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I'm going to be playing a bunch of steak. original so you don't have to and so we. can find out which one actually pays the. most or has the best rate of return I. put $1,000 today on stake we're going to. split it up between the four most. popular game modes at least in my. opinion and my favorite ones to try to. make money on which starts with Plinko. then mines then Dragon Tower then Kino. you can see stake has the amount of. players on each game mode so actually. the most popular one is Dice but I'm not. the biggest fan of dice unless I'm going. for like a 1% or just a 50/50 so I feel. like wouldn't make the best game mode. for the video cuz you kind of got to. grind it go for some low odds or just. straight up go for 50s which you just do. a couple bets you can't really do too. many on that or else you just end up.

Losing so I'm going to go ahead and. choose those four for my favorites and. we're going to be trying those out in. today's video I'm going to start it off. with some Plinko we're going to divide. the balance by four so we're going to. put 250 on every single game mode and. we're going to see which one actually. comes out with the most amount of profit. so we've got 250 right here for Plinko. the first game mode we're going to try. out on this series SL challenge I'm. going to begin with with a little bit of. low risk we're going to start at low. we're going to go up to high I'm going. to play a little reserved I'm not going. to go super risky I'm not going to go. super reserved I'm going to try to play. in the middle you know do some bets do. some crazy bets do some middle bets you. know kind of go all over the place but.

Before we start this if you guys want to. try out steak you guys can hit this icon. right here hit the settings button then. hit the offers tab and then use the code. fat in the welcome offer box you guys. get instant access to VIP rewards as. well as prizes on stake just like right. here we're tipping this guy $600 here on. stake because he actually wagered the. most on my code for this month and I. tipped 14 other people a total of. $11,000 extra as well so we gave away a. total $1,500 $1,600 this month and I do. that every single month for more. information you guys can join the. Discord it's in the description below so. yeah let's get right into this guys and. yeah we give away a lot of money every. single month to people who do use my. code fat new and just support my videos. so make sure you guys do hop in the.

Discord as I said before I'm going to. start it off Low Like I said before. let's go ahead do some $10 bets right. here and I'm think I'm going to give. each game mode like 5 10 minutes I don't. really have a certain limit I guess it's. just kind of just either we lose our. money or we make some profits so yeah. okay here we go starting with some 10. I'm hoping to hit a 5.6 pretty early on. in this I do really like playing. highrisk as well in eight rows that's. something I've been doing a ton I'm. going to try to just grind this out see. if we get lucky the odds are like about. like8 I guess when you add both of these. together on each end I think that's how. it works and we'll see if we can make. something if we go under like 190 I. think we'll just switch it to high and. try to go for the I believe it's a like.

A 5 point I believe it's like a 9 or. something no it's a 29. okay might be doing that soon I'm going. to go straight to 20 no let's go 15. let's go. 15 oh wait what are the oh it's a 27%. chance to lose when you do more rows is. actually kind of weird you actually get. like a 20% chance of losing which is. kind of weird on Lower rows you actually. have a higher chance of losing which is. very weird we're down about 50 bucks so. far guys I'm doing some pretty big bets. actually when you look at it come on. please okay we got two fives ooh oh that. was a two okay we're still down still. down about. $44. this pretty much all in can we get 1 5.6. here okay we still lost on there okay we. can get one of these it'll bring us back. I'm going to do one more kind of big BET. right here and then let's switch it. up come on low risk okay low risk is.

Doing nothing for us we're going to try. it one more time this one gives us a 19%. chance of losing so it's a little bit. less than before so far Plinko is not. coming through for your boy I'm going to. change it to a high risk after this and. let's see what happens we're going to do. a quick all in right here low risis 16. sometimes this works well for me I just. started playing this and it's been all. right sometimes you win a little bit. sometimes you lose a little bit so it's. not too volatile it seems like that the. lowest Rose was the most volatile that. I've had on lows so which is very. interesting come on. man4 okay let's see what kind of balance. we're working with right here after all. these drop and then we'll determine I. think we might just have to go to high. risk and just really try to hit a crazy.

Multi yeah holy we are down like oh. my God we're down like half the balance. about a little bit less than that but. let's switch to High guys let's go high. eight and let's go for some let's see. what a 2.5 would be on here okay it's a. $70 hit that's actually pretty okay if. we hit that let's start with that if we. don't get it we'll increase the BET here. we. go o there we go beautiful little back. to back all right nice we are at 185 we. made a quick Buck on there I like that. there we go it's going to hopefully save. us I'm going to continue with some 2.5S. let's see if we can Lu out and hit one. more we hit that really quick so let's. see if we can get lucky hopefully we. don't drain what we just made though. that's what always ends up happening on. Plinko I've learned you make your money. and you just get the hell out so maybe.

We'll just do that okay we didn't lose. too much let's do one more of those and. then we'll stop we'll change it to like. medium and try. that okay let's stop right there I want. to end on high risk at least more than. what we came in with yes no man okay. we'll take it 180 that's more than we. came into with highrisk let's switch it. to medium and let's go let's go for a. 58x that would actually be beautiful. we'd actually make money if we hit this. on a 2.5 so I'm going to try that and. then we'll go from. there we we'll we'll double it up here. we go let's double this up let's up the. anti real quick let's go $5 right here I. don't want to necessarily lose. everything I just want to have a good. session and see if we have a chance of. making profit and I guess if Plinko does. not want to hit for us it just doesn't.

Want to hit and we can just call it at. whatever balance we're sitting at we can. do a couple risky ones maybe on high and. see what goes from there I don't know. let's see let's see how medium risk. treats us though. pretty much all in right. here haven't hit anything crazy right. here I'm hoping for at least a 15 on. here though okay let's raise it up to. eight here we go man oh man this would. be really juicy if we do hit a 58 the. odds are pretty against us I hit a 420x. last night I think it's the same percent. as this when I was live streaming it was. pretty crazy if you guys want to check. out my streams they're on Kick username. is fat Noob TM as you guys can see on. the screen it's in my description as. well come on okay 7x that's actually. okay we'll take the 48 we're still. around the 160 170 balance.

Let's do a quick $10 all in right here. another seven I'll take it let's drop. the T right here boys let's see if these. fives want to do anything or I think. these are sevens okay here we go let's. do an all in right here and then we'll. go ahead and let's go ahead switch game. modes after this come on Plinko we end. on a sweet. note all right the ener Gen means like. no you can't stop on there we we got to. do some 20s real quick let's see what. we're looking at the odds wow pretty bad. odds here let's try dude okay wow this. is looking pretty dirty let's. let's give it a Shan $20 guys this is a. pretty terrible idea but I think we'll. end off plink on this we'll give it a. shot we'll give it a Redemption shot cuz. I it's been okay to us it hasn't been. horrible we haven't lost our money like. instantly but this is how you lose your.

Money instantly right here doing . like this okay that actually worked out. better than it should have 180 let's. give it one more shot I know I keep on. saying it um but for real this time. we'll do an Allin right here again some. tens some 20s and there we go this is. the final verdict for Plinko. guys all right we're going to end with. 195 guys that actually isn't too bad we. ended up. negative4 on Plinko in my book that's a. pretty decent session very up and down I. had a good time that's the most. important part and we didn't actually. end up losing too much we had a little. comeback right there at the end so yeah. we have 250 again guys in the balance so. let's go ahead and take this to mine so. far we're down about like 55 today on. the day I'm going to go ahead and just. start this off straight up with some.

Some decent Siz bets we're going to go. straight 25 in with two. mines okay 25 mines or two mines is a. very hit or miss some days you just hit. the M straight off the bat over and over. and some days you're will just Farm up a. couple quick 1.7 a couple 2xs and kind. of just make your balance pretty juicy. I'll take that. okay yes last one okay there we go are. we sitting at 300 we're almost at 300. we're up like 45 $46 almost correct. let's try seven mines on here guys let's. lower it to $5 I believe two clicks is a. 2X let's go for a quick 2x we're going. to go here and here oh it's pretty much. a 2X let's go for one more ah it's not. going to hit I was actually going to go. for two more I want to hit four and see. what kind of multi we rock with on that. there we go ah okay it'll be wouldn't. pay that much cuz we are doing some.

Smaller bets but let's try it let's see. if we can hit. it okay yeah we're in profit so let's go. ahead and play a little bit risky we'll. go for a little bit of a risky one we're. getting three a lot but four is the hard. part should we just let's just go four. in a row so close let's go four in a row. down here watch it be good up here okay. let's go let's just match it up here oh. there we go okay you know what we'll. take it that's some of our money back. that we lost okay seven mines is not it. for us. yo okay it let's try it dude let's. just go off the deepend let's go $24 or. 24 mines and let's go five bucks on the. board okay we'll go two. more one more okay let's try it with 2.5. cuz if we hit this is a pretty solid. multi I think it'll be like. 24x okay two more go for the center then. let's go here watch it be in the center.

Now man I was watching a streamer he did. like a $100 bet and he hit it first try. it was insane like it was the craziest. luck I ever saw all right let's try 10. bucks or 10 mines my bad I keep mixing. them up and let's go five on here we. might just have to work with the low. amount of Mines man this is not working. the high amounts of Mines are just not. working for me today. nice okay let's go for the four. corners no okay both of them had it all. right that's fine let's try random tile. man mines is not messing with us today. at all seems like okay there we go 5x. one more we had to bro we had to there's. only 20 bucks on here we're down a good. amount you know what let's lower it to. five mines let's do $10 on the board or. $10 on the BET. amount we got to go for four we're going. to go here and then the. corner there we go finally a decent.

Multi 2.58 I'll take it I want to see. some like 15 X's you know like this is. still nothing. crazy okay let's go for the. corners yes there we go let's go for the. middle there we go okay nice we're. getting there we're getting there let's. go for let's go for two more let's play. a little risky I'm going to go here and. let's go for the random wow that's senta. six dude that's a good multiplier right. there I don't know why I said it like. that but that's solid we're almost back. now okay let's do the same thing let's. go middle let's go left and right that. would be beautiful okay try again let's. go for just the five the little dice. formation let's go for straight middle. uh we'll take that we'll go here nice. okay this is where the random comes in. guys. random we'll click okay it let's. take it we're back we're back I'm I'm.

Taking that all day okay let's go three. now and let's go 15 I'm just going to go. straight down that never works what. the hell I'm going to take. that the patterns seem to not work for. me very often so that's why I'm a big. random tile proponent right like right. there I don't know nice no way okay. that's actually pretty solid let's take. it okay we're at 300 we're up 50 bucks. let's keep on going guys let's keep on. going let's try one mine and see what. happens let's go 30 bucks on one. mine he's going to be here okay we're. down 30. guys. take that that brings back 2/3 of the 30. that we just lost and now we're down. even more okay we're down like 50 bucks. I think on this at least just on one. mine okay I'm going to try one more time. guys this is what happens when you play. one or two mine you get so tilted.

Because like you shouldn't be losing and. then this is what happens so let's go. ahead and do a 30 it's a little bit a. lot of money actually nice we'll take it. let's lower it down to 25 let's do 25 on. three. wow nice okay okay let's try to make. this 300 guys and let's get out mine. seems to be playing with us a lot today. so let's just go for 300 now make back. most of the money we lost on. Plinko cuz after all this is a session. the goal is to make profit. um here here I feel like there's a mine. here and go here okay that scared me I. thought that was going to it was lagging. a little bit so let's take it we're. almost there actually I think we're $10. off is that it close enough. right if that dude if that hit I would. have been so salty okay there we go. we're up $50 and 81 cents here on mines. we'll go ahead and call it there that.

Kind of negates the Plinko effect like I. said I'm going to play pretty normally. how I like to play cuz this is a session. after all and we just want to make money. so yeah we'll go ahead and end off mines. right there and then we'll hit Dragon. Tower with another 250 so far we're. pretty even on the day man we're down. like five bucks I'd say overall which. isn't too bad at all let's start Dragon. Tower off with some 25s on easy let's. see how it goes this could be a big bet. amount cuz sometimes easy just you lose. lose lose so let's. see boom starting off nice we'll take it. I'll take the 2.3 I actually like taking. the 2.3 is a lot of times when I go for. the higher like five and sixes I. realized I would have just made a lot of. money if I just cashed out on the 2.3. it's a pretty solid multiplier that. extra3 adds up real quick oh man I was.

Going to go for the double stack right. there that just might be the Strat just. Farm these. out boo yeah dude there we. go oh I was going to say no way let's go. for the zigzag zigzag does not work well. we'll try to go for the four. okay let's go for the straight line. again nope okay let's go. random oh no this is what I was talking. about. guys let's go random let's go. random and yeah this is what I was. talking about Dragon Tower is a pretty. dangerous game mode where you can just. lose back to back to back and you can. lose all the profit we were up a lot. we're up like 50 60 and boom it's all. gone okay. okay we're down to 50 bucks guys let's. send it on hard mode and try to make. everything. back okay we have four tries left. guys. nope. nope all right we have $9 left let's try. Master on four. bucks oh that had to hit man okay okay.

We have $1 left Dragon Tower is going to. fully rip us I think okay look's like. Dragon Tower is definitely the worst. game of there's a reason why I don't. play that much dragon Tower I just. always lose just like that especially on. easy you end up just losing so many in a. row let me know in the comments if that. happens to you and now for the last. one guys let's go ahead take it to Kino. with the last 250 so so far on the video. we're down we're down about five bucks. in the beginning just from Plinko and. mines together cuz mines we profited. Plinko we lost Dragon Tower 250 bro so. we're down about 255 total which isn't. too bad across three game modes I'm. hoping we can be plus 250 on this so end. with 500 on Kino and end the session in. the even green would be better but I'd. rather end the session even than in the.

Red I I don't know how you guys feel. about losing but I'd rather just break. even than lose man like losing is the. worst feeling so let's start this on. highrisk uh Kino right here guys we're. going to play with 2.5 first I'm going. to O Okay I'm going to try to hit a 90x. real quick I've been liking this setup. right here and going for a 90 it's a. pretty decent odz I hit it four or five. times on my live stream within like 300. bets so was pretty crazy so let's start. with this and then we might go a couple. three tiles we're probably going to keep. it mostly on high today so we hit a 400. that would that's what we need but if we. can hit a 90 soon that is what I'm. looking for maybe we should be playing. with medium risk I don't know I'm a big. highrisk Kyo guys so this is most. likely going to end pretty badly so I'm.

Going to cross my fingers that that is. not the case but we'll see what. happens all right come on man we'll go. down to 200 trying this we'll do a. couple and then we might do a couple. fives I don't know let's see what are. the odds for the seven let's take a look. o for 4.5% not even 5% hey shout out to. this guy for tipping me I don't I if you. guys can see this but he's been tipping. me all day cuz I I sent him a tip. earlier in the state chat okay there we. are oh there we go first hit we're about. to hit 20000 we got our first hit of the. day I like that let's go ahead and just. raise it up to a nice $4 cuz if we hit a. 90 on here we might just hit our goal. yeah that's 250 profit right there even. more okay so we're really risking it. right here we're kind of banking this. whole session on a 90x which I love that.

Hopefully you guys like that too we're. trying to bring back the Kino Vibes on. the channel we haven't had some crazy. Keno hits on the videos in a while so. let's see I think we'll go down to 150. we'll change it up run a little three. tile come on a man that was our three. tiles right there though there we go 90x. guys oh my God 533 wow we really prayed. for it it came through you can actually. ignore this cuz I didn't reset this on. the other session but this basically. means we're up yo okay 533 bucks on Kino. I'm going to grind this a little bit. more I've Been b o back to back I've. been biging to just when you're up and. you get a big win you just get out of. the game mode it's worked really well. for me recently I hit a Max win pretty. much on retr tapes last night I was $7. off the max so I'm still happy with that.

And I just kind of hopped out of it cuz. I feel like it just drains you so we'll. do a couple more bets you know I think. we could just end it on an easy 500. maybe we'll try to go for Ah that's so. hyped that we hit that maybe we'll try. to go for a nice um we'll go for a three. tile okay here we go let's go for a. three tile that would put us an extra. $81 ahead and we'll do 10 of those and. we'll probably just call it a video I. guess we break even I don't know we we. want to just break on the even I don't. know I want to hit one of these let's. see. be sick if we hit one of these. guys okay let's put it back on here it's. lagging a little bit so the instant bet. is not going too quick let's give it a. shot with two bucks right here this is. put us at 660 I believe if we hit one of. these let's see if it gets us even close.

If there's no sign of it we'll just get. out while we're up man are almost even. actually and I'll I'll I'll be happy. with that oh one off okay well stay in. guys that's a sign from stake right. there this is how we lose all our profit. come on. baby okay not even close I really like. this corner man I've been with. this corner pretty heavy. it really just when it wants to hit. it'll hit big in this corner and that's. why that 90x thing feel like I feel like. it works pretty well but okay we'll go. down to 450 guys and then we'll go ahead. and call it a day I'm going to raise. this up to the $3 it because if we. win we might as well win big right let's. give it a shot come on for the video man. for the video stake. please o okay not very. good okay we got a couple tries left. guys I think we got like six tries left.

Something like that I don't know my math. is probably off oh one off oh baby. makes me want to just keep going the. inner Deen's coming. out okay we got to do a couple more we. got to O enough we got to do a couple. more man okay you know what I'm fine. with losing 100 bucks so let's go a. couple more I'm going to raise this to. five bucks and let's just keep going for. it let's change up the formation just a. little bit um I'm going to do the. opposite let's do this let's do 30 31 16. we're going to go five bucks in here if. we do hit this it's going to be a pretty. ridiculous win it's going to be a $400. win so I will be super happy if we hit. this. we got five bets left guys or actually. like three four bets left oh there we go. wow I literally had like one or two bets. left guys we're going to hit that it's.

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