30.04.2024 I spent $10,000+ on GATES OF OLYMPUS bonus buys.. PART 1(STAKE)

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What up boys welcome back to steak we've. got 6 500 and we're gonna be playing on. gates of olympus today sort of brand new. slot not really it's been out there for. a while now. but uh yeah here we go if you guys. haven't claimed the seven dollars free. promo click the link in. the pin comment below and with that said. let's get in to the steak video. all right here we go i guess we just go. straight into it right. six thousand five hundred dollars i say. we do a 500. buy i don't know if we jump straight. into a 5k buy dude i don't know. i don't know if you guys have seen this. slot hopefully you guys understand if. you haven't don't worry. just watch the video and eventually. you'll understand what's going on. basically when i see little odin is his. name odin i think his name is odin right. no no oh. zeus we want to see zeus wave his.

Hand up in the air and strike some. lightning down on this we get some. multipliers all right here we go. 500 dollar boy right after that 540. dollar buy okay can't be 500 i've never. played this slot i'm gonna turn it down. a little bit it's a little loud. foss is in the cool with me so he might. be jumping in at any point just fyi he. is currently afk probably making himself. some chicken dude. oh come on dude where's the maltese. let's get it i wouldn't say it's common. to get multi. right off the bat but hey there we go 5x. already right we get that no matter what. we've got to hit. if we could drop some more in no all. right 5x is fine 11 spins on a 5x. it's not terrible nice another hit. that's 10x now we're out of 15x so the. multiplier sticks. this is good every single spin now is a. 15x this could be. really good especially if you get the.

Top symbol which is i believe the crowns. oh my god drop it drop it drop it nice. that's so good. that's good that's a couple hundred. bucks maybe more actually wait hold on. okay this is really good now we still. got nine spins. this is a 540 buy by the way and we're. already in profit i mean. i mean we're basically even never mind i. got a bit ahead of myself. we could have nine dead spins just as. easily so i do not wanna you know. get too comfortable it might die here. now i think i just jinxed it. that's a good hit only four dollars. though. come on oh that's the best symbol right. maybe nice is a good hit this is a good. hit regardless because he did the. lightning strike we got a multi there. keep going though don't be shy okay. that's good that's good that's double of. money right. yes it's a thousand dollars.

Okay okay zeus keep going. there's so much going on i still don't. fully understand it as long as he puts. his hand down though that's a hit this. is huge. oh my god this is huge this could this. is like 2k right this is 2k this is 2. 000. right here in total in total i should. specify or maybe it's 2 000 on this hit. alone. maybe another 5x. yeah 2 300 total my math is. not completely up to scratch i will. admit keep going though we still got. another two spins. nice wave your hand up in the air zeus. this is the time come on there we go. perfect not a great hit though. it is what it is another hundred bucks. this is a good start though this is a. really good start. okay last one hey. i'll take that from a 500 or buy to 2. 400 bucks. that's really good why am i now nervous. for the rest of the video. we started with six thousand five.

Hundred already at eight k. basically seven thousand dollars after. this no matter what so we're still in. profit by 500 bucks even if this. flops. come on honey keep going keep going oh. that's a retrigger. how many spins do i get off that five. spins okay i thought it might have been. ten. that's still really good though we need. to build that multi. no that's not a hit on gold oh. oh no no no come on drop it drop it wave. your hand in the air zeus. come on guy do your thing oh. oh my that should have been chalices. it's fine we're still at a 3x we're. getting a lot of dead spins though. come on nice put your hand in there. behind in there you . oh no this might be a flop dude. zeus. oh my god i'm not getting any hits there. we go okay. give me blues maybe wow wow. i believe you can get a 250x to drop. though so who knows.

It can still be saved the odds of that. are pretty low. pretty low oh greens screens. whatever this symbol is sand timer thing. drop it drop it put your hands up put. your hand up it. for those who don't know if if zeus. doesn't put his hand up then it means. that malty's not dropping. wow this is that many spins that are. dead. i'm kind of surprised by that wow. oh my god oh my god 260 bucks back. from a 1400 by that is so bad dude. puts a little bit of a dampener on this. video i'm gonna do another 1200. buy it go to clean 6k maybe do one more. 1k buy and then do a 5k by. thoughts or maybe if i get to 10 000. i'll do a 10k buy. seems like the recipe for a disaster. though. i want to see a 250x dude that would be. incredible or maybe another scatter. not the scatter baby greens nice where's. the hand in the air zeus.

Oh he's throwing he's actually throwing. we're getting multi but it's never. connected when they actually drop aha. okay i'm not losing faith this is too. early to lose faith in this slot. nice there we go there we go that helps. a lot. instead of getting a 0x we're getting. now a 7x on every spin. pog now zeus keep it up. keep it up keep it up keep it up please. nice. it just dies uh okay three spins left. and a dream i guess maybe this is only. friendly to big buys oh that's the best. symbol. where is your hand in the air. zeus that could have been huge. that could have been huge i could have. paid for a majority of this bonus. that was the best symbol we just hit i'm. upset about it. oh come on where's this. where's the multi there we go. perfect. kind of saved we got a good portion of. our money back. basically a thousand dollars wow.

Nice keep going guaranteed another 4x on. top of it. dollars okay okay okay thousand dollars. we got saved right at the end let's do a. 2k buy i guess. come on buddy come on zeus boy four. skies is that. is that more than usual i don't know i. think it's three right. i'm a little bit clueless like i said. first time on the slot give me some. slack. at least we're starting off with a 2x. somewhere early right. oh no it's easy boy come on nice uh. maybe reds. or yellows no. constant 6x at least right. oh my god that's a good hit dude. oh the chalices there would have been so. good the little blue symbol oh. 400 bucks though i didn't quite realize. it was that much. what are the ax too nice. uh blue chalices no wishful thinking. uh blue diamonds blue diamonds. oh nice keep going keep going drop a. chop get multi or else this doesn't.

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