30.04.2024 I hunt for EVERY BIG BASS BONANZA BONUS!! - I NEVER EXPECTED THIS!! (Bonus Buys)

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All right boys welcome back to a new. video today we are going back we are. going to do a video that a lot of you. guys requested. I want to go over last time I did a. video where I hunted every bonus on a. single or or a specific game we did Dog. House a lot of you guys left the. comments saying I should do this on big. bass so ladies and gentlemen I heard you. loud and clear and uh let's go over some. of the big bass lookalikes and big bass. slots the real kingdom is the provider. they get hosted by pragmatic I believe. it is and there's a lot of slots that. are similar to big bass and I'm not sure. if I should include them because if we. don't include them there is Big Bass. Bonanza bigger Bass Bonanza there's big. bass Mega ways there's big bass. Christmas or Christmas big bass big bass. blizzard Uh there's Big Bass Splash.

There's big bass keeping it real and. then there's big bass hold and Spinner. as well as other other few games there's. fisheye there's Pizza Pizza that are. similar to big bass there's floating. dragon megaways and floating Dragon so a. lot of slots that are basically the same. copy paste from this provider that we. have to kind of hunt today we got 30k in. the balance and I'm kind of confused at. what bet size to do I was thinking maybe. fifty dollars and try to get every bonus. uh but we'll figure it out for this. month every subscriber I gain I'm going. to add 50 cents to this spot at the end. of the month I will give away the whole. amounts that we collect to a random. subscriber the total amount will grow. depending on how many subscribers we. gain so feel free to subscribe and add. 50 cents. so we're gonna start off with Big Bass.

Bonanza. um which surprisingly is a top hot spot. today with what bedside should I do. though like 50s let's see that's the. thing is hard what I was wondering is. like for me I got you ones that you. would do Bonus Buys on yeah yeah I. didn't think about the thing so yeah I. might have missed a couple do I do. hundreds or do I do 50s I feel like. hundreds would oh if we go drive we're. gonna be really fun don't ask me the DJ. enemies is hundreds I want to do. hundreds as well but the problem is with. big bass right base games are not that. good sometimes and we have to get like. 10 bonuses bro they have 10 different. look at this if I just search. big bass. you know there's all of these here plus. like all the ones that are named like. Christmas and bigger and and this that. you know if you spend 100 x on 11 slots.

I mean realistically that's you should. be doing like 30s so I think 50 is 50 is. already pushing it right. yeah it is yeah okay come on early come. on get in. get in please bro. the only thing that's helping me with. coping with this video is that it does. bonus fairly quick on sometimes you know. like now. yo fam uh real quick I mean we're not. this part's not gonna show until you get. the bonus but it will wouldn't it be. better. come on this. come on. so tell me a spot that wouldn't be in. the video why. wouldn't this be. I'm not doing Bonus Buys I don't want to. do Bonus Buys. I want to see if I can get what I'm. saying is wouldn't it be better doing on. a wager no. [ __ ] that. okay that was a side question that could. be out of the video. all right boys we're already down ah. come on. bonus stop baiting me dude okay dude.

Damn okay. if it Bates I'm clicking space bar bro. I'm fishing biting men they're not. biting Bonanza they're nibbling. oh that's a good hit though 750 right 1K. okay one off there from uh 10 000. no. one up there would have been ten. thousand bro what. could be a good start it would have been. yeah it would have been great actually. would have helped well guys we didn't. get the bonus 10 grand right no we have. to get the bonus that's the problem bro. like one of these can go dry and I can. lose everything that's what happened. with uh dog house when I did it and then. it came back like crazy. I just didn't want to do this one. because I didn't know what the bed size. was I saw all your comments and stuff. like I always read comments but it's. like. that's a good hit I just didn't know. what bed size to do luckily the spins.

Are paying back a little bit so we're. maintaining but we do need to get this. big bass regular bonus soon. rgp is alive. the theorem one down down. 5K. okay 250.. wow. if that's not that's [ __ ]. dude I don't know what it is other than. that okay you owe me. how many baits are we gonna get big bash. let me get robbed you know what's crazy. to me is how many of the same slots they. released and everyone still plays them. 500 there it's it's nuts it's crazy like. and I think they have a new one coming. out as well. it's like something like uh. Aztec or something hey all right first. one done. okay okay uh moving up down the list let. me go ahead and open boom here uh then. they released floating dragons do we do. floating dragons let's do all the big. basses first right and then we come back. and do the lookalikes because uh bigger.

Bass Bonanza is next all right I guess. for this one we gotta go 54 Buck spins. bro yeah. but we'll do the same also we'll spin a. bit see how it's acting base game and. then didn't big back bigger bass I guess. that one never had Bonus Buys I don't. know why I thought they did. uh the floating dragons ones us oh I see. what's the mega ways yeah loading. dragons doesn't even have it yeah I I. always thought this had Bonus Buys too. but I guess it doesn't right yeah the. first two they released they never had. Bonus Buys and then they added them and. they never had double chance as well the. real love feature where you if you get. two sometimes it pulls it up yeah true. true. I got two and didn't pull it up bro. I got two again didn't pull it up three. back to back twos man. we're getting scammed on the basis come.

On he's getting points bro for the. weekly tournament guys Red Dead. Redemption 2. and you like that game. yeah yeah it's actually a really good. story but um what I was gonna say was. they always do like singalong things to. pass the time. so let's just come up with a song to. come up with a song all right. I Don't Know what I've Been Told big. best knees too no you have to say my God. this guy's never been to the Army bro. dude I haven't I know I haven't either. but but I respect that's a good hit. that's one kid I've played Call of Duty. I do respect thank you for your service. for those that do uh do it but. um they have that thing where it's like. in the movies you know they're like I. don't know but I've been told then you. guys have to be like I don't know what. I've been told and then you have to like. and then you have to say that I'm down.

Bro I'm done I don't know what I've been. told. I don't know what I've been told but big. bass is a. is getting old. okay okay. lyrics bro I didn't know I was coming up. with it on the spot. songwriter yeah his new biography on now. Google is going to be songwriter. YouTuber YouTuber content creator. come on big bass. so far we're doing okay though right. like we got one bonus. I don't know if we're doing okay but hey. your copium is on a different level I. mean I know. you might you might need to go to AC's. house and grab that bottle of. copium. bro how many two scatters am I gonna get. bro. I was never a fan of this one I'll be. completely honest I didn't like it. either the only time you get in is if. you do this watch. 30. Turbo. watch this. literally went off there literally went. off again literally went off. wait this is the one you can reel up.

Though it isn't you can you can on both. you can oh yeah it's just super rare. it's like when they the animation screws. up and they just forgot to give you a. bonus or something this one just is cool. because if you get a full line of the. fish you get paid out for each value of. the fish so essentially base game yeah. like the base game you could get a Max. win theoretically if like the goldfish. is here or whatever the only problem is. it's so hard to bonus usually it's all. theoretical brother boom boom all right. nice we left that one as well. all right guys before we continue with. today's video I wanted to let you guys. know that I do have a promo code on. gamdum and you guys can support me or. support the channel the way to do it is. you log in after creating an account you. have six hours to click on rewards once.

You click on rewards you can click. activate special offers there's a 15. rate back for the first seven days which. is pretty huge plus a up to 35 daily. surprise so you can click over activate. now use the promo code wgtv or watch. games TV and by doing that you also get. access to my free spins on Discord and I. will be giving away a bunch of free. spins almost every day so if you guys. are under my code I say I want to say. thank you so appreciate it guys and yeah. um I like the megaways one I think my. biggest win ever was on the megaways one. it wasn't too crazy but I think it was. pretty good. so we'll just do 70 like that hope we. can get it quick. real Kingdom's having a blast today you. just give screens. I don't know sometimes I turn it off you. know. I I never understood what skip screen. never did. um so if you have skip screen on.

If you get into a bonus it'll after a. little bit it'll start playing the bonus. but if you have skip screens off. uh if you get a bonus it'll stay on it. and it'll just wait till you oh that's. what that is yeah it's something I. always thought it was like skipping a. real like skipping your your seed to. another seed everything what every spin. bro I'm not even joking bro like so no. no no no no it has like I don't know if. you have to have it on for it to skip. the screen like the bonus screen or you. have to have it off for it to skip the. bonus screen. um. but I think if you have it on it skips. it after like a little bit of time. so if you're doing like a wash and break. or something man I I didn't know. that yeah you cooked hard. no it didn't even damn I was I I. honestly thought skip screen was skip to. the next seed.

And spin wow that okay so there's no. effect on you at all okay I'm I'm stupid. you know like the popups or it's like. massive or whatever I thought I'd just. skipped those. great win or whatever no no those always. have to come those are that's the. serotonin dude yeah. come on come on come on if we can get. them quick I think we'll be good we can. go get the weird looking ones too. I I would say come back to megaways no I. like Mega ways though we have to grind. them all in order bro so we can see. which one's the best you know hey okay. some tumbles there. maybe I have to like solo spin oh come. on. I hate when like the slot gets loud. you see that like it just went loud and. then quiet I'm not sharing with audio. but get us in get us in wait. and you gotta scatter up top I don't. think so right. uh no no not that I've seen possibly.

See that points thing is so annoying too. every every spin it's like you've lost. 40 in a row. but I think they're doing like a. leaderboard for um. for the thing. you know what my drop down normally says. it says come on your face bed is not. high enough to qualify for this. no no on on this one on this one it's uh. everyone everything that works oh the. same people the 50s are the same people. in the 20s come on man so many two. scatters on all these bonuses guys. just get me in I'm stressed. how many did we do so far we did two and. we have like yeah so many lives hey nice. okay huge huge huge huge okay that's the. third one boys we ticked it off this one. I do have to mute because they did not. pay for the license or something and I. get copyright every time so just drop. the BET down and you were doing some.

DJing stuff huh listen sometimes I do. okay this hey. I have no faith in that thing at all I. just want to say it right now all right. all right all right that helps that. helps a lot okay next up on the list we. have. um Christmas then it goes to no wait. that means if you were on the bigger bet. oh my God we could have got it for 200. if you actually at least I know it was. 500 also but big bass flash. um. is the next one this is my favorite one. I think out of all of them this is my. favorite one I have a feeling I think. Christmas is gonna pay because clearly. he degened on that slot and something. why would you say that though why would. you say that just because my bet size. was set to 500. what if I just went on. the slot set it to 500 and then left. um what was I gonna say this is my. favorite one let me know in the comments.

Guys which one is your favorite and also if you want to see another maybe series like this where we can like try to hunt every hit or every bonus uh I think it'll be pretty fun to see like uh this one I like a lot which is gaming push gaming in the comments dude push gaming dude I would go broke oh we have double chance here come on yeah Ah that's right there bro just drop it in man I know boom we're trying to bump it damn it I like that feature though I think it's very unique like uh it gives you like Second Chance hopes kind of Vibes you know yeah it's definitely the dopamine I don't think the serotonin I'm not happy right now all right here we go boom oh come I saw it Go by let's catch it okay that was kind of awkward let's do another 30.

Come on man we need them quicker we. definitely need them a lot quicker. the average right now you don't want to. know nah relax easy. I was gonna say spin nine too yeah. it's gonna be in the next 20 spins. shortly because we've already done. almost a hundred. I think. it's been nice don't let me down or like. give us like a full line of like monster. oh that's it that's so easy one two real. two double spinner boom yeah boom bro. it's just too good at this game bro I'm. too good at spinning slots four bonuses. in 15K so you're under 100 x yeah but. it's big messes yeah the guys like I. would say like a 70x or if I get like. yeah we know we got more than four we. got big bass yeah we got big bass bigger. bass we got big bass Mega ways we got. big bass Christmas that's four this is. five right uh now we have big bass.

Keeping it real a lot of people actually. like this one because if you get them he. never keeps it real though. no but if you get them if you get the. max win fish right if you get the max. win fish it stays up in the net and and. then he can catch it with a gold guy. yeah but my man never keeps it real bro. do we do that double chance it's. so expensive it's five dollars more. maybe we do. oh that's so so much holy yeah it's. so stupid that that's the only reason at. halftime yeah I'll do 20 of these. see if we can get it that's great yeah. oh you're paying. every 20 spins I have like every two. spins more yeah you're paying 50 more. you better drop it in yeah. but every two spins I lose a spin which. is really bad for slots that's why I. don't like doing uh double chance for. these ones I usually just keep it.

Regular but I'll do 20 just in case it. wants to give me a quick one. everybody want to keep it real here yeah. yeah. cool this one doesn't look that good bro. like personally yeah there's a flop for. it later when that came out. I have a feeling this one's gonna screw. us bro I don't want to be that guy but I. feel like I'm going to lose a lot trying. to get this bonus because it has a. double chance and I have it turned off. no I have to go in order I have to go in. order. over the release you know. make it perfect oh I went off I really. hope we get it guys fast because I don't. like this this one I think out of all of. them it's my least favorite. there's something about seeing the fish. go into the net. and then leave like jump out is really. annoying. my man keep it real with us bro yeah. hey fake bro you know oh.

If that one all the way would it count. no right. another fight hold on yeah but does it. pay in full lines like the other game I. don't think so right. play I haven't played it either that. much. you can find out give me a second. also the Goldfish was only five oh I. went off it was right above it the. Goldfish was only 5K why. there's 100x. so anything over 100x it's just gold. yeah I thought like goldfish were meant. like Max win but I guess not. I mean they do but like in the other. ones it does look that's 10K I was 10K. yeah. bro please bro. oh we were doing so good after the. Christmas when I was feeling myself. okay no it doesn't pay full yeah it. doesn't it doesn't pay for each fish. though it would have been like over 2K. over go yeah. so it's not like bigger bass if you get. full lines. bro two again I'm gonna see a lot of two.

Of these. keeping it real you're not keeping it. real at all bro. it's keeping a fake yeah I'm gonna do 30. Turbo. interesting. are they all 10kx. some of them are some of them aren't. this one is 10K yeah 10 000 X bro. I'm not going live bro my money keeping. it fake right now dude. wow yeah this is bad bro it has a double. chance bro like it makes you want to. come back to this man no I have to grind. we have to be in order champ I don't. know how I'll get to express this to you. said it like four times easy. regardless like we can just open the. other ones and then continue right uh. big bat big bass blizzard is the next. one damn bro they have so many of these. hey meet this one just in case it's the. same Christmas thing yeah I'm gonna I'm. gonna mute this one as well guys because. I don't know what Christmas song is.

They've been stealing bro. Santa's coming tonight tonight Santa's. coming tonight oh it's another bigger. bass oh it's 72 it's basically another. 50x okay so this is just a bigger bass. but reskin this one kind of looks nice. though I like the theme like the bluish. Vibes and then these things are like. orange they really gotta get like some. new game or something bro. if you've seen a song like uh on the. first day yeah yeah yeah. oh okay it's stupid it's so dumb. even if it's my singing I mean now. you're singing probably because it. does not sound anything like the. song. but like if you're like a professional. singer and and like you have a good. voice they can you can probably get. copyrighted for it so stupid oh yeah so. it's safe for you to sing too me too we. don't have good voices. coming tonight bigger bass is coming.

Tonight. bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus yeah. there's three scatters please we'll take. five. bro this is bad this I don't like the. double chances on slots man I especially. these ones. 72 dollars I'm not paying 50 of my spin. size for a double the chance to get a. bonus that pays 20x no shots. characters coming tonight tonight I. really I'm gonna have to come into it. but there's two options we couldn't open. like if we would go to zero we could. open the other ones and then use that. money to to uh hunt the rest or the. other option is uh I Depot extra and. then we try to complete it all and then. open it all at the end. for video it'd be cool to see the. bonuses opened at the end but for your. wallet I think it makes sense to just. recycle what we've already yeah and. hashtag true friends hashtag We Care.

Hashtag where's my bonus I gotta pee. quick hear me out when I come back I. want to see you on a different slot I'll. take my time. you better pee slow bro. no you better be fast because I'm. running out of money bro we can't. even listen to the music get me in I'm. holding down spacebar. I haven't had a base game hit on this. either like kind of aspirant no it. actually completely dry yeah this is. like I think the oh oh oh okay hey okay. I'm gonna come back to a different slot. go ahead yeah yeah good job good job. this one I think had coins for the first. time is what it was yeah. yeah. um. and the double chance. bro what were those just listen. let's do a few of these double chance. ones maybe I'm due. you didn't double chance on you. oh maybe I don't want to do them okay. I'll try a few of these. so expensive bro every two spins I lose.

A spin yeah that's a lot man. for Big Bass. like what are they doing. it would be cool to get the coin one. here just so it's a little bit of. different but it would be nice to get. all of them to uh potentially get us the. 10x you know. come on please double chance bro double. chance show me why I paid you. it's right up there it's like why do we. even pay for double chance bro. but I would love for them to the. releases to tell me what the double like. the chances yeah and then yeah and then. I want to know what I'm really doubling. yeah that would be cool actually for. transparency I wish we knew that. actually slots why don't you guys do. that. okay. like if it says like for example like. fruit parties one in 400 right but. there's no double chance on that one so. then would it be one in 200 because then. okay.

Actually at the end of the day does it. make sense. like mathematically speaking because. you're paying 50 I think double chance. in general doesn't make sense. I might have to read Depot bro because. like I feel like we almost got them all. or we come back to this one. we have to come back bro I don't think. you should just one without there you go. okay all right we're missing big bass. holding spinner and we've completed all. the big bass games of course there's. still like corrupt Club Tropicana and. all that stuff but we'll open some of. them see what we get and then uh yeah. we'll go in order again so this was the. first ever big bass release we got the. bonus fairly all right times you know I. think we lost like 2K going into this. it was just that one man the ones with. the double chance are really bad. okay good start did we get the bonus.

Yeah we did but then we went to the next. one yeah. we ripped on the next one yeah. okay. no need to count that slow it's 350. bucks. maybe one of these we can get the 10x on. I mean surely right otherwise it's a. scam. all right. uh come on. no. it's all right no worries. where are the fishermen 20x minimum 20x. uh it's gone it's there and you're done. you're done. I mean I could have been all right with. the fishing rods that's actually not too. bad. I mean we could just need two more. come on I believe I believe drop one now. double drop. okay drop two in the next one. you got it. bro that would have been amazing. okay the first one guys yeah we got the. first one we got 2 000 man next one on. the list was. bigger Bass Bonanza spinning into all of. them yeah so I'm doing a video I did one. with dog house getting every dog house.

Bonus so I'm doing one getting every big. bass bonus because everybody asked for. it so we're using bro we're juicer I got. most of them I'm one off from the big. basses but we have to open some now. because we're broke. all right here we go this one I've gone. to 10x on it was really cool. I'm only going 10x on this one I think. or. I think maybe this one as well actually. yeah I got this one dog house uh no not. that guys I've gotten on this one I've. gotten on um uh. uh Christmas and I've gotten on uh. megaways. do you remember what it paid like my. megaways one was the biggest one but it. was like 30 and it paid like a thousand. X. uh mine was this one I think it was only. like a 400x dynamite index wasn't that. good no they're usually like bro like. when you get to the 10 you still have to. get hits and that's when they you.

They're hard not bad yeah. like you can get to the 10x and it could. just be drying we have three spins to. get two guys can we even get to a 2X in. one of these or are we just getting. destroyed. catch that bro come on. bro whose idea was this bro every single. person that commented do the big bass. thing is getting band dude you guys. damn it bro so ass big bass man any of. them are there it's 10 I think. seven big basses holy yeah and. that's without counting the reskin. versions of it as well all right bro. megaways I spoke so highly of you when. we were spinning World Champ wanted to. leave you I wanted to stay show me why. look at that already paying huge at. least with this one you can get hits too. you know champ. like yeah yeah no I mean I I I'm just. for megaways in general. I would always say like keeping the back.

End just in case it takes forever. Dynamite um 1000x. just for it it's literally it literally. hit basically the same as the last game. 1.2 k for the dynamite. yeah you're getting you're getting like. the 20x men bro but it's my seed bro. damn them was like he won too much let's. take the money back. but the one day you had it I know I know. I know yeah. you you you go in your ass bro. come on. some things I've never seen before man. yeah you do be getting into them big. bonus hey okay. something a little bit psychotic yeah. you got a horseshoe in your ass man just. though you know don't don't let it drive. you do anything crazy wait wait um. floaty in the front. never mind. okay we need two more yeah they've all. done the same thing champ. yeah I'm telling you bro I'm I'm there's. the 20x mincy right now. yeah your first one this was the worst.

Idea I ever did basically 3x this was. the worst idea you're getting minned. right now dude there's no mid on these. games all right remember to mute this. one watch games thank you. um hey I said the other one right I. think I think I think this one will do. good I think this one will do good. because you know what oh really first. spin yeah first spin bonus look at that. hey I called this one was gonna do good. yeah don't prove me wrong you have 10x. on this one too no baby I've hit the 10x. on this one on the day of release when I. did some videos on it. wasn't the best though I think I don't. remember what it paid. is there a way to mute the sound but. leave the. um ambient no there you go there you go. hey 2K look this is already the best one. yeah well no not really yeah I think so. okay this is yeah this is already the.

Highest paying one this is the furthest. we've gotten as well by the way. oh yeah easy. I must have lost a lot to this game. why would you say that Emmy I'm just. saying like because. one Spin and we get to the next stage. you know come on give us a lead give us. something yeah we do need a lead like a. two two guy oh that's not always going. right there no way it's giving that one. bro it did it it didn't want to give it. to you on the 10x higher bet so it's. like oh you're paying a tenth of what. you were betting yeah. I mean if it hits nice oh nice. Jolly Rancher are you kidding me. okay it's 1K though it's 1K we take it. 2K now yeah. okay. we might break a hundred eggs. yes. that no one ever come on. it's so quiet without the music it's so. weird. we take that we take that that's profit. for nothing 2.5 that we take it it's our.

Biggest winner so far Christmas is. winning guys for those of you that guess. Christmas in the comments. W's. but I would like this to pay for like I. don't know. my love. come on is there a price on that yeah. 2850 our first one that actually had. some potential I do one spin on it one. more. one more. one more okay that was dumb that was. dumb I that up but Big Bass. Splash okay this was like all our. favorite ones even though like four. powerups on this the other day. I didn't even get a 20x I didn't even. get to the second stage with four. powerups I have the same I've gotten. all the power ups once and it didn't. even do anything except start me from. the second stage. I started from second second stage I had. extra hooks actually level two okay and. extra fish oh we got another updated. sick yep easy okay extra hooks okay.

Um I don't think we get uh yeah we do. nice yeah extra fish why am I just doing. your seed right now bro wait I got. another upgrade. bro I have every upgrade except come on. no we missed that one we missed that one. we missed that one oh okay I mean guys. this. has some potential as some people would. say no one says that but whatever. we got everything I hope it doesn't flop. right we already started at level two if. he starts dropping in this could be a. good one and we have an extra two spins. as well for him to show up nice dynamite. oh monster truck monster truck let's go. damn this guy's got Bazookas everywhere. yeah. there you go my calculator. boom. nice okay. Oh I thought it was gonna keep dropping. them when I saw the first three it's. another 600 though. yeah we need to buy two more right. two more to get to 3x and then hopefully.

They don't go dry now we have eight. spins as well bro it's doable I believe. I'm just in the back of my mind I know. we still have to get one more big bass. to complete the video. I was scared that one's just gonna go. dry and take it all away. come on bro come on come on like he. showed up with a bazooka bro. yeah bring your friends let's have a. party yes easy that's a big one that's a. big catch it's like a shark bro yeah we. needed that this is the biggest pair so. far seven thousand dollars. come on get the next guy we just need. like one more bro but we'll take two if. you can beat. yes yes okay we're four off guys with 12. spins well for 13. we'll take one more. friend yeah one more friend oh my. we got 12 spins though we got an extra. two spins and we only need four of them. guys if we get too early there's a high.

Chance three x is well I skipped one. my bad oh I was gonna drop it there. maybe I might have messed it up I might. have messed it up Ben nine easy my. friend's here come on come on come on. wow catch it bro. where's your friend there Dynamite. Mac swim fish go. oh . go Max win fish. what. what the though it's not bad I. guess 750 times three plus yeah okay. yeah. nice it ain't bad and that hits as well. not really much but we take it extra 50. bucks I think. he broke a 200x GG the goal is to get to. the 10x though. yeah give us give us eight more Grand. and the video could be oh oh hey so. saved a little hook that's the first. time it showed up since we even have the. upgrade oh imagine that was like a Max. twin fish. little 2800 okay 25 sorry. for a second. come on come on we just need two more. 2004 spins come on.

No come on bro hold on 2500 fish yeah I. know no shot of hits then that could. have hit here right here. I need a double drop on the last one. maybe right buddy buddy buddy we take it. we take it guys that's that's still big. 13 000 that literally brings us back. almost to starting and I think we still. have a few more guys let's see if he. keeps it real dude keeping it real next. this one took the longest I think yeah. it was the worst because it has a double. chance bro it has a double chance that's. what I don't like about it. oh iby the Christmas. so what sports Hatter is it 15 skin more. spin. um yeah so you get more spins and then. this one is cool because if you get the. fish you and you don't have the guy the. fish goes up here and then every round. it can jump off like. like see how it fills up you see like.

Some of it jumps off hey hey hey stay. the net well that's a good hit that's a. good hit 500 bucks. yeah see it booming in it's gonna jump. off again yep two three but if you get. the gold one apparently right like you. can get the max win or or whatever fish. and if you'll stay in there and then. like you know you can get the gold guy. to collect it all hey let's get. fisherman so we can get stage yeah this. one's kind of hard man I don't like this. one but the Net's filling up oh well. never mind. now the net is filling up now then. that's looking full here bud. yeah Philly oh well I lost 500 bro not a. good fishing Journey when the fish are. flying off the net 3.5. look at that . can they all fall out no so what you can. do is you can get him as a gold symbol. and he'll collect all of that. this game's a scam this one's.

The worst what the it's overflowing. like you don't want to catch that fish. bro. 850 we spent the most on this one I. think in value of spins 850 that was the. worst I I hate this game that was so bad. okay we have extra scatters on this one. um bigger bass Christmas catch 15. okay. all right 192. come on. oh my bro imagine two more fishes that's. not him no no no no that's top symbol. that's top symbol he looks like this oh. well he looks like I've ever played this. one this yeah I I don't play this one as. much because I kind of got tired of big. basses he looks like yeah me too I don't. think it exists there it is there he is. yeah there he is orange jacket looks the. same basically but 1.6k all right. that doesn't change but I didn't see me. dude there's another shade no. no no. nice okay okay he's a struggling.

Fisherman can't afford fishing he. doesn't like the fish are frozen too bro. look they just he's not even like trying. hard he just goes on top of the water. sees all the frozen fish and catches. them. oh that would have been all right. come on don't do this 2K that. you did earlier bro where are you at bro. did you only get to 2x Plus on one bonus. he really was only one two two two two. Christmas and um and uh bigger bigger. big spiders yeah. okay wow well. guys to be fair we only lost 1.2 K yeah. that's I mean that's great not bad not. bad. um all right uh last but not least guys. we have the one and only That Got Away. Holden spinner me dude this is. gonna eat it all. um double chance and just try to get it. for the sake no I don't I feel like the. double chance is scam bro. oh. and it's an extra chance of scatters.

Like I'd rather get the chance of coins. you know as well. buy this one to be fair but. I you know I was gonna say it doesn't be. like do it like what's the bonus no I'm. saying like we could buy it and just say. that we bought it. but then it kind of defeats the purpose. we got one should we hunt for the second. one as well though. it's just uh it's like a dragon uh. floating dragon. they're the lights or the lights reset. if you get a drop right yes yes yes yes. otherwise you'll be broken. you can get a diamond which pays. a lot. um I think minimum like 100x I think. or I mean you get another one maybe you. just can't keep it real. oh there we go nice good reset and. collect all of them again right. I say we take this bonus and call it a. day. don't like these slots man I think big. bass like it has a special place in my.

Heart but some of their games like with. that double chance that they added I'm. not a fan of I think the games don't pay. as much like they're they did the. volatility is like not that extreme I. would say. so for us to like be paying 50 to get a. bonus bro it's not worth it they all pay. around 2K if it's a bonus and like. maybe 200x if it's a good bonus you know. I mean realistically looking at it now. we're down 700 bucks yeah it's about the. POG videos not bad. you know what I mean pause video hey. thanks so much for watching guys. I have to get the other bonus as well. I have to get the other one well I'm. just gonna see maybe we get like a back. to back bro we haven't seen the scatter. one on this one or we could just buy it. I was gonna say we should just buy it I. think yeah we'll buy it guys I know like.

Then we know we saw all of them we've. been down to the 20K that would . sleep so the free spins and the Holden. spin are the same price yeah. all right boys this is it this is the. the finale dude we've gotten every big. bass if you guys want to see me do all. the weird ones I could do it comment. down below wow that would have been. juice but if you guys want to see me do. all the weird ones like uh Club. Tropicana Dragon uh floating Dragon. there's like a few other ones we missed. um I'll try to find fisheye oh wait I. keep clicking the download button on. your thing yeah the Reese oh my bro. yeah where's the Fisher yeah. coin bonus is better. yeah I like the clean bonus as well that. was dumb we should have just left. I'm just glad we didn't lose that much. guys I'm just glad we didn't lose them. okay wait wait bazooka oh maybe this guy.

Has more artillery than some small. engine she has more artillery than fish. he catches bro. so as. it's gonna be like a two points. yeah I was like it's uh it's damage. control dude literally this number has. been following us every bonus bro by the. way the home's been paid about that too. yeah. all right I mean guys let me know which. one's your favorite I think Big Bass. Splash is my favorite personally has the. most like unique stuff to it all right. boys I'm gonna call it there thank you. so much for watching I hope you guys did. enjoy it a little lost but I will be. taking my profits because damn bro I. need it so um yeah we're gonna withdraw. this whole amount uh and then I think we. will call it there wait balance oh it's. because I need to it's in Euros. um 13.81. all right thank you guys for watching I.

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