30.04.2024 I TURNED $1,000 INTO $10,000 IN 10 MINUTES ON STAKE

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All right boys we're starting out with. uh well a lot less in today's video. we're going to calm down a bit with the. starts we're going to take 1.8k to limbo. initially I'm going to start out by. going for a few 5xs we're going to do. just $35 on this so I'm going to try and. get this to 5 grand that's my goal today. we're starting with just a little bit. less than two grand that's a good hit. we'll take it let's see if we can get a. few of those I'm going to risk a 70 oh. that was close Okay back down again. that's not in that's not in that's in. okay 70 here we get this we get out try. it again nice that's 2.1 wait how much. have we gone up 2 four five okay try it. again if we get this next one I'm out. for real oh 35 of course it's in as soon. as I lower it okay try it again again. again again okay 70 70 again uh 70 one.

More. time oh wow this is this is really bad. 35 okay 70 now bro every time I raise it. it just doesn't connect 3.6 these are. all 70s loss again loss again 4.07 4.83. on a 70 6.46 we've gone down so much we. need yeah we need a few wins to get back. yeah man okay there's one give me like. two right now we yeah one more here and. I'm out okay I'm out 2.3k that somehow. worked we we went down 600 temporarily. wow that was a very fast start to this. video we're going to calm down a bit. before we do the next one guys if you. want to check out steak or stake us. click on this guy over here go down to. settings go over to offers and use the. code quick timing within the first 24. hours after signing up you get access to. the VIP system which will give you money. back on every bet placed we've got $18. right now we shall check back later on.

And we'll see what we have right as you. know Kina was an absolute disas fter so. here's what we're going to do let's. clear the board we're just going to run. a straight line across the middle we're. going to add on one extra number that. number is going to be my lucky number. which is 29 we're going to put this on. high risk we're going to start out with. some 50s here let's see how Kino's. moving and then we can decide what we. want to do so uh I yeah as you guys know. man I've been running this straight line. setup for a very long time we got my. 270x with this set up so it can. certainly pay if it's feeling if it's. feeling generous so far not looking. great however it just takes one. 11x and we're back in this but we're. back to what we started with that profit. on limbo has gone disappeared there we. go there we go told you guys just takes.

One man that's the great thing about. this let's see if we can get a few more. a 56x would be massive bro 31% chance I. feel like we could do it though I feel. like we can do it. 2.1 in the balance if we go up to 2.5 I. will risk a few $100 bets but first we. got to get up there that's not even in. is it wow all right it seems a bit Hit. or. Miss more uh on the Miss. side 2317 that's got to be it that's 56. x's in oh my goodness I told you it was. possible literally one off the 500 x as. well yo guys 2.6k win beautiful I'm not. done though we're going to raise this to. 100 wow what a start to this. session that was insane let's see if we. can get a few more multi I want to get. this at 5K right. here okay we're missing most of these if. we can just get a nice little Forex or. something to come in little bit of. damage control here with these.

100s I don't want to sit here and do. 100s for the rest of the video if we're. just going to oh there we we go 1.1k is. in nice nice man 4.8 oh my goodness yeah. that's it again. 5.1 yo man this is why I love you know. love hate. relationship definitely love their times. very frustrating at other. times 4.6 all right get me back to five. we get out won't push my luck here for. any longer that 56x was huge I was. trying to see if we could quickly get a. 500x I don't think it's happening. somehow we're clearly losing a little. bit now. wow what a few losses in a. row there's one all right give me 11. here 11 here we get back to five and we. get out 21 is in we might just have to. dip though I don't I feel like it's just. moving different though I don't want to. chase I don't want to chase it we'll. take the floor though all right hold on.

Hold on I'm trying to decide I'm trying. to decide what to do the Forex helps a. little bit but we've just given that. back already I'm trying to figure out. how it's moving two. numbers oh man in general it's moving. it's moving I don't know it's not moving. right yeah just toss 11 here get me back. to like 4 point something and I'm out. nice I'm out 4.5 I'm I'm taking that. we'll do one more I'll do one more 50. all right all right all right let's get. out 4.4 okay guys crazy start to the. session no doubt about that let's go to. Plinko all right we're going to drop. some 50 plink Ables we're up 2.5 on the. video we're doing good we peaked at uh. probably 3K 3.3k Prof okay we're going. to see if we can get back up there we're. going for a nice little. 83x on uh 60 or 15 rows excuse me 15 row. Plinko oh that's moving oh man bit of.

False hope there 3x is in let's see if. we can get. 27x and uh I'll probably increase this. to 100 I know you guys want to see the. DJ content at the same time we have to. be. careful so I'll do a few more that could. be it that's a it's not 20 it's 28xs. though 4.6 all right we'll drop a few. 100s if there's a time a moment to get a. 6 120x I'm just saying I'm just saying. it's right now Plinko it's right now bro. even an 83x would be so big nice 8X is. in especially on 100 pays a lot we'll do. a few more I don't want to stay here for. too long it's yeah we're just these bets. are. massive okay oh oh my goodness. yo what 12 Grand in the balance that. ball was so unexpected it was like. moving down here we've just gone from I. think we started with like 1.7 or 1.6k. we've yeah 10K profit do some quick MTH. here started with just under uh 2,000 in.

This video and I'm somehow sitting at 12. Grand okay guys we are not going going. below 10,000 for this video no matter. what happens 10,000 is the absolute. bottom line we're going to keep. recording for a little bit we're going. to see if we can get one more huge multi. uh every single time I've had my big win. on Stak it's always been right after a. mult a big multi right before every. single time I've had a big win on steak. there's been a big multi right before so. I'm going to see I'm just going to see. if there's something else waiting for me. you never know you never know I'm going. to drop a few more like I said bottom. line is 10 grand we're taking that out. regardless of what happens here I mean. hopefully we can get another nice multi. but if not it's all good going to drop a. few more on the that could be something.

On the a it's nothing yeah that 83x. though where' that come from it was so. Random bro I'm going to have to watch. this back and see exactly what happened. it was just I don't know it was it was. moving weird bro and suddenly bang 83. didn't expect it at all hold on a minute. have we have we literally just have we. just burnt through nearly two GR we. haven't hit a single multi with 100 yet. 3x that's the first. one that's the first one bro yeah you. better start. tossing okay yeah you better start. tossing some 8xs my way or some more. 3xs this is this is so bad though look. at. this thankfully that 83x came in or we'd. be in a bad situ oh my goodness yeah. it's scaring me yeah aex is in okay. imagine 27 if we hit that 27 I would. just end it right now just call the. video that's it. boom nice bit of damage control let's.

See if. we oh my goodness another eight would. take it I thought it was going to be a. 27 for a second I was speaking about the. 27 I thought it was about to bless us. with one all right 10.9 in the balance I. think we'll uh we'll get out at. 11. wait hold on this could be something 8X. 11.6 okay we'll drop a few more and then. I'm calling it I actually might go to a. different sck original real quick okay. 11.5 I think we peaked like 12.2 let me. quickly try something I'm going to go to. uh diamonds real quick I'm going to do a. 250 okay give me. this nice get me up to 12.5 and I'm get. nice you know what let's call it a 12. get me up to 12 I'm going to do 150. don't want to risk too much here cuz I. know what diamonds can do okay try it. again. nice yeah 12 I'm done 12 I'm done wow. what a crazy video guys $10,000 profit.

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