30.04.2024 I Tested "GUARANTEED" Plinko PROFIT (4) Strategies and it WORKED... (Stake)

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Today we're gonna be testing out four. different strategies on Stakes game. Plinko and trust me you don't want to. miss this one of these strategies is. going to be widely successful and hugely. profitable and even Drizzy would approve. Plinko is a very simple game all you. have to do is drop these pucks from the. top and then wherever they land is. whatever your payouts you can set your. bed amount to whatever you would like. and then you could also update the risk. in rows as you increase the risk and the. number of rows the higher payout you. will earned but also on the flip side. the less likely you are to actually land. a puck in that slot this is a video you. guys do not want to miss so let's get. started for strategy number one we're. gonna be setting everything too low so. the risk is gonna be set to low and the.

Amount of rows is going to be number. eight which is the lowest amount of rows. you could have with our budget we're. going to do a bet of one dollar and see. how this strategy goes we're off to a. great start and I'm going to set up the. stat line right here so you can see in. real time how much we've actually bet. what our profit and losses how many wins. and losses and this is also gonna be. displayed throughout the video also I. really sped it up here because I put in. thousands of dollars in bets in the. strategy alone and didn't want you guys. to sit around here for about an hour to. watch me place every single bet in total. as you can see by the graph for our net. gain for profit or losses you can see. that we got up to a height of about. twenty dollars in profit towards the. beginning but as time went on and as we.

Put more and more bets in this turned. out to be a very losing strategy with. over six thousand dollars bets place we. actually ended up losing 100 so it's. time to move on to our next strategy for. the second strategy we're gonna go with. a medium strategy approach so we're. going to set the risk to medium and the. amount of rows to 12 which is right in. the middle of 8 and 16 and we're going. to update our stat line so we can see. how much profit and losses we could get. with this strategy alone and compared to. the other strategies we're also going to. update the bed amount from one dollar. and cut it in half to 50 cents as you. update the risk and rows to be greater. risk or Rose remember that's going to. come with a greater payout so you're. going to earn a lot more money if it. goes all the way to the left or right.

But also on the flip side you have to. remember it's going to be a lot less. likely to get those big payouts so we're. going to see if the strategy works a lot. better than the easy strategy that we. just tried with strategy number one. similar to the previous strategy we were. off to a hot start being profitable up. to about thirteen dollars but sadly that. wasn't the case for the rest of the. strategy we actually ended up putting in. even more total Dollar Bet amount than. the first strategy with over 8 thousand. dollars worth of bets but it seemed like. the more bets we put on over time we. actually ended up losing more and more. money as of right now the bets are sped. up to about 40 times the normal speed. that way we could really see how the. chart on the left hand side is coming. along over time you can see that it.

Fluctuates between going positive and. negative But as time goes on it really. goes downhill from there and we end up. losing our 100 pretty fast in total this. is definitely another losing strategy. but we actually did end up placing about. two thousand dollars more in total bets. compared to strategy number one on the. flip side this could be a good strategy. to get large amount of bets in that way. you can upgrade your account so you can. get better rewards and also you win. different races so you can get different. cash prizes but trust me in this video. we are gonna find a strategy that's. going to be a widely successful so let's. move on to the next strategy first. strategy number three we're gonna set. everything to high so the risk is gonna. be set to high and the amount of rows is. going to be the highest number of rows.

Which is going to be 16. so you can see. here that the payout really jumps up to. if you hit all the way to the far left. or right a 1000 multiplier payout we're. going to set our bed amount to 10 cents. if we do hit that thousand times. multiplier that means our 10 cents would. actually pay us out one hundred dollars. I gotta say that's a pretty good return. on investment right there we're going to. reset the live stats that way we can see. how profitable this strategy is you are. now watching it at 80 times normal speed. and similar to the other strategies this. one started out great and ended up being. profitable But as time went on over. hours of actually using the strategy we. ended up losing the hundred dollars and. barely quickly if you compare to the. other two strategies we only had a total. bet amount of 1400 compared to the first.

Two strategies we had over six thousand. eight thousand compared to Total bets so. I guess it means it's time to move on to. the fourth and final strategy the fourth. and final strategy is known as the. Martingale strategy and you're going to. make sure you stick around for this one. because I said we would have one. strategy that is profitable so how the. Martingale strategy works is you. basically double up your bed amount. every time you lose so if you start with. one dollar you lose that bet you would. then go to two if you will lose that bet. then you go to four and if you lose that. one eight so so on and so on then once. you do win your bet you could go all the. way back to the starting amount and this. example would be one dollar for the. strategy we're gonna set it to low risk. and eight rows and we're going to set.

Our bed amount to 10 cents if the puck. hits the one or one point one multiplier. I'm gonna count that is basically having. the same amount of money and not really. winning or losing anything so I'm just. going to keep the same bet amount and. I'll have to hit the 2.1 or the 5.6. multiplier in order to go back to my. original bet I've done the Martingale. strategy from other betting platforms. and I can say from an experience the. multiplier goes up very fast so I'm. going to start it off at only 10 cents. just because we're gonna be working with. 100 budget and trust me guys it goes up. very fast soon enough we'll be putting. 50 or 100 bets or even more so you want. to stick around and watch even within. the first couple minutes we got all the. way up to a 51 bet like I said the bets. could really add up quick once you're.

Doubling in them so I'd recommend. starting off at a very low bet amount. and luckily we hit the 2.1 multiplier so. we were back in the green and can. continue this strategy one thing to note. with the Martingale strategy is that you. need a decent sized bankroll in order to. keep doubling down your bets. so you see here that we easily get back. up to another 50 bet and actually ended. up losing that so we have to go to a. hundred dollar bet and actually lost. that one as well so your profits could. actually go away very fast and if I were. to have a lot larger of a bankroll I. would have bet my 200 bet that I should. have because that would have been a. double down but I didn't want to go past. my 100 threshold so luckily I actually. ended up hitting a 5.6 multiplier so I. could go back to doing the Martingale.

Strategy by the rule book and doubling. down once my bankroll was high enough to. do the Martingale strategy buy the books. with doubling down every lost bet you. can see that the strategy was working. out very well for me I ended up going up. to a 200 bet very fast so it definitely. had my heart racing because you never. want to lose a 200 bet and basically all. of your profits go but luckily we hit. the multiplier and we're up huge on the. day as you can see right here we're now. profitable over 300. 128 dollars. for the next hour or so we actually. ended up maintaining our current. profitability around 330 dollars even. though there was one point when it did. slip almost all the way to zero net. profit but luckily we were able to get. it to go right back to where we were at. 330. this would not make for an. interesting video if we didn't have any.

Drama and that comes along with one of. our last bets of the day we end up. losing the hundred dollar bet so we went. to the 200 bet and actually lost that. one so we had to double it up at the 400. bet but luckily luckily we hit that 2.1. multiplier and we're up huge for the day. and almost nearly nine hundred dollars. profit with just doing this one strategy. in total for all four strategies we. narrowly place twenty seven thousand. dollars in bets and there was a clear. winner what strategy was the best one. and that happened to be the Barton Gale. strategy with us profiting nine hundred. dollars if you did enjoy this video and. us personally risking 500 of her own. money or if this video made you any. money with the different strategies we. tested out please consider giving this. video a thumbs up and also using our.

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