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Straight up straight up here. yeah. yes what's some money makes welcome back. to another video today I'm on steak $250. look I'm in my new studio Money Maker. match r on the wall you love to see it. boys 250 in the balance let's try to get. it to 1,000 I'd be happy with that $500. might have to take we going to go on a. two two months $25 two months hopefully. we don't bust dir okay okay. okay 36 profit we keep going a little. bit 50 I should probably take you know. I'm going to cash out I'm going to Cash. Out ooh close now we can go again um and. hopefully we just stay getting lucky up. right clear okay across here yes. yes oh I feel like I should leave this. one I feel like I should leave ah no. we'll take it okay 70 profit 70 but. maybe we keep going down here oh my God. 80 7 87 I should take I'm taking I'm. taking I'm playing well today I'm.

Playing smart we're already $150 up we. might as well keep going this is going. very very good when does the look stop. right let's play down the bottom maybe a. little bit oh I meant to click that but. it didn't bottom okay up up up across. across. AC here I'm oh my God I feel like I. should I feel like I should stop I feel. like I should stuff I'm taking it I'm. taking it I'm taking it oh my God oh my. God 112 112 I've doubled up my money. already just on Min this is crazy if. it's not broken don't fix it boys you. know what I mean if it's not broken. don't fix it we'll just keep going. surely we get a bomb. soon no maybe not okay it was about time. let's drop it down to one mine right one. mine $25 H and let's just see where do I. think it is I think it's here I think. it's here see if I can clear this might.

Start getting a few glasses now okay. let's move on from mines cuz I don't. want to get greedy we're doing very good. I don't want to get greedy we'll keep it. going $30. $31.29 uh on Blackjack just before we. get into the video if you're new to. State click up the top right make an. account and use promo code adrenaline. for a 200% deposit bonus that's not. doubling your money that's tripling your. money along with additional benefits too. if you've already signed up in the first. 24 hours you can go up to the top right. go to settings offers and then input the. code there in the first 24 hours to. activate the bonus with that being said. appreciate it let's get into the video. does steak want the money back I don't. know maybe a 10 a 20 20 ver a three will. take that stand on that give me that. money feels good to be a winner boys.

What can I say but we need to get up a. bit bigger than this Dragon Tower a bit. of dragon Tower $20 Dragon Tower let's. go easy mode see if we can get it up a. bit I don't know maybe we'll just have. crazy look for the whole day hopefully. left side left side side oh up up o up. up up up up oh my god look where am we. going left again left again let again oh. two from the top boys two from the top. GAA where do I. go you might as well go all the way 126. pick ROM 12 please let me do let me do. do all right you wait which is it it's. only 20 kind of yeah right it's $126. though oh don't do it yeah. oh where do we go where do we go I don't. know it's not going to give me a Big. R I don't know my heart's pounding bro. straight up straight up here. yeah. yes go all the way up as oh my God all. the way over left side that's crazy I.

Was going to go to the right N I was. going to go there that's man 680 Tre. that's what this is crazy this is. actually crazy I'm going to try medium. $20 medium do I have the same look. middle no I don't a oh right no way one. more time one more time right side right. side no go for some big multis on Wheel. some massive multis on Wheel I feeling. lucky I feel like it's going to hit $10. would give me2. 200 750. spins 140. 750 Sor 750 we'll go a few times. see I knew I should have went 10 I knew. I should have went 10 first try first. try gave me back how much. $40 man I'm $500 up already what's. happened I don't know oh back the bike. back the bike imagine imagine all right. I think it's going to hit Big Four 40. segments drop it down half it 375 I. think this might hit to be oh my God oh. my God if it's going to hit it's going.

To be today anyway I feel like all one. more time right one more. time one more time all right I need to. stop I need to relax I just don't want. to oh my God all 250 a bit of limbo a. bit of limbo M 50x multi 50x multi if it. $3 give us 100 oh. there's no way D no way 50x $3 150 back. and I went to 300X what is going on man. I'm about to hit I'm about to hit the K. already oh my God from 250 man like. what's going on from 250 no it's not. definitely not three 2X and I could just. go with. 2x $50 $50 at a 2X I don't know if it's. going toay I'm going to go with some. zeros a few zeros now all right oh it's. it's give me B stop confuse it I'm going. to confuse it put it up to five a few. times right all right this the one this. the one put it back down to two take 50. on $50 on oh place. it my. God there's no way there's no way this.

Is. happening I need to just take the money. I need to take the Mone I need to just. take it oh my God craziest run I think. I've ever seen yeah man that's a sh oh. 10 10 x if it hits a 10 we're laughing. three. four oh no way all right money back. money backe pretty much money backe or a. bit a bit of profit $50 I'm bringing it. to what I finish it on $5 BS high risk. down to 90 900 down to 900 all right. here we go something hit big big big all. I need is like a 9x or something a 9x. and a. few a bunch of Point those we go three. drop it down the $3. balls down to. 900 on all. right nothing again nothing again back. to mins $20 $20 one M where do I think. it is I feeling like it's over the right. side somewhere let's clear all that all. these oh there we go $20 only 13 profit. though across safe. pop oh no way I have to just get to a k.

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