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Yo what's up everyone my name is Thomas. AKB draft and today boys I am playing on. the 500 casino and I do have one. thousand dollars in the bounce and a. brand new Big Bass Bonanza keeping it. real well that's a new slot so basically. this one just launched like a hour ago I. was just doing a bonus on and uh for my. swim and then I just finally saved this. new slot exists so I I decided to give. it a shot let's do some bonus wise let's. see what we can get really not sure how. it works okay so we got extra scatter I. mean it spawns of course we're gonna get. it but uh okay Max win 10kx nothing big. but uh it's pretty decent I think let me. see so we I guess we need to get some. olives oh oh so you're gonna stack here. Olaf okay. okay. so all of these goes here and then it's. gonna drop back to this. okay it's interesting installer.

Is hearty comment because I don't know. what you expect from this. but I guess it could be like really good. okay all the fishes goes in and uh what. happens we need to start getting olives. otherwise we gonna be ripped yeah I mean. there's no way already for us. it's gonna drop the fish fish okay well. we're not gonna go to the next stage. here for sure not gonna get it all but. maybe you could put like a big win. somehow would be really nice to get. probable right now connection and uh. yeah I ended up with a 16 doors well I. wasn't expecting that the first buy is. gonna be this bad but we do a 300 buy. and here see how it goes can I get more. can we get more. okay well it's normal bonus it's a new. big bass for another slot but that's. still weird to me I know primatics is. launching quite a lot of this but not.

The slots I could say but maybe it's. good we'll see the last one big pass. Splash was pretty okay. let me see if this one could be cool as. well even I'm still not sure what's. going on here but I do hope it's gonna. be quite okay for us well that's a three. or six packs getting the first Olaf okay. okay well big rain Kappa 45 bucks isn't. big to be fair oh we kind of need some. all up to hit. okay it goes in this one once again I'm. still not sure what's going on here okay. nice getting another oh that's beautiful. maybe if you would no no there's no way. I was about to say that oh why nice. oh. okay. nice. nice that's money okay I like it I'll. take that 51. we have four spin slap. boys and we only need one more up right. now to go for the next stage would love. to go to the max stage a new slot and. the max stage straight up that would be.

Amazing okay okay come on give me one. more Ola Prime now oh man look at these. now some big stuff here. what about just give me right now yes oh. my God we go back to back two olives. nice that's definitely gonna help us. what about if we could somehow maybe. pull even more one more Olaf. okay well that's amazing. and uh oh nice okay straight up getting. all up look at this look at this. beautiful one oh my God wait. are we gonna every single time right now. climb this as well. or I'm wrong. wait no if you get a golden all up then. you climb this as well oh my God. well that was definitely insane we need. more of this goal then. dude what the okay no way we actually. going for the no way we're going to the. third stage right now. dude that's in saying that 700 win. already and we have seven more Spanish. to unlock the olives right now.

And then we're gonna get extra 10 again. oh my God that's really beautiful I'm. not gonna lie I'm actually enjoying the. soul right now. can we get it one more time to Golden. but probably I want the golden on like. bigger hit. but wait it doesn't matter that would be. like with the multi right now so it. would be actually pretty cool. oh man but that's kind of goal all up. really surprised me here. this is why your boy should actually go. click on the Subscribe leave a comment. and of course click on the like button. as well that would mean a lot to me and. we actually got even two more olives. boys we're gonna get 10 spins right now. we're gonna get 10 more spins to get two. more all UPS start for interrupting in. this beautiful video but 500 casinos. offering 100 deposit bonus up to one. thousand dollars and as well 53 spins.

All we have to do boys just click on. your profile go into rewards type the. code V drives and click on the client. Button as well guys for the high rollers. fine when the casino is actually. offering a VIP stock and by reaching the. level 1200 you can get a free 500 Casino. Rolex and for reaching the beautiful. 1300 level you're gonna get an exclusive. Lamborghini Huracan so yeah guys thank. you for using the code visual apps and. let's go back to the video this isn't oh. my God this is insane don't tell me that. oh my God this actually could be. straight up one more and that's a Max. stage voice in The Big Bass Bonanza on. oh my God I actually pull no way oh my. God we're going for the we're going for. the max stage on Big Bass Bonanza. keeping the real voice oh my God that's. insane after those seven spins I will.

Get 10 more spin boys we could literally. make some insane stuff right now on this. one. oh my God that's a new sliding already. Max Sage on this and we're really having. a bit more than 300 rigs which is really. crazy as well keep in mind we're gonna. have 10 spins with the 10x as well and. oh my God look at these ones already. pulling more of them but uh kinda right. now it doesn't matter anymore you know. just because we pull it all up it. doesn't matter we need some big wins. that's what I'm looking quite more. looking for the oh yes sir let's go my. man let's go that's beautiful nice. 437 bro that's insane one. oh man I'm so happy now we're gonna have. 10 more spins and I do hope you're gonna. be pulling the all gold all of those. Heroes of all with the 10x. that's 10 oh my God that's a beautiful. one bro. 150 like that.

Look at this one look at that one bro. oh my God that's insane I'm not gonna. lie boys this is insane. okay okay oh my God if I will pull the. gold Ola then I'm rich like no joke I. would be rich if I would pull the goal. all up right now. and I hope it's gonna happen I just hope. it's not gonna die right here straight. up. because look at this one oh my God bro. please give me the go all of give me the. goal Olaf I praying for it bro three. more spins can we get somehow the gold. all of this is a bit more than 500 weeks. already and we're going boys just one. time we'll all have oh my God please no. you're gonna probably make jokes here we. only got one time a connection here. please oh it's a normal one it's not a. goal bro if that would be a goal I would. be a little Rich. 1800 or when on the brand new Big Bass.

Bonanza keeping a real voice that's. insane slot oh my God what a crazy slot. here. wait let me try to do um let me try to. do a couple of spins and see how it. works. can you give like a big win on the spins. here. okay okay not gonna do anything I took. maybe there's gonna be like something. extra happening when you pull two of. them but uh seems like no really. foreign. oh wow. hello my keyboard what are you doing why. do you have those creepy sounds. I think we're gonna do like a threehand. door buy maybe and one more and then. we're gonna stop because it literally. went already insane we got a crazy crazy. here that that was a 600 x voice today. on the big pass but now they're keeping. it real oh my God and a Max state in the. beginning that was just one of the. craziest experience with the new slots. and I like like that's the reason why I.

Like the new slots every single time. there's a new slot I love going on those. ones. oh. pulling the gold one here would be kind. of cool. okay another one nice imagine back to. back going for the max stage I mean it's. super rare but it could actually happen. there's four more spins. easily we can do it. okay thanks we got it to the one to one. nice oh my God just spool me one more. let me get it. let me get on one more right now two. more spins boys easily can give me one. I like this like this is really cool and. specifically you can land this one on a. 10x then oh my God. ah he dead wow it actually decided to. die here but boys I don't truly care. because we already made good and decent. profit ending up with 752 dollars in the. profit here and literally just a couple. buys and we've got some massive wins if. we would click on the reply one of them.

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