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Okay guys so welcome back to another. video here today on the channel as you. can see another insane balance this was. the end balance of the 500 000 bonus. that I did yesterday we made about 70. 000 profit was a really really fun. stream and like I said in yesterday's. video if we did make profit I was gonna. give away a Rolex that Rolex is being. given away on stream tonight as you're. watching this video today I'm streaming. at 9pm central eastern time 9 p.m multi. time zone and I will be giving away a. Rolex live on stream uh you don't have. to do any requirements other than follow. me on Kick follow me on Kick and be in. the chat and you can win yourself a. Rolex tonight on stream so make sure you. are there and yeah let's get into the. video okay so we are here we are over on. Gates of Olympus of course I'm gonna be.

Running back a 500K bonus turn so. absolute bottom line here is 500k of. course do not want to get that and with. that being said I think we're gonna. start off with a 20 000 bonus buy here. and hope that Zeus is nice because. this guy over here this old uh. Hebrew is a really good session a really. bad one there's no in between you don't. get good and bad wins in the same video. it's either complete destruction or just. nonstop wins. um. five dead spins is probably not what you. want to see uh. when you start off with a twenty. thousand dollar bonus buy holy . come on. come on come on. chalices one away. yeah this ain't looking good guys this. is not looking good at all. 20K by and we're starting off really dry. two greens. start to finish this but that right. there is crazy to me that's a 5X. Gates of Olympus should not be paying 5x.

By any standard. 5x a 1 000 return from a 20K Bonus Buys. criminal criminal but we're gonna push. through and hopefully my analogy of this. game isn't correct and we can just have. a bad one then a really good win let's. try a 30 000 bonus here. and hope that this actually goes well. otherwise the video is not on the path. that I want it to be right. right that was that first. come on. all right yellows are in zap please drop. us up. I don't know if it's going to connect. there oh my God four spoons in with. nothing again root trick please. 2x okay. come on. would be lovely to not rinse all of. yesterday's profit in one video. would be really good fruit pie. destroyers Zeus is. following in the same tracks it seems. Reds. Reds. 2x oh my God. it just it's doing nothing man. nothing at all. crazy yellows maybe come in here.

Zap here would be a bit of a save but it. couldn't even do that 5K for my 30k bye. guys. like. it's not feeling this. foreign. two Blues some greens two blues chalices. again I don't know. Crazy Drop the wow just dropped. everything. wow what a spin. we can't get dumbbells like that in. the actual bonus. um I'm gonna do some big spins here down. to 500k I think. some Max spins. getting into a bonus here would be. absolutely amazing or a base. game hit with a big multi like that can. also definitely do some big work. come on. right now we're renting for like 60k. instantly right just even a little. tumbles like this just drop 100x space. game which can definitely happen. I'm good to go. if we get down to 500 with nothing here. at all. damn one off that would have been a good. little hit there probably 20 30k. and I really don't know what to do.

Um. foreign. guys I've already made my mind up with. what I'm gonna do here I think a lot of. you probably already were thinking this. and I don't like that I'm having to do. this what an awful start to the video. guys we're gonna do a 100K by here. quickly guys if you do want to support. the channel even more than you already. do by watching and liking the content. you can sign up on Ruba and use promo. code fast helps me a ton and allows me. to upload these videos every single day. I hope you guys enjoyed the video I love. you all peace pray with me guys that. Zeus can actually do something because. right now it seems that pragmatic can't. do anything correct for me and. the only provider that wants to give me. money is Hacksaw so if this is a a big L. of this video we're gonna do some. hacksaw videos the next few days because.

Apparently the only good provider right. now one hundred thousand dollars Zeus. just just do the businessman do the. business we know what we saw a couple of. months ago we know what we saw that that. big crazy red thing up there. do it. right. two awful bonuses. hopefully third time's the charm. please zap rings. oh please zap this. good God. bro why are you not connecting anything. this is actually just frustrating man. brings it in. Blues are in. two chalices please yellows are in. please zap. bro it's outrageous. nice that's actually really good. uh okay get the rings in somehow. I don't know okay that makes up for a. lot of it that's good it's a good multi. if it can keep hitting there. we're in a decent position please zap. please zap at least. the screen's awful Blues maybe yep wow. please up yes good good this is good.

Screen now good good good drop the. greens drop the greens drop the greens. no what off what off that would have. saved it so so much that's still great. but the greens there would have made it. profit on the actual Buy. um come on two spins you can do this. good no it doesn't connect come on. please. yes good good good purples hopefully two. more purple somewhere here please drop. two purple somewhere else or chalices. anything. no but that's good are we yeah we are. nice okay good oh Break Even okay okay. one sec. drop a zap and we're good to go nice. profit I mean. a small bit of wait yeah small bit of. profit. um. this is a really. sure sure it's fine it's fine we've done. 100K by it's great for the video great. for you guys to watch 100K buy but we. are still down seventy thousand dollars. now which is. not the reason I did this 100K but you.

Know I'll do one more we'll do one more. we'll do one more for the video. I like to go back to my word a lot but. let's hope that this isn't a mistake. if this is the loss. 100 will not be doing another one okay. the zaps are a little bit more prominent. here I like that. granted only 5x but they're still there. lose yep good love that okay chalices. hopefully. no okay I love that 11x to start things. off much better than last time. okay two yellows and a zap yeah zap zap. is up yes good two X Factor okay okay. that's good good good good we're on the. right tracks here. for two off rounds okay Blues ring no. why is that screen. please good great great great chalices. um no I thought wow wow wow this is nice. guys 22x multiwap. feels good feels good hopefully we can. get some good hits here. I'm surprised that didn't hit surprise.

That in there as well booze yep go oh my. God please do not die here. okay good uh Prince oh no I don't like. where this is going. you're not like What's going at all. but I made a big mistake I think I have. it's just died. it's just died Big Time wow please. greens yellows yellows are in zap. purples oh you've gotta do it please for. me yes yes yes. get the in man holy [ __ ] yes bro. yes what the bro let's go chalice. is going inclusion how many times is. that 12. we got a 12K hit there um Bruno we had. yeah we had 12 or more that's crazy. 442k guys what the actual okay. we're sorted now we are sorted we have a. comfortable amazing 500k ahead of us we. don't need to worry if we lose a little. bit on the hunt today because I'm. guaranteed profit wow what the man. push in the extra bonus buy was uh a. good idea in my brain you guys shouldn't.

Do that I'm just stupid but it worked. today most of the time it will not work. to do not think that a good piece of. advice is to do one more bonus buy. always play within your limits and the. stupid beautiful I'm gonna Cash Out 335k. secure that for the day and then run. this 500k bonus sense yeah guys forward slash fo-s-s 9pm central. eastern time today it's probably about. two hours from when you're watching this. if you watch it upload time gonna be. giving away a nice Rolex to one of you. guys or you can take the cash equivalent. you can take like ten thousand dollars. cash if you prefer that to the Rolex. that's fine and yeah doing a massive. massive stream if we make a lot of money. I'll probably give away a couple of. Rolexes see what happens be there on the. stream tonight I look forward to seeing.

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