30.04.2024 INSANE WINS on GATES OF OLYMPUS! (Highlights)

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Choose your fighter. hello there okay all right boys welcome. to another video this video is from some. stream highlights so I hope you guys are. excited now if you guys do want to check. out some wins that I get on Twitch make. sure you guys follow my twitch at watch. games TV but I wanted to mention a few. things guys a lot of you are not. subscribed dude go down there and double. check if you are subscribed because 38. of you are subscribed and 61 of you are. not currently so if you're watching my. videos if you enjoy them I would really. appreciate it if you guys subscribe also. guys today these clips are from gundam. if you guys do want to check out gamdum. you can click the claim free reward and. use the promo code watch games TV to. claim yourself a brand new chest a few. things I want to mention guys yamnam's.

18 plus so please be above the age of 18. in order to play if you guys do want to. play please play responsibly and yeah. let's get right into it some big wins. from my streams and I hope you guys. enjoy peace. foreign. still could do it Reds maybe yeah okay. that works zap zap zap 500x 500x come on. super huge this will be huge Zeus wake. up oh he's ABS he's ABS one more time do. it. do it one more time one more zap one. more zap this would be huge yo dudes. wake up. wake up. wake the up you oh that's a good. win though that is a good window. oh my God imagine a 500x on that chat oh. holy . oh nice zap the zap the zap the zap the. zap the zap zap zaps up Zeus. wake up. bro please. oh. yes collects. oh that's good. that's good. oh my I'm I'm actually like lightheaded. right now no we don't bite again I mean. profit is profit though come on bro.

That's profit you can't dude you can't. leave on a profit by World Champ right. you and you're gonna be so pissed. you can do another one after that no I. won't are you crazy you think I'm a DJ. like that you think I'm you world Chef. watch this wow whoa. whoa relax buddy relax you think I would. not you think I would stay on this lot. if it didn't pay me back to back profits. come on yes you would you say no. absolutely not absolutely not. the profit was 22 you bought another one. exactly it was still it was profit right. I'm not even worried chat it's about to. drop a big multi dude after this after. this 2x of course. huge huge. uhhuh retreague. okay big multi oh that's huge wait big. multi. okay that's fine that's fine that's fine. Rome wasn't built in a day. technically it was the name was. established the other day yeah then the.

Name Richard Rings Rings Rings Rings. Rings Rings uh Richard now Richard now. it green screen screens Green's. just two off though that's the thing. yeah. please pay profit so I can do one more. please even if it's a penny dude please. do it please bro honestly I don't even. care if you just give me bro let me do. it I want to buy another one. hear me out bro just pay profit one. penny one penny profit I'm not addicted. or anything I'm not addicted or anything. just pay a little bit of profit. please. look at that. honestly I'm so sorry I told you to. Libra I I apologize you're absolutely. right. this nft bro let me get this nft real. quick bro yeah I'm actually saving. oh dude one sec chat I gotta save this. painting dude. let me just yo you guys are petting him. dude they did the show emo and he went. right on his head one sec dude I'm Gonna.

Save that painting dude I'm Gonna Save. it that was my biggest uh also my. biggest win on on base game on this slot. I think it was on like 40 spins or fifty. dollar spins and it dropped in um oh. nice it's just so easy it really is so. easy with the new Zeus. I have the two songs clashing though. there you go. yeah that was that was what uh uh when a. PK we're probably gonna make more money. than gambling okay sure I was actually. preking earlier because I was having. trouble logging in um but I got I got. sorted where are the multis 11 spins. left usually drops here. a good multi would be beautiful yo rings. and then multi okay 2X . okay another 2x maybe a double zap yeah. um. I kind of wish it didn't zap it that. early and we got like one more. connection I had a good tumble there. okay zap now or greens nice now's up.

Might as well um. okay good board here that I jinxed it. nice. okay purples. nice wow okay rings. nice 120 come on. that's not bad that's actually a good. hit yeah a little 2.2. what's up Texas Legend how are you man. okay. I love this slot man it's so. good it's so good it's so good it's. actually so good. when it does good things like that all. right another 2.2 2.19. okay nice. 20 28x yo if we hit these chalices right. now oh my God okay uh Blues nice uh. Greens Greens two greens nice uh yeah. yeah I don't know I don't know there we. couldn't have really hit anything. nice bro. another 2.7. come on. oh reach rig one off reach rig. oh. okay uh and we're back unbelievable. I got one that paid less than 10x one. bonus. thank you. oh come on zap this zap this zap this. bro. come on. challenge purple Miranda could do it red.

Could hit here oh stop please bro any. luck tonight come on put your hand up. bro oh my please okay bonus it. you okay wait what's up. I'll take it. apples. oh that's mad yeah what about it it's. Max okay okay I'll give it to you later. yeah I'm in a bonus. my brother's distracting me from this. big win dude watch this. oh you're making it big okay. I just had a big win dude that was such. a tease chat like we. are you good at darts like throwing. darts absolutely not bro that thing is. just there for sure honestly. oh my good tumbles at this yes I don't. like chilies okay. I never celebrated. okay okay come on. drop a red drop a red multi or a purple. multi like it's been so long since I've. gotten one of those. just a nice big juicy red multi. I quick spun that I'm sorry yo you in a. boat yeah yeah bro. come on best boat best boat at least we.

Got the guarantee multi hair look at. this. 500x multiincoming yo I really hope so. man I really hope so like this is It's. tumbling pretty good and he's zapping it. watch I've missed two Max one oh my God. it's so delayed I had the out played I. had the out played I as the outfits bro. come on. Green's hair nice another multi uh these. things blue these chalices can hit right. thank you thank you yes okay come on. it's a good already a good tumble Reds. oh yeah come on. dog come on Crown somehow do it it. oh okay well that's a good hit that is. actually a good hit 6.7 K all right okay. we're at 10K oh wait where is Maya when. I did this bro bro you weren't listening. to the song I told you I've got ten and. you know oh my God another good hit. okay okay. this is all you oh yeah. come on. Blues come on yes purples that's gonna.

Be tough yellows maybe no nothing that. was a board. that's a good board Blues can hit purple. skin hint. okay purple skin hit. now you zap a 500x. come on bro. still a good win chat I'm very happy. with that bonus Blues yeah it's gonna it. might die here though oh he's ABS bonus. oh wow come on greens oh I know this guy. bro yeah are you friends with him I know. this guy I know this guy all right 15K. win I was just talking about how . it's been lately let's go all we ask for. is for once in our lives to get like a. 50x multiplier come on what is it uh the. sweet Bonanza drops 100 okay I love this. slot honestly it's just so good it's. just so good it's just so good chat it's. just so good honestly it's the best lot. ever seen best law dude honestly. okay good Maltese. honestly Zeus you're so beautiful you're. so amazing I love your long luscious.

Hair dude I love his muscles dude. honestly when they hit like that oh my. God. 500.. yes come on again again again. you psycho come on. keep going. nice. good tumble Crown good multi. crowns again 10K chat. nice oh we need one more of these. challenge come on. the multi though right now oh boy though. come on. yellow. yellow rings. okay. come on yes yes let's go. 10K chat. that's an Escobar chat come on yellows. uh so close all right Chad what did we. learn here today always chase your. losses come on. Greens Greens Greens uh challenges. chalice zap zap it [ __ ] zap oh. my God. yes bro yes oh my God this is gonna scam. you bro there's no way he. right we got the the new Zeus as well. there's no way this flops chat. Never Say Never bro said Justin Bieber. once. in a song. okay. Retreat first spin come on might as well. bucket Zappa 8X starting.

Oh the 11x starting. okay okay new Zeus. now just don't go dry like you normally. do okay. guaranteed 11x on these hits here that's. a good hit. another multi that's a good hit let's. get one more multi here potentially a. red one. 17x multi 1.8 K win already. make sure the new Zeus is there. don't stop do not dare to stop. dude this is such a good start okay. guaranteed another 3x maybe another zap. here chalices shoes Blues. oh it's close too off too off that's. fine though it's another good one. all right. okay purples can hit rings can hit. nothing hits. zap though we Zapped them we miss we zap. again we hit. hard to hit something here but maybe oh. wow okay. it oh crowns two off crowns two off. rings. I don't know how many off thing. 1.8 or 1.3. come on. Rings hit the Rings here. nice. purples. that's a good multiplier this is.

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