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Yo what is up ladies and gentlemen. welcome back to another oh dude coin. flip this is dude i'm oh i gotta i'm. ready i'm redoing the intro man editor. cut this out we ain't starting this. video with the damn coin flip i promise. you that good jump cut this right. now yo what is up ladies and gentlemen. welcome to another stand g exclusive. dude that's a 4x coin flip i made sure i. left that in the edit that's for damn. sure but hold on a second let me set up. this bet real quick 1.5 on every bonus. 1.5 on 10. hold on a second it's gonna. take me two spins to set this one up. because this is not my strategy all. right this is not my strat this is my. man waxes strat he commented on one of. the last crazy time videos i did. explaining my strategy the stand gg. exclusive strat that is guaranteed big. stonkarinos and i asked you guys what is.

Your crazy time strategy and this is. what my man wack said 1.5 on every bonus. 1.5 on 10. five on two and two point five on five. that's the best strat if you wanna. double up he says and that's exactly. what we try to do with every one of our. videos we always go for the og double up. and get that 1k cash out that is always. the dream so let me go ahead take some. time to just set up the rest of this. he's had five on the two and he said 2.5. on five and he says this is the best way. to do a double up so let's go ahead and. juice this thing up we'll do some 60. cranks on this thing and do it the only. way i know how which is with some big. boy bets come on anyways i hope you guys. are having a great day wherever you're. tuning in from it's a beautiful big day. to be alive as always 500 start right. here on steak best casino online and of.

Course we're playing a little bit of. crazy time live games baby this this has. getting me going i like shorter sessions. right so on stream i used to always. always play crazy time literally every. day. play on crazy time right i did it for. about. probably a year honestly i hate to admit. it but i probably did for a year and it. was horrible because streams i'm there. for two you know two to three hours or. so if not more so with that being said. it just got so redundant i lost so much. money on it but these youtube videos. these have given me more appreciation. for crazy time again because they're. just little shorts little segments you. know it's like you get in you get out. you try to get some props you try to hit. it crazy times with the 2x top slot and. you get out of there you feel me you. fail me all right let's see what we're.

Going to get here man i like this. strategy it looks like you pretty much. make your money back no matter what on. what you bet on and you just hope for. some big boy bonuses i'm kind of with. this. i'm kind of with this this is basically. like my strategy except i take this the. money off this the coin flip and i throw. it on the two you know i i split it. between the two and the five because i'm. trying to make money when i hit the two. and the five i'm not trying to just. break even but i'm for it man i'm fort. and i appreciate the comment on the. video of course and if anybody in here. that's watching this video hold on bang. we just we just one and a half to bet. we'll do it it's 90 spins now we're. getting. i i don't even know what's gotten into. me today but i'm feeling it 90 cranks on. crazy time oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness hold on. 90 cranks on crazy time just wait a. second now. just wait one second now hold on. can we get to it can we get twitters to. too fast is it too fast or is it just. perfect is it too fast or is it just. perfect dude we'll take it come on man. we will take it ridiculous. ridiculous 1.5 k hit. oh my days right after a strategic level. up on the bet size we hit a 225 x and. don't get me wrong it's absolutely a. beautiful hit but here's the deal if i. was doing the stand strat we would have. gotten more i just gotta throw that out. there i just gotta throw that out there. but we will take it and we will. definitely make sure we cash out at. least fifteen hundred dollars today what. a way to start the video wait a second. we do have money on coin flip as well. with this man's strategy with my man.

Wax's strategy we do have money on coin. flip that is a 5x top slot i think it's. too fast for this one. i think it is too fast it is it is but. maybe a 10 or is it that one it's gonna. be a one dude two with a 25x ridiculous. stonks happening on the crazy time. videos recently i guess this is probably. another reason why i've been enjoying. crazy time on these youtube sessions too. it's because we've been winning i think. that's that's probably the largest. reason why i've been enjoying them but. honestly short little bursts of crazy. time get in get out with profit we're. guaranteeing the cash out today ladies. and gentlemen now it's just to run it up. to maybe two or three k come on. imagine an og sex tuple up dude is that. even real hold on five with nothing oh. that would have been nice that would. have been nice dude there's strategic.

Bet rays. two with the 25x oh it's beautiful. beautiful i wouldn't mind seeing coin. flip today honestly now that we're. actually betting on it i wouldn't mind. seeing one that's going to be. i think it's a one right oh we got six. on oh we got nine on the coin. we have nine on the corn ladies and. gentlemen hold on now hold on now let's. see we can get i'm not trying to get too. excited here because all my homies hate. coin flip but let's see if we can get. something out of this thing maybe a. double digit multi maybe 100 x maybe a. 25 x. wait a second now wait a second now blue. side would be tremendous i'm not getting. my hopes up though i'm expecting the red. but let's see the blue come on. let's go dude what. wax's strat is printed for us today. ladies and gentlemen that is almost a 2k. balance and we continue to run this.

Thing up. and og quadruple up is right around the. corner here we just need another good. hit come on before we get back into the. video if you want to play on steak and. you are above the age of 18 you can. support me on this site by going up to. this little guy in the top right corner. clicking on settings go to offers and. type in welcome offer stan gg. st-a-h-n-g-g. if not there you could also do so while. signing up in the code optional area and. by doing so and using code stay in gg. you will get instant 10 right back. that's it for me let's get back into the. video let's go dude yo i didn't say this. already but if you wouldn't mind if you. could please scroll down click that. subscribe button make sure your notice. are on for every single video we do. daily content here only available right. here on this youtube channel so make.

Sure you stay tuned every day 2 p.m. central standard time you do not want to. miss any of them five with the 15x no. way this hits there's a lot of fives. coming around though. there are a lot of fives coming around. that wait a minute no they're trolling. us it's a one isn't it they're trolling. us. they're trolling us dude i knew it i. could see it a mile away dude i thought. for a second we were about to hit that 5. 15. that would have been another 225. dollars it had been 240 that would have. been crazy we would officially hit the. og quadruple up but we're still right. around the corner from that 2k ball. let's keep it pushing i get that this. video is about wax's strategy but i mean. guys the og stan strat is way too op so. i asked you guys for what your. strategies are and you guys send them to. me in the comments below and i greatly.

Appreciate it but when you have the most. goated strategy ever created on crazy. time it's hard to truly appreciate. somebody else's strat but this right now. is paying for us especially with that. coin flip because we would have not had. any money on that if it was my original. strategy hold on don't give me that one. do not give me that one. we're gonna make sure we leave with at. least 1500 guys the past couple of. videos have been ripped so i'm making. sure i'm cutting my losses with a. fifteen hundred dollar cash out today. that's for damn sure let's see if we. can't run it up before then we got like. what three more spins before that let's. stop hitting these ones please who is. this host what the dude. demi trigg. oh is this demetrius bro what okay okay. i didn't need to see that today all. right let's keep it going what.

Spells. all right hold on let's get a bonus come. on come on pachinko's right around the. corner i think it's too fast though i'll. take a twofive or a bonus two five or a. bonus nice. five what does that do so does five give. us our money back i'm pretty sure it. does i think i used to actually run this. strategy back in the day i did i. actually now that i recall this used to. be my original strategy. uh before i went and created the stand. gg variant if you guys didn't see that. video by the way go check that out and. go get yourself some money you feel me. coin flip with something oh hold on hold. on man what i would love for a coin flip. with the top slap now that we're betting. on it. come on. i think it's too fast isn't it and this. might be uh i was gonna say this might. be a cash on but they're slowing it down.

To bait us on the coin flip aren't they. we'll take a five piece though we'll. take a five piece that's money bag. i'll gladly take that i kind of like. this this is definitely a strategy. that's meant for sitting on the game. long term i feel because you can get. your money back on the two five and the. ten and so you're pretty much just. sitting around for a big boy uh a big. boy bonus or or as we saw earlier a big. boy top slot so i'm with it i'm with it. i like something that's maybe a little. bit more quick pace though so if you. guys got strategies let me know down. below i don't care how stupid they are. you could say only bet crazy time only. bet number one. and maybe we'll test it out you know. okay then maybe that's a little too. stupid but you you catch my drift all. right let me know what strategies you.

Guys run for the og run up you know it. is it's going to be it's going to be. close to that cash on i don't know i. don't know is it i think it's on. i think we're on okay okay here we go. cash hunts i don't know what we're. feeling last time i think we went 55. that's where we hit that 300 x on also. go check out that video after this one. but i think today we're going one down. five over i'm feeling in my gut all. right we're going one down five over. this is a pretty crappy board it's a a. lot of 50xs. a lot of 50x is only 100x we're gonna go. one down five over. this this call has always been lucky for. me guys one down five over seems to. always produce at least a 15x so with. this strategy with wax's strat that. we're running today for today's video it. does seem as if you need at least a 12x. or above to make money on the overall.

Bet because this is a 90 dollar bet. right. so oh i guess all we need is a 10x then. all we need is a 10x here okay that's. doable. i think my master right on that but. let's see something better than that. come on one down five over let's get a. 50x on this thing. oh what did i say dude. what did i say and that is the og. quadruple we're hitting on crazy time. guys what the hell is going on right now. what the hell is going this is. ridiculous we're doubling one only one. we're doubling it up i don't even care. this might be the last spin of the video. unless we hit something crazy but i. called that 50x i said one down five. over i was feeling it and we're. absolutely taking that one to the bank. come on man come on let's hit something. crazy we hit the double up this is 180. bet pachinko with nothing oh a 15x would.

Have made me go crazy there we have. every bonus covered and on a 25 or a. ten we do make our money back we're just. of trying to avoid that dreaded one. avoid that dreaded one and we'll keep. this pushing give me that five two or. five either one's okay we're gonna keep. the double up on and we're gonna see if. we can hit something crazy on one of. these spins give me a top slot please. sir. please demetrius if you could hit us. with a top slot i'd be dude please i'll. fly out to wherever you are and i'll. we'll go out on a steak dinner meal you. know. i got you on a steak and potatoes. brother i got you four seconds left. before the spin we're locked in for. another 180. let's see what we can get. dude this got me going dude every crazy. time video i swear we keep printing on. this thing top slot let's hit it. oh no no no no no no no no no no no no.

No no no let's not hit it let's no i. lied about hitting it i absolutely lied. about hitting it when i said let's hit. it i meant i didn't mean this. one with the 10x. oh there's a lot of ones that's a lot of. ones give me that two please give me. that two please. all right we're doing one more spin. we're gonna do one more spin i'm i'll do. it i'll leave it at the 180. this is. gonna be the last spin that's ridiculous. oh no oh no dude they they brought in ed. sheeran's lost brother dude oh no dude. they brought in ed sheeran's brother ned. i totally forgot about this man hey. we're leaving with 776 dollars and 13. cents no matter what but let's hit. something crazy before then come on. 180 ribs. these are some big boys. i'm seeing coin flip i'm seeing cash on. i'm trying to avoid looking at those. ones i'm trying to avoid looking at.

Those ones do we get that coin are we. coining. i'm coining boys we're coining right now. 18 on a corn dude let's get this balance. back up over 2k we'll end the video just. like that come on man what do we need. here we need a double digit multi come. on ned let me see something stupid on. this thing. okay oh dude. what i dude please. please brother. let's go. coin flips hidden i still hate it but. it's hidden dude we will take it and. that is officially at a massive cash out. of 2.25 dude i'm not doing a single bet. more okay i'll i lied let me do one more. we'll cut it here we'll cut it hold on. okay this is stupid i should have left i. i was thinking about leaving but let's. just do this. i'm i'm in depressing the luck right now. 244 dollar bet if we hit a one it's done. other than that we keep it oh my god. don't have crazy time it's right over.

Here. it's too fast dude isn't it is it too. fast oh no. wait. wait. wait. oh oh wait a minute 28 of the coin we. hate coin flip i'm gonna i'm sticking. dude why is coin flip hitting so good on. the one video i put coin money on it. this is ridiculous. i need big boy maltese on this thing. come on. oh. man hey either one's okay either one. confirms the cash out i'd love to see. blue happen we'll take it that's gonna. do it for me guys that is going to do it. for me i'm turning off autoplay that's. 280 that's more money in the bank 2. 280 cash out and another successful. crazy time video man hey if you like. this content please go make sure you sub. up we're here daily content daily videos. exclusive to this channel make sure you. guys catch each and every one of them. and also if you love crazy time like i. do make sure you leave your strategy.

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