30.04.2024 I Played TWO Crazy Times Wheels AT THE SAME TIME...

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I might end up regretting this but today. I'm going to be playing two different. crazy times at once we're going to be. playing crazy time OG and crazy time a. and we're going to see if it pays out. I'm going to be doing the same exact bet. on both of these games we missed a cash. hunt there hopefully we get something. over here on the right side when I place. my bet down here I never hit good on. cash on anyway so I'm not even that mad. at it but I will show you guys my bet in. just one moment is it going to is this. two cash on at the same time it is oh. it's a one that's a great cash on board. too that's one of my. favorites holy dude that would have. been insane two cash hunts at once let's. see if I can cook something up let's do. 400. 200 then I'm going to. do I like this B I don't know if we'll. stick at it because we do only get a.

Little bit of a loss on two which. usually I go for a break even on it but. I kind of like the beefed up bonuses. here but Shinko 5x would be absolutely. insane oh that is definitely not going. to hit a Pachinko 5x I'm going to go. ahead and copy it right on over to this. crazy time oji it's so ridiculous to me. I mean I talk about this quite often it. is so ridiculous to me that they have. still not figured. out that people want to save crazy time. bats man why can I not save my bets yeah. I can repeat them why can I not save my. betting strategies I would I would cook. way. more wacky betting strategies if I could. save them and I knew I could switch them. in and out as quick as possible because. the whole thing with crazy time. is there's always like a lot of fomo. right there's always like oh like I. could have missed this I could have.

Missed this oh I got to get my bed I got. to get my redeposit in because I don't. want to miss something happening on the. wheel and with the saved bet. you uh you kind of mitigate that you. know is this a. one okay it's a two so far it's not the. best start a little bit scary this video. could go very quickly and I'm going to. be switching in and out of audio on the. ones that are hitting like whenever we. get a bonus or something like that my. editor is going to be doing his best job. to switch in and out of each wheel as. they uh almost hit something get a 10. here get a 10 oh it's going to be a. one what is that. sound why is it like a buzzing. sound did you guys hear that there's. like a buzzing sound over there like. what what is. that what the is that. dude maybe get a coin flip over here oh. that's past coin flip maybe get a.

Pinko that's a one isn't it stick it. damn dude this could go so bad if we. just only get ones and fives this could. go so bad well I've never done this too. I mean I used to do it with crazy time. Monopoly all at once get the. two crazy time Monopoly at the same time. I don't do crazy time and crazy time at. the same time this Uncharted. Territory what is going on with the. buzzing. sound it's like something something's. causing feedback on the mic coin flip. 3x don't think we're hitting that maybe. we get to the Pachinko oh it's over it. is it stick it. please oh coin flip 3x over here too. this is the second time in this session. the top slot is duplicated and it's. headed towards the coin flip it's not. there though stick the. two dude this could go so bad oh. my God this could go so bad we've. already lost half our balance here dude.

I I got to like keep the audio muted on. crazy time OG cuz that that feedback is. while I'm just ripping thousands of. dollars. look at how dead both of these sessions. are though there really isn't anything. in either of these. sessions definitely Pass the Cash hunt. can it get the crazy time oh it's past. that too can it get the Pachinko I think. it. does that's insane dude that that I. don't know that was a little that was a. little odd maybe a two top slot just. kidding it's one. number dude that's crazy I'm actually. going to have to redeposit doing this. that is in oh this is so bad I'm doing. something big for anyone that. supports your boy okay I am giving away. $5,000 in the form of a weekly wager. race for anyone that plays under code. fencer GG on gamdom not only do you get. activated for the $5,000 by using my.

Code players will also get a daily. surprise as well as instant daily weekly. and monthly rank back on all of their. bets and I'm not done there make sure. you guys go in the description and join. my Discord the link is always in there. because you can stay up to date with all. the leaderboard statistics but. additionally I'm going to be giving away. free spins in there tips all kinds of. bonuses you name it I'm going to be. doing it to give back to you guys so to. get activated for all this make sure you. go over to the rewards tab once you. register on gam click activate now and. enter code fencer GG I forgot on top of. all that you also get 15% rateb back for. the first seven days by activating thank. you guys so much for watching and enjoy. the rest of the video this is like the. sixth video I've recorded today and uh.

Every single video has just been brutal. oh. God we could still hit something though. we can still hit something to get. back give me a two Pachinko please get. the Pachinko all right nice we got 150. on. Pachinko maybe a cash hunt over here is. just dude oh my God I hate when it goes. over like when you need it to go over it. doesn't and then when you don't need it. to go over it does I want some. continuity 7x starts insane that's. really good that's the best start you. can get this board is crazy three. doubles in. 100x please no that's the worst spot of. the board outside of just going dead. center I don't know dude this is it's. going to be really hard to actually get. what we need here I I feel like this is. just going to be like a 10x or a. 7x ah. yeah yeah y yep yep yep. yep lovely lovely waited all that time.

For a bonus and it's 10x on one of the. best boards I've seen in quite some time. got a 10 over on the crazy time OG. though Defensor stop playing don't tell. me what to. do oh there's buzzing in the microphone. again huh I'll it get that coin flip 5x. 2 hours okay it's definitely not there. bro's trying to tell me to stop playing. That's crazy dude get the pinko all. right hey we got a redemp dude what the. is going on on crazy time OG or. crazy time a th this isn't oh my God. that is. disgusting I'm about to redeposit like. live right now cuz I know I'm going to. run out of money this [ __ ] is uh. scamming us way too hard to not run out. of. money and I don't I don't want to miss. any of these uh I don't want to miss any. of these. rounds cash on 5x that would be uh be a. little something something. definitely not there if anything it's.

Maybe a crazy time which it is not it's. a. one oh hopefully my deposit gets in in. time I have instant deposits enabled. just over the. Peno dude this is. uh I mean realistically if I was just. playing one crazy time this still would. have happened because this is just an. awful session but this is not how I. wanted this video to go man not how I I. wanted it to. go hopefully deposit gets in there in. time come on so you inged me I mean I'm. not reallyis come on come on maybe a ten. or a coin flip of the world oh that's a. one that's another l 10 with the 5x over. here on crazy time a. though definitely not getting to a. 10 if anything I think it's a coin flip. which I believe it might go to the one. guys I want to okay we got the coin flip. somehow wow I did not think that would. actually get there we'll take it 200 on.

Coin flip on crazy time. a our deposits in as well oh dude I had. enough to uh keep my bet down let's go. that's a blue sign can this hit what's. her name Anna okay I don't think I've. ever seen her before Oh I guess it's. different. Studios I don't play Crazy time a enough. could be crazy time if we get breaks oh. we're getting breaks little too too. early little too early and not enough. breaks give me a. 12x dude this is just crazy this is. crazy literally every stop of the way. where we could like get a little bit of. money it just doesn't do. it every stop of the way the Pachinko. the coin flip missed a couple of 10. missed a couple of. pinkos every stop of the way where. something could go good it is gone. bad good luck yeah I think if I do this. in the future I'm going to have to do. this on smaller bets cuz like I don't.

Know this is just brutal man I I should. have done like $800 bets or. something 10 please 10's. nice get $1,000 there. 950 headed towards a decent spot here. could be a coin flip no that's past it. potentially oh no it's coin flip nice. coin flip again Redemption Redemption. over on crazy time a maybe we get. something maybe hit. something just. maybe that's a. blue 9x and a. 2X that is not the best we're getting a. coin flip on crazy time OG though no we. didn't and. it's every step of the way guys every. step of the way I like I'm trying to I'm. trying to not get pissed off here but. every step of the way dude every. single bonus I mean we've only had three. bonuses. but oh this just frustrating man so. frustrating it's how it goes sometimes. though I feel like I've had some really. good sessions on crazy time. lately so I guess I guess we just got to.

We got to take it on the chin when we. get a bad. one I just that's definitely out of the. money there this maybe could get attack. oh it could be no it's a one. Jesus 1850 on both crazy time a and. crazy time OG. here if there's anything that's going to. turn the session Around It. is Well it has to come. soon so anytime we hit it two we lose 50. 10 we make. 2K bonuses we just need a decent. bonus get the two get the two on crazy. time a got the crazy time a too not bad. we could still turn it around here we. just need one good top slot one good. bonus that's a one or a. five brutal brutal brutal brutal crazy. time hey what do you got for. us maybe a. 10 I think it's a. one. dude this is just oh man. it up this. is I I just can't believe both of them. are this bad right. now they are. milking crazy time 5x hey that would get.

Us. back well we're not even close to it. so maybe get to the. Pinko we barely got to the two that's. crazy that is crazy I thought we. were going to like maybe get to the 10. maybe hit a one there but we barely got. to the two the tight flapper today. that's definitely pass the Pachinko is. it enough for the five it is another. loss of. 1850 best there crazy time. potentially okay of course of course of. course of course yeah this is I mean I. don't know that's ridiculous. dude I literally RI $30,000 in 15. minutes I mean I obviously on my bet but. this is just I don't know nothing I. could have done differently here other. than not play Crazy time not redeposit. not play Crazy. time we are going to All Die let's be. real we got a two there. though last couple of bets here Chinko. Forex that' be. nice definitely not close to.

It if anything we hope it gets to the. two. and it's another one lose another 1,800. yeah this just sucks guys this. is just oh such. a I I I hate putting negativity. out there but I just had a day of. recording today I I've recorded like six. videos and I've gotten absolutely. pounded on every single one of. them yeah and I'm out of money just like. that that's ridiculous dude [ __ ]. this I'm just going to I'm going to. all in on bonuses after this in the call. it a. that is. wild best of luck to you. all I think I'm down like uh 70k today. pretty pretty fun guess we'll do. that we could hit something and still. break even here but like I started. playing at this cash ont this is when we. started playing look at how bad. that. is co F 4X gets us all the way. back. uh for good luck just for good luck baby. well here goes nothing.

Guys here goes nothing even if they give. us a 10x here and we actually hit it I. don't know I feel like this too good to. be true I think I think it's just going. to hit something terrible like I think. we're just going to get like a 8X she. seeing you here guys let hope for the. best so we got blue 12 five or 12x. that's honestly not bad they give they. give us a good low number there give us. that 48 please please give us the. 48. please let's go dude holy what a. recovery what a recovery. dude 25 oh my god dude I'm going to play. down to 20 now what a recovery. dude I'm just going to run that one back. oh I'm still pissed though this. was such a session dude. such a . session to you I wonder if crazy time a. hit anything there wow we made the. perfect timing on that wow crazy time a. hit a Pinko I wonder if it was good oh.

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