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Today we're copying train wrecks tv's. slot strap that means we're doing djing. spins all day i don't have 100k like. train but what i do have is 1k which i'm. going to depot and do five dollar spins. until we hit the gates of olympus bonus. it better pay but before we get into. that i'm gonna do a couple buys on gates. so i've got 200 in the balance as of. right now we're going to do a couple of. 100 buys we're going to see what we can. get going and then what we're going to. do is five dollar spins with a thousand. until we hit the bonus with that being. said let's get into it 100 bonus buy. let's go. man we're still we're starting our thing. strong today baby maybe steak wants to. give us a nice win here you never know. guys that's actually a great start. see if we can get a bit more on that all. good though 5x.

First spin 5x guys we have nothing to. complain about that's actually amazing. that is going good so far. all right the multi just keeps stacking. it up baby atex two spins deep two spins. deep eight x that's what we'd like to. see now. drop a ten for the boys for the boys. drop a 10.. all right let's take that now a bit of. multi on this please. okay now drop that multi zeus do your. thing baby multi multi multi multi. okay 23 right now. come on let's just stack that multi up. oh every trick would have been so nice. come on eight spins to go that is not in. well i thought we hit it for a sec reds. are not in. all right we're gonna start seeing. something now guys we've got five spins. to go four x could have hit there did. not happen. let's see if we can get purples here. first oh boy oh boy hold on give it a. sec uh we only have two spins to go but.

We could do something with this we're. currently at an eight eggs damn hold. these are all flopping bad 6x flops 24. on the bike right now bro dab dab that's. so nasty that started out so well then. it just dry spin us for so many in a row. bro ah that hurts we only have 124. let's just do half of the balance. quick little 60 buy. maybe zeus will pay on this one. i still can't believe how well that. started and then it just dries on us for. 10 drives 10 spins straight man so nasty. bro all right listen. this is a 60 buy. uh i don't know about you guys but i. find that on the lower buys they seem to. pay more for some reason so let's just. see if that's the case today. uh multi on this would be nice but uh. doesn't look like it's happening we're. currently a four dollars guy. guys guys where is that christmas lock.

Come on rings here nice okay uh i'm. ulting this don't give me two baby six. that's quite nice. now give me some purples and nice that's. in now give me blues and a big big big. multi or a retreat we'll take a retrieve. multiless come on come on man give me. some chalices here nice now multi this. multi this multi this big multi all. right we'll take that to 6x that's 23. dollars just off that but if you dropped. a 10 or 20 that would have been so much. money. all right multi stacking don't think. we'll hit anything here. how much is that it's a quick 270 we're. at half of the buyback but as you guys. know we lost so much on that first one. man. we're down pretty bad give me yellows. yellows nope. 30 right now bro come on at least break. even on this at least break even on this. one at least. at least bro multi this come on come on.

Zeus come on baby oh. all right we're at 90 dollars we're. gonna do. you know we'll just do a 60 again. i don't see us getting a crazy hit. otherwise. it's gonna be hard to make back uh that. whatever we're down right now i think. 110 ish. all right zeus baby come on do something. for us here. a 2x. and it doesn't connect. don't dry spin us man. come on we're down. these chalices should come in. um. bro you guys got to be careful if you. guys do bonus buys just be really. careful because. you can lose a lot of money as you can. see right now we're down pretty bad and. it doesn't look like it's going to go. well for us but let's see hold on no. that's not in. that is in and we might get particles. here. okay gonna be hard to get yellows but we. couldn't do it it doesn't happen. we're at five spins at a 2x on the multi. 3x drops in.

Come on baby oh. so many rings connected there but we. just needed more in the multi we're 19. right now. come on. zeus bring it back for us. bring it back for us. bro this is rough. wow. blue's here. okay now multi this at least. at least multi this is only a 5x it's a. little something oh we can't even get a. multi on that what is going on we're. gonna do some spins real quick. quick little two dollar spin. 40 by. not like we can do anymore. let's get it baby post the other bye. come on. let's go let's go let's go let's go. let's do it. nothing happening there give me give me. give me okay full screen that works. blues here. uh some multi would be nice on this. no okay. three and a three. would have been a nice start to be. honest but we can't get anything. man. three in the two all right give me uh. hourglass oh. i can't even get that.

Multis of the 5x what do we have 10. spins on the board okay and that's. coming in. give me yellows here. okay seven on the multi. but nine spins to go see if we can get a. something going retweet would have been. uh nice can't hit anything there. four can't even get it. gonna be hard to build off this. maybe yellow is here and a multi first. chalices okay wait wait wait this is. looking a little better. give me purples in a multi. no. i've had so many chances to make this. back give me rings here no. seven dollars on a 40 buy we have three. spins to go. three spins to go we're at seven dollars. i'm sorry crowns should have hit. bro. here do something for us do something. for us. can we get something here man please. oh seven dollars you hate to see it but. the retail is in and we've got a hundred. dollars so 300 start.

Ah just gonna kick it off with a 60 here. we're down pretty bad right now so i'm. hoping for a nice win if we can at least. end this video in profit. then uh it's better than losing two or. three hundred all right zeus baby do. something for us. okay should be able to get some more. hair wow can't get purple's gonna get. blues. so close to everything you give me a 2x. all right let's not cry because uh i. feel like zeus is listening eight okay. it's a little better. we got we got a 10 on the board we've. got a 10 on the board okay we can work. with this. oh 50s in the 50s in the 50s in boys oh. my god okay wait this is a 60 by this is. decent real quick if you guys are. enjoying the video and you want to check. out steak click the guy in the top right. go to settings go to offers and then in. the top box if you guys use the code.

Quick timing within the first 24 hours. you get access to the vip system money. back on every single bet you place and. it really does help me out with these. videos so check it out if you want to. let's get back. okay this could be insane the 50 is in. the 50 is secured that's not hitting. it's not hitting chances baby oh don't. dry spin me don't dry spin me we just. got a 50. don't try spin me bro five. spins to go on this oh my god those. rings should have hit man oh 15 bro we. got three spins to go don't dry spin me. on this. okay yellows baby oh my god no. wait nothing is connecting nothing is. connecting chalices anything. bro it just dry spin me on a 50x. connected it oh 55 in the balance. wow. come on get me in again. all right we're gonna do a 40 buy. come on four. nice. give me rings here nice more multi on.

This. no oh 100. oh my god the 100. oh my god base game 322. oh my god 322.. 100x. oh my god that's my biggest win playing. gates my biggest win playing games the. 100 the 50 x drive spin and then the 100. the one i was trying to bonus it the 100. drops down. oh my god that is. that is something else wow. 363 does it get better than that does it. get better than that maybe it does let's. see wait wait wait wait wait maybe we'll. get in. one more. week okay multi this now 180 crowns. crowns. no. since we're doing a train wrecks video. wouldn't be right if i bought the 500. bonus so instead we decided to try and. spin in i deposited 1 000. and after playing for about an hour. it finally happened unfortunately it was. about 5 am so your boy had to be a. little bit quiet besides that everything. else is recorded enjoy and here we go.

Well maybe. okay. more multi. multi. come on more multi baby. okay multi multi multi multi. bro multi. nice. four. it's a 43. okay stuck in the malty. nice we're the blues. beautiful. nice. three two nice that pace man. beautiful what's that two three six. three hundred already. this could be huge nine spins left. come on baby big multi on this beautiful. four five and a four. okay 350 six pins to go. nice that's in two eight dollar tumble. no way bro. that's huge how much is that. 216 just on that alone. bro is this gonna be a thousand dollar. win like no joke. okay two spins to go right. wait. whoa that atex is not in. oh that's it please multi this give me. the rings of multi bro please multi this. please. oh my god this would be insane if it. hits. please multi please. he ain't gonna do it bro 600 win. we'll take it. that's 1.1 we're taking out that's been.

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