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We've done two videos like this the. first one I deposited $10,000 and I lost. it the second one again I deposited 10. grand and I lost it this is the third. one I just did a video where we took 20K. to stake and I made 5K I'm adding an. additional 5K to the 5K that we made in. our previous video and we're starting. out with 10,000 however there is a bit. of a Twist I am going to go all in with. whatever profit I make at the end of. this video right oh where to start. there's only four Stick Originals we are. playing mines Plinko Dice and limbo. every other stick original is banned. yeah that includes Kino right I don't do. these videos often all that I ask is. that you drop a like on the video if we. get 1K likes I will do this again in. probably a month's time we're going to. set this to 2X and guys we're going to.

Be doing $500 per bets okay the first. bet normally determines how these. YouTube videos go so let's find out in. three 2 1. 1.76 really before we get into the next. one guys I want to quickly mention if. you want to check out stake or stake us. click on the guy over here go down to. settings go over to offers and type the. code quick timing within the first 24. hours after signing up you'll get. instant access to the VIP system which. will give you money back on every bet. Place we've got. $223 right now all right we're going to. get that next bet logged in5 $500 once. again that is the minimum we're doing. this video okay we need to get this to. recover that 500 we lost let's go okay. beautiful. 379 I'm thinking we make 2,000 profits. and then we take this to dice let's lock. this in. 1.77 oh so close to the first BET right.

We need to recover that that bro that. hurts 1.01 just casually down a grand. all right this might be a short video. today we go for the next one Limbo what. this will be the last one if we lose. this I'm moving on we're going to a. different s original let's go okay 9k we. just need to get two more recover this. nice one more. 1.15 one more okay I'm out we're moving. on I just don't trust it we're moving on. let's go to dice we're going to set this. to. 75% we're going to put this on $500 so. $200 per win here comes the first one. we're going to leave this on over roll. over seems to work a lot better for me. here we go of course 16.15 I I just. realized I put 600 instead of five all. right well we lost more than expected. we've changed that 500 bro what 16 and. then a 10 right I'm going up to 1,000. for one bat if we don't get it I'm going.

Back down okay that helps a bit we'll. lower this to 500 that's also in I'll. take that let's go for one more that's. in 99.99 you don't see that very often. 9.5k one more that's good good and final. one okay I I am pushing my luck a bit. let's increase this to 1K for one bet we. get this we move on to a different SE. original probably go to mines let's go. I'm out we didn't just see that we're. going to go to mines I'm down 1.8 on the. video let's set this to one mine we're. going to do $500 let's make a plus sign. in the middle right we'll do that that's. locked in that's 118 I'm thinking we we. start out by clearing the top left. corner and then we can move down a bit. so let's go 273 we're doing okay so far. but we need to get this to 2x keep in. mind we are down a significant amount oh. man it's right there it's right there.

7.7k in the balance I'm locking that in. again I'm going to clear this corner bro. it's one of mine if I go up to 1K and. get five clicks they should pay around. $400 I'm going to do that for one bet. three two. one oh two more okay 237 my math was off. we need to make at least 500 bags so. let's go for two here 375 if we get one. more we should be at 450 is got it 455. let's make it. 500 got it okay I'm cashing that out uh. 7.7k in the balance yeah we're not doing. great. 2.2k so far let's close that out let's. go in with a grand again I just got to. be careful with these BS because it just. takes a few losses and we are going to. be at 3 or 4K in a matter of minutes. this has happened before let's do the. corner good let's start to go up one. more okay now we build the. bridge yeah 458 let's go down to got it. 650 I'm going to take it I'm going to.

Take it we're going to be smart okay. we've got a long video to record we. don't need to rush this. $8,400 let's lock this in again I'm. going to go for plus got it and cash it. out 8.6 I'm going to move on for a bit. we might come back to mines a bit later. on guys there's one sake original we. haven't been to yet that is Plinko let's. go I'm on Plinko let's uh change this to. medium risk guys we can't be doing high. risk with $500 plink B we'll do 11 rows. 24x potential we're going to do 500 to. start out with if we get a big win like. a 6X I will drop a 1K plinker ball I. just did a whole video on dropping 1K. plinker balls go and watch it if you. haven't seen it yet here comes the first. one we're actually we're going to drop. two at once. 7 and a05 okay here comes the next. one yo the 6X is in what are the odds of.

That. 5% just like that we've recovered. the 2.5k we were down and now we're. somehow up 735 as promised if we got a. big win I would increase this to 1K. we're going to do this once and then I'm. going back down to 500 let's go it's not. moving The Highest Potential oh 7 not. too bad okay I'll do it one more time. since we didn't lose too much 7 again so. we lost 600 so far doing 1K pring balls. I'll do one more oh yeah no we we'll. stop doing that we'll drop a few. 500s okay I thought that was going to be. another 6X again the way that was moving. 99.4k in the balance we do have to be. careful 1.8x certainly does help 3x's in. beautiful 11.4k in the balance guys we. should have stuck with a grand oh my. goodness 2.6% chance of hitting that. here's what I'm thinking boys I'm. thinking we go up to 1,000 for one.

Plinker ball again we're regardless of. what this does we move back to mines I. don't want to stay here for too long. every single time I've recorded a 10K. deposit video it has gone terrible. because of Kino and Plinko let's try and. mitigate that risk 3 2 1 we've done it. be kind to. me five all right we'll uh we'll do a. 500 and then get out reacts again what. is going on on Plinko we have to do a. th000 I've done. it all right down the middle 11.4k we're. up 1.4 on the video Let's move on back. to mines we're going to do two mines on. the board this time we're going to do. $500 we're going to do a plus in the we. just click both of the mines what are. the odds of that we're going to lock. that in again so we're sitting at 10.4. but we've got 500 on the board uh let's. try and zigzag our way to the top that's.

142 two more. 281 um okay we're going to start to. never mind the plan was to move over to. the right side that clearly did not. happen let's log that in again I'm going. to go for the plus sign in the middle. again surely the mines are not there. okay that's a good start 281 I'm going. to extend that and go for the long plus. sign 470 right now we've got two more. tiles to. clear 591 this is the last TI I will. cash it out if I get this got it 737. let's take that out what are we at 11.1. we're still up okay let's get that. locked in again I'm going to go for the. corner it seems like the corner is so. dangerous we'll do the plus sign okay. and then I want to clear the right side. so we'll do three here potentially more. we'll start with this one then this one. and then 470 is not bad then this one. 591 if we get one more we're sitting at.

700 I'm going to go for it yeah 737. where does this put us this puts us so. close to 12 I think I'm going to push it. go for this one. 914 one more this might be greedy I'm. going to take that 1.1 absolutely okay. 11.76 2 in the balance I'm thinking we. head out and we go to limbo again this. is where it all started we're going to. do 3x oh 3x might be a bit much we'll do. 2.5x on limbo $500 bats every time this. connects guys we're talking $750 profit. let me quickly pull up the stats we're. looking at 1.7 Prof right now not bad. considering we did go down 2.8 you know. what I mean let's get the first one in. hopefully we get this a bit of damage. control if we do because we can then. potentially do a few more that's in. that's beautiful 6.93 this must be the. highest we've been at the entire session. right 2.5 it is it is look at that right.

We're going to do two more of these I'm. hoping that we can at least get one more. here's the first one ah 1.05 okay if we. get the next one we're leaving 2.25. you're kidding I've got to do one more. this would be a good time to leave but. you know me guys we got to chase it oh. my goodness we have literally just given. back $2,000 of our profit in a matter of. 20 seconds I'm going to do one more if. we lose the next one I'm going to be. back to what I started with which is not. ideal but at the same time we're. technically not down let's take that. risk all right I'm done right guys I'm. going back to plinker we got incredibly. lucky on here we got that 6X I'm going. to see if I can get it again we're going. to start out with two 500s oh I. accidentally did three that was. horrendous I'm down to 9.3. now5. again yo do something I'm at 8.4k maybe.

Maybe Plinko is not the. move bro they're all going down the. middle I'm I'm not even getting 1.8s. that's got to be something right 3x that. helps a little bit we've lost so much. here so far 8.2k in the balance 1.8x is. in I'm going to drop two I'm counting on. that 6X to come in.. five5 again I'm at 7.8k. The Highest Potential 3x I'm going to. drop another one and hopefully we can. get another three. 88.2k I'm thinking we get out at 7.5 if. it gets there I'm thinking we get. out7 three is in I'm going to drop two. more all it takes right now is 16x and. we're back that's not it. 7 $9,000 in the balance right side has. potential 1.8 I'll take that it evens. out with the 7 7 again though it just. seems so hard to get up with this two at. once 3 x's in uh 9.5k in the balance I'm. going to drop two more more oh my.

Goodness oh my goodness I thought that. was it I thought the 24 11k win was in. it's not however we'll take the Sixx. that's incredibly difficult to get .5%. right we're backing out let's let's move. on we're going to go to dice let's do. 25% dice now this is way too risky with. 500 we're doing 500 minimum we can't be. doing 25% we'll do 35% even this is. really risky we're going to do $500 wow. if this hits we're getting nearly a. grand profit we'll do this two times. since I'm up 2K right now it's. 53.96 yeah 23.92 I didn't expect too. much I'll try it one more. time hurts bro. again okay that does help ah might do. one more no 9.4. 10.8k again there's one 96 we're back to. 11.2 I just want one back to back no. it's not doing it is it oh this hurts no. I can't stay here 8.7k 68 is. in. 63. 89 8.5k 8K no no no let's get out seven.

I'm out we just give back five grand in. a couple of seconds okay um I'm thinking. if we get back to 10K we just we just. call the video ah right I'm going to go. to mines I'm going to do two min on the. board and I'm going to do the biggest. bet I've done on mines in this video I'm. going to do $1,000 on mines let's Lo. that in we're going to go for the plus. sign in the middle it has served us well. so far so we're going to continue to. follow that strategy or that. setup got it. 563 I probably should cash this out but. if I take this out we're back to. 7.5 I'm going to push it a little. further one more okay 941 pretty much a. 2X I'll take that out back to 8,000 I'm. going to do the same thing this time I'm. going to go for this corner I know I. know I should stay away from Corners I'm. going to risk it of course of course I.

Mean even if we went for the middle the. bomb would have got us here 7K again. we're back here let's lock this in I'm. going to do 1 2 3. 4 got it 414 part of me wants to clear. the bottom two rows at the same time I. feel like the bomb might be here it. seems to always be down in this. area there's one there's two 736 right. now so this gets me back to 7.7 if I. take it I'm going to push this a bit. further 941 we've got three tiles to go. if we want to go for it I'm going to go. for one more got it 1.2 where does this. put me 7 8 8.2 um might just go for two. here ah man 6K I'm going to back out I'm. going to go to I think I'm just going to. go to limbo and just hope that we get a. bunch of High multis I'm going to do. $500 of course 750 every time this hits. this could be where the video ends if we. get back to 10 I'm calling it here we.

Go there's one there's two three. 2.5 ah. bad. yo there's. one bro this is unbelievable this is. unbelievable how many low multis are we. getting right. now oh man I might do a 1K. here. yo there's one two I'm thinking about. doing a 1K like we're down the 3K I'm. down 7K on the video right now we need. to get unbelievably lucky to pull this. back I will risk one 1K uh if this. doesn't work out we're going to go until. zero with. 500s yeah all right well that's probably. that there's one two I'm going to risk. it. again every time 500 again okay no no no. 760 I've got I've got one bet left. that's in I'm going to. onek well there you go that's how it's. going to go most of the time when. recording these videos we've done three. 10K videos and we've lost it all every. single time the only time we made profit. was the 20K video so we'll pull this.

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