30.04.2024 I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON

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I spent $1 million on scratchoff tickets. You're good. No joke, I bought so many that they literally had to deliver them in a dump truck. I could have bought dozens of cars, multiple houses, and so many other things, but instead we have $1 million in scratchoff tickets. Here's how it works. You take a ticket, you scan it, and boom this $50 ticket won $200. So far, we're up $150 with one ticket. $100, $0, $0. $100, 50, 50, 0, 0, $100. I've already scanned over $1,000 worth of scratchoff tickets. And I'm currently down $200. Whoops. This is going to take forever. Chandler come help. I can't believe this is actually $1,000,000.

I know, it's crazy. How much did you win? Zero. Of course. Oh, we have $1 million in tickets. I need help. Why didn't you just get less money? I didn't think of that. And after scanning $10,000 worth of tickets we only made 7,900. I'm gonna call in backup. When I bought a $100,000 worth of tickets in this video, it took us 17 hours to scan them, which is why I brought all these people here today to help me scan $1,000,000! Whoa! Here you go. Ow. Here you go. Here you go. Here you go. Gentle. And obviously, since everyone here is helping me I want to help them. Attention everybody, I'll give you guys 10% of it.

So if we win $10 million, you each get a hundred grand. Let's go! Watch this. Boom, all the tickets are gone. There's a flailing Chris. What happened? What happened is we put all the tickets, neatly organized on this table. I did it all by myself. My job is to make sure people have tickets to scan. Chandler, there's a 10 miller in here. Here's more tickets. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sweaty. Wow, so his last few tickets are 100, 50, 200, 100, 50, 200. He's not losing. That's what I like to hear! He's won 10 in a row. No, he hasn't. $100. Alright, let Karl take one. Go ahead. Go ahead. $500, holy crap! 500.

Five hundo, baby Karl! How am I the only person that hasn't got $500? Karl sucks. Karl, you lost your ride to a computer. No! I love how we're just making jokes and being idiots, but this is literally a million dollars. Honestly, I feel like I'm kind of numb at this point. Like, this is $10,000. Here you go. Win your claim at lottery? Uhoh! Uh-oh! For tickets above $1,000 it doesn't tell you on the app, you actually have to scratch it. Karl, here's the luckiest quarter in the world. I'm really bad at being able to tell if I've won. Karl won $1,000, which is good. Boo! Hey, it's more than you won.

But it's not 10 million, back to scratch it. Alright everybody, read this number. That's how much we spent. How much have we lost? Oh, 78,000. We've only lost 78 grand. During the time lapse, I had them hold all their winning tickets. How many of you guys have one? This is a winning ticket. This is a winning ticket. This ticket was $1,000. This ticket was $1,000. This ticket was $1,000. This ticket was $1,000, but this ticket was $900. Wait really? Back to work I guess. Let's go. We still have $700,000 worth of tickets remaining. Oh, that scared me a little bit. Can you get outta my seat? Nerd.

So far, I've won a quarter of a million dollars. And at this rate I'm gonna win $700,000. All the money I win in this video, I'm gonna use to buy a private island and they don't know this, but I'm gonna host their "Survivor" competition with all 10 of the people scanning on the island and whoever wins the competition gets to keep the island. No joke. I hope you guys win a lot of money. What are you winking at the camera for? Nothing. What a suspicious boy. Everyone, we crossed the $400,000 spent mark. That's 40% of the way. We've won 300 grand. So right now, we're only on track to lose $250,000.

I can live with that. Been a very long day. Want you guys to go home? You guys have 5:00 AM. 5 AM! Alright, see you then. It's the next day and I'm the first one to show up. And like I told you before, we're gonna take the money we make off these million dollars in tickets and buy an island. And when they come in today, I'm gonna reveal that's the plan to them. So I'm gonna make this set look like an island and boom, this is our new set. We've only scanned 40% of the tickets. So at this rate, we're gonna win $700,000, which can buy this island. Look at it. Look how crazy that looks. And I'm gonna take the 10 people helping me scan and one of them is getting their very own private island.

Oh, look at that. Doing Friday? What? Oh my God, there's sand. Yes. I didn't even We're currently on track to make 700 grand. I'm gonna have the 10 of you compete in a survivor on the island. Winner keeps the island. Yeah! I'm gonna go live in a week for when I upload this. I'm gonna win 'cause I'm a winner. $50, told you. I always win. I'm getting errors instead. Does that count for anything? There we go. So I want you to tell the viewers about "Survivor" a little bit. Seriously? Okay. My favorite show, I'm gonna win the island video because of it. I'll tell you that. Interesting. Keep telling 'em about it.

Yeah. Karl, what are you doing? I knew there was something up. You never want talk about "Survivor," Jimmy. Everybody, I have important information to show you. As you can see, we've earned $440,000. Yeah! Pour it more on his desk. I wanted to show you what we could buy so far. Here is a $400,000 island. It's a triangle. Let's just go home. Let's get that. It's a drum stick. It is a drum stick. Now drumstick $10 million out of those tickets. Yeah. That's how you motivate. We need a little bit more, 130 more. I did it. Aye! So far we have spent $690,000 and 420 bucks. $690,000. Tomorrow is the final stretch.

See you tomorrow. It is now the third day and I brought some presents. This is a picture of Chandler with $10 million behind him. 'Cause we're winning $10 million today. This is Karl holding a picture of him holding $10 million. This is Karl holding Chris's baby, Tucker, but we photoshopped Tucker out and put $10 million in. Here you go, Chris. You get the point. This is literally from the future. That's a picture of you jumping over $10 million. That's quality. This is day three. The day that we finally finally see something exciting. I don't even know what day it is. I'm ready to be on an island laying out, winning.

10 million. Don't talk to me. I'm not saying another word until I get 10 million. Everybody, where'd Chris go? He told me he had to talk to his wife. What, he's a dad or something? Oh, welcome back. I brought my son. Yep. Chris, you made that. I made it, dude. I'm confused. I just don't know how you did that by yourself. You just gotta go to the store, you fill out one form and $500 later, you got one of these things. Nah, just kidding, you have sex. We have so many 36s and 38s. Whoa! Oh my God! Yo, it's actually not boring. Yeah! You just made everyone in the room a hundred bucks. Hey, hey, hey.

All right, everyone pause real quick. Chandler, what does that number say? $901,283. And how much do we spend? One million. Which means we only have a hundred grand left. Not gonna lie, getting a little nervous. We still haven't won $10 million yet. No one scan anymore tickets. Give me a second. I feel like I just got in trouble at school. They say ladders are bad luck, but I'm getting desperate. So we think it's gonna be good luck this time? Yes. All right. Hundred bucks. 50 bucks. Bad luck has been working, so I brought a mirror. I'm gonna put this in the middle so the bad luck rubs off on all of you.

Oh my god! That did it. Yeah. We now have a black cat, that is as bad luck as it gets. This is your cat. Alright, Midnight. This is the $5 million ticket. He's under a ladder, holding a black cat, covered in salt, beside a broken mirror. Scan. Not a winner! Alright, well, maybe bad luck actually is bad luck. We only have about 6% of the tickets left and I didn't know this, but you could actually hire a leprechaun so we have professional leprechauns here to give us good luck. (cash register clings) $500. 50 bucks. Can't believe you can actually hire leprechauns. Why? I have the remaining 10 tickets here.

Chandler, here you go. Please, I want to end the day with a 10 miller. 60. What? Alright, Ethan. That's a hundred bucks. Here's your final one? 30. 100. 100. That's the best yet? Yeah. Second to last ticket. Here you go. Hundred bucks. We started with 120,000 tickets and now we have one. Before you scan it, I need to show you guys something. Come over here. Everyone stand behind the table. I went to the bank and I withdrew 70 grand because that's 10% and that's what I told you I'd give you guys. Grab seven grand and go spend it somehow. Chris scan the final ticket. Alright, I won us 10 grand before, let's see if I can, just kidding.

It's only a hundred bucks. Our winnings from the $1 million of scratchoff tickets was 720 grand. I found a $700,000 island. So this is the island. You guys are all gonna compete to the death for. Oh my gosh. This is going to be a three video series. You just watched the first video and the next one I'm gonna buy this island. And then the third one, all 10 of these people will compete and only one of them will walk away with it. I'll see you in the next video. The next two videos on the channel are gonna be, I bought a private island where we take this $700,000 and buy a real private island. And then after that, it's gonna be lastly private island keeps it where I have all 10 of these people compete for the island.

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