30.04.2024 INSANE RUN ON PLINKO! Huge Bets & Big Wins (1000x)

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Gentlemen in the mix. no gambler anymore we're playing on. gaming after this if we rip fast here. not sure how long i will be live for. today. but for for a while more i guess. or yeah. so i. have one one ball going. jumping out. please. come on bro. 9x is good but it doesn't really cut it. my second time getting 1000x or third. but. that feels good. amazing it's insane you see the. ball jump out and there's 100k added to. your balance. amazing oh my. god. but i'm phillip is going to be so. jealous. oh my god that felt so good. yeah 16 rows since the max. yeah but we're not going to stay here. though we're going to leave we're going. to leave. we're going to buy some let's buy some. like super bonuses or something. something that doesn't rip too fast but. still. maybe we should buy some. no limits. one of the newer no limits.

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