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I copied steve will do it sweet bananas. strategy that's what we're doing today. welcome back to the channel i don't have. 20 000 like steve but what i do have is. a couple hundred dollars and mr fulson. himself likes to full send because i've. been watching his streams his videos and. he likes to go crazy with the bonus. buyers well what we're gonna do today is. some big spins we're gonna try and spin. into a massive buy and we're also just. gonna do some regular buys let's see how. it goes drop a like on the video let's. get straight into it i have not played. sweet bonanza since my previous video. you guys have probably already seen it. so we're gonna go straight into this. with a 40 buy. oh boy sweet bonanza does not usually. pay for me but let's see what we can get. from it today i'm feeling pretty good. i'm hoping that we're going to get some.

Big wins here today and uh that's a dead. spin oh yo how did those not connect. those gems look beautiful on the board i. was like yo that's a perfect connect but. uh we didn't get it so good. all right bonanza. there we go peaches. punk anything else though. actually how much is that seven months. okay. eight bucks so far. be honest here no. come on bonanza. retreat at least. right so first spin is uh what you call. a nice dead spin i'm going to do a quick. 75 cent spin 40 spin again. man bonanza is one of those slots it. either pays or it does not pay and when. it doesn't pay it really doesn't pay. come on i want to see something 12 nope. come on man i see a lot of dead spins. that's not what i'm talking about when i. say i want to see something. that's a big that's a huge heart hit. damn. yo it's 80 bucks bro. what taker nice that was a big heart.

Here. can you imagine a 100x on that whoo. anyway that's good we're back to uh. profit not much but. at least it's something 40 buy again. here we go straight into it not wasting. any time here. one minute let's go. come on peaches no. come on. gems. gems here okay gems drop one jam. peaches. come on. come on okay pinks pink gems bananas and. pink gems are the big multi come on come. on come on come on yes tumble's looking. huge big malty i need a big malty oh yo. that's good that's good six and an eight. okay we'll take it. that's good. that's good we'll take it but james that. could have hit would have been big 15 on. the board more uh more of a tumble no. okay whatever. 25 so far. come on almost back to what we paid for. this just need a few more 25 x come on. guys lana's gems peaches yes peaches. goes. grapes and then.

Green gems no. all right i think it's about yeah just. uh just a little bit of a loss there. we're gonna try and spin this a few. times go for a 1.25 spin 1.50 actually. see if we can get lucky with it you. never know last time i did this i. managed to get into a 375 bonus buy that. paid huge. so if we can do that again i'm going to. be very happy. nana's all right we're gonna do a buy. here we're gonna do a. 60. i'm gonna step this up a little bit. probably shouldn't be doing this until. i'm in profit but it's all good here we. go guys 60 dollar buy leave a like on. the video subscribe if you're new. we're doing this all for the content. here uh. come on not looking good. nice. gems here oh man needed gems needed gems. all 50 it connected peaches peaches. please yes yes bananas yes this is good. this is good keep going okay it's all.

Good we'll take it we'll take it we'll. take it we'll take it 46 win right there. beautiful almost um. almost back to that 60 that we paid for. it come on peaches oh that was hype. hopefully you guys enjoying this steve. will do it video if you guys are and. want to check out steak click the guy in. the top right hand corner go over to. settings go to offers and then in the. welcome offer box if you use the code. quick timing within the first 24 hours. after signing up you'll get access to. the vip system on stake which will give. you money back on every single bet you. place you get instant access 18 plus. let's get back to the video imagine it. just kept going guys imagine 50 that's. so nice to see. come on 10 nope. blonders. watermelon no that looks dead. okay looks like we're about to pretty. much break even on this.

Bananas no all right 146 in the balance. we're going to do a 40 buy once again. we're going crazy we're going crazy that. 50 is connected means it's going to be a. good day we're going to get some big. wins peach oh no peaches hello. retreat here nice nice we'll take it man. retreat off the rim. all right 12 spins to go peaches nope. none of these beaches watermelon zillow. nine spins can't get any connects. bananas no okay. come on bananas getting dry. does that connect it does not that. connects and that's a retrieve wow. okay. two retrieves. two retrieves all right we better at. least break even. two damn retricks come on. don't go dry though bonanza don't need. these retriggers if you're gonna go dry. on me. how did those gems not connect. oh. come on nice. just need some multis there isn't a. single multi here. five x i didn't read another reach rig.

I've just just noticed that three. retrieves bro. three retrieves how many spins 11 spins. now. okay apples hello. 15 a 12 and an eight on oh that's on 40. cents two. it's a nice win okay 26. 10 spins to go. come on guys. oh hearts there would have been. something. 25 eggs can't believe how many uh spins. we've had another retrieve. what is going on how can i have so many. retrieves and it's still not even gonna. pay it's not even gonna break even guys. no i will this is definitely breaking. even for sure for sure. gems. come on man. yo. okay that's a nice nice keep going keep. going much is that 18x 6.33 we're still. not even we're still not even. and i can't believe i'm saying that. we're still not even. wow. that is something else 30 spins and you. don't break even okay we're going to buy. a 40 buy once again. i'm in disbelief i'm in shock i cannot.

Believe that we did not break even on 30. bonanza spins. 30 bonanza spins. oh that's a big it's big peaches oh. that's gems too. keep going okay big malty we need yes. yes yes. nice okay eight that's good that's good. we'll take it. 24.. come on we need more of that. oh yeah drop a retreat here. okay. we didn't get that but that's all good. come on we need something here. nice. but not peaches no nope okay. come on we do need to at least break. even on this one oh that should have. connected bananas no 27 on the board. all right gems here maybe if i'm lucky. nope didn't get it but that's actually a. little something six bucks 33. all right. final spin it's dead all right 129. right we're gonna do a 60 buy. here we go this is the one that needs to. pay if you want to give me 30 uh spins. again this one will be the one bonanza.

30 spins would be this one right here. okay. come on. okay that's actually pretty nice that's. really nice actually it now needs big. multi. can't get it. not get the big multi. right 11. six spins to go no connects there. five spins that's connecting and that's. a 12 x. just needs a bit more in the tumble. four spins to go bananas are connecting. we need gems here gems should come in. nice big gems that's big uh. that's good that's good i'm not sure if. that's money back yet but that is really. good 35 40 okay it's almost money back. almost money back. and we still have a few spins to go yes. yes nice. ah gems there so close. come on ah retreat no. right 50 dollars we're down to 117. we'll do a 40 by here. that previous one had so much potential. but we couldn't do much with it so 40 by. here here we go. gems again. james had to come in there man that.

Would have been so nice peaches here. baby. nice grapes. okay maybe gems if i'm lucky please jams. oh 50 there's a 50 purple gems too oh. man powerful gems would have been huge. but yo 50x on 60 100 105 win yo let's. go let's go six spins to go still how. much is this going to pay. four spins come on come on oh 12 12. these multis are insane bro. is this here 112 i mean if this is it. i'm still happy final spin here. right 112. we cashed out 180 but i was. not done yet we're doing a steve will do. it strategy video so i had to get a big. win for this video i decided to deposit. about 350 dollars and i just kept. spinning it until i managed to somehow. spin into this. that's right a five dollar spin. here we go. bro we just spun into a 500. bonus buy okay. this is gonna be insane here we go. here we go. oh a retrigger off the rip would have.

Been crazy come on connect those blues. there nice oh wait they don't connect. okay never mind never mind not nice at. all um. okay hold on we need to change this okay. guys come on man five spins left we're. at 31 right now come on this is a 500. buy. bro please connect okay what's melons. peaches okay watermelons here oh big. gems oh my god massive multi here. massive multi here please okay 15 2 2. that's still huge that's still huge it's. well over 200 289 oh my god. all right two spins to go bananas no. retreat no final spin. gems all right it's paying 321. we ended. up cashing out about a total of 400. including our first deposit and as you. can see here we're taking out 200 from. the ethereum balance and the rest of. this balance will go towards another. video it may already be up on my channel. i don't know depends when i decide to.

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