30.04.2024 Monopoly Live host gets fired after huge win...

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Let's give it a try it's been a long. time since we played monopoly this game. sucks ass i know we can't pay. but. very rarely it can pay so. give her a try. if there's no audio though we're gonna. have to scratch it. oh there he is okay what is going on. here come on big guy. i can't watch this brother this is like. okay how much we bet on this . holy . that's the max win on monopoly. finally. so it's really not even worth it it's. not worth it. be honest but. and by the way this is mr beast. yeah it's walmart mr beast. oh come on walmart mr. beast pretty unusual coleman did you. join a monopoly studio no. yeah. game sucks. game is bad. but. i want to have some fun. any game is bad and you join a monopoly. though. no way. yeah. my uncle donny. got me hooked on monopoly when i was a. kid. and prepared me. for this moment. because you were sitting next to him.

Only because of that you know. let's. or i was cheating there you know. but wait wait cheating monopoly that's. number two. johnny let's be real buddy okay. yeah you taught me how to play monopoly. but you. didn't you knew. one day there was gonna be. you're gonna be able to gamble monopoly. and you invested in my future you know. what i mean i teach me the rose. i know you did bud. look at the top you know. yep look at the top wind. yes sir mr beast. look at the top winds. that's. oh yeah baby. let's go come on. happens pretty often we need to provide. you with a perfect bonus run put your. helmets on guys we're on a two rolls. let's go everyone. let's go holy he's an og brother he told. me to put my helmet on. he told me to put my helmet on. i can't find that helmet i actually. can't. this guy's in look at him putting his.

Leg up for. me let's go come on. let's do some buildings. come on. now this game looks pretty hype for. those you guys are new to watching this. one trust me monopoly is cool and all. but. the moral the moral of this game is it. can't pay unless you get the. four rolls. or. you get some kind of crazy double . over and over and over again i'm pretty. sure that. is nothing. and it is. it is literally nothing axe. the game concepts cool. but it needs some updating for sure. there's like no way to profit on this. game like if you want to lose money come. here. i want to play this because it's it's. good for a good youtube video i played. monopoly and i spawned 25 000 rolls. who wouldn't want to see it right and. then we get here and we see a . virtual mr monopoly man sticking it up. my ass. look at this. what are you like that's what we're.

About in there every hand you know what. i mean crazy bro. look out look how um look how rare the. two roll is too. like what is there there's only two on. the board right. there's two there's two on the board. right. but you can't blame me. sorry three on the. three on board. board one four roll the chances. if we get the chance and then we get the. rules that's where this thing could. start to blow. you need the chance before you even get. to the rolls the chance is huge. the chance can also give us like a 10. times on the 10 there which would be. a million max win. if we get it. oh there's 100k there bang. let's go. bang bang hey. here we go i think the screaming will be. way better though anyway. yep that'll pay for some spins let's do. it again i understand they can't it can. pay. but you need the. that chance as well that's pretty good.

And that's gonna pay. back to back. come on. oh. almost. almost. do you think he knows the reality of. gambling. maybe not maybe maybe not. yeah dude 10x i didn't even realize a. 10x on or a 5x on the 10 and that's a. max. 107 win. right now. yeah i'll say hey. do you know how much. rolly is down. let me see if he knows. i think he's an og old viewer nice two. rolls. hey this is action filled guys we'll. take this. thank you guys honestly. i'm having fun right now when you get. the bonuses it's obviously it's fun. welcome. let's do some building. hey. good morning guys good board. great board. 500 axe i'm squirting. 100 access to max win. amount of six six get us the chance. yeah that's the chance. bang. let's go. what is that gonna be i wonder. let's go come on. amy 100k. advance the boardwalk. what a six. one two three four five seven five.

See what i mean though. it actually only pays for two spins what. we're spinning at right now right. you understand how this game is not good. i get that you know i'm up a little bit. right now but long term this game. can be really bad. like really bad. like come on. i two tires what i was betting you know. what i mean. it's okay though listen today is a day. where i actually don't care about losing. i just want to have some fun so if we. can have some fun and somehow crank out. a max win on this thing or something. with a 10x on the 10. or a 5x on the 10 or some . we would be laughing all the way to the. moon. let's try it. who has more money mr monopoly or. codeman guys what do you think. i think 97. like. has no money wow this guy is good. actually this guy is really good for. real happily will pays all his money to.

Codeman put your helmets on guys that's. the third zero that's gone why. you know because people think that we're. pays only to the streamers and it's true. it's true. everybody draw monopoly we're all. getting paid tonight. i'm here. means everybody's getting paid. i don't actually take that advice. was funny as . this game sucks bro. it's just fun. i found that is the highest voltage you. can get. yeah. i think you can get higher if the chance. happens. well we need doubles if we get doubles. guys you get another roll. chance again. hey come on. give us a good one. another five. they hit the 15 here one two three four. five six seven eight i think. seven might be it. one two three four five six seven is. that it. that's 7x. oh it is 15x nice. hey. that'll help sure. hey there we go yeah nice. we're actually kind of printed here.

Brother we're up 200 k on this. thing. what the hell. here. let's go dude. i want to see a chance okay i want to. see a chance badly. good luck to everyone guys have fun. let's go need a chance we need a chance. to know some cash prizes. would be nice. one it will be on a video. i think i was already there flux that. that's why it's not a problem though. but actually clock staying i would say. to that. most of the hospital dreaming exactly to. be not on the video though. look how. that's the number five with the five to. one of the payouts. wait a minute get on the. user i'm gonna try to find this guy give. him some cash. good luck to everyone guys. good luck. no problem. good luck to everyone guys. love you man so much. they can't they're not supposed to reach. out to anybody. you guys been in good spirits all the. time man really really love that.

Oh really oh. of course i'm blushing to know like. bucks there how can you not be blushing. with like such a really saving my chat. like. really famous person or like uh. privileges have been disabled next to. the dracula actually we're like gambling. with drake and i was like are you. kidding me i got banned. no way bro. here we go again no i'm like look at me. now guys. dude come on. dude you know what's up man is. that this shitty ass company. evolution. don't want to see their employees. getting tipped joke dude. seriously. kind of organization of these. guys from lafayette working for. morons. seriously. can't tip the workers why you don't want. to make it more than five. dollars an hour. ridiculous dude. seriously. what a joke. uh whatever dude. it wasn't it wasn't about the. twitter it was because i was trying to.

Send the guy money. dude she didn't give me a warning or. nothing. i didn't put a link i just put my ad is. exposed. i'm like part of your family guys as. well i'm like a fan of uh. also. lane. thank you thank you. i'll have this guy spin a wheel in my. background bro. way more than those guys are paying him. he can spin one back here too. we'll make it just as. there's rigged though man. just trying to be nice and . dip the guy and reach out but. up oh man we're getting killed. wow it's just going so bad. how. come on. give it to me. come on go there. go there. come on. boom no. yes. come on give me something good here. give me a 10x. let's spin it again let's go. chance in the house everyone come on bro. don't give me the money i don't want the. money i want a 10x and i want to spend. my time. to be fair it is just a little bit over.

A 10x. all right. yeah. it's a little bit over a 10x. with 10k on it so. i'm kind of a little disappointed. because that's five spins. right oh it's a 5x it was a 5x my total. bat. which actually wasn't that great. i think that guys. we need to spam in a chat like with a. free code man what do you think. i think if everyone will write right now. three code man in a chat. that the chat moderator maybe we'll they. say we'll able you know unable yeah come. on uh chad. holy this guy's gonna get fired. yeah what the dude. that's the number one. oh my goodness dude. this guy's gonna start a ride in the. monopoly chat. they're not really going that hard in. there though. maybe will play some like fake nine you. know they're. always speaking about the areas. in this game. csl. always respecting every single player in. china though just if they're the people.

Are chatting with me if they're asking. some questions you know that's number. five to five to one if i don't forget. about it. holy crap. i'm thinking some uh really no we don't. care about it. but you see you know you see what. happens there in the chat like that's. crazy though i love that. along with having like some crazy stuff. like this you know catch my sessions you. know especially yeah. there you go. maybe it's the time for the. i haven't seen a geo in this little. classical it was a good one. come on 10x. max win on monopoly would be added to my. resume. yeah free him i think yeah that's the 8x. would apply by the way we got it here. oh my goodness. it's lining up all right. come on. oh my goodness guys if we get some. doubles here this is massive. this is massive. song guys. put a leg up get going cause we're not.

Blinking. like everyone. better watch this board guys it's like. crack man i'm telling you. let's do some buildings. come on. watch these watch it watch. look at this . holy . oh brother. holy . look at the board okay now i see come on. we need we need doubles hey we need. doubles that's it. we get doubles here. very well could be a max win we need. doubles come on double. oh a 10. that's a free spot. brother i don't even think it's anything. no way i don't think it's anything. brother are you kidding me. oh my god you [ __ ]. on. i'm real man. that's crazy. come on. dude oh my. goodness on monopoly onwards for real. 40x i mean it helps dude it helps. i wanted to see a double so bad. helps it's a great win guys i'm really. happy with it. i doubled there and it would have max i. wanted to add a monopoly max my resume. the chat can only be unlocked through.

The website customer support team. therefore i can't invite you to directly. you know cody. it was a great cat. let's go guys it's a great way man let's. go oh 10 would be great here i tend to. back to back. oh. it was a pleasure to be with you. coachman thank you so much brother for. for that incredible session i'm like. enjoy it wasn't my best session of my. life and i'm telling you. see you next time see you guys i need to. go have fun go go go go hi. hello everybody where's he going. probably going to crazy time bro. he's fired. wait. he said there was a reason as to why we. hit jail. oh . oh she's laughing at it. free exposed. mr beast was just talking about it in. the background you hear that. he's like i'm gonna get in trouble now. dude is he actually gonna get fired do. you think. he muted his mic they said something to.

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