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Ladies and gentlemen we have. $20,000 in the balance this is the. biggest start I've ever had in one of. these videos and there's a special. reason why we are closing in on 40K. subscribers guys and to celebrate we're. starting out with the biggest star ever. 20K I've never seen 20K in my balance. not at the start of one of these videos. at least not just that we're doing 1K. bets minimum this is about to be one of. the most insane videos I've ever. recorded thankfully we're in a position. where we can do this let's get started. we're going to take this to mines to. start out with we're going to do one. mine on the board and we're going to do. $11,000 per bet that's going to be the. minimum throughout the entire video. Let's lock this in in 3 2 1 real quick. before we do start with that bet if you. want to check out steak or steak us for.

Yourself click on the guy over here go. down to settings go down to offers and. use the code quick timing within the. first 24 hours after signing up you'll. get in instant access to the VIP system. which will give you money back on every. bet Place we've got $30 right now we're. going to check back and see what we've. got at the end of this video that has. now been logged in it's official 1K has. been placed on the board so we're going. for 1.3s 1.4s we're going to take this. nice and slow oh my goodness I am. unbelievably stressed to record this. video the last time I did a video like. this was for 30k Subs where we started. with 10K not 20K 20K is completely. different thankfully though we've had. one of the most insane runs on H steak. for the past month I would say so even. if we do lose this I will technically.

Still be up on the month by a little bit. okay 178 oh of course I was going for. one more there and I was going to start. working my way up but no the mine is. there classic what we're going to do. throughout this video is pull up the. stats so obviously we're minus a grand. on the video guys I'm going to lock this. next one in but I just want to say it is. insane to me how far we have come I. started this channel doing $10 videos. $10 to $100 was one of the first videos. I did we're losing money I'm trying to. thank you guys for the insane support as. of late but I'm over here losing a grand. every 10 seconds apparently right we're. locking the next one in we're going to. zigzag our way to the top okay that's. 237 now we've got to do the right side. we've got three more to go 375 profit. right now two more nice one more.

Nice that's 650 we are down 2K but at. the same time we have a video to record. here okay we can't just go all out but. we're going to see if we can push this a. little further I'm thinking we try and. clear uh the last three up top one two. the corners are always scary but here we. go nice that's a grad you know I'll take. that out I'll take that out we're not. going to push it too far we'll take that. out 2K oh that looks beautiful 2062. great like I was trying to say though. guys we started the Channel with $10. videos I'm now in a position because of. you guys where I can do 20 grand starts. obviously this is a oneoff you guys are. not going to see this again probably not. until 50k maybe 60k even these videos. are just so risky ah especially the way. I play Let's go for this corner and then. cash please one more yeah I'll take that.

I'll take that 455 I'll take that oh my. goodness bro what am I doing this is. insane let's check the stats 481 all. right let's zigzag our way to the top oh. I knew it I just knew it could you you. guys see how long it took to load when. it takes that long you've lost your. money every single time right we're. going to lock this in again I'm going to. attempt to make a plus sign in the. middle yep we're going to go for four. more 1 2 3 4 now you can't make this up. there's no way it was there on the last. tile I'm leaving Min we're going to. we're going to go to dice for a little. bit I'm going to do 66% dice since we. are doing a grand per B now I didn't. want to come here until the end because. I know how things can uh take a turn for. the worst especially when you're playing. dice but we're here we're doing it let's.

Go that's a good start 500 back now. we're still down two gr so we've got to. win four more in a row 25 stings going. to be honest let's go for it again okay. give me one more and make that back real. quick no 12.2 man we're down to 16 I've. been recording this video for 5 minutes. right next one's in again I've got to. leave I've got to leave I've got to. leave guys again. 91 just give me a few in a row let me. come back a bit please I'll take that. again I'll take that again Yes Man again. good 18.7 let's not push our luck that's. what five wins in a row five or six if. we scroll down it has not updated oh. there it is okay oh quite a few in a row. five in a row let's back out pull up the. stats minus 1.5k right now okay there. was one stake original I was very unsure. of and that's plinker however we're. going to go to L go we're doing low risk.

11 rows so there's a chance we get an. 8.4x if we have a look and zoom in. there's a 0.04% chance so the odds are. really low however the 3x. 5% is more. than possible there's a 1.9 and also a. 1.3 we're going to do five no more than. five the first one's coming in in three. 2 1 that's in okay how we feel in. plinker 7 is brutal good thing we've got. four more you you better start paying a. little something I'm getting very. concern for this. video no I'll take that I'll take that. no I'll definitely take that but that. was looking like a three or an e okay. we've done four this is the last one be. kind s a deal is a deal we're going to. stick to our word and leave now there's. one stick original I've been itching to. come to since I hit record and you guys. probably know it's kenina we're going to. Keo guys we've got the board like this I.

Ran a very similar setup in one of my. most recent videos now I'm going to give. this a try on medium risk so ideally. we're looking for five numbers to. connect this will pay out three grand. profit 4.2% chance of this happening. worst case scenario we get three numbers. which is 600 profit it's just insane to. be like who does 1k bets on Kino. apparently I do all right here we go the. first one is. in that is that is unreal the way it. started out we had instantly connected. to and then we're one off with the 36. okay 17.7 let's go. okay I'll take it to 1.6 not a full. recovery but I'll still take it here we. go for the. next oh just about got that the last. number came through guys we're currently. down a grand listen give me a 2X we're. back to 20 come. on of course try it. again Yes Man the forest is. in good man oh my goodness look at that.

Guys 29 and 36 if those connected that. would have been a 26k win look at that. bro right 21k guys thanks for watching. the no I was going to end it there since. we're in profit not not much 700 we're. not done we're going to go for one more. if this does not pay out we leave let's. go if this is another Forex we're sorted. here we. go yeah I'll take that 22k I'm leaving. I'm out that's an alltime high for us. 22k boys we are going to limbo it would. not be a 40K special if we did not go to. limbo at least once we're going for 1.35. X's that's the magic number when it. comes to limbo $11,000 every time this. hits we make. $350 we're going to go for three wins. and we get out the first one's in nice. the second one is hopefully a win here. we go had a bad feeling try it again yo. oh my goodness again okay there's one.

Again two slight recovery damage control. again decent I'm just thinking do we. want to put push this 21.3 um I'm going. to go for one more if we get it we leave. if we lose we leave. 21.7 yeah one more I knew I knew it was. coming ah 21k still good though we're up. a. grand one more one. more no 22k I'll tell that I'll. definitely tell that 10 minute video so. far two grand profit on the video we're. doing all right however we're definitely. not done yet we're going to go back to. to mines we're doing a grand once again. we're locking this in we're going to go. for a plus sign okay I made that as. quick as possible didn't want to stretch. it out we're going to go for the long. plus okay now last time we did this it. got us on the last tile let's lock this. in guys two more yeah that's official. 546 if I was recording any other video.

On mines I would go for one of these. corners but we've got 546 which we could. take out right here right now I'm going. to try and push it a little further my. goal is to walk away with 25 Grand in. today's video 5K profit I'm more than. happy that video is then sorted 40K. special which I'll probably upload a. little early all right guys Yes Man a. grand profit I'll take that certainly. take that 23k in the balance wa this is. an insane video so far we've just got to. make another 2K and we're done we're out. I'm not pushing it let's go to plink out. I'm going to change the rows to nine so. the highest multi is a 5.6 next however. the odds of hitting it are indeed higher. let's go for 1,000 of course nine rows. we're going to do this three times I'm. up three grand on the video if you just. give me the 5.6 I'm walking away right.

Here the next one's. in 1.6 is good that's 600 profit 23.4. right now let's go for the next one. that's the third one7 okay so we haven't. made any progress we're back to what we. started with so I'm going to do another. three. yeah no another. one no another one. surely one a we broke even on that we're. down 4 or 500 since I came to Plinko. guys I'm going to do two more and I'm. leaving no nothing one. more oh my goodness one more I know I'm. pushing it 1.6 okay again I know I know. I'm pushing it I know I'm pushing it 5.6. 2 X's in 23.5 I'm leaving get me out get. me out there's one Sak original I'm. unsure of and that is Crash we started. the channel on Crash and we are. returning for our 40K special what are. these multis 195 2.7 we're jumping in on. the next one okay guys we're locking. this in I've got this set to 2x I'm not.

Necessarily going to stay in until two I. want 1.5x minimum here we go guys I. haven't been here for so long it's been. at least a year since I've been on Crash. 1.2 of course of course I come back for. one special video and it does that to me. really right we're going to lock in a 5x. not necessarily going for it again but. here we go surely this one's going to go. high we've had a 1.2 a 1.13 and then a. two before that okay decent we've got to. at least go for 2x because we just lost. a grand on this so 2x is the minimum and. then I'll decide what I want to do we're. doing all right bit more a little bit. more and we're going to take it out I'm. out I'm out we got it out 24K guys wow. it actually is going to go to Five isn't. it I knew it bro should have stayed in m. guys oh it didn't go to five 24.2k in. the balance get me out I don't trust.

This I do not like this stick original. not with 1K let's get out mines we're. going to get the job done on mines we've. got 24K the goal is to make 5K this. video so 25.2k or something let's lock. this in one mine on the board we start. out with three here nice and then we can. work our way up that's 125 okay let's go. up this way right let's go over here on. the right good and let's go up on the. left. good and then connect it in the middle. and then one more and then take it out. 546 we are so close to finishing this. goal are we about to make profit in one. of these 10K videos there's a chance we. actually make some profit for once so. far I've recorded two of these 10K video. twice and we lost 10K in both of those. videos right guys 5K profit let's make. it official okay I mean this could be. the bet that does it for us oh this is.

Hard because I've got to make a decision. on what tiles to click right we're going. to start with we're going to start with. uh three in the middle good 125 I think. we stretch it out we go all the way nice. 237 right how much do we need to make. I'm up 4.5 so we're looking for5 $600. profit right here and we've done it. let's go here that's good let's go here. that's amazing let's go here amazing one. more and this is a done deal 3 2 1 5K. profit nice. 5 that is 5K right that is 5K yeah it is. done deal it's a done deal wow what a. session we actually made money in one of. these videos how unbelievable is that. you don't see it very often every single. time I've started with more than 10. grand it has gone a all right actually. we'll just yeah we'll do the cash out as. we're cashing this out guys I just want. to say the only reason I'm able to do.

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