30.04.2024 I TURNED $1,000 INTO $10,000 IN 10 MINUTES (Stake)

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Diamonds Hyo and limbo are the only. steak Originals that we can play in this. video we've got. 1,221 in the balance and I'm going to. attempt to double it by playing Diamonds. and Hyo we then take it to limbo we go. for 100 X's or nothing this will. probably be a very expensive video let's. go real quick before we start if you. want to check out steak or steak us for. yourself click on this guy over here go. down to settings go over to offers and. type the code quick timing within the. first 24 hours after signing up you'll. get instant access to the VIP system. which will give you money back on every. bet place as you can see we have $104. for free with that being said let's get. into it boys starting out on diamonds so. we need to get this to 2.5k we then go. to limbo and hopefully take it to 5,000. by hitting a couple of 100 X's however.

We need that initial start and we're. just losing three losses like $300 gone. if I lose this I'm not redepositing. that's it the video's done $900 I'm. below a grand that should have been a 3X. please oh my goodness this is why I. don't come here very often diamonds. loves to take my money 3x is in and you. give it to me back to you know what. that's even better than a 3X 4X is in. please nearly had it nearly had the. triple that's another four though wait. we're actually up on the video right now. 1.5k one more win and I'm out I'm out. I'm out 1.7k we are taking this to higho. all right so we're going to do $100 bets. once again uh what's this is six we're. going to go for higher 61% chance that. is in $60 profit we're not leaving there. we're going to go for lower surely. that's a king there's no way beautiful.

I'm going to go for hire and cash this. out be kind to me don't do me wrong nice. there we go cash that that out little. bit of profit we'll certainly take it. I'm up to 1.7 going to lock this in. again beautiful let's go for lower all. the same let's go oh this is risky. 76% just about locks that in I'm going. to go for the same thing please nice man. do I take a risk here and go for high. all the same I've got $96 profit let's. go for it okay it was bound to happen at. some. point 69% high are all the same oh my. goodness you guys can see why I don't. play this on the channel higher all the. same that's in higher all the same. that's in I'm going to risk it. please beautiful I'm going to cash that. out that puts me at. 1716 we're not quite at 2.5 yeah that's. our goal before we go to limbo I'm going. to take a huge risk here in hopes of.

Getting us up to two grand 30% we need. to see lower all the same please baby a. I'm me in again Lower all the same how. Bro you've got an eight let's go lower. all the same okay lower all the same. beautiful lower all the same give me a. five or four right here 10 we're going. up I'm doing a 200 I'm locked in I'm. going for higher all the same I'm. feeling it I'm feeling a face card. boom how man that's an 11 come on I'm. trying it again I'm going higher please. okay High Roll the same 38% chance. oh I'm down to a grand last attempt. before I go back to Diamonds 84% surely. that's in 50/50 baby please nice I could. take out 400 here including the base. bear I'm going to go for one more please. nice I'm going to take that out how much. are we at 1 28 7 let me go back to. Diamonds we obviously just lost a bit. there the video is not quite over yet we.

Need to get this to 2.5 that's a loss. that's another loss. yo diamonds what happened there's a. three I need another. three please that's another three give. me one more and that's good 1.5 one more. and I'm out oh my goodness diamonds is. actually paying today if this is your. first time watching steak please uh. don't play Diamonds because besides this. video it never pays this is the one. recording is actually paid let's go high. low once again I'm locking in a Big Boy. 2 69% surely surely lower nice give me a. higher now and we take this out please. nice I'm taking that out guys we are. getting very close to our goal of 2.5. I'm going to make a big push here and. hopefully get this I'm going to risk oh. nice a $150 I'm going to risk higher all. the same please oh no it was risky lower. no man what are oh no we just gave back.

400 lower how how are we losing all. these. H oh oh wait that's 600 158 if we do one. more there's a good chance we take out a. grand here I'm going to risk it please. oh my goodness I'm out I'm out 1K from. Hyo and that probably will be my biggest. Hyo win ever I I don't see myself ever. coming back here unless we do another. challenge video Let's lock this next one. in we're getting to 2.5 right here right. now higher all the same surely nice okay. lower all the same you've got an. eight oh cash it out guys we're at. 2251 we are incredibly close to 2 .5k we. then go to limbo and potentially lose. everything 100 is in get me over the. Finish Line Get me to 2.5 right here I'm. going to risk a 200 give me a. 3X one off of three 200's in again. that's a. 2X that's uh I don't know. nothing oh my goodness a 2X give me a.

Three though how many bets do I have to. do to just get a three here here that's. a two. again oh my goodness another two one. more two and we're done we're done. $2,500 in the balance the moment that. you guys have probably been waiting for. 100x on limbo we're doing. $15 bets let's go 19x we're getting some. high multis early on doesn't necessarily. mean anything but from what I've. experienced in the past normally you can. get some more high multis right after a. few high multis so I'm hoping that 100x. comes in fairly early that will get me. up to 3 3.7k Guys oh my goodness this is. about to be one of those crazy YouTube. videos okay since we're now up to. 3.6 I'm going to increase this to $25. right now okay we are going to attempt. to get to 10 grand if we can get this. with 25 40x try it a few more times I.

Got a feeling there's another one on the. way we're going to find out fairly soon. we're going down really fast guys I'm. about to be back to 2.5 if we keep. losing like this I'm counting on a 100x. to come. in what hey 119x I'm at 5 grand right. now we're not quite done I'm going to. push this a little. further if we get to Seven I'm out I've. made up my mind as much as I want to uh. push this a little further I don't want. to give back the profit that we're. currently in I'm just hoping we can get. one oh my goodness what is that that's a. 200,000 x what I have never seen a multi. that big on St that's the biggest multi. I've ever seen on limbo the biggest. multi 270,000 X can you imagine just. having a dollar on that guys we're not. quite there um I I don't see how oh my. goodness I don't see how we're going to.

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