's another. springboard holy please give me. springboards please. no I guess we kind of do have a shot but. if I had to guess probably not I don't. know that went up a ton right there just. from two that went up a. ton I don't know it's hard. telling I'm just doing two at a. time oh I don't think it's going to do. it it's going to be really close but I. don't think it's going to do it. unfortunately like look at that that. just went crazy there but it seems like. he's slowing down. now another 100x would be amazing yeah. that was a bad one damn 32 would have.

Been . crazy I mean 7,500 there for how much we. invested it's overall profit but I wish. it was a little bit more because that. was oh my God man if we if we would have. gotten springboarded there that would. have been amazing we definitely would. have gotten a 32 so we're already up. theck question is do we buy again what's. what's the next step up here 3,680 see. that's dangerous I I like doing the. lower buys and trying to build it up see. like this is really bad here I'm doing. something big for anyone that. supports your boy okay I am giving away. $5,000 in the form of a weekly wager. race for anyone that plays under code. fencer g on gamdom not only do you get. activated for the $5,000 by using my. code players will also get a daily. surprise as well as instant daily weekly. and month rank back on all of their bets.

And I'm not done there make sure you. guys go in the description and join my. Discord the link is always in there. because you can stay up to dat with all. the leaderboard statistics but. additionally I'm going to be giving away. free spins in there tips all kinds of. bonuses you name it I'm going to be. doing it to give back to you guys so to. get activated for all this make sure you. go over to the rewards tab once you. register on game click activate now and. enter code fencer g I forgot on top of. all that you also get 15% rate back for. the first seven days by activating thank. you guys so much for watching watching. and enjoy the rest of the video 4 57. let's let's do two tries on the four. here six it's a little better but it's. still bad I guess I'll try to wipe this. out one. more oh that's really bad that's really.

Bad so we're about $3,000 invested into. this bonus here I don't know if that's. going to be good enough I'm just going. to spam this and hope it works we did. get a oh yeah that's not happening. that is not happening look at that. $3,000 just down the drain right there. only 30 or 3,000 or Jesus dude 330 I. can't even think straight cuz I'm seeing. all these numbers down below I really. like this slot but man this I I'll try. one more of these before I go up damn. it's bad. again I guess we'll try 358 cuz that. seems so they value that's crazy they. value one extra ball to be $120 that's. that's insane I feel like it is not. worth that that's you also shouldn't be. able to get the same number back to back. that's kind of up 17 balls I. guess we'll do. it I think we're going to try to spin. into one after this I'm going to give it.

Like 50. turbos oh I am not liking this none of. them spawn in the middle we're. definitely not getting to the next level. literally none of those spawn in the. middle holy that was bad two back. to back that were just terrible ripping. 3K each that was so bad let me um let me. see here let's do this oh $80 spins I. guess we'll do that we we'll do 50. turbos here $80 spins it's a $40 base. bat I'll do 50 turbos so what we're. doing right now O come on no what we're. doing right now is we're paying 100% of. the base betat for double the chance to. get into the bonus I believe that's what. what it. is debatable whether or not it's worth. it oh this would be nice if we get it. though because last time I did this. last video we made on this slot I was. doing this and I still just could not. spin into a bonus it seems way harder.

Than pinea Plinko one to spin into a. bonus that would have been a bad setup. anyway oh this is not looking good see. I'm tempted to stop at here like 3800. just to do that bonus or the bonus. buy oh oh I don't. know oh oh my God this would be amazing. if it gets in 29 it's not going to get. in damn oh 25 I take 25 instead oh my. I'm going to freak out what why does it. have to be night time I want to . yell right. now no that was. tragic 10 spins. left I it's just insane to me that it's. so hard to spin in the bonus Pine plink. one was so much easier to spin into a. bonus. on like I'm tempted to go to Blackjack. and try and run it back up enough to uh. do another bonus buy or. something maybe we don't need to Turbo. it I feel like I'm going to end up. having to redeposit here is that even a. line oh my God it's not even a.

Line yeah I think this is going to end. up being a. redeposit please oh that was big that. was big I didn't see the exact number. but I know it was. Big Damn man at least we got the bait. that's all I asked for. really I think I'm going to redeposit. like 5K after this and just try to go. for the. gold maybe a little. more last. spin not happening all right I'll be. right back we may have redeposited just. a tiny bit. more than I said we would so if we spin. into a bonus on this bat oh is that a. four line oh my God I thought it was the. lines on this are so. weird if we spin into a bonus on this. betat it's theoretically well it is a. $7,000 like $800 bonus buy which would. be amazing or it's like. 7,500 I guess Let's do let's do 25 spins. 25 turbos $80. bet I don't know man it just. seems it seems like this isn't a one you.

Want to spin in I I could just be having. a really bad run but it really seems. wildly difficult to spin into a bonus on. this oh 15 that's decent like if we got. a Fiverr it' be all right not like good. but yeah okay maybe they'll give us this. one cuz this is bad nope can't even get. that this is just something else man I. I'm just going to fire up a b here I'm. done with these spins that is just that. is brutal we're going to all in and uh. see how it. goes yo that is nuts I was thinking. about resp spinning it but this wow it. doesn't even let you respin it when it's. this good I'm going to I'm going to do. this I'm going to respin this. one okay we improved we'll take it 43. balls so we should at least get a couple. levels up here base bet is $40 this is. the exact type of bonus we needed cuz. there's no way we're not getting.

Advanced to the next level I will say. though a lot of those a lot of those. dropped outside that was a little. concerning there a lot of those dropped. outside of the middle you want as much. as possible falling into the middle oo. that was a good. bounce not the best start honestly I. really wish we had a better start than. that we're definitely going to advance. to the next level but I just don't know. if we're going to get past four cuz that. that just was not that. good okay we're in four let's drop these. so now we're going to have ooh no I was. hoping he would jump to the 100 this is. not good we have 40 balls to make it to. the next level but the problem is it. just gets so much harder it gets so much. harder like the more you go up like look. at that none of those even even stayed. around the center there look at our.

Payout right now our payouts terrible I. don't think we're going to make it. there yeah there's there's no way we. make it there I think we're actually. going to lose money on this bonus buy. which is absolutely . disgusting dude holy that's bad. that is bad that makes me rethink liking. this game that is really bad that was. like the best case. scenario outside of getting like. 999999 and we got 1,300 back on a. $3,680. buy that was . terrible I'm going to just turbo the. rest of this balance I guess and uh I. don't know hope we maybe spend it into. another bonus look at that 99 right. there. 99 that is the max amount you can get on. this bat oh. no I mean don't get me wrong we probably. would have barely got level two but. anything at this point anything I'd be. happy with holy yeah this was bad I. mean I'm open to making more videos on.

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