30.04.2024 Insane Gates of Olympus Max Win 5000x

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How's the punters welcome back to psb. today i'm buying five or hopefully five. features for 120 rand over on gates of. olympus i've only got uh 528 right in my. account which isn't enough to buy five. but. the wins if i wanna see if i can say. that should be enough for me to pick up. that uh. fifth one so i've definitely got enough. for four i should win enough for five. but but yeah basically chasing a big one. i know 120 bucks is not. the best amount to kind of bet with. because your woods aren't going to be. that big but i'm actually hoping for. like 100 times or just something. something interesting to happen. so this has been kind of hot cold to me. recently uh multipliers not coming at. the right time lots of spins with no. multipliers i did pick up a nice one in. one of my challenge videos oh we need. the multi now.

There we go anything more yes six times. on that can we get some gold. ah we really needed that gold one. 35 bucks. it's going to help pay uh help go to. home somehow with a feature purchase. ooh but so far. not much happening with the worm. five spins left. maybe some uh red here yes some rings. would be really lucky. no we're not that lucky we're not that. lucky. okay five times there we don't have too. many spins left that's the problem we're. up to 15 times with what three spins. left. two. one left anything more for us no nothing. further for us in that one. let's get stuck into feature number two. okay. and gold. gold please and the multiplier would be. a nice start yes okay maybe some rings. on multiply come on to us. zeus as i believe. oh my word dude there we go finally the. answer two times. but at least we've gotta multiply to.

Start off with but man that was. disappointing. okay some reds maybe some blues on the. cards here no oh close to getting that. uh. bit of gold. purple maybe you know okay. lots of multis there don't like to see. too many mouths being thrown i like to. kind of get them after i picked up the. winds because they did take up precious. places on the reel which could be a. symbol that actually gives you a wind. like yeah i mean it would be if that was. blue. would have helped three times there nice. some gold maybe. gold. you're not even gold up to 15 times. three spins left. not looking too good 12 times there. that's better gold please gold yes i. guess some blue or crowns. come on more maltese more maltese. yes yes yes yes give me those crowns or. rings come on zeus. okay we'll take that one that is going. to give us enough to get that extra.

Feature after this so we're actually. making money on this one can you believe. it. but overall we are still down we need a. multi here we need blue we need maltese. get some rings some blues yes now. where's this malty come on zeus. come on zeus. the old bastard does not provide okay. feature number three. kind of back to where we started so we. might actually be able to get an extra. one i'm happy to play these three on top. pick a big one or i lose all my balance. crazy as it sounds. oh nice uh nice little one there. nothing else with it but we do the two. times going. miss out on that default four times. nothing happening on this one. oh greens. uh. blue maybe yes lightning maybe zeus. because nothing else was going to come. from that we only under two times. multiplier you got service because it is. not looking good on this one.

And we only pick up an extra two times. oh yeah. oh yeah. okay five times a little bit too late. there with the five times is we need. these purple ones and maybe some crowns. maybe some crowns. no crowns no extra multi is not gonna. help. lots of crowns there just missing the. last one damn. ah yeah this is a dead one. maybe we get really lucky we need that. lightning from this more free games. lightning please wow neither okay. all right this i see how you want to. play i see how you want to play us you. want to do as dirty like that my bro. oh i'm gonna take it i'm not standing. for your nonsense feature number four. 350 times. oh my word oh my word what is going on. with zeus. i have never ever seen this in my life. 864 times. we're winning. 3680 rand oh my god this could be. an absolutely. massive session from um.

That was our and we've got 14 spins left. oh my word this could be immense we need. lightnesses. yes baby look at this oh my god this is. probably gonna be my biggest win i've. ever had on gates of olympus i cannot. believe this. i cannot. oh my god max win oh my god another 2. 300 rand. we hit the max win in two free spins. you've got to be kidding me you're not. going to let us play more than that. oh my word i have i have no words i have. no words um. i'm i i'm i'm over the moon that we won. 6 000 rad. in two spins from 120 rand. but. i didn't know there was a max win on. this game what nonsense is that. oh. this if there wasn't that max win which. i'm just finding out about now this. would have paid. absolute. bombs. ah okay well guys there we go that's my. biggest one ever. on gates of olympus i hit the max win. um i was only betting with 120 rand wow.

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