30.04.2024 I Played 1000 Spins only lost once w/ this Strategy (99.999% Win)

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So we have one of our favorite patreons. he submitted a system we played it in. the simulator and we won out of a. thousand spins yes we only lost one time. yes okay one time one time we docked it. which means this is potentially a win. rate of. 99.999. so we do have a roulette system it's. from Mr OSN true loss Martingale dozens. or columns fantastic okay wait for it so. we're gonna do the dozens part so. basically there's two different versions. of the 3K buyin we're gonna do. realistic for what the strip is 25. minimum so we're gonna do ten thousand. dollar buying can I just say this is. it's more helpful if you're a single. person while playing this system but go. ahead yeah now he does a 10 version like. the original 10 20 60. we're gonna do. the 25 version well yeah figures high. limit yeah you know so what we're gonna.

Do is we're gonna do two dozens when. this loses you're gonna Martingale based. on the loss so it's 25.50 150 450 13.50. and there's also a 40 50 if you want to. take that six bullet the thing is is. that you basically most people will stop. at the fifth bullet so after 13.50 so. 4050 is the sixth bullet the sixth. bullet yeah 1350 is the fifth bullet you. stop there as your stop loss he says. within seven to Fifteen spins and then. you're out yep seven to Fifteen correct. uh and now you're Martingale each one of. these bets they're their own bet correct. they're separate bets they're not the. same yeah so if one wins it doesn't. matter these are two separate beds. because if you thought it was fun. Martingale just won bet nope now you got. two bets dude double the excitement and. double the loss double the loss that's.

Why it's better to be single I think. just in general yeah no kids gang no. this isn't no kids no significant other. no one to explain where it all went yeah. where it all went wrong or why you know. what I'm saying 100 because at the sixth. bullet you know what I mean that's you. know you gotta cry you may want to just. you know there's so many other systems I. would love to play but Martingale and a. roulette oh what a genius system yeah I. love it well let's see how this works. out so we're gonna do 15 spins is that. we're gonna do we're gonna try to. recreate yeah we're going to try and the. Egg track yeah number one spin number. one drop and running I'm doing the only. dunks here is the first 12 and zero. double zero that's it yep that's all I. got uh so really easy for me which I. love. oh look at you off to a rip raw and.

Start because literally you're gonna. have a loser every time yes you know. what I mean okay you're quite you're. gonna be a loser every spin at some. point this is fine okay I'm gonna I. gotta double up but I'm Gonna Leave This. here at the single uh I just also want. to say thank you guys so much happy. holidays. um quite a bit of people coming in. stopping and say hello to us yeah it's. fantastic thank you so much the influx. of less than pissed off normal wives and. girlfriends actually like normal gotten. better now it's gotten better it used to. be a ton now it's like yeah well I. think people turn off some of the. systems you know what I mean and they're. just enjoying the other parts of the for. any of you guys that are watching just. for the laws thank you so much just for. the lulls oh God now here's here's where.

It gets interesting okay so now oh okay. so now we did 25.50 now we're going to. 150 this is still staying at 25. and. then the next level is gonna be 450.. this is fine perfect. well at least they were showing them the. levels because we are we are a teaching. Channel after all we want to you want to. see it organically you know what I mean. yeah like a banana we've tried to be as. close to banana as we possibly can I. just can't wait to teach my kids their. Martin Guild tables no 100 percent 16 32. 64 128 you know yeah what I want to. teach my kid is how they're able to. charge extra for the organic banana as. opposed to the regular banana you know. what I'm saying that's what I want I. want to get that lesson done look at me. buddy all right all right here we go now. we're going 450 here nice uh we're going.

Oh it's getting exciting I don't know. what that was 150 it should be 150 right. no 50. I think yeah yeah that would. really suck if you got both morning. deals at that I know because I hit that. one previously that's 50. now okay are. you sure yeah sure why not I'm probably. probably just got yelled at from the. YouTube comments yeah from Casino. surveillance this is coming it's coming. all over the place well there you go. it's 450 that's exciting yeah yeah so. what are you getting rated right now 500. bucks yep basically no what you got to. do is on the fifth bullet that's when. you're like look at what what's my. average bet you got to call the guy over. the girl whatever it's yeah get a gander. over here look at this wow. oh oh look at you buddy you pulled it. out you pulled it out of the proverbial. yep for you look at you buddy dude I'm.

Not gonna lie though uh yeah it's a lot of PTSD you got to be make sure you before you play the system you practice your uh stoicism you know but that's actually a good time to hit because now you know what I mean 900 bucks looking good you almost wanted to get to that next bullet yep you know what I'm saying so now we're going back here 225 again okay I don't even know what the hell I'm at is fine but the problem is I'm already back to 150 here now it's starting to you know starting to get nervous the sphincter is starting to clench so it was like loosened and then it's starting to get tight again loose and tight yeah 100 that happens to me a lot does it yeah yeah just walking down the street you know what I mean just seeing random things oh look at you with another 19.

Great but now I'm going to 450 here yeah. no 100 so you have two ways to end up at. this highlevel martingales that scared. me it scares the crap out of me yeah I. feel like so if this hits again then I. would reduce it I would walk yeah that. hits again aren't you up how many spins. are we in this is gonna be this. experience all right well it looks like. I gotta really just get moving here I'm. losing all my money dude I'm out this is. the sixth spin dude. yeah it's looking great but uh you. really need that third twelfth yeah yes. because now I'm going to 13.50 right. here I know I'm I'm. one wonk I mean what kind of simulator. we talking about we wonder what actual. math on it yeah I mean regular simulator. yeah oh look at you buddy oh my God what. a winner that was the time to win yes. quite literally literally uh I mean at.

This point aren't you looking really. good that's two 900s no yes so that's. nine hundreds now we're going back now. this is 50. this is 25. 000. yeah let's just count it and see. where we're at oh yeah yeah we're at. five twelve thirteen fourteen fourteen. seventy five I mean that's a good place. to be dude that'll buy you some uh some. meatballs how to really uh yourself. you know no really that's what makes me. really all right where are we at and I. was going to 50 I think that was look at. me I'm at like five eight hundred I got. like 100 over here I'm going big dude I. may not get a break you could buy a lot. of adult diapers with this because. that's all you're gonna do nonstop just. that's literally it's like. eating a bunch of kale pasta right David. oh God I don't know I understand what. makes no sense who puts kale and pasta.

Dude David looked at the menu at one of. the Italian restaurants oh son of a bee. yeah and it's like kale and. you know foofy none of the names are. like any of the names that I grew up. with like spaghetti and meatballs. there's a name for you yeah you know. what I'm saying they came up with like. frivoli frivoli oh Moselle you know what. I'm saying and I'm lost I don't know if. I can't even understand it you know what. I mean no I get it and then and then you. know what's weird is like okay so now. they have a spoofy name right but then. you look in the ingredients and I can't. understand half of the ingredients like. you know what I mean yep now I get it. I'm not Italian I wanna David's rants. now goodbye Cod hello spaghetti. what the hell is going on with you. what's your problem dude what's you. don't like me is that what it is this is.

Like the Rebellion hey tell YouTube. about because this is a thing I can get. done tell us about what really grinds. your gears sir about these new Italian. restaurants oh my God I think this I. just would like them to use you know. have first of all if you're an Italian. restaurant you don't have cheesecake to. end the dinner I just said to me yeah no. I don't understand what the hell this is. they bring over the you know you know a. torch and some some mixing bowls and. they start doing all this stuff you know. what I mean this is a rant I can get. okay what happened to like cheesecake. you know what I'm saying or like even. like a regular chocolate cake you know. what I mean not one that a moose. apparently slobbered over before it. showed up and although I liked I like. some of the moose I do okay I just like.

I like to know what I'm eating so you. like traditional stuff I do like. traditional yeah okay so you know that I. go to like Asian restaurants right yep. and I don't know what I'm eating I gotta. have somebody else order for me like. Dennis yep you know what I mean usually. which is which or you or you and it. works out just fine I don't expect to. know you know what I mean yep what the. hell is going into my mouth at least you. know what I mean what I won't do is I. won't do because uh what's his name took. me to a restaurant he told me to close. my eyes oh Rocky I Hit It Rock I had to. eat because he knew that half the things. if I saw it I would be uh how much did. we start with 10K uh but but with. Italian restaurants I should know what. the hell you know what I'm saying yeah. and then you don't want to sit down at a.

Restaurant and bring and they bring you. a stick and you got to beat your food to. eat it. right no 100 dude they gave me a mallet. at that Japanese girl swear to God yeah. and they served me something and you're. not a liver King like a sub Primal bro. you know I'll skip the steroids thank. you very much. oh no uh oh that's gonna hurt yeah this. is gonna hurt pain pain is coming I. think I have uh we started with 10 grand. huh okay yeah okay so now I'm at 450. here now we're at we're starting to. pucker a little bit really yeah PTSD is. coming no but I I think a lot of people. I mean you should ask spaghetti and. meatballs bro really you should just. have some regular stuff and then if you. want to introduce the goofy stuff like. the bougie stuff and you know go go all. in Innovative then God bless you there. are always people that love that stuff.

You know what I mean The Cutting Edge. food food choices. he likes it Dennis likes to try new. stuff it is an interesting balance. though because you're trying to like. there's like new stuff and then there's. like traditional stuff but then there's. like the middle part where they're like. too much of Both Worlds Blended yeah no. because there's like me too I like. traditional restaurants here's something. nontraditional. please oh that's gonna hurt we show up. at a Mexican restaurant the other day. and you know they asked us what kind of. nachos we want they asked us like we. didn't serve us the Nachos Mexican. restaurant by the way and we're like Hey. where's our nachos and they're like well. it's on the menu we're on the menu they. don't just come and what Mexican place. you ever been to that didn't serve the.

Nachos you know what I'm saying like. nachos at you know what I mean that's. the whole thing about going to Mexican. food because you can go to get to get. some water some nachos and get the hell. out of there without ever paying a good. time no finish off signal oh there you. go buddy. though that's the only problem but you. gotta pay for the nachos now and then. they come out with this you gotta pay. for the sauces dude you just use your. sauce it's like a damn it's nachos it's. like a I mean dude that's that's come on. now that should be reported there should. be the food police should be out there. working that one over. no seriously come on now you had to pay. for the nacho bro I couldn't believe it. it was like 16 for a bowl of nachos with. with the sauce all right with the with. the the dip and I said they were from.

Costco dude by the way those nachos they. heated them up they heated up one of. those Costco packs he knows he'll tell. you he'll tell you right away I don't. even know where you guys eat sometimes I. literally. a second dozen please check a dozen. oh wow. pulled it out so you're gonna end up a. winner oh yeah oh yeah look at that. 13.50 oh yeah 2700 yeah he knows you. know but at the cost of me literally. like myself even though it's. fake no yeah it is fake money you know. but that's okay that's okay but. somebody's gonna make it happen right. everybody see every everybody's learning. on this channel okay what do you got. we're uh well how much you got sir I. mean here's my ten okay and then. assuming that these are greens I'm up. I'm I'm actually a winner I think we. both ended up a winner dude okay I got. 825 plus because this is 10. yep that's.

10K right there yeah okay uh I got six. seven eight nine ten eleven. thirteen thousand thirteen three. thirteen Four Thirteen Five Thirteen six. seventy five wow so I won thirteen. Thirty thirty seven hundred bucks. basically yeah 3 600 bucks uh yeah with. a lot of dude you're gonna need some. therapy good massage yeah that's the. only my only take away from these kinds. of systems is I'm just so nervewracking. oh yeah because if you if you because. you're gonna need five bullets so and I. think with the simulator I mean the. simulator you just sit back you don't. see all your money in play you know what. I mean that's that's easy I mean but. when you have all this money on the. table dude yeah uh so if you guys are. new to our Channel we do have a grading. scale durian is the worst eggplant Plum. C Peach B grapefruit a and uh we give.

This rating double Marty Dale two bets. is eggplant I'm not Dorian there's just. no one of them is enough you know what I. mean I mean imagine two of them would. you do just one dozen I mean I might. Martingale I think Marty Gill has room. to be played out on a roulette table you. know what I mean especially if he could. start low I would start at that ten. dollar range you know what I mean okay. so the 10K the 3K buyers I would say if. 10K is like 100 bucks to you or it's. like you know if you're that type of. person if you're the one percent in this. channel that can afford to lose 10K this. might be this might be the system. um for the rest of us uh 10K is a lot of. money so yeah I give it a plum but if. you got 10K grapefruit so really yeah if. you have 10K to blow. grapefruit. hey our bonus money there you go.

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