30.04.2024 I dropped 1,000 balls on Stake plinko... this is what happened

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We have $1,000 today and we're going to. be doing 1,000 bets here on Plinko I. have egg roll in the call he's going to. help me with some of these uh betting. strategies say what's up yo what's up. guys so let's head on over to Plinko. what are we starting with eg roll dude. honestly I think we got to start it off. on high risk high risk how many rows. Let's Go full 16 full 16 all right cool. let start off high Rose 16 rows I guess. start off with like1 or $2 just to warm. it up yeah of course all right do $1 to. start this off and before we get into. this if you guys want to try out steak. or steak us you guys can hi this icon. right here hit the settings button hit. this offers tab and you guys can use the. code fat new right here in the welcome. offer box and you guys will get free. money back on every single bet that you.

Place as you can see I've actually got. quite a good amount of money back for. absolutely free all right here we go. guys $1 we're going to drop it on 16. imagine we hit 1,000x on this oh boy. that's what I'm saying we got to start. it off high risk man you never know. we're just we're just testing the waters. out to see how how Plinko is feeling. today all right cool I like it I like it. I with the vision go straight to. two cuz we're trying to just do a th000. bets and kind of see where we end up. today like are we going to be in profit. are we going to be negative we're. probably already almost 100 bets. in okay should I raise it to three what. do you think let's do it let's go three. yeah just cuz we're going to do about a. thousand bets maybe we'll go over we'll. see what the Vibes are so we do want to. make sure we at least give it a good.

Shot you got $1,000 you just Spam a. dollar ball every time you don't get. through it yeah and it's not like you're. lose all your all your money right every. single oh okay nice take it. let's see if we're up oh we're still. down okay I'll do a couple more what do. you want to do after this should we. stick to high risk or switch it up uh we. can test out some low low RIS okay some. bigger Siz bets I guess okay cool read. my mind come on left. side hit a th000 right now please yeah. for real on the three dude we are eating. good all right we are wow we're already. 250 bets in holy okay not bad let's do. low how many rows you want to do let's. try 16 16 okay I've never really played. like this watch cuz I think this is this. is the same chance of hitting um 1,000x. like it's super low to hit this so. you're probably not going to hit it what.

Should we do let's go like you think. like 25 25 let's give it a shot I was. going to do 10 but hey it it's low. risk right what's the worst that can. happen I feel like low risk eats more. compared to IR but hope that's not the. case right now it it depends on the day. I guess yeah I guess you only have one. you have 20% chance of losing half your. money and other than that you're not. going to lose money. so not going to make too much either so. yeah wow what the look at the chance of. hitting it too it's so low okay let's. give it a shot do a pretty big siiz BET. right here this is a couple hundred. actually holy no5 oh. oh that was a lot we like four we hit. four oh my God okay we're down like 120. so far guys like almost 300 bets in the. video oh my God yes oh ah is that an 8X. 9x yeah we we have the two though okay.

Nice we we got actually a little dub ski. on that. one let's do one more and then let's get. out of here let's switch it up I'll let. you pick though you want to stick on low. risk yeah it we change up the rose. yeah let's let's try that you did okay. on there makeing money man yeah low key. one more one more one more one more to. spam one more one more just a little bit. all right what do you want to do next. how many rows should we Chang this to um. we could try like 10 eight row okay nice. nice okay we're actually coming back. right here okay want just keep the same. bet size wait did we just stick on 16. rows we've slowly been getting up there. so it's let's try it I guess we are on a. heater we could even like up the amount. if you want I'm down with let's see how. many are we at 300 yeah we're sitting at.

300 you know what let's go ahead and do. it what are you thinking like 35 45 yeah. like 35 let's do 35 yeah wow you're. right we're slowly. cooking let's try it every time I. increase my bet size though I just lose. the heater like I lose the streak. looking good come on Wow actually was. pretty good I. think oh dude if we hit this oh 2.5S how. much is that we hit it is 525 but the. chance is the same as hitting 1,000 x so. like it's super low and like I would. actually feel offended if that hit just. because I could have hit 1,000x you know. look we're back at a th000 though we are. we're actually up like six bucks. yeah I guess yeah if it ain't broke. don't fix it right or what is it saying. if if it's not broke don't fix it. something if a broke don't change it. right something cuz I was like fix it. along the lines of yeah okay there we go.

We're at 42 okay I'm I'm going to just. do it I'm going to just go big on this. one in just go all. in okay this is all in right here baby. yeah o oh that hit a lot of5 towards the. end but we might be okay if we get one. oh oh we up what the bro somehow up guys. okay we're like 400 bets in this. video low risk is treating us really. well so I guess we'll keep. going dude holy there like a $700. BET right here come. on okay we a big one okay I'll take it. I'll take it I don't think we've hit a. single nine but I mean look at the odds. bro it's less than not even 1% it's less. than like point one damn we just. grinding it brother we just grinding it. yeah hopefully we don't get a crazy5. streak going here looking good wow can I. keep going bro if it ain't broke don't. fix it all right all right all right. let's go let's see if we if we get like.

One bad streak I guess you know we can. we can change it up okay I'm down that. makes sense oh. oh oh oh damn it that's good though. we're up we are slowly just grinding. this up and we're doing some pretty big. bets here. too balls he dropping at like. 20 I don't know but a lot 1 two 3 4 5 6. 7 8 9 yeah probably 15 20 this was like. 13 14 right here oh come on one of these. hit a. nine was that a negative one I think it. was but it wasn't too bad I'll do one. more all right let's let's try medium. risk on 16 rows after this okay oh you. like that you like the 16 rows bro it's. it's not it's not doing too bad you know. it's like why not it's not too bad 16. rows let's you want to do half let's do. half the BET size cuz this is a little. yeah wa wait this is really risky holy. it's almost a 60% chance to uh to. lose I'm going to we're up a little bit.

So we got some money to play with let's. try 10 let's start with 10 and kind of. gauge it out and see what happens I. agree and if it goes okay then we can. raise it. up okay we lost 30 bucks let's give it. another shot we'll give it like four or. five tries and if nothing hits at all. and it's just straight ass then we can. change it all. right. saw some on the right kind of teased me. I know I was hoping for that that. 10 nice take. it on. anything 41 all of those just went to. the 41 wow I was just I was just. mouthing I was like 41 would be crazy. there we go every time you say something. it just happens it does like when I'm. playing Blackjack I'm like Ace and comes. through yeah that's dope that's a. really good hit yeah halfway through the. video 500 bets play so far should we. just keep going yeah do a few more and.

Then we can switch it up see what else. we can try okay you can let me know when. to switch it all right wow that was. amazing we did another one of those dude. 02 that's. insane I'll take it though that's. amazing okay we're at 400 let's see if. we can just stay in profit that would be. that's the goal obviously it' be. beautiful. okay almost 10x yeah that would have. been sweet 90. bucks this one's looking a little. iffy oh that right side I was hoping it. would save. us there you go it's going come on okay. let's do like 100 more so like 10 more. bets and let's change it up all right a. little bit more let you I'm going let. you pick what all right what you want to. try okay oh this one's pretty. garbage yeah that was pretty rough all. right let's let's try some low and let's. go eight rows I'm a big like I'm a low.

Row kind of guy I like this and then I I. do like 14 that's pretty good but let's. try this guys and let's let's try some. 40s first and let's see how this goes 4. for the shies 27 Oh wait hold up let me. actually change this yeah let's do this. this is 24 let's try this okay yeah cuz. it's actually a lower odds of hitting a. 0.5 I don't know how that works. but. we'll go slow though and then we'll. probably do some high risk as well just. cuz we got we got to get a bunch of bets. in anyway. so how many are we in so far we are like. 500 and like 70ish so we're about to hit. 600 so we definitely go to highrisk and. just do a big spam of like low bets cuz. damn we just might be all our profit. gone come on okay okay we're still. looking we're still looking okay we're. still up 230 which is good I'm going to. lower this to 35 let's just try this.

Proba have a better op of hitting this I. hit this a lot so yeah you really do. yeah more than I should some days are. just dry though like you just it's just. not hitting so I'm actually going to go. let's see how much you get 90 let's go. 25 let's see if we can smack this on. here we'll use our profit right here. I'll try it a couple times if we don't. get any then we get man I thought. that was it man I thought that was it. teaser oh my god get over that dude it. just goes and then it comes back I know. hey we're losing a little bit right here. guys just a. little yeah I think it's worth the risk. okay that was good worth the risk to try. to hit one of these and then just switch. to high risk maybe high medium risk that. was a really bad one let's see if we can. hit one of these to make it up if not I. think we'll just get out I'll do one.

More one more coming it's coming bro. we'll do a big one on this. one doesn't look promising okay we're. going to have it real quick guys we're. going to go a little bit DJ. this is where hits the. fan yeah okay let's leave it let's um I. wanted to try this I like this big 420. like hold up what are we at what are we. looking at okay okay let's do um should. I do some fives here fivers sound safe. and reasonable just Spam a bunch and see. what happens SP a bunch okay we really. got to hit something good right here or. else we might just end this video with a. little bit less. profit don't we started with come. on just give us a quick 420 right now. even an early 56 would be sick okay that. wasn't too bad but we still did lose. like that's like 100 on there. almost there we. go boom Oh you called it can you call.

420 next time please 420 incoming here. we go look at this 2K right here guys. easy peasy let's go. easy I I don't think I've ever hit a. 420 have you not I feel like you have I. have has been recent yeah no I think you. you just got lucky on hitting like 56. X's like multiple times I think that's I. I hit so many of them and I went on a. straight dry streak of it 420 today. though come on let's see it we need. one probably getting close 1 th000 let. me check it I'm just going to absolutely. Ham on this oh my God thought we thought. we were about to hit a 56 x again yeah. it just sometimes Snipes right in again. there we go dude there it is I love it. all right cool what is this. 700 800 like 40 okay yeah something like. that okay should we should we. try 16 rows spam how much I'm lower to. three 32 cuz we're up we're up a good.

Amount so like I do want to stay in. profit or at least not lose all of our. money and at least have the odds of. hitting cuz 1,000 x would be sick if we. hit. this session's going great so far though. you know it's like yeah better than the. last one we did I don't know if you. remember do you remember the last time. we did this challenge big big rip man. yeah we lost everything so we're. actually we're actually getting pretty. lucky on this some 56 X's we hit. did we hit a 130 or we hit something big. earlier on on 16 rows yeah I think it. was on medium maybe I don't know we hit. something pretty. good okay 26 going raise up to. three another 26 wow. oo okay I'm feeling good 1,000 x here. here we go first one of the. Year. oh see that what is it. doing what is it doing why did it do. that to me I was like thinking in my.

Head I'm like bro I'm about to see my. first THX. live oh my. God that would have been crazy I think. we're actually doing all right out here. too let me let me stop this madness real. quick and let's I gotta keep going. couple more BS to break my monitor I. swear that' be a great clip honestly if. I just smash my monitor to end the video. you just see Keys flying all over the. place oh God okay I'm going to stop and. let's just let's just take a look cuz. these last couple ones haven't been. going too great oh okay we're looking. we're looking actually pretty okay all. right let's take a look oh damn we broke. the Thousand all right W that's that's a. w man we got 1,000 bets in and we're. still up up yeah I guess we'll just call. it right there profits profit can't. really complain about that let's go. ahead and withdraw this all right guys.

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