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Yo what is going on roberto and i'm. coming at you with a video. this is a. old old old crypto casino site and uh. just recently the added slots. i've worked with them a lot in the past. i think i've already uploaded one video. i have a deal with them. we're gonna do about 10 videos so uh. you'll be seeing a lot of steak out of. me. if you want to try the side out they. have a referral link. message me for it i can't link it on. youtube but i'll have a giveaway. or on twitter i'll do a giveaway with it. but if you sign up under me you're a. brand new user. message me your username i could get you. a dollar a day for seven days. uh check this out they have a vip. section and. they have a reload feature and you can. get signed up for the reload feature. and also um the cool thing about this. site is they take.

Just about any freaking crypto in the. world i i don't even know. how many they take but i think there's. even more than this i think you can. legit do more than this if not there's. at least this many so that's cool. anyways i have about i think 900 bucks. i'm gonna do. some slots with it good times oh here. let me show you all the game modes too. they have uh these are the og ones. and then they got the new slots and. stuff too there's literally. slots live casino table games and uh. sports betting they have sports betting. too. very nice site very trusted in the. community too they've been around. forever. they definitely reward uh their users. too they have a little. vip section you could rank up on and. they have live support. and they have a telegram you can join. that too they they definitely hook their. users up so make sure to give it a a.

Shot check it out anyways let's get in. here i'm just trying to think of what. slot i'm gonna do. do we just do it it boys my. favorite slot i'm not gonna lie. my favorite you're you're all looking at. me like dude raw you're crazy this. thought sucks no. it's the best it's the best okay love. sweet bonanza we have 950. which is pretty good let's start with. the 360 buy this is gonna be too loud i. could already tell. there we go dude i would love love love. love just to get like tons of profit on. this. you see everything pretty much pretty. much all right bananas. nothing else i'm not used to going full. screen normally when i record i do like. the. the half screen this is really nice. all right we got the retrigger this. could pop off bro. easily easily easily not so easily but. sometimes you can get thousand x's on.

This. i need the purples okay we got apples. purples. oh got the extra 10x though nice little. hit. 170 half our money back. already connecting again could get those. greens yeah. got the greens ah grapes really close to. grapes but i think we're in profit now. if my math is correct it's kind of. popping off. i had a really good stream today i took. about four days off from streaming. and today was my first bat first day. back i had great numbers i think we uh. averaged 151 viewers and we peaked. around like two. 220 so that's really nice glad to be. back check me out twitch.tv209. come hang out we have a good time. damn i can't we still have four spins. left. ah would it like grapes and then. connected to the blues that would have. helped out more. 25x no connect beautiful almost purples. no i didn't get the purples.

Alright can we get a 200x nah we're kind. of close one spin left. not gonna do it still really good profit. for our first buy. now we could do the a little bit of a. raise strat go to 420. buy it now if we could just get back to. back profits. we'll be in good shape maybe i could do. like uh an even bigger one. oh don't do it okay it connected but. randomly this slot. just is like we're not going to connect. anything ever for the whole . bonus. and that hurts my little heart i don't. want one of those. good hit good hit. could have gone a little further i just. wanted it to go a little further. all right we're almost to even so that's. good. we gotta at least go even okay i i don't. want to take any elves today. just just get me back to 420. yeah we. took a little bit of an l but we're. still in good shape we could do another.

420 by it's kind of like an orange day outside we got a lot of smoke over here it's not looking great oh i thought we got re trigger for spin that would have been nice all right purples oh went away from purples on this bed size i could hit a lot okay watermelons all right plums no plums all right we're kind of moving along we got seven spins left hearts oh one away from hearts i'm so sad oh heart space like 10x your bet damn it dude you're cheesing the hearts just give them to me bro it's been so long since i uploaded just like a banger banger win on this slot i'm really hoping to get one soon damn no purples okay that was like a huge l uh we're gonna bring it down a notch to 400.

All right if we completely lose on this one we're just gonna have to go all in on the next one but hopefully this one should show some profit beautiful got the retrigger could still pop off nah oh got the 6x at least and the five extra spins might be five extra dead spins but you know better than not getting extra spins uh i needed that 50x all right it's it only had an 11x right now all right it's something 202 half our money back uh and now we are pretty much just starting the bonus oh good good good good more a little more little more okay lolly blues got the lolly cool five more spins so we're at a we're at more spins than what we started with no we're actually at exactly what we started with so brand new bonus all over again already at 2 30.

I didn't think that was going to connect. nothing no bombs nothing. but with how many spins we've got this. better profit. is better profit. 12x i mean we'll take it. almost even but we won't wait more than. even we really do. blues got the extra 5x but it's only a. dollar sixty hit. one away from purples again. purples with an 11x would have been nice. don't die don't die don't die don't die. good bombs. all right pop off bro do your thing do. your thing do your thing. ah we'll take it it's definitely profit. on the. on the buy oh yeah 49x. definitely wish i got more of a hit. but the the multiplier was good good. profit we're back to a thousand. i'm gonna do one more buy at five. dollars and pray i don't have to go all. in after this. because if this one just pops off we're. cashing out happy video. good money. it's showing some life it's showing some.

Life. now 100x oh we got the retrigger good. good good. the anxiety i get from these bonuses i. swear. i've seen it do some really crazy things. and i'm always just waiting for it to do. that and. nice little pop off good hit yellows. good plums maybe yeah we got plums and. blues. definitely would take another retrigger. oh beautiful beautiful apples. got the apples yeah great money money. we're in the bank we're in the bank. we're we're in the bank and the rate. trigger. great hit boys 49 x again. very good connect that's two thousand. dollars. and the retrigger we ain't done yet boys. 15 spins left and we're already at 2 000. oh yeah boys this is popping off. don't be surprised if they're all dead. though wow 12x okay. just adding up. imagine we hit the 5000 though got a. straight thousand. x oh man it could do it. it really could 10 spins left.

15 spins left it bro this is why i. play sweet. this right here is why i play sweet. still only a 3x still only a 3x. we'll take it. i normally when i get a retrigger i get. no connects so i'll take that 74 bucks. blues were close. good hit. almost apples again. i wish i could say i'm surprised that. it's going this dead. but it gave us a really big hit already. and i've seen it do this a lot. if we get something here i'll be shocked. no i didn't think so that's fine that's. fine 2300. we started with 900 we're at 3 000. beautiful sweet bananza bye. um they don't always go this well so i'm. very happy gonna cash us out. hope you guys enjoyed the video make. sure to check out steak follow me on. instagram twitter um join my discord. a lot of links down in the description. check them out uh appreciate you guys. watching i'll see you guys next time.

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