30.04.2024 Jetx Hollywoodbets Game

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How's the Planters welcome back to BSB. and for those of you who don't know. hollywoodbets have a brand new game. called jet X inspired by The Aviator. game it's basically the same thing as. The Aviator game it works in the same. way you place your bets you need to cash. out before the jet flies away and this. is my first look at the game it starts. as the same as the Avid as one round of. bits it doesn't have the kind of. interactive chat that Aviator has but I. think that's a good thing this game. looks very cool it's very arcade style. and what I've quickly done is put 10. Rand on each of these bits you can also. bear two boxes just like you can on. Aviator and the statistics are available. for you guys you can see this one flew. really really crazy look look at some of. these big ones 400 times just catch this.

One up there's a 10x we'll take that. first little cache out there for a nice. 100 round profit we'll see where this. other one runs off but the game is. exactly the same as The Aviator it just. looks very differently it plays exactly. the same hopefully we can pick up a nice. 30X on this one that would be fantastic. fantastic come on baby keep flying take. us into space look at this this one is. going oh 53 times could taking that cash. out but anyway guys yeah so this is the. new the jet X cam you can access all the. statistics on the statistic menu as I. mentioned earlier. the differences between this and the. aviators is kind of with the layout it's. a bit easier to put on autoplay and Auto. Cash Out on this game you see you've got. these Auto buttons it's a lot easier to. do that on this than it is on The.

Aviator which is something I like the. music's also pretty cool it doesn't. quite have that um what can I say iconic. Aviator soundtrack but it's so good to. have a different game that is also a. cash out game so I'm very happy about. this one you can also see these. statistics let's catch that one out. there we're really making some nice. money on this you can also see the. statistics on the side over here you can. see what the last few rounds are that's. the one thing that I'm not too keen on. about this game is that the statistics. are displayed on the side over here. they're not displayed on the top another. thing you'll notice is that this is. flying a lot quicker than The Aviator. game you'll notice on The Aviator game. it has slowed down a lot recently and. it's good to have an alternative in case. the game really does slow down which is.

Very very annoying when you're trying to. play Aviator but we're talking about jet. X today let's have a look at some of. these statistics on the side here. it's also going to go through phases. like The Aviator goes through you're. going to have these really bad flew away. stages it can also fly away at a very. very low points that is something to. keep in mind I'm not quite sure what the. RTP on this game is so we can click the. information button have a quick look. there's the rules. I don't think they have the RTP listed. in here but it is a fantastic game to. check out I love what they've done with. the graphics it's a lot more interesting. to play Than The Aviator in the sense. that it's got a nice little background. you start at the airports you get in. your jet you fly off you go into the. atmosphere and then the stratosphere and.

If you get lucky you're going to go out. into space I'm not sure how far the jet. actually goes out into space but you can. see the people are climbing on the Jets. over there. up we go so there's someone bailing out. already there's uh this uh those guys. bailing out to the people cashing out. I'm assuming that's very cool such such. a nice little interactive game but yeah. guys this is the new jet X game over on. Hollywood bets not sure how many videos. I'm gonna be making of it I'll be doing. a how to play video of course but guys. go check it out you do need to access. the new Dot site you. might not find it on the normal one it's. probably going to be coming to that one. soon but anyway guys let me know what. you think about jet X in the comments. below and I'll catch you in the next. video have a good one guys cheers.

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