30.04.2024 Is Sugar Rush The Best Game Ever Made?

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Hello welcome to the video so I've got a. question for you today let me know what. you think in the comments section below. is Sugar Rush 1000 the best version of. this game so far obviously there are. many different versions of uh of the. Sugar Rush games and but let me know if. you feel that this is the best one so. far personally I think it is it's. definitely the most volatile. but I think it's the most exciting as. well adding the 1,000 feature into these. games I feel is a massive step in the. right direction but yeah let's see how. we go on today we're going to do some. buys hope we can hit something and prove. my fa right that this is the best one. yet don't forget to hit that like button. don't forget to subscribe and go and. check what we're playing today review is. down below that was a fantastic spin uh.

We've got a lovely little cluster up. here. now but we nearly spins already sadly. it's going to it green. so but there's no big multies there. sadly okay two to go we need some that's. nice to pop. in and of course it ends with the. teas why wouldn't it end with a. retrigger. teas right let's hope this one is a. little bit better than and the last. one last one. pants going to hit that nice we get some. purple the red on the side yep greens. could be good yep nice purples are good. oh I like this spin can we get. Hearts oh hearts are going to. miss fantastic spin one good spin. orange we need the orange there didn't. we like. that greens are going to miss come on we. got a good little setup here with this. little cluster over here we can just. keep hitting I'll be very. happy go. on okay that's different. no. way a b to back R never had it.

Ever oh my. God oh my. God oh my. God I have never ever. seen a setup like this oh my God that's. a grand I've never seen this before. ever I've never seen this before Oh my. God please be the one please be the one. look at the state of it. please how many spins we got we've got. 21 spins. left with this. setup okay hot's going a little bit. here look at this over here we got two. 1,000s if it hits them it's going to go. mental like. that oh my God my heart is pounding. here look at this section here please. just hit in here I mean even if it's not. hitting in there it's hitting everywhere. else all the multis are at this could be. Max guys like this could be Max. I'm not even joking this could be Max. win if this lines up it's Max simple as. that oh look at that look at the gum. balls please hit a. gumball come on it's so close to being.

Absolutely stupid it's already over. 3,000 de look at that look at that there. oh it's so close that paid over a grand. we got 140 in spins. please don't get Dad please don't get. Dad please don't get. Dad yes yes yes. 876 please get going. anything look at the state of this look. at the absolute state of. it oh please hit don't be dead spinning. with this. screen no game come on. 5,500. x I want more I know it can do more you. can't be dead spinning with this screen. game what a bonus. 5,500. x and that very easily could have been. Max win one big screen there that would. have been Max. wow just I was saying this is the best. game they've ever done it does. that. wow I'm not expecting a lot from this. one I've never had a screen that out. before that's. ridiculous let me know in the comments. how close that was to Max win that must.

Have been super close. it must have been super. close come on. purples oh my heart then was absolutely. paded I thought that was it genuinely. thought that was it that's the first. pretty much first maxman setup we've had. on this game look at that boom purples. greens purples are good orange. greens it's doing a bit at the end. here. okay I just waiting for the next one to. drop in then I tell you. what I'm going to I'm going to push this. a. little going to push it a little. purs. no nice hearts are. good okay can we get some of these on. top nice oh one of them there would have. been lovely great spin. there one good spin one good spin one. good spin green are good can we get an. orange the. scenes that. close Reds maybe are they good. no I mean it's not a bad screen is it. again we just don't want it to go Dad. don't be doing this game don't be dead.

Spinning it's really annoying thank you. one feel like it's going to do it on. every bloody spin there is that hit red. yep Red's are good greens are. M need a. miracle and there it is orange are good. as well nice anything. else great bonus again this game is. popping. today right I do one. more. nice just when it wants to be it's just. such a fantastic game I have to say I. have a lot of fun playing this game and. it's tiled don't get me wrong very. tilting but it's such a fabulous game it. really is. come. on. no it's h me it's h me biging it all and. it's like well we can't let thinking. he's going to win every time cut the. winds orange is. good I don't think that'll follow on. with anything. nope not one left two left. two dead. spins. no we got. them okay Reds are going to miss maybe. Stars. no do you know what I don't care one.

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