30.04.2024 IU Intelligent Systems Engineering students apply skills learned to real world applications

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My name is Adam Barker. I'm a fifth year ISE  Ph.D. student here at IU. So the Save the Republic  . event is designed to bring together a lot  of different, disparate concepts such as  . control theory, computer vision, autonomy.  So, it brings together a lot of elements  . into this simple concept of this event.. My name is Caeden Taylor. I am currently an Intelligence Systems Engineer. I’ve always kind  of imagined in my head as a kid, it's like, oh,  . what's it like working on a robotics team? It was  a lot of we have this problem, and then we just  . kind of sat in a circle and made some jokes and  said, hey, I think this might work. There's not  . one set solution, and so you kind of can approach  it with any mindset. And just go for it and see  . what ends up sticking or what ends up working,  and there's no big consequence and you just.

Learn a lot. The project itself is really a  system engineering challenge. It's not just  . control theory. It's not just understanding  the aerodynamics of lighter than air aircraft.  . It’s that's the practical application of existing  areas of science and research at IU and other  . schools and other disciplines that bring this all  together into a unique amalgamation of all this  . technology to get realworld applications working.  And I've really grown to like the research aspect  . of it. I used to think it was very theoretical  and, like, abstract, and now I can see it can  . be a very literal drone robot that we’re just  throwing together with different components.  . And so, I think that's given a heavy  impact on how I approach other problems.  . All these little challenges we find, to me, is  the niche that ISE really fills is that it allows.

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